they are outta here….

I am so so glad that the aussies are down and out of the T-20 world cup !!


The only thing that can now give me more pleasure is if we win the cup !!!


But lets just talk bout the Aussies… !!!


Punter the man who should never have been the captain but alas… Warne’s and his sms’es made him that !!! I just love looking at his face… and not for one moment I felt sorry… !! I just hate him too much ….


He is one of the most over rated captains… and 1 batsman that i dont think deserves to be in the greatest batsman lists… simply coz apart from the 1 century he scored in India he could never get over 50 !!!! At the moment of


writing this its 15 required of 13 balls and it looks like they are gone… and I m cock-a-hoop .. !! the kangaroos are being thrown out of the tournament and will not feature in super eights where we will see Ireland and may be even Scotland too !! who knows !!!


Aussies bye bye… prepare for the Ashes… !!!!!


cya round mate’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

56 thoughts on “they are outta here….

  1. Ordinary Guy says:

    yes, I am totally happy that they are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    three cheers to the teams which put them out of their misery 😛

    punter is overrated as a captain but he is great batsman…..
    yes, he has not performed in india but he has consistently performed everywhere else……

    I still consider him to be one of the finest 😛

  2. Hitchwriter says:

    He can be one of rhe finest but surely not the greatest. If u get wat i mean.

    neways they are out whoppa !

  3. Pixie says:

    oh yes!! 😀

    I am so happy!!! 😀

    It was totally worth staying up so late watching the match on a weekday!

    But, I feel that they are not a gracious team…
    They don’t take their loses sportively enough!

    but, who cares! they are out!!!! WooHoo!!!!! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      no they are not a gracious team… at all… and this bunch of cricketers are no where as they used to be with Mcgrath, Warne, Gilchrist, Tugga… !! and I hate Ponting, Symonds and Clarke so much I am just thrilled !!!

      • Pixie says:

        Me too! I don’t like Ponting, or Symmonds..
        the only player I like is Brett Lee becuase he is cute! 😛
        Warne and Mcgrath are/were great crickets.
        I never did like Mark Waugh though…

          • Pixie says:


            you know, now all I need is a win by NED against PAK!
            Then PAK will be out too!!!!

            (Am I asking for too much?! :P)

            I’m off now! Going hoem hopefully will reach to watch the alst few overs of the first innings!!!

  4. Rakesh says:

    Dhiren, I have an Australian associate visiting us this week so I took him to a pub with a big screen… It was an anti-climax actually. I mean, we downed a few beers and the match started. We’re cheering and the first over, Aus. loose a wicket. And after that they just didn’t get going.

    But this reminded me of the million times when I used to make plans with friends to watch a cricket match with the fridge filled with beer but as soon as the match started, India would loose it in the first 10 overs.

    I mean, without Gilchrist, Symonds, Hayden and even Warne, they aren’t the same team at all. Yesterday, even after seeing how effective slow bowlers were, Michael Clarke came in to bowl so late and he actually struck in the first over he bowled. Even Ricky is not up to this format. But yes, I think he’s an awesome Test and One Day player.

    For me, I didn’t care who won but it was a pathetic match to watch… especially when you’re paying loads for beer and food…

    • hitchwriter says:

      Lol… you should have given that aussie a hard time… in cricket I feel they are not the most bitter rivals for us… I can never forget what happened in Sydney… !

  5. Swaram says:

    Am really really happy too; infact, am even considering throwing a party today 😛
    Bloody Ponting got paid for his ego really well! And when we get back the cup, we will show them what Monkey n Co can do 🙂

  6. masood says:

    Yay!! Aussies are out. Man, nothing gives a more sadistic feeling than seeing aussies crumble and kicked out of the tournament.

    We’ve seen them dominate far too many times. Finally its payback time. First windies kick the sh*t of out them and now the lankans.

    And your right about ponting. He may have scored a lot of runs as a batsman but i always doubted his skills/talent as a captain. When was the last time we felt aussies won due to ponting’s tactics/strategy as a captain? They just had a fantastic team for more than a decade. Hayden, Langer, Gilcrist, Martyn, Warnie, Mcgrath, Gillespie etc. Finally without these guys and with a bunch of average to above avg players, look at aussie’s performance!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      exactly !!! a great team is what makes an average captain look great !!!

      not the other way round !!!!!

      and a great team can make even average batsmen look great…. !!

      if you look into ponting’s average since Mathew Hayden and Justin Langer retired… you will see how good aplayer he is….

      its all too easy when all the opening bowlers have been belted apart by the two openers and to come in and enjoy !!!

      just check his average since these two retired… !! seriously !

  7. Iya says:

    hey, first time here, though ur name is very familair thanks to Solio, Indyeah and IHM!!!
    i am ungappy that Oz are what about the delight of defeating them??

    • hitchwriter says:

      yes.. Iya that is a pleasure… but that would be honourable being defeated in super 8’s or semi finals… Australia is a proud cricketing country… and I m sure they are hurt and hurt badly by going out in the first round… and If ponting loses his captaincy in T20 due to this… I would be over the mooon !

  8. Badz says:

    LoL! Yes I watched the match yesterday and watched the highlights late at night aswell. BUT to be fair the aussies did play really badly. I think the do need the 2 weeks practise to prepare for the ashes. 😉

    BTW, they are practising in my home town, Leicester, so I’d love to meet Brad Lee. He’s soo cute and good looking. 😉 😛

    Now I want Pakistan to come out. 😉 It would be really funny if Neatherland kicked their ass aswell. :mrgreen: 😆

    BUT yes I’d love to see India in the final and WIN!!! 😀

  9. Anish says:

    But instead of 2nd Division teams like Netherlands or Ireland,it would have been better to see Australia in super 8.They did a big mistake by sending back symonds.if symonds would have been there,things would have been different now .

    • hitchwriter says:

      Dear Anish,

      unfortunately Netherlands and Ireland even if they do make up to the next round will be in the other group in super 8 !!

      We will be with England, WI and SA !!!

      so we are not going to get any thing easy !

    • hitchwriter says:

      If pak lose.. then SL and NZ are through to the Semis direct… !! with Ireland and Holland in their group… !!

      Then we fight with WI, Eng and SA …. still you could have your wish… and we could have an India / SAF final… and that would be fair… coz we are the best two teams … !!

  10. Anish says:

    Ireland and Holland!!!!!!!!!!….noooooo, i don’t want to see them at super 8……..Cricket is meant for thrilling moments.I guess if they reach S8,then we will be loosing some thrilling moments…yeahh me 2 like 2 see india Vs SA 🙂
    @ my URL…itz done 🙂 ….

  11. craftyshines says:

    i am late….and there is a very good reason….and u already know it!
    hee haw haw 😀 😀

    its time to shift to “me last” race, for my own convenience……

    YIPEEEEEEEEEEE the monkey group is out……heeeeeeeee

    i simply HATE them after sydney….i agree wid u hitchy, the captain is so completely overrated!!!! on what performance do they hype him now??? he hasn’t shown metal in eons now…..
    he’s lucky the rest of them perform!!! pah!!!

    tho it wud have been fun to beat them in finals even…but this is so not a complaint!!! 😀

  12. shilpadesh says:

    I was happy too. But did it not seem unfair? Australia, West Indies and Sri Lanka were in the same group. And India, Bangladesh and Ireland? Bahut nainsaafi hain!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Last year Bangla desh had come in super eights and WEst Indies were relegated… so it was natural… !! West Indies are ranked below Bangladesh… !!

      its not at all unfair… !!

      it serves them right…

  13. SP says:

    🙂 .. i always knew many people share my view .. Aussies team is just a highly abusive team and they need to be put in place ..

    just watch some of the old matches before this Refree came into pic .. how openly they used to abuse others ..

  14. asha says:

    Hey Masood, did i ever reply to your well wishes ( from my wedding blog 😉 ) I just havent been writing as much as i used to and came across your comments, thank you and nice to see you here! Best wishes!

  15. Amit says:

    This year’s T20 will create some sort of history. Although I am not following it very well, but did Scotland really beat England or was I dreaming? 🙂
    And Australia going down was a big shock. How the mighty have fallen.

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