Never mind


These are just random ramblings and things I never am able to figure out at times…..


1.) Sports are always on the last page of a news paper… they used to come in the last 15 minutes of news in Doordarshan days… and shouldnt they stay that way… ! Its sport isn’t it ??


Wonder when will these 24 hours new channels please leave the sport and sporting controversies alone, I can understand a foreign media going after our captain on controversial issues and making life difficult for him. But when your own country’s media goes hell for leather behind your own teams captain while a world cup is on is beyond me….


Please report what happens on the field and leave the sports coverage to the last 15 minutes of the news programme and the last page of the news paper. Please !


2.) Is it India v/s Australia ?


Fail to understand how a few drunken lunatics who abused a couple of dark skinned Indians physically has become such an issue ?? Thanks to our ever present news channels, over enthusiastic journalists a crime instead of being treated like  a crime has become a racial issue. They have termed the whole country of Australia as RACIST … the whole issue has been so badly blown out of proportions that it threatens to leave a scar forever !!! I dont see the problem subsiding but escalating…. !! ( which is most scary, I have friends there for god sake ! )


Just learnt that yesterday an Australian was stabbed by two dark skinned fellows. I just hope sanity prevails !!


Seems we are not the only country who has problems with lunatics… !


3.) Monkey gate too late but nevertheless….

All of us know about the Sydney Test Match and the Harbhajan & Symonds love for each other…. I didnt have a blog then so never could write anything on it…

But please try and explain to me

An Indian player (considered black ) calls an Australian player who has aboriginal ancestors ( considered black ) a Monkey ! 

 In short a black guy calls a black guy a MONKEY and it is racial abuse ??? Ha Ha Ha…. just Imagine !!!! the biggest joke was if Harbhajan said,   ” Teri Maa ki… ” its fair…. !!!!!!!! (I am not saying this… ICC is !!!! )


second point to be noted… we Indians keep calling each other kutte, gadhe and bandar all the time… which makes us the biggest racist tribe in the history of mankind… !!!

the best statement in the whole controversy came from my favourite fast bowler… Micheal Holding

Even if Harbhajan Singh called Andrew Symonds a monkey, there was no need for the burly Australian all-rounder to take offence, former West Indian paceman Michael Holding said on Saturday.

“I do not understand how this (monkey) is a racist term. The scientists say we all came from monkeys, so how can this be deemed racist?” the fast bowling legend said.

Talk of arguably the most abusing cricketing nation team shaking in its boots when it gets it back !!!!

( Frankly I never had problems with Australians abusing and I always thought and still believe that players dont have to smile and befriend each other as opponents to win you must use all means… ALL MEANS… and the Aussies used to do it and it took us 50 years to realise to give it back, thanks to Dada. The think that shocked me was the Aussies of all people went on to complain !!! This was shocking and yet so so satisfactory … those who gave it so much to others… just got the shock of their lives acting like whiners and complaining to match referees…. Symmo… be my guest !!! )




As they all say so often… common sense is the rarest of things in this world… !!


107 thoughts on “Never mind

  1. puneet says:

    The Monkeygate episode
    I used to discuss this with my friends how in a hearing with some judge
    Sachin would have explained to the judge “Actually this is not Monkey, it is Teri MA ki ….” Now trust Sachin explaining this in English to the gentle man and Judges understood it. and said ok this is not racist……But I relly appreciate Sachin (being Sachin) ,how difficult it would have been him to get his point across ….:-)
    Different colors of racism you know …

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes you indeed are first puneet !

      Imagine… abusing a mother is allowed its okay with everyone !!! … but calling the guy a Monkey ! is not…. I seriously thought all involved in the issue had lost their marbles…

    • Mystery says:

      Good one Hitchi.

      1. “..they used to come in the last 15 minutes of news in Doordarshan days… and shouldnt they stay that way… !” i dont agree. its ok for them(TV channels) to come up with one hour programs of all the sports action as many are interested in knowing more news. But, i am against all the hungama they try to create.
      Yesterday night i was watching Headlines today and the anchor was going on and on about how Dhoni was not answering questions properly and how they were the 1st to tell about the rift between captain and vice-captain. I mean its ok if ppl have difference of opinions but these ppl are trying to blow everything out of proportion and trying to create more rift if at all there is any.

      2. Very well said. why do they want to label something racial just for the heck of it. I agree that a few incidents might have been racist attacks but not all as they are making us believe. Just for increasing their TRP’s they come up with all such stuff..

      3. even i had that doubt 😀

  2. Ashwathy says:

    good viewpoint… i agree
    the media is sensationalising far too many events these days. i have friends living in australia too and i’ve been told that such events are happening in certain pockets of the country only… and it’s being blown out of proportion…to the point of endangering the remaining population there. sad but true!

    as for the racial issue… what ppl dont realise is when they point a finger at (accusing) someone else, the remaining four fingers of the same hand are pointing back at themselves. as u said, we indians have our own set of biases. and its not just being abusive… there is the battle within states — north vs south or bias against the north-east, or the biases between religions…
    maybe we shud take a look inwards first!

    • hitchwriter says:

      yes… I mean in my home town bharuch just last month Bihari labourers were lathi charged like anything to and made to flee for their life… but who cares about them and they dont translate into news hours or TRP’s !!!

      What is ridiculous is they news is branding the entire nation as Racist !! Not all australians are racist… and in any case I dont know how all this will be back to normal by showing it umpteen times on television here in India.. !

      I dont watch news and try my best to avoid them…. but unfortunately sometimes you fall in the trap… and watch the bull shit…

      my idea is to watch the business hour on CNBC TV-18 … they tell u the headlines and talk about business… atleast that doesnt make your blood boil… !

  3. Ordinary Guy says:

    hmmm 😛
    serious post by hitchie bhai 😛 what happened 😛
    The media is always the culprit as I see it…..
    indians taking the high moral stand on racism is like hitler saying that he is innocent……….

    seriously…. and regarding the symmo issue, I dont think that monkey is a slur….. 😛 though they conveniently changed it to “maa ki” 😛

  4. Thoorika says:

    Seems we are not the only country who has problems with lunatics… !

    Hush! Dheere se bolna! Otherwise after reading this, the other countries will do even more lunatic type jobs to prove tat they are not lunatics!!!

  5. Solilo says:

    Hitchy, You know what? You saved me a lot of time from typing. I echo every word you wrote there.

    As for No: 2, I raised a similar point in Kislay’s post too. There are many incidents when women from the west are raped and killed in India (Goa). So are all Indian men rapists?

    I am in no way supporting racism but there is something where people blow things out of proportion and bring in their complex and insecurity. People have no problem name-calling different communities but want justice for their own. 😐

    No..I don’t have any White skin fixation just like you don’t have any Brown skin insecurity. Here ‘you’ is not you but anyone who brands me that. Before calling all Australians racists, we first need to get out this race and color division out of our mind too.

    • hitchwriter says:

      REally yaar… is this helping in any way ???

      If anything I think this is sowing the seeds for even more…

      more and more drunk Aussies and Indians will keep fighting… thats what will happen… 😦

      • Solilo says:

        Hitchy, As long as people have hatred for one another. Nothing will stop. 😡

        I have seen some people here who don’t even want to respect their host country and constantly put it down. I find such people the most disrespectful. Just like one respects ones motherland, one needs to respect their host country too and learn something about the country. If one opens eyes then they can find many equally good things about the host country too just like their motherland.

        • hitchwriter says:

          I actually respect Naseer Hussain for that… ! He actually wore English colours proudly and he even told the Indian youngsters to make their decisions… !!

          however most of the people get caught in between and they remain of neither country… !!!

          • Solilo says:

            “however most of the people get caught in between and they remain of neither country… !!!”

            It is just another of those stereotypes.

            That happens when one confuses the kid. It is upto parents on how to bring up children. I know a lot more kids who aren’t confused at all about their identity.

            I remember a dialogue once someone told me when in a casual conversation I mentioned that I can identify with Kanpur (UP) more than Kerala because I spends major part of my childhood in Kanpur. So the Malayali said that I am a pseudo-Malayali. Now whatever that means.

            I really don’t know what are the regulations people have for being a true Malayali/ substitue with any state or true Indian. How do people make their own rules on who is right and who is wrong? Whatever works for them becomes right and anything else is mocked at. Wah! convinience.

            • hitchwriter says:

              As long as these things are used to identify they are fine… when they turn into abuse it becomes a problem…

              I am a Kutchi… born in Mumbai… studied in Jamnagar and Bharuch (which i consider my home place) and now live in Indore… I have never been to Kutch… !! Even my dad has never been to Kutch…

              I guess I know what you are saying here…

              Till date I am not able to accept Indore as my home town though i have been here since 2 and half years almost … I havent made any friends… the moment there are holidays we rush back to Bharuch… \

              I guess something similar happens with these kids who live abroad… !

              Naseer Hussain told all Indians just that… make a decision… either be loyal to India and go back… or if you are going to stay in England… dedicate your loyalties to England… you can always have affinity for your home country..

              I dont know if I am making any sense… m i ?

              • Solilo says:

                Yes! you are. But what I said is from what I have seen the ‘confusion’ is there everywhere. I have seen really well brought up children without confusion too. So I really don’t believe in that stereotype. You don’t need to hate one thing to love another.

  6. Crafty Shines says:

    @ sports: yeah hitchy, me have same complaint! everywhere else, they defend their sportsmen…and here in India…..sheesh. and the whole anticipation and charm of sports is lost with an overload of insignificant personal issues of sportsmen highlighted more than their performance….
    what a waste of media….they cud be so constructive, if not for this blind race for sensationalism!

    @India v/s Australia: have been following this in papers….sick, the way they blow it outta proportion! i got a couple of friends there and they r just fine. they certainly r creating a mess rather than solving anything….but complicating issues seems to be in fashion now…

    @ Monkey gate: LOL!!!!!!!! i was smirking at this incident the minute it hit papers, and i stil maintain my smirk!! realllllyyyy! HOW can a black guy racially abuse another!!! 😛 😛 and after all the abuses aussies have been hurling at us!!!! 😐

    @ common sense: whoever named it that obviously didn’t have much of it either!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Absolutely… how can you pull your own team down… I m really shocked !!! all that they are interested is in TRP’s and nothing else !!

      My friends in Melbourne are absolutely fine.. and they say its being un-necessarily highlighted…

      I have a friend in sydney… who lives near Steve WAugh’s house(had to mention it) says these incidents do keep happening but not just with us Indians… but with almost all foreigners… especially in bars… !! … so i guess there are crows everywhere… what is unfortunate is that it is being pitched as if it were a India v Australia thing… which is not… I love a few australians (warnie, tugga, ian chappell, benaud, pat cash) and hate a few tooo… (punter, greg chappell & symmo ) !!

  7. Solilo says:

    I read some people saying that they can’t distinguish between all South Indians. People from South brand all North Indians as uneducated Bhaiyyas. Then we collectively call people from North-East as Chinkis. Punjabis take offense if they are mistaken for Gujaratis so on. ( these are some incidents and not blaming all.)

    The same people who have no clue about their own country’s geography get offended at the first instance when a westerner asks if there are snake charmers in India and is Elephant the mode of transportation. Everything becomes a racism issue.

  8. Badz says:

    LoL! I found the quite amusing that the aussies are complaining about about racism when they started it. An the word monkey isn’t racist until you add a colour to it. And I find it funny sachin had to go to the judges/committee and translate what “teri maa ki” meant. 😆

    And I agree that us asian (mainly south east asians) are the biggest racist there is. We call each other all the names under the sun and plus with the caat system (although the cast thing is slowly decreasing). 😐

    And the media, well they’re the experts in brainwashing us and making something out of nothing. They don’t care what effect they have on people they just want their story to sell and are only interested in numbers. 😈

    • hitchwriter says:

      All individuals are different… really and all have habits of terming people and categorising them… as long as it is non chalantly done its ok.. but when it reaches you so and so… thats when the trouble starts…

      Our Media… the less sais about them the better…

  9. vimmuuu says:

    See, now you know why I dont watch sports !!! Its all A rated these days 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Indian media in my POV is the best ! Back in October,in one of the popular news channels, news on Amitabhs health kept flashing every 5 mins. Recession was at its peak then and news on the economy took a back seat.

    Similarly, after the Nov Mumbai tragedy, media was paying more attention to RGV after his visit to the Taj. Now, where would we get such good media !!! 😀

  10. Solilo says:

    Once there was a headline on some channel which read ‘Amitabh Bachchan ko lagi thand’.

    Now the highlight is’ Amar Singh ke saath rahengi Jaya Bachchan. ‘

    Because Amar Singh is going to have Kidney transplant in Singapore and IIFA awards are this weekend so Jaya Bachchan is going to stay with Singh’s family while rest of the Bachchans going to Macau.

  11. mayz says:

    abt d aussie attacks…have u noticed dat all d attacks have been on ppl from a particular state…its not that all indians r being targeted…

    even durin d US attacks it were ppl from this state…shudnt v b askin ourselves a few questions here

        • Indyeah says:

          people from a state? first time I am hearing about this! :roll:Sports is more like a pager three column these days…all the gossip, gup shup bas ask this of our media…

          news? woh kya hoti hai?

          And the way they gun for the Captain is disgusting to say the least..I mean give the poor guy a break!
          Its just petty the way the media always but always gets into such small issues…

          You know Dhiren ..the attacks could be or could not be racist..who knows?
          The thing that troubles me is that an entire country has been branded as being racist!
          I mean WTH???
          Do we get branded as rapists or murderers? Or as a country of con men because of some incidents?

          This they are racist and goras and want to keep us Indians below their joote is what seems really really juvenile to me

          It seems as if people want to jump in this issue imagining that this is the freedom struggle or something!
          Wake up people!

            • hitchwriter says:

              *offers support for Old Indi*


              na but seriously…. I feel these people are suffering from that I m inferior to the Gora’s feeling and that is why they take all this as racist attack and make a helluva noise…

              really silly…

              Bout gunning for our captain… well they report a rift between Veeru and Mahi… they then say who is leaking reports et all… so the Skipper was very very curt and rightly so…

              he simply told them i wont leak news.. you will get report from the proper channel…

              amazing how people still keep gunning for him…. support him if you can or leave him alone… there is a World Cup to be defended…. are you hearing my countrymen !!!!!!

  12. Indyeah says:

    In short a black guy calls a black guy a MONKEY and it is racial abuse ??? Ha Ha Ha…. just Imagine !!!! the biggest joke was if Harbhajan said, ” Teri Maa ki… ” its fair…. !!!!!!!! (I am not saying this… ICC is !!!! )
    EXACTLY!!my thoughts too!

    Aussies complaining seemed really hilarious to me too! 😀

    funny na? How they became crybabies when they were on the receiving end? 😀

    a teacher of mine used to say
    ,em> common sense have not everyone
    plss to note that she was not very good at the queen’s language hence this butchering

    • hitchwriter says:

      How they became cry babies was a mystery… but punter is one… and so is symmo….

      I know one Australian Warne who sledged one and all … got sledged himself as well … got beaten only thrice in his entire career and lavisly poured praises… on Sachin… Laxman and Kevin Piertersen !!

      I know one Australian who abused Sachin… no end… on one occassion he was told by Sachin after Sachin slammed him out of the stadium in Nairobi… to F#$king mind his own business and keep bowling… !!! who only revealed this after he retired… that was Mcgrath.. !!! ( this time Mcgrath had not sledged him…. )

      and then there are Punter’s who claim catches of a bounce and Symmo’s who complain they were called a monkey !!!!!!

      unbelievable cry babies…

  13. Anish says:

    It is all politics dhiren….and after all, we have a very biased media to spice up half baked stories.(for eg: i still remember when parmod mahajans son tried to suicide,they made that news exclusive for almost 1 week)…the latest one is dhoni-sewag controversy…..they will continue to do the same because thatz wht people are expecting from them…i mean ‘breaking news’ …

  14. Anish says:

    We can’t blame them because they also have to survive.For that they will goto any extend and it is up to us to decide whether we should watch all the ‘breaking crap’ or not

  15. shilpadesh says:

    All yay with #1. I am used to sporta news and mausam at the end.
    I remember laughing really hard when Bhajji claimed he said ‘Ma ki’ and not monkey and that was alright!!!!!

  16. Pretty Prats says:

    “I do not understand how this (monkey) is a racist term. The scientists say we all came from monkeys, so how can this be deemed racist?” the fast bowling legend said.

    never knew this was said .. amusing !!

  17. Smitha says:

    OK, Hitchy, here’s what I have to say..

    1. Clubbing any country as racist on the basis of a few attacks is just taking hype to new levels and adding to the already existing trouble. I think it is really bad that it has become an India vrs Australia thing..

    2. Given that the there was a pattern to the attacks and that the Australian authorities have admitted that some of the attacks might have been racist – I think it is now up to them to track the attacks to a closure.. which I think will be done better without this media hype..

    3. One thing I do not agree to is that fact that, ‘We Indians are racist, so we cannot object to racist behaviour anywhere else’. Just as all Australians are not racist – similarly all Indians are not either.. Some are, some are not. And by that same measure, if the attacks are indeed racist in nature – I think it should be highlighted, albeit in a mature and responsible manner. Not by unnecessary media hype or by talking law into their hands.. and the necessary actions need to be taken by the authorities.

    As for the ‘monkey’ issue – I think it is just crazy 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes Smi, I am sure all Indians are not racist, atleast I am not…

      But what people found crazy was our Media was accussing the Australia of being a racist country, which doesnt do anything but shows us in poor light.

      Its like when there are rots in your own house how can you keep blaming others to sort their rots…

      I am also sure there are many more lovely Australians than the lunatic racist ones… as there are many more Indians who are not racist… !!

      As for the Monkey issue that was the biggest debatable point !!!! lol 😀

      psst : Have you seen how discussions become boring when every one agrees or is on the same side ??

  18. Pixie says:

    My comment is the 85th?!! 85TH?!!

    *mutter mutter* *mumble mumble*

    Anyways, getting back to the post, I agree about the whole Australia attack, its been blown out of proportion!
    I have cousins there!!!

    And yes, about the whole so-called racist remark – again, blown out of proportion!

    Now, the match India Vs Ireland has been postponed because of Rains….

    • hitchwriter says:

      You are growing old aint you ??

      Lol…. ok ok… sorry… just kidding !!!


      Hey India won in that match… !!! Now the real matches start though… !!!

      Fingers crossed…

  19. Neha Kapoor says:

    ok first of all, not many guys can say or even would have the guts to say that they have had enough of sports news (it seems its macho to love everything abt sports u know…ugh). and abt the so-called racist attacks, i totally agree.When i heard the news even i was like this must be some gang war or something, and i think it is. It is being blown out of proportion.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Ofcourse I love sports news tooo Neha…

      but let the sports news be about sports… I dont want the media to be courting controversy or asking Dhoni which underwear he wears.. or so on…

      They go from the horrible to the utter ridiculous… thats what irks me…

      As for me I can see sports channels for days together !!!!!

  20. snow says:

    will someone please point out *one* thing that the media is really good for? i don’t remember the last time i watched an Indian news channel, they’d started to feel more like some spicy soap series lol

  21. R. ramesh says:

    i remember players like abid ali, tony graig and all used to cheer the crowd so well with their humourous taunts…a friendly attitude on the ground is possible boss..but most of the points you have mentioend are perfectly valid..

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