I was watching these videos… and laughing alone… thought I might as well share…


this movie made from the shakespeare novel Comedy of Errors… has probably the best actor in our Industry, Sanjeev Kumar in my humble opinion. He and Deven Verma created an amazing laugh riot.. you can relive it… and if you havent watched it… where have you beeen !!!!










30 thoughts on “angoor…

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    no doubts! sanjeev kumar was unbelievable!!! 😀
    me kinda fell for him a lil bit in that movie, Anamika! 😀

    erm, so ppl who haven’t watched this movie…er…must have been….*shuffles feet and avoids eye contact* maybe…busy watching other nice movies….



  2. Nids says:

    OH I love this movie, can watch it anytime….This was definitely a well made movie, and Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma were awesome…

  3. Solilo says:

    I have watched Angoor several times.

    Whatever happened to simple comedies? I still watch Chupke-Chupke, Jaane bhi do yaaron, Choti si baat and laugh hysterically. God help us from Singh is Kings and the likes.

  4. Indyeah says:

    I LOVE ANgoor..and Sanjeev Kumar is HILARIOUS! 😀

    specially the trainwala scene where he is reading a novel? 😀
    that makes me laugh a lot 😀

  5. mystic margarita says:

    I absolutely love Angoor…its an all-time fav. right up there with Golmaal (original), Choti si Baat, Chupke Chupke, Jaane bhi do yaaron, and Andaz apna apna! And I agree about Sanjeev Kumar – he was a consumate actor, pity he remains vastly underrated.

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