to err is human…



1.) You know when an aethist keeps murmuring prayers that India is in trouble.

2.) No matter how many prayers the aethist murmur’s, God never fulfills.


It was so so so disappointing yesterday that we are now out of the World T-20 Championships.  While disappointment clouds my and all Indian supporters hearts this is the time to support the team. Loses happen, this is sport, decisions misfire and mistakes are made. The true character of teams emerges from what they learn from the mistakes and how they come back.


Some decisions will be and must be debated,

1.) Strange Tactics – –

Why did Mahi come at number 3 in the first 3 matches and go down the order when the more important matches came he went down the order, neither did he let Raina get used to the conditions and when they were going to bombard us with Short Pitched stuff Raina is sent at number 3, where as he is miserable against genuine pace and bounce, especially when all the deliveries are heading for his throat. Mahi is a much better player of the short pitched stuff and why he went down will be questioned and must be questioned.


2.) Instincts Fail – –

Captaincy is all about instincts and a matter of taking risks, while Joginder Sharma bowled the last over in the World cup finals last year… I quietly thought to myself… this is recipe for disaster. But Mahi’s punt worked… and a captain is awarded with tons of accolades… He is a gambler, a risk taker, he has a midas touch… etc etc… all fine till you are winning however the problem starts when this strategy fails. Everyone is going to question why was Ravindra Jadeja was sent ahead of Yuvraj, Mahi and Yusuf ??? 


3.)  Conservative India – –

Normally over the last 1 to 1 and a half year when our players play there is this constant fear in my heart… careful… they are taking too many risks, these players have no fear or what… how does it come off… Yes I would always be anxious and nervous that they are taking too many chances…

However amazingly they used to churn out match winning performances. Amazingly India have resorted to being conservative and a fear of failure it seemed gripped them… Kindly explain why would you hold Yuvraj behind Ravindra Jadeja when he is in scintilating form ?? Kindly advise why did Gauti stopped charging the opening bowlers ?? Kindly explain why Ishant resorts to bowling at 135 kms/ph ?? Kindly explain why Dhoni has just forgone his attacking play and only looks to nudge singles ?? What happened to the team that threw caution to the winds ??


This is sport and mistakes happen they get lots of accolades when they win and they must get their share of criticism but with mistakes also come opportunities to learn. They have lost and they will learn…. I just hope that the media remains constructive in criticism and does not go crying about the advertisements the players do or what the players do in their personal lives.


Mahi’s honeymoon with the media is over. Now begins the real test, all was falling into place so far and this is his first taste of failure, the media will hound him and pound him tooo… Mahi has always received a fair share of accolades, Captain cool, Captain courageous, the man with the midas touch… well just see how the media will take a “U” turn.


It is now that the litmus test will begin, hopefully India cricket can rise from this, T-20 is a fickle game in nature and this can happen. Important is to bounce back and not fall apart. Mahi and his boys will have to rise from here and they have the ability, talent and the sensibility to do so…


Remember the players are the most disappointed and disheartened bunch at the moment.  I sincerely hope people support the team and not ransack it. !!For it is human to err… !!



Espn / Star Cricket just showed why they are the best channel to broadcast Cricket… amazing was that in the last 5 overs they cut down on the commercials and actually let us experience the atmosphere of the crowd and the excitement throughout. If and only if they would cover all the matches. It would be so much fun unlike Set Max who only shows 5 balls of the over and bombards us with advertisements all the time.


64 thoughts on “to err is human…

    • Mystery says:

      nice one smitha..
      SMITHA ??? I aint the one baking cakes… I m the one who is crying my heart out !!!!! 😥

      I wanted to do a post on the same lines..dont know whether i would do it now or not..
      talking of media being constructive..dont even think of it.. i dint see the match yesterday night but today when i woke up and switched on the TV, there were a number of channels who were doing postmortem and bashing the captain..
      as long as we have been winning, they were ok with all the risks and gambles he did, but once we loose, everything has changed..

      The media will do their bashing.. !! 😦 I hope the players can conerntrate on their own stuff… We have to beat South Africa still and if we do it, it will be a great gift to themselves… !!

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    sheesh…..we’re out aren’t we….


    i like ur point about Mahi’s honeymoon with the media is over. yeah, we gotta wait and watch how either parties (team & media) reacts to each other.

    oh we are the champs at yelling n degrading our own kin, so i personally am not expecting any support from media, forget encouragement, i’d be surprised if they let them alone for a while to get over the debacle (its must be a huge feeling to know that a whole country’s heart sank as u got back home).

    Yes.. the players of all will be the most disappointed, I understand they will be criticised.. but it should be their cricket that should be criticised and not there motives … invariably the media tries to project that the players dont care… which is so so untrue and disrespectful… Criticise but do it respectfully.

    even if decisions u pointed out have led to it, fact remains that no one’s perfect 😐

    sensationalism has always ruled, media love to point….

    is this why ur mood is mournful hitchu?


    Yesterday night i held my heart and kept murmuring prayers… ever since Yuvraj got out.. I knew we probably wont make it.. but kept on hoping against hope… I wanted to cry out loud… It hurts.. and real bad… but well its a game and we will come over it… It would be great to take out South Africa !!! wouldnt it !! let the Proteas bear the brunt of this disappointement

  2. Ordinary Guy says:

    shesh man……. we are out… and that too by 3 runs………..

    cha…….. we should have won this match………
    I personally did not see the match but was following it on online……………..

    the margin looks shorter than it was…. Thanks to a last over burst of 15 runs.. but we lost the match tactically…

    I m so so sad…

  3. Indyeah says:

    Mournful? 😦
    Why? 😦
    arre you only said we have to learn from this na? So smile then 🙂

    yes we have to learn… but I so wanted to defend our world cup title… cant help it… 😥

    I moped yesterday and today morning and now I am fine 🙂

    Seriously when will our team learn to be consistent?

    We have been quite consistent in the last 12-18 months…
    But T-20 is fickle in nature… Any thing can happen…

      • hitchwriter says:

        aha !!!
        😀 you sound all bright and rejuvenated !!!

        I m sure this break will help the team to rejuvenate too… maybe this is a blessing in disguise… they will get some time off… !!! poor souls have beeen playing non-stop !

  4. masood says:

    I woke up grumbling this morning! Defending champions out of the T-20 WC!!!! Sucks big time.

    Dhoni has been known for some instinctive captaincy. It had work so far. But last night, some decisions were horrendous. Sending Jadeja ahead of Yuvi was the worst. What did he end up accomplishing? 25 from 35 balls. Both of them should be crucified. That strike rate is not acceptable in 50 over games, let alone 20-20!!!!

    And I agree, what the hell is the matter with Dhoni’s batting? Even in the 19th over, he was nudging the ball away to long on or mid wicket for a single. OK, it makes sense preserving your wicket till the last 2 overs but atleast go for it in the last 2 overs. Its time for him to face the music now. Over his captaincy as well as his batting. The media is going to shred him apart.

    His captaincy is fine I think, he is his own man. The thing with doing different things is when they come off they look brilliant but when they dont they look really ugly… If Jadeja would have come off… another saga would have been added to his captaincy… wouldnt it… !! These things look great when they come off… Imagine if Joginder would have lost that final… would Dhoni be what he is today ???

    I think India’s entire campaign was scratchy for day 1. As a team we did OK but only due to some individual brilliance. Either it was a Ojha or Zaheer or Yuvi or R Sharma or Bhajji – but I don’t think as a team we were clinical. Just plain scratchy.

    I think they were a bit jaded… tired so to speak.. too much cricket… !! but that is not an excuse… however this early exit will be a blessing in disguise… we go to the West Indies after this and its in the Test Matches we have to make them C.R.Y !!! like champions do… a B.A.C.K.L.A.S.H !!!

    It sure is saddening to see India out. All of a sudden, entire charm of the WC is gone. I will still watch the matches (a true cricket aficionado at heart, so cant help it) but only with a frowned face!

  5. Saima says:

    Yeah..its disappointing 😦 The news channels are busy dissecting the IFs and BUTs…sad..but we cant help but brood 😦 And since the 20-20 concept is very dicey, one cannot be sure as to who wins. It can be either one of the teams. Weak/strong is immaterial.

    I wouldnt dare go to a news channel… coz if i do.. my tv would be at risk…

  6. saritha says:

    It was really sad that we were not able to score just 3 runs,the last ball of the last over of the harbajan singh was costlier.

    I felt dhoni doesn’t have that enthu he had in the last T-20 world cup,now i don’t like to watch the rest of T-20 matches 😦

  7. Swaram says:

    Am still not able to get over it. But all said and done, that’s how the 20-20 game is; nothing can be predicted. Not that the Indians did their best though. But what puts me off too is def the media. As u said, complete U-turn. Their qs already run ‘Shud Mahi be retained as the Captain or not?’ He has accepted his mistakes. Only hope they don’t repeat the mistakes but learn from them. As for Media, they need something to telecast 24×7 😉

    HW : what ??? they are asking if MAhi should be retained captain ??? after losing 2 t-20 matches ???? whoa they surprise me even more than i thought… maybe i rate them much higher… they are @$!#@!%ing Sons of bitches… really… !! thats why i dont even go to any news channel….

  8. Rakesh says:

    Too bad Dhiren… I searched high and low for a TV channel and finally found myself having dinner at a stranger’s house and watching the match in Yemen yesterday. Well not exactly a stranger but a friend of one of my colleagues in Yemen. But all this effort was down in vain as India crashed out.

    too bad buddy…

    Somehow, I’ve noticed that India tend to play well when they are underdogs. Whenever they come into a series as champions, they bite the dust. This has something to do with the attitude – don’t you think? I was surprised to hear that India didn’t have a practice session at all even after losing from WI. I thought Raina would be in front of the bowling machine all day trying to face short pitched stuff.

    I guess we have not been favourites a lot so … you can say that… we always are the underdogs… lol 😉
    I heard they had a lot of practice with a lot of balls thrown at them from 18 yards… so i dont know.. but their system is to have optional sessions… meaning its upto the players if they want to take a hit or keep themselves fresh… ! its subjective… and it happens always…

    Yes, I agree, Dhoni was praised for everything when India were winning. Now the media will go after him. I just hope, he maintains his cool and just concentrates on cricket.

    Agree, it is not the end of the world but India has just not put up any sort of convincing performance against the bigger teams like WI and England. Especially after all the players were in such scintillating form in the IPL. I think they peaked at the wrong time but then, that’s part and parcel of this game.

    Too bad but now lets see how the team takes this failure. Whether it disintegrates or remains strong and works on its weaknesses.

    Frankly if you ask me too much cricket and too soon… even i m having problems at home with my wife watching.. so you can imagine how much cricket these guys play… neways… the Litmus test for MSD begins now… lets see if he goes the Sourav way and comes back fighting

  9. Pixie says:

    What a match… what hopeless batting!
    I was wondering too why he kept coming 3rd down and why he sent Jadeja ahead of Yuvraj.
    And yes, Dhoni’s honeymoon with the media is over now…
    Let’s see how things shape up now.

    Their performance have been disappointing!

    I am now supporting SL, PAK, WI and SA!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I dont care who wins now… may the best team win…. though I would prefer SA to not reach the finals… then we can say that the best 3 teams were not in the finals… !! he he he 😀

  10. Mampi says:

    These facts teach you a lesson that you cannot afford to be an atheist anymore.
    If you were not an atheist, He would listen to you. In your case it might not be a He, it might be a She.

  11. sraboneyghose says:

    I knew India would be knocked out of the tournament even before they played their first match…They are not good defending champions and play better when they are underdogs…Also, with so much success in the last year or so, Mahi & Co.’s head had swollen…It’s good that they’ve had a reality check – I just hope they come back stronger…

  12. Badz says:

    Yes. I watched the match yesterday and was disappointed due to india losing. I wanted then to win the final world cup and take the trophey home again. 😕

    I know you’re probably going to say, you should be happy England won. I am happy for them. I really am. If the beat West Indies today and get into semi-final or even better final would be great. I think a lot of Brits would get back into cricket (especially indian, pakistan, sri lankans etc) instead of chasing a football dream where they don’t give us a chance to get on their team let alone play.

    Well, anyway, let’s see what happens….

    England is out too…. !! May the carribean kings win !!!!!! 😀

  13. Anish says:

    Dhiren , did you see today’s morning news in Times Now,they were crushing Mahi and team and they even commented Indian team put all Indians into shame….yeahh as U said it is the time to support our players.mahi is aggressive captain.The result is sometime superb and sometimes result will be disastrous.And after all he is not a astrologer to find what works best for the team.We missed sewag badly,if he stand for just 3 overs in a match,that makes a big difference.

    The media… ! the less said about them the better !! phew…

  14. shilpadesh says:

    I was a little sad too. Nice analysis and I agree with the conservative thought process of us supporters. When the team was too conservative, I remmeber shouting at the TV though!!!!
    I don’t care a lot about 20-20. I like one days best, and I STILL think the regular world cup is the REAL world cup!

    The best is Test Cricket !

  15. Pretty Prats says:

    This is one of its kinda mail .. loved the line :

    “Loses happen, this is sport, decisions misfire and mistakes are made. The true character of teams emerges from what they learn from the mistakes and how they come back.”

    Its quite simple.. unfortunately the mobs and the media dont understand this.. !

  16. mayz says:

    this defeat is goin to debated in d corridors of time for long…

    but i agree to err is human…but dhiren who ever saw cricketers in our country as human?? aren;t v d one who say cricket is our religion n sachin our god??

    n well wateva d decision mahi took in this series i don’t blame him…comeon its his nature to constantly try n surprise d opposition…it worked earlier…for once it failed n our jobless media (i must add i find indian media resentful) r out there like stray dogs tryin to chase a car or wateva shit

    we knew this time arnd d whole world is against us…when we needed support from media they come up wid stupid controversies to pull us down further

    Exactly Mayz… its in Dhoni’s nature to do the different the something that his brain tells him to do… and a captain has to be a guy who is his own man… you dont want him to think what the people will like… he must do what he feels is best… atleast he has the satisfacation of having tried his best….

    the media is useles… they just want controversies…

  17. Nancy says:

    I too was very disappointed yesterday…..just cant believe even now that we are out of the championship 😦
    I sort of felt MSD was not really ‘in’ the game yesterday. He was playing cautiously when the need of the hour was to whack some boundaries. I cd feel Yusuf Pathan striving but Dhoni somehow was not trying…..even the normally lacklustre English players cd be seen striving to win.

    All in all a very disappointing match 😦

    yes… Mahi’s lack of form didnt help… a very disappointing match.. 😦

  18. Smita says:

    His effigy has already been burnt in Ranchi!!!

    Smita it was a couple of news channels who paid for this !!!!! they wanted exclusive news so they created it… check today’s Hindustan Times… talk of low stooping media.. here they are…

    I feel it was time for Indian Cricket team to face a low after so many highs! So cheers it is just a game 🙂

    But ur remark about Set Max is so so true!!!

    REally Max has no sense how to broadcast cricket !

  19. kanagu says:

    India lost :(… I am really nervous yesterday while watching the match… and I am really sad when they lost it.. hope they will recover soon 🙂

    Me too … hope they recover fast… !

  20. Smitha says:

    One of the few times , that makes me happy that I don’t follow cricket any more 😦

    Sad, isn’t it? But I am sure we’ll be back in form soon..

    Btw, looks like too many people are mistaking yours for mine and vice versa 😦 I should make some changes to mine 😦

    lol… yea in a way your happy … but when they win they give us such amazing highs !!!!!!!!!

    no need to change the blog… lol… !! silly mistakes happen… !!!

  21. Neha Kapoor says:

    I almost cried last night 😦

    me too… plus I have to hide my disappointment in office… or else they all keep teasing me …. i feel like hitting out at them…. i just dont want to go anywhere if my team loses… sigh 😦

  22. Amit says:

    Ye kya hua! 😦 Kaise Hua! 😦 Kyun hua? 😦
    Well, maybe next time. Can’t unscramble scrambled eggs! 🙂

    so simple yet so difficult for people to understand…

  23. Solilo says:

    I am sorry Hitchy but I can’t offer any sympathies here because I really don’t care about the game anymore. I don’t feel a thing. Nada…zilch. *Solilo running away before a mob attack*

  24. Destination Infinity says:

    Well MSD has been playing very cautiously for quite some time. He comes in at no. 3 and reduces the momentum. We all would like to see that aggressive Dhoni back again!!

    Destination Infinity

    yes… amen to the aggressive Dhoni returning !!!

  25. raghav says:

    the loss sucked. england. 3 runs. aweful
    but i guess it was due, they had been bathing in the sunlight for some time now and the clouds had to roll in someday.
    hopefully they will come out stronger.
    if only it had happened in some bilateral tour and not a world championship

    Wish 0 Wish… !! neways… frankly I dont mind India losing ODI’s or T-20s … for me the most Important are Test Matches… as long as we keep doing well there… I dont mind… but only worried people will wreck the team and the team spirit due to this T-20 loss and it will then affect in the Tests…

    • Badz says:

      LoL! Solilo. I don’t think it will. India lost again today against South Africa. Dhiren is going to be more “dukhi” now (like the rest of us indian fans). 😐

      • hitchwriter says:

        Very dukhi… India losing,lots of work, boss back… you calling bhaiya.. and well… sigh… time to take a break from the blog…

        and all you guys i ll reply a lil later… just too much work at the moment.. !

  26. Deeps says:

    Hve been meaning to come by and read your blog for a long long time. In fact all your interactions with Indyeah,Solilo and Smitha,especially the spats thrown at each other never fail to crack me up.
    And today when I did hop by,I’m cursing myself as to whyever did I not come earlier.
    This post does really make me feel how much double standards we,as Indians, hold. When MSD and his team were doing well,we were showering them with all sorts of praises and now when they have stumbled a bit we are taking every opportunity to snub them down.

    “Remember the players are the most disappointed and disheartened bunch at the moment. I sincerely hope people support the team and not ransack it. !!For it is human to err… !!” Indeed. Totally agree with you on this,hitchwriter 🙂

    Welcome to my space Deeps… !!

    Hope everything will be alright once we start winning again… as they say nothing succeeds like success… !!

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