jEaLoUs Me


I am stuck stuck stuck stuck… !! in office and with loads of work all of a sudden…

add to that India is losing matches which add to my already sullen mood….

I warn everybody to not cross my path, unnecessarily i feel like chopping off people…


Sitting quietly working I get a call from my former partner and dear friend Nigam…

he has just come back after doing the Lahaul Spiti circuit in Himachal for the 4th time I think….

he promises me the pics this time are going to be even better and even more sensational…


my heart goes jealous jealous and jealous…

I hence went ahead and posted a few of the older pics even before he could post something on our photo blog.


Do visit our photo blog… !!! for pics of Lahaul Spiti trip this June… !!!!  Currently the pics are old, but start following as the new pics will be uploaded from tomorrow….


coz why should i alone be burning… all of you see the pics and feel equally jealous…. he he he 😛 😛


42 thoughts on “jEaLoUs Me

  1. Badz says:

    Yes Dhiren. Even I was angry and upset when I watched the match yesterday. They didn’t win a single match in the Super 8. 😦

    And yes, the pics are beautiful. 🙂

      • hitchwriter says:

        The game is over… please nothing about cricket…

        lets talk of holidays… !! do check out the blog and we will be posting a lot of pics in the days to come… I posted another 4 !!!

        • Badz says:

          Sorry Dhiren. 😦

          Yes Dhiren. All 4 pics are like heaven. 🙂

          I love the way the reflection of the mountain is captured in the 1st one.

          Then the way, the tops of the mountain are captured with small ice caps against the clear sky in the 2nd pic.

          Then in the 3rd I love the way the mountains are hiding behind the clouds and the illustration of the misty weather. And then having the streams of possibly a lake at the bottom.

          Finally in the last pic, the mountain looks mysterious. and the contrast between the weather behind the mountain (misty) with the gass and lake makes it beautiful. 🙂

          Yes Dhiren. You’ve certainly got me jealous now. 😦

  2. Smitha says:

    The photographs are so beautiful!!! Can totally understand why you are jealous!!! I am jealous too – stuck here in a horrid rainy day 😦

    The pics are absolutely breathtaking!!! Wow! Your friend is sure lucky!!

    Were these taken by you – they are fantastic! How I wish I could take pics like that!

    • hitchwriter says:

      unfortunately those pics are from his trip to Spiti… !!! Me havent done that circuit yet… !!!

      but my friends have shared so many pics and so many stories.. I have virtuatlly visited the place… many times !!!!!

  3. Mumbai Diva says:

    Hi, went over and had a look at the photographs. Awesome. especially the first one. Would love to go to spiti. Unfortunately have only been till Rohtang pass. ever since we moved to mumbai we’ve been trying to go to the north for a holiday but it’s just not happening. Sigh! miss the mountains.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Sigh… telll me about the mountains… !!!

      the entire trip cost these 7 people only rs 12000/- per head… from Bharuch to Bharuch in car !!!!!

      how badly i missed out !!!! 😦

  4. Saritha says:

    Wonderful photos dhiren,even i am “J” and the temp is horrible here with dust strom 😦

    Good to hear that you are getting work 🙂 🙂 Wishing more to come 🙂 🙂

    No No no… dont wish for work to come… wish for money to come… !!!!!!!!! careful what you wish for…

  5. Pixie says:

    oh Hitchy!! i totally sympathise with u!!!


    the pics are indeed lovely! 🙂

    Me too stuck with loads of work and a crappy mood to boost …



    Its so so so hot here in Indore.. impossible to sit without a/c or a cooler… !! 😦

  6. vimmuuu says:

    Nice snaps. How I wish everday was a holiday !!! but Im really bored at office too; theres no work here 😉

    Btw, its time I made you a little more jealous. I need to upload my Europe snaps soon 😀

    aaah… Yes me too stuck in office mostly without work though since a few days its starting to pour in… !! you upload man… !!! we shall see…

  7. Nids says:

    I am so so jealous now:), its beautiful….the pics are awesome

    Well the idea was to get you all jealous.. so mission accomplished ! 😀

  8. Mampi says:

    wow, some spirit you have, to burn down the whole blogworld.

    and to think that this is the man who used to say, i have no work.

    I had no work… I have it now… !! 😦 I dont want work… I want money… !! 😦

  9. Indyeah says:

    I am very envious! Delhi is sweltering hot! 😦
    I yearn to go there RIGHT NOW!

    but ah well I am sitting in the cool confines of my home so cant complain coz not a peep out of me since the vacations started 😀
    been visiting friends in the evening so avoid the sun that way 😀

    I still want to go to this green green lush green paradise though! 😦

    Indoors is so uncoooool… !!! I m inside the office all the time…. !!! 😦 😦
    We planning a rendezvous in Oct/Nov in the coldest months to experience the brrrrrrrrrr…. are you game ???

  10. Sahaja says:

    Jealous! haha…..I just realised how much i missed ur posts Dhirubhai!! Photos are mindblowing!! I think I already asked u this but tell me once more, what cam is urs?

    You missed… ?? wow… I missed you too thats why kept checking what happened to you !!!!! and you also say BHAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bah…

    the cam is Nikon D40

  11. Ashwathy says:

    wow… mindblowing pics dude!!!

    wish there was tele-transporter machine i cud use write now!! sigh…

    If you ever get hold of that machine… just tell me… !!!!!

  12. Aathira says:

    Ha ha… I understand how you were feeling about India.

    Yesterday we were at a friends place for dinner and the conversation was all about why/not each player was picked/ rejected for the WI tour. Most of my friends are not Cricket fans… so never got to realize the craziness involved. I was shocked how the game is actually followed!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Welcome to my blog Aathira …

      where have you been.. you were shocked to know how cricket is followed in India ?????


      havent you heard.. Cricket is our religion.. Sachin our God ???

      lol… 😉

  13. craftyshines says:

    *crafty zips lips about india losing* 😐

    no hitchu, i will not check the links…u cannot make me….

    u know na i live in a brown city?
    and work in a small box called cubicle?
    and have no scope of holidaying….

    do u want me to kill myself out of discontent?????

    *sulks a bit but wants to see the pics too*

    ok…will check…..

    will i get consolation hugs when discontent hits me??? 😐

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