May be I really need to stop for a while…


I really have nothing to post….

feeling sort of drained….   

Maybe I need to stop…

atleast for a while… ( problem is 2 days and i cant resist posting.. )

But for now… I pledge to myself I wont post until I actually have something to actually post… !!!

I wont post out of addiction… I will post when the post presents itself to me…

Maybe I need to just concerntrate on commenting…

Try and put one across Solilo… !! (she has been pulling me down for a while… its time for revenge..  :mrgreen: )

No… I can never take a break from commenting…

I cant take a break from you all… 🙂

You all are a part of my life… !!! 😀

My most wonderful friends… 😀

Cant believe I found you all here… !! this is my adda… 😀 😀 😛 😛

My hangout !!


148 thoughts on “May be I really need to stop for a while…

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    awww hitchy i know what u mean, just the urge to post… keep them hitchy

    we love the posts from u


    and thank god u say the comments will be coming 🙂

  2. Saritha says:

    Lol dhiren how many post u will do in a day??

    I wish u become busy 😉

    btw don’t stop posting nor commenting,i love to read ur post and the comments and all masti u all do 🙂

  3. Sandhya says:

    Blog samaaj is dead without you, Dhiren! Comment columns are dead without you Dhiren! Your sense of humour pulls everyone to you…be a good boy and change your decision, Dhiren!

  4. Pixie says:

    Don’t stop posting…!!! Hugs!

    Good you have decided not to take a break from all of us!
    You will be missed if you do!!!! 😀

      • Pixie says:

        You could post about all these mad conversations?!!

        You could post how crazy we all are?

        You could post about the group dance we all did in your previous post?!
        The mixture of OG’s dance, Vimmu’s govinda style and Crafty with the Chandler and Monica routine… with a bit of classical thrown in by Indy, Solilo and me!! 😀

        Whew! so many ideas!!

        *Sits down with a Cup of Coffee to relax after all that hard work*

  5. Badz says:

    LoL! Hitchy is addicted BUT is suffering from writers block or shall i call is bloggers block. LoL! 😛

    Oh well I’ll look forward to your real next post. 😉
    In the mean while you can keep up the commenting like moi.

    P.S.I look forward to seeing your revenger for the don solilo. :mrgreen:

  6. Smitha says:

    Oh please don’t stop, Hitchy!! I am going to miss your posts! Am sure it won’t last long 🙂 Am willing to bet that you will be out with a great post in less than 24 hours 🙂 What will I get if I win the bet?

  7. Tara says:

    jakey transformers dekh ke aao.. u will have something to post.. 😀
    everytime i come out of such a movie, everything around looks like a monstrous alien packed up in some decent form :D.. n today i am scared of even this laptop of mine :O

  8. Mystery says:

    its ok happens at times.. Just take a break for 2 days and u ll come up with brilliant posts regularly 🙂
    i m sure when i check my reader on Monday i will have one post from ur blog 🙂

  9. anjugandhi says:

    we all have become members of blogging family , so attached to each other that we can not just leave blogging and post soemthing to be in contact with each other.

  10. kanagu says:

    LOL bhai… when I started I was like that… sometimes stuck for posts but it will get cleared after a few days break… do commenting… you always put me in laugh with your comments and posts… like to see your rocking post soon 🙂

  11. Crafty Shines says:

    May be I really need to stop for a while…

    *crafty feeling weak, takes support of chair, hopes she’s on the wrong blog*

    reads first four lines of post – THUD!!!

    *no use, she faints anyways*

    wakes up and packs away her dancing shoes….sniff….

    I wont post out of addiction… I will post when the post presents itself to me…

    HUGS!!!! okies! will bear with that!!!

    will spam ur comments section…will flood ur inbox….will send a gazillion smses….will call and SQUEAL in ur ears…..

    or i’ll be a good girl, and wait silently…..

    only time will tell :mrgreen:

    I cant take a break from you all
    u better not…or it will break us!!! 😥

    Cant believe I found you all here…

    yeah! and now we can’t imagine a life without u around!!!

    this is my adda

    and it is my second home…..scratchy’s self-proclaimed territory!
    hee haw haw haw!

    HUGS!! take ur time n get back hitchu…..

    u’ll find me here, waiting….to dance….

    meanwhile, see ya at other blogs! 😀 😀

  12. Solilo says:

    Try and put one across Solilo… !! (she has been pulling me down for a while… its time for revenge.. )

    Arre Hitchy, I just mentioned that I might take a blog break in 1 or 2 months. I didn’t say that I will just go away. You can always take a short break and come back. Everyone does that and all of us need that too.

    Virtual friends are as dear as real ones. Don’t forget them altogether. 🙂

  13. Indyeah says:

    DONT take a break ! 😥
    pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeee…did you see how much your comments were missed in just two days?
    and now a break?
    dont use that word! 😛
    henceforth that word is banned ! 😛

  14. Amit says:

    Take your time. Happens to the best of us. Ignore Solilo when she says – So all this was just for attention. See I was not wrong. 😛

  15. gunmeen says:

    waiting for your comments dhiren….the comment box starts wailing without your comments….LOL!!!!! dnt take a break nahi to hamari posts ka kya hoga?????

  16. Deeps says:

    Aww…now that was wonderful post in itself..seriously..the I found you all here part is so so heartwarming! Thank you,Dhiren..I for one know I’m the gladder to have found a blogger friend like you,Indyeah,Solilo,Smitha,Usha,and so many so amny more 🙂

    Will be eagerly waiting for ur next post..please dont keep us waiting for long 🙂

      • craftyshines says:

        yes yes why not Indy!

        er….Indy….no graceful movements allowed….u gotta forget all ur classical stuff!!!

        throw away whatever grace u got, throw arms up in the air, put one leg in front, then the other, shake shoulders perpetually, sport a silly grin or a “very lost in dance expression”, make sure ur eyes are shut and shake head acc to rhythm….


        15, 6, 7, begin!

        dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak dhin chak….


  17. Nita says:

    You sure have a lot of online friends hitchwriter! Me too met so many people I would never have met through blogging and if I don’t blog, it’s them I miss!

  18. Nancy says:

    It happens to all of us once in while….the trick is to be consistent. Sometimes just typing randomly on a blank word document also helps….so many times my post for the week emerges from there 😀

    U have a super set of virtual friends…all their messages would have cheered u up by now.

    So chill & tek care……….and be yourself!!!!!!!!

  19. craftyshines says:

    hitchu, i read your comment at Smitha’s post on education….

    i HAD to come here and hug u…….u’ll make a darling of a father!!


  20. Indian Homemaker says:

    I don’t think you can stop blogging like this… I am sure we will continue to read “Am I first?” and thinking what an idea Hitchwriterjee 🙂

    Have you finished all your tags by the way?

  21. mandira says:

    of course this is your adda… but no one will kill you for taking a break , you know!! but like IHM said, im sure u wont be able to resist the “am i first” madness! lol..

  22. Solilo says:

    Solilo: Knock Knock

    Hitchy: Who’s there?

    Solilo: Friend.

    Hitchy: Friend who?

    Solilo: Friend who will kick your royal arse if you don’t return to blogging asap. 😈

    Now come back and tell us your Honeymoon tales that you promised.

  23. Puneet says:

    Hey Hitchy

    I was reading Shilpa’s post on MJ and then suddenly occured to me that you would do a very good post on controversial cricketers who could not do justice to their talent. In my list most Pakistanis come in that like Shoaib akhtar, Md Asif, Ajay Jadeja , Symo, Shane Warne (could not become a captain)
    and to other sports personalities .famous talented but controversial…Maradona, Beckham etc etc…
    Who can do a better post then you on this…
    I wish something might trigger which can bring you out of self imposed exile……*keeping fingers crossed *?

    • hitchwriter says:

      I love Shane Warne… and really hoped he would be captain… he would have been one of the finest !!

      I dont know… Pak cricket is an enigma… no one can solve it and they themselves mess it up… !!

  24. Crafty Shines says:

    prepare to battle heights of irrelevance (popularly known as spamming)

    so, i have to be on ur blog every morning, and act all “ha! my territory”

    and then sing loudly “here i am, this is me, there’s nowhere else on earth i’d rather be….”

    and then skip and dance around a little, making silly conversations…

    *hitchu has head in his hands…wondering what day it was this looney case landed on his blog to begin with*


    despair not…new post will solve lunacy (temporarily)

    teeeeee heeeeeeeee

    miss uuuuuuuuuuu hitchuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

    *hitchu tries to throw out crafty’s coffee*

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