Today I got up late…

preparing for the late night today… I have to stay up till 3.45 am !! India take on WI !!

No jogging… so read the news papers and not much about cricket… The fortune told me unexpected gains from somewhere….

Switched on the TV and CNBC was showing ad’s so for a while I surfed… reached CNBC Awaz… they have a program where viewers call in to ask the experts what to do with what share… I like it… rather my sadist side likes it a lot…

1st call – some guy from Ahmedabad – in a weak voice… Sir I have bought Unitech 1300 shares at 425/– what should I do…. !!!!!!


I was like…

 Uska aachar daal … aur kya…


I was so loudly laughing at his folly !!! My sadist side took over…. !!! I was so enjoying laughing at that poor guy’s plight…


finally my wife brought me to my senses by asking the one question I hate….  how many Unitech we have…

Me : (sheepishly) 350 odd…

She : What price…

Me : Average 285…

all my fun was robbed away… (why wouldnt you let me laugh)

the painful memory struck again….

UNITECH today is at Rs. 85/- about a month or so back it was at Rs. 25/-  !!!! ( sadly there are many other similar stories )


Well actually its not the sadist me… but its good to see that there are people who have made even bigger blunders… than I have… !!! I tend to draw some sympathy and some solace… !!!


36 thoughts on “….

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    dont even remind of that hitchy

    i have lots so much on wipro shares…. one look at it and i feel like crying

  2. thethoughtfultrain says:

    Lovely!! I am a new blogger and by God Iknow “to post out of addiction” is like!! Nice place you got here, still exploring! 🙂 And BTW, I have been told by a couple people that whnat may seem “junk” to me is something to read/think about for the other (one mans food, anothers poison types) ;-D

  3. anjugandhi says:

    same story with every one who loves to play with their money and stock market.and we all sail in the same boat

  4. craftyshines says:

    “uska aachaar daal..aur kya….”

    *crafty laughs with hitchu at this poor guy*

    hetal gives hitchu a blast from the past about his own shares…

    *crafty keeps serious face, excuses herself, and no one knows what happened when she stepped out for those few minutes*

    I cud never laugh at hitchu…never ever….nopes…no sir….nahi…

    there there! i hope the market rises and then u profit!
    (very generic and totally ignorant statement)

    stocks and shares are north pole. crafty is south pole. the twain shall never meet.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Lol… never mind scratchy… I myself also laugh at my folly… !! what to do…

      things happen… one day i ll be even bigger than warren buffet… thats when we will have a villa in Manali !!!!!!! lol… 🙂

  5. Indyeah says:

    LOL!! You laughed at HIM?when you had those shares too?


    less in number but you had them nevertheless…

    Dhiren you are something else!! 😛 😛 crazyyy! 😛

    uska achaar daal ?? LOL!!
    aur aap uska halwa baanaiye 😆

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