the songs of my life…


WARNING : This is a heavy post… literally… the page may take time to load thanks to so many videos, I cant resist posting so I thought I might as well put a few songs I love…


I have always been in love with music… and no matter what time of the day or occassion… I always have a tune to hum to… I have a song on my lips all the time… !


I also am a bit of a Tansen and not a lot of Kansen… I generally hum along and many a times my lyrics are jumbled up… but I love singing anyways… !! 😀 😀


I thought I should maybe link some songs… just coz I cannot resist posting… !! I really cant… 😦  (addicted & badly)


When I was a kid the first lullaby that my Mom sang is difficult to reproduce here… it was in kutchi and I and my wife have sung the same to hriday… but that apart we have had our dose of film songs…….. as a family we are totally filmy !!! TOTALLY !! 😀


the earliest memory of my life is of this song from Ab Dilli Door Nahi… 

My dad would frequently sing for me, he knows this song by heart… but now he wont sing… dont know why !!


My mom would often sing me this song from Aradhna… which I am sure a lot of mom’s sang for their kids…  😀


As I started growing up… Sholay, Amitabh and particularly Gabbar Singh caught my fancy… I would play Gabbar Singh in fancy dress competitions… I was too chubby… !! lol… Movies of Amitabh and Amjad Khan would be a rage in those times… !! it was truly their era… and when Mr. Natvarlal came for us kids Amitabh was the most favourite… I dont know how many times I have heard this song… but it has to be one of the most favourite song while growing up… 😀 😀 😀

Amitabh may look funny now in this song… but for a growing up kid he was a huge hero… There were other favourites like Lakdi ki Kaathi and Nanha Munna raahi hoon…. but nothing like Mere paas aao mere doston… it was lovely plus it had my favourite ‘Tiger’ in it !!!!!!


Then in about 8th standard or so…. a friend introduced me to english music… and one of the oldest I remember is the Jail house Rock by Elvis Presley…

I just cant still believe the kind of music this song has… and if this song doesnt make you throw your  head back rock… nothing ever will… !!!


As a teenager the love songs caught an amazing fancy… 🙂 the idea was to woo… the girls…

be it…  😀

Used to show your charms… if it didnt work… you had … 😀

showing your shyness… but vast tea gardens of love..  🙂 if that didnt work…

or … this one showed you were going to be the most loyal… 😉 if even that didnt work…

show your heart size…  🙂 if that doesnt work…

than gale pado… I cant help loving you… he he he 😀 😀  as an alternative you have this one too… 🙂

anything would do as long as they helped in wooing a girl and when nothing would work …. none of the above would work…. this was the sure shot song that had the girls sympathy for sure……. 😉 😉

When the girl played hard to get… you played this song !!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛  :mrgreen:  Its a sure shot success therapy…. are you listening Vimmuuu, OG !!!!! …. lol…. try this one out… !!! 😛 😛 (not that you guys need advise… I m sure you are playing the heartbreak kids !!! )


There were some songs which I used to specifically sing for my wife… not that she loved to hear a lot… but she would hear them for her love for me and I had found someone who would listen to me… these songs I used to sing specifically for her…

 She did change my life and made me better…. made me steady of all things… lol :mrgreen:

and than this… I used to think I can match Jagjit Singh… but no… that voice is divine… untouchable… dont even try… !! 🙂

then there is this one that I used to sing for my Mom… indicating its time … Mom… !!!

I really used to bore my mom singing this song all the time… !!!! 😉

This is one song I used to really sing for my wife in her pregnancy… and even for hriday as a lullaby…


Amazingly there seems to be a song for every mood… for every moment of life… 

When I am happy I sing..

When I am down I sing…

When the mood is to be wild and to scream  …. (this is “A” rated…) these three I love… !!

This song is unbelievable… !!! Really…

this one is the sexiest ever…

and when I really want to abuse…

then again this was a nice song too…. !!!!!!! but the F word was an amazing liberation at that time… in a song… !! It provoked the rebels inside us…. 😀


There are some which me thinks I can sing alike… just like mukesh…

Sometimes I feel I have a bit of Rafi in me tooo…

Even a Kay kay in me… lol…

now you know how badly mistaken I am.. but nevertheless… I always convince myself I have many singers inside me…

the list of songs is endless… yes ENDLESS… If I load any more I think the page wont load… I dont know if this is going to load anyways… but before I bid adios… I gotta add one last song… another one of my favourites…. and guys do listen to them …. !!!!!!!


117 thoughts on “the songs of my life…

  1. Winnie the Poohi says:

    he he he am second.. just missed to scratchy!

    Whoosh so many songs! I am going to watch them at home.. I sing all the time.. so much so that most friends call me “FM ka dabba” 😀 😀

  2. Swaram says:

    Oops! I cud only read wat u hv written; gotta go home to check which songs they are. But true, Music is divine n there’s something for every mood/every person/every occasion.

    So, u no more think u need to stop for a while … rt Hitchy 🙂

  3. Crafty Shines says:

    😀 😀 😀

    a post full of songs!!!!! perfection!!!!!

    I also am a bit of a Tansen and not a lot of Kansen


    *crafty makes note of that line to maaro on friends*

    Thank god you found some line in me to copy… I am choring and copying so many of your lines… my copywriter !!!

    @ chun chun karti: *tries to avoid eye contact* have not hread this

    hitchu…will go hear it now…

    Its very old… but it was my dad who used to sing it for me… and thats why i remember… !

    @ chanda hai tu: awwwww!!!!! that’s is cuteness!!! ur mom sang that!!!

    Gabbar Singh caught my fancy… I would play Gabbar Singh in fancy

    dress competitions

    *weak attempt at being gabbar*

    kahan hai photos….photos kahan hai??? 😀

    i love lakkdi ki kaathi most!!!

    @ Jailhouse: LOVE IT!!!!

    @ Pehla Nasha: ITS MY ULTIMATE FAV SONG! (everybody says it…but

    whatever!) hitchu, this video with all tea bushes n song reminded me of

    an interesting story, i’ll add it when i do my post on munnar

    vacations! 😀

    aah! so u wud sing this to woo girls? and that saajan song too eh?? how

    many fell??? tell tell!!!! 😀

    LOADS of them !!!!!!! they always work… two sentimental dialogues.. and a lovely love song…. and they fall… !!! they are so so sentimental… !!! :mrgreen:

    @ solah baras ki: you know, i never never connected to this song..solah

    baras? and already like this??? sheesh, at solah baras me was still a

    kiddo….bollywood! bah!

    Kiddo at 16 ?? you still are a kiddo !!! silly girl !! at 16 we had hormones racing….. lol…

    KUMAR SANU!!!! a corner of my heart’s wall has his name on it….and

    eveytime i hear him, his name glows!!! 😀

    gale pado??? 😆 😆

    bryan adams! sigh!!!!
    tell me, how many girls did u patao??????

    some day when I m totally confident you wont tell hetal anything… I might tell you… !!!

    ROFL!!! sympathy!!!! hahahah! wah, u guys really have some ace tricks

    up ur sleeves!! *crafty has a lot to learn about this species…enrols

    for tuitons from hitchu*

    Remember all men are dogs !! dont fall for their emotions… they are pretenders…. probably after the end of it all they friends will get together and laugh…!!! REMEMBER !

    awwwww!!!! those songs for hetal! i’m sure she only pretended but loved

    to hear them!!! 😀 😀
    we girls also have a few tactics of our own hitchu….
    😛 😀

    that song by Jagjit sing! sigh!!! this one and i also love “tum itna jo

    muskura raheho”

    lol@ mummy oh mummy! ur mom sure had to put up with a lot!!!!! 😛 😛

    that song from abhimaan is very very close to my heart! i cannot

    express it even!! so i’ll just let it be! 😀 u sang it for hetal and then for hriday!!! HUGS!!!!

    baaton baaton mein had some really classic songs! this one is such a mood enhancer!!!

    @ I believe i can fly: thanks! u gave that song to me when i most needed!!!! 😀 HUGS!!!!

    erm…that alice song got us in trouble in school!!! 😛

    DARD E DIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whenever i hear Rafi, i can imagine him smiling while he sang it! i truly truly love him!!! this song was so different in its music! and Rishi Kapoor to add to that! SIGH!!!
    i’m telling u, i am born in the wrong era!!!! too late!!!! 😦

    erm… many singers in you eh??? okies….when we meet up, don’t talk, just sing! 😀 😀

    you are inviting trouble…. !! watch out !!! 😀

    this was a great post, even if we had to wait so long for it!
    so many songs!!!!

    okay bye! crafty gotta go n get a dose of songs now!!!!

        • monikamanchanda says:

          wait main patience it has vanished from this world or what?

          KRS sistah’s ??? i think i am missing something

          • craftyshines says:

            monu…KRS = Kumbh Reunited Sisters….

            Indy n me to be twins who got lost at Kumbh Mela…after all these yrs of being oblivious of each other…we have finally met in the blogsamaaj…..


      • Crafty Shines says:

        monu!!! Indy n me are one!! no competition!!!!

        she’s the original comment monster, my mentor, and am sure she will be proud that i am carrying her legacy!

        *awaits Indy to arrive and make a fuss of crafty*

  4. Smitha says:

    Lovely collection 🙂 I love almost all of them – except mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai – for some reason – I never liked it! Don’t ask me why – no reason – just took an instant dislike to the song 🙂

    Will listen to them all in peace – when my monster goes to bed.. 🙂

  5. monikamanchanda says:

    oh some of my fav songs up there, i am going to be glued to this page for sometime

    u know i sing chanda hai tu to ojas too 😀

    and u are so right music has a language of its own… a song for every mood, a song for everyone

  6. Saritha says:

    Lovely collecting dhiren,i wanted to do this since long but not getting much time.I wanted to do telugu,tamil and hindi songs.

    Of these my most fav mera dil be kitna pagal….. then tera mera milan ke……

    Main pal do pal ka shayar hoo— this song my classmate damu used to sing always in the class,when ever we had free time,he used to sing this song.

    Tumko dekha to khayal ayya…..

  7. zinggy_mum says:

    right songs for right occassion! that’s u !
    lovely songs….love almost all the songs u have put up.
    there r so many more which u could add.
    y don’t u play antakshri? i am sure everyone will come
    out with all their favourites…..tag antaakshri!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      If I put all the songs I love… the page wouldnt load at all… !!!

      antakshari tag would be nice.. maybe we get people to sing songs and leave in comments the next song… !!!

  8. Destination Infinity says:

    I like that Jagjit singh song that you have put up. I guess there are so many of his songs that I haven’t heard…. my favourite is hoshwalon ko khabar kya from Sarfarosh. I think some of his recent songs are more deep.

    Destination Infinity

  9. shilpadesh says:

    I have realized that with your posts there is no point in trying to be first. People are always there before I am 😦

    Wow just wow! I love most of the songs(not the english ones …… I am more of MJ, Backstreet Boys, Shakira, Beyonce kinds!)
    Mera dil bhi itna pagal hain is am awesome song….I used to love it…although it does look a little cheesy now..nai?
    And Pehla Nasha really used to take me to that dream world where Aamir was singing for me :D….hehe

  10. oorja says:

    what a great collection.. really nice songs..

    the first song in the list i remember i heard first at a schol function near my home many years ago.. and i just loved that song.. 🙂

    rest of them are really great too.. ‘tere mere milan ki’ is one of my fav.. and there won’t be a girl who doesn’t like ‘pehla nasha’.. 🙂

    LOL @ mummy song.. 😀

  11. Deeps says:

    That was wow wow wow!!! Such heavy and touching list of songs coming from Hitchwriter…thats really something!!

    I almost all the hindi songs…I’m afraid I havent heard much of the english songs you’ve listed here. But hindi songs…they rock..I’ve literally grown up listening to most of them.Cant pick one,Dhiren…seriously..each song that u’ve listed is in a class of its own.

    I still get all teary eyed when I listen to ‘tere mere milan ki yeh raina’…and ‘zindagi aaraha hoon mai’ absolute power song!

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful songs,Hitchy :)..

    Zindagi aa raha hoo main is nice na… !!!!!!! I absolutely love it……. !!!!!!!

    tere mere milan ki yeh raina… is a love song for me… although in the movie its when they cry… but i remember the first time it was played in the movie… when they are newly married… !!! its a lovely song for any newly married couple.. aint it…!!

  12. Deeps says:

    oh how could I not mention chanda hai tu…thats one of the songs I sing to my Namnam :)…see,I told you its hard to pick one!

      • hitchwriter says:

        bade bhaiya kind ??? like the bhaiya in golmaal ?? lol… 😀

        those movies were such clean comedies… werent they…

        Choti si baat
        Chupke Chupke
        Rang Birangi
        chashme baddoor

        aahh… they were something else… !!

  13. shilpadesh says:

    Sorry for so many comments Hitchy, I just saw the Uthe Sab ke Kadab video………I so wanna see that movie now. Thanks for jagaofying my soyi hui filmy antaratma!

    • hitchwriter says:

      sorry for comments ??? you gotta be kidding me… !!!

      what are the bytes for ?? huh ??

      here are some more..

      Khatta Meetha
      Saath Saath
      Baaton Baaton mein
      Bombay to Goa

      …. lovely movies of yesteryear… halka foolka and lovely … eh !

  14. Sandhya says:

    I love almost all the songs and am a big Jagjit fan. Will listen to all of them tomorrow. I had forgotten some of them. Thanks for making me hear them again.

  15. Ashwathy says:

    whoa!!! that quite a heavy load of songs at one go!

    the Aradhna one is lovely 🙂 of course Pehle Nasha is evergreen. the one from Abhimaan is tooooo good! Of course dard-e-dil is a heartbreaker! too many songs to comment on… i’ll go mad! lol… nice post tho!

    I am more interested in this comment u told Crafty tho…
    “Remember all men are dogs !! dont fall for their emotions… they are pretenders…. probably after the end of it all they friends will get together and laugh…!!! REMEMBER !”
    Hmmmmm……!! Looks like u’ve had a lot of experience, eh? 😛 😉

  16. Puneet says:

    Zindagi aa raha hoon main …..full of enery and enthu..I love this song so very much
    Pahla Nasha pahla pyar—every time first time ….isn’t it refreshing ….
    Mera Dil bhi kitna paagal hai –oh boy sanka hi paagal tha lagta hai ….real good peice from Saajan – somehow I liked the movie a lot
    Please forgive me –it would be my all time favourite as it resembles me…at least..please forgive me I am a lazy bum and late to everything then this works….few years back when we 3 friends used to hang out this used to be on lips forever…
    used to love one more song SP bala
    Sach mere yaar hai, (Saagar)
    College when next day is exam ..and night out – and only song will go repeated for ever ..
    “jawan ho yaaro yeh tumko hua mana abhi hain khali haath..(jo jeeta vahi sikandar)
    Hitchy you have stoned the memory lake (lane) whatever…..

    • hitchwriter says:

      yes that song from saagar I loved too… !! its a lovely melody… there is one more of that Kamal hassan movies… in which he is a unemployed youth… just cant remember… and till i get it… I wont now be able to sit quietly….

      what was it…

      • hitchwriter says:

        sorry that was ae zindagi gale laga le from sadma… !!

        that also reminds me of the lovely song from masoon… tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi… hairan hoon… I and a friend would sing that song often when we would go on highways for working… !!! in the rains…

  17. vimmuuu says:

    Freaky world !!! You wouldnt believe this, but I had plans to post a similar post. A post on songs that inspired and influenced me. It was infact a tag by a blogger and she had tagged me like an year ago 😀 😀 I was just thinking of that post a couple of days ago. and the freakiest part is I even wanted to mention the moms-lullaby bit !!!

    and if you remember, this is happening for the second time. The last time I wanted to post on some of the sms I received, there you go with a post of your own. Stop stealing my thoughts, will ya ??? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I have heard almost all the hindi songs you had mentioned and a few of the english ones. Well buddy, I had tried different love songs for that wooing thing; nothing worked. But you know what, I get attention from girls when I sing sad numbers 😉 Im telling you, most of them fall for it 😀 😀 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      Lol…. freaky it sounds…. !! 😀 😀

      and bout the sad songs… absolutely these girls na… I tell you a lil senti you get and they get overtly senti… !! sad songs always workk !!! that vinod khanna song always always does the work… just act lonely and they wont let you stay lonely !!! lol 😛 😛

  18. Pixie says:

    Late again!
    But, I am 60th!! (If that number means anything! Hmmmph!)

    Lovely list of songs… I will have to come back and comment since all the videos are blocked at work and if I go home on time today, will check from home!!

    But, the post which is full of such lovely songs is absolutely lovely!!! 😀 😀 😀

  19. Parul says:

    Wow !! A really big and lovely collection of songs !!
    (From one music lover to another )
    Specially: The Aradhana song, I song it to my son everyday
    Uthe sabke Kadam: Fabuluous song
    Zindagi aa raha hoon main: One of KK’s best

  20. Parul says:

    Wow !! A really big and lovely collection of songs !!
    (From one music lover to another )
    Specially: The Aradhana song, I sing it to my son everyday
    Uthe sabke Kadam: Fabuluous song
    Zindagi aa raha hoon main: One of KK’s best

  21. saima says:

    arre wah!! Just what I needed in this lovely weather 🙂 thankoo Hitchy!!
    Love most of the songs here, though I must admit haven’t heard some of the songs like Chun Chun Karti…but I remember listening to Pehla Nasha million times, when I thought I was in ‘love’ 😉 oh and I love Bryan Adams n Who the F is Alice…it was such a cool song!! 🙂

    Lovely post 😀

  22. Ordinary Guy says:

    classic list dude!!!!!!!

    I liked all the songs……..and I listened to all of them 😛

    I liked the awarapan song best 😛 coz maybe I have heard it earlier 😛

    but yes, Thanks for this list and I have also tried all variety but no girl has fallen so far ;P

    this is one for you… the first song I fell in love with…… it defined what cool is for me….

    • hitchwriter says:

      Havent heard it as speakers in office are not allowed… but just saw it… lol… it is cool !!!!!!!! 😛 😛

      yes such things would catch our fancy when we were young…

  23. masood says:

    Cool collection dude. I see your status msgs on gtalk and wondered many times to myself – Is this guy a songoholic? (is that even a word?)
    Now my doubts are at rest.
    And most of the songs are from the golden era of Indian music. No dhin chak of today. Thats really refreshing.
    Keep at it dude.

  24. gunmeen says:

    LOL!!!! trust you dhiren to come up with this post….i had not heard that song from dilli dur nahin…thanks for the video…lovely song…loved all your choices except…maaf kar do….dil ka aalam main…….
    bhaag rai hun main before…..

  25. shilpa says:

    You reminded me of the 20 songs tag HW. Remember that from a few months ago?
    Lovely list. So who do you sound like exactly? Mukesh? Rafi? I think his fans are just waiting to get a hold on u 😛

    Btw, Neil tries a bit of singing in NY and I thought he sounds very close to Mukesh. I could actually see Raj Kapoor there.

    • hitchwriter says:

      I dont remember that tag… but I did it nevertheles… !

      No at times I feel while singing along that i sound like them… but i m sure I am no where near…

      rarely am i modest… but rite now i am… !

  26. Indyeah says:

    Dhiren I LOVE ALL the songs that you have listed 🙂
    ALL of them 🙂

    YAY !!!! tere dil ki baat main janooo !!!!!!! 😛 😛

    plus all those stats messages gimme a clue as to what you are thinking on any particular day 🙂

    thats the tune on my lips every morning !!!!

    the song Uncle used to sing is really cute Dhiren 🙂

    and its such an old song and yet so evergreen na ? 🙂

    and the one aunty used to sing?
    awww…..give lots of (((hugs))to Aunty from me 🙂

    Surely !!!! hope to go home sooon to give her all the hugs… I m losing count !!!!!!!!!

    You already know how much I admire her na? 🙂

    mere pass aao mere doston ?I remember all the lyrics by heart 😀
    I LOVE the song 😀
    its so childlike and cute 😀
    and specially Amitabh’s expressions when he is enacting it 😀

    He was a true hero for all the kids at that time na… !! We all were crazy about him and have never felt anything like that for any one else… !!!

    Elvis?enuff said!
    awesome songs ..specially jailhouse rock 🙂

    itne lambi list?
    I can imagine you sitting with a mental list and churning them all out one by one!

    Dhiren you casanova!!! 😛 😛

    koi hota jisko apana?
    emosionaal blackmail!!!!!!

    Hetal are you reading this? 😀

    look at all the plans Dhiren had in place! 😀
    no wonder you fell for it!
    *you innocent soul you! * *Looks at Hetal in sympathy*

    *Dhiren remember its not good manners to EVEN think of cursing your sis* 😛 😛

    Why do you think I would ever curse you ????? She is the one who pataoed me… !!! not the other way round ok… !!!!!! and she did it even without any songs !!!!!! IMAGINE !!!!!!!! 😛 😛

    Bryan Adams and All his numbers… I LOVE his voice..gravelly and deep 😀

    Abhimaan? *sigh*
    I LOVE that movie 🙂
    and ALL the songs 🙂

    LOL@mummy o mummy! 😀 * someone sure was ready to get married * 😉

    you know I used to love and even now I do love quite a few kumar Shanu songs even though a lot of friends dont like his songs..but the ones in the late 80’s and 90’s were amazing even if the movies were duds!

    I liked his songs.. not him…. 😛 😛

    MY ABSOLUTE FAV HAS TO BE ”main pal do pal ka shayar hoon 🙂 ‘

    WHat a song!

    That is one song I seriously tell ya my voice resembles mukesh… I can sing that song by heart any time… !!!!!!!

    the alice song?We always had to censor it in school whenever we sang it on annual day or other functions 😀
    it used to be who the hell is alice? 😀

    yes thats the INDIAN version…. we called it … LOL !!

    except for awaarapan banjaarapaan, I LOVE all the songs 😀

    thats a lovely song….. why ??

    you know which one’s my fav here?
    tumko dekha toh ye khayaal aaya 🙂

    and then so many otehrs by Jagjit SIngh 🙂

    *sigh* I am going now to listen to some great oldies 🙂

    LOVEd the post Dhiren…the post is very YOU 🙂

    Great !!!!!!!!!! enjoy !!!!!!!!! Music rules !!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  27. Sandhya says:

    Mere paas aao mere dosto, ek kissa suno….Kishore Kumar was my son’s (the whole family’s) favourite. When he was small, we had a car stereo at home and had some of Kishore’s cassettes. He was around 2 years old. He used to sing this along. He was so crazy about him that when my cousin came from Bomby, he was so happy. He was pestering her with questions like, ‘Kishore mama lives near your house? Have you seen him? Mama inda paattu paaduvaala? (Does maama sing this song?). These dialogues of his are still famous in our circle. You won’t believe, he used to stand on the dining table, press the light switch and think that it is a phone and talk to Kishore mama! I must have played it so much for him that I had to buy new ones often!

    Kishore was at his best at’chookar mere man ko, kiya thoone kya ishaara’ Our favourite. Both of you are good people, Dhiren! Made for each other?

    I too was singing ‘chanda hai thoo’ to my sons!

    thank you, Dhiren.

  28. amit says:

    Mere paas aao mere dosto was my favorite too. I remember switching off all the lights of the room and listening to that songs. And when the tiger used to come, I loved to scare off my sis who would be trembling in one corner! 😆
    I miss those days…

  29. mandira says:

    we seem to have unearthed a bryan adams fan!!! welcome to the club, budddddy!!:D
    i like tum ko dekha toh too!! like the actress in it as well!:D

  30. lostworld says:

    Hi.. Your post took me down memory lane .. and brought a huge smile on my face and made me want to put on some music right away! Wonderful songs. Life without music is so dull isn’t it?!

    Enjoyed reading it..!

  31. umsreflections says:

    Hi ! First timer here ! Gud ramblings !

    Luvd the song list ! Some of them are my favs too, especially the ones u sing to ur wife !!! Very romantic !!

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