Bhaiya mat kaho na…


A : If only we had great chicks in the office, ours would be the best office / job !!!!


B : But you and that lady come together from Ujjain together… why dont you fall her..??


A : She is not worth falling !


B : She is not worth or she doesnt look at you at all…


Me : No no… Dont you know B ??   Yeh to Bhaiya hai… !! hai na A  ??


A : Nahi Nahi…. Main Bhaiya nahi hu…


B : Means you have a roving eye for her… huh ?


A : No no…


Me : Meaning she has no danger from you right ?? Matlab you are a Bhaiya… !!


A : Nope… I am not Bhaiya…


Me : Matlab teri niyat mein khot hai…


A : Haan… meri niyat mein khot hai… Par main Bhaiya nahi hoon…



Strange are ways we men think… really… this “A” is the biggest pain in the ass in our office and all our colleagues throughout the day are behind him, pounding him with sarcasm and pulling his legs… !! Interestingly he just emphasises how much the word “Bhaiya” affects the male psychology…. !!!!


Kahi yeh bhi suna tha…


 Ise kehte hai apne pair pe kulhadi marna ….



175 thoughts on “Bhaiya mat kaho na…

  1. Indyeah says:

    LOL!! DhirenBHAI 😀

    *Indy can call you that* 😛

    But seriously whats with the word bhaiya and how guys seem to be mortally scared of this one word? 😉

  2. Indyeah says:

    BTW is this the kind of conversation guys usually have?
    How to ‘fall’ and not to ‘fall’ a girl?
    FALL? 🙄

    You want the girls to trip and fall? 😆

    dont kill me for PJ’s 😛

  3. Quirky Indian says:

    Arre Dhiren Bhaiya, pehle likhte ho comments nahin, phir comments allow karte ho. Ye sab kyaa ho raha hain Bhaiya? Comments ke mamle me appki niyat main khot hain…..

    And I propose that Dhiren should now be respectfully addressed by all of us as “Jagat Bhaiya” (saare jagat ke bhaiya!).


    Quirky Indian

  4. Smitha says:

    And if this is not asking for trouble – I don’t know what is 🙂 So I think, you secretly like being called ‘Bhaiya’ 🙂 Don’t worry , Hitchy, we get the message loud and clear 🙂 We will ensure that you get truckloads of Rakhis 🙂

    • craftyshines says:

      “truckloads of rakhis” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      u know what i pictured???
      knock on hitchu’s door, he asks who it is, its the courier guy, hitchu opens, and a truck empties rakhi’s in hitchu’s house!!

      hitchu is standing in a pool of rakhi’s


      it’s smithu’s fault hitchu…she fired my imagination!!!!

      *hitchu looking for something to throw at crafty*

  5. anjugandhi says:

    My God so many comments
    i had to scroll down and down to come to this portion
    enjoyed reading it and had a good laugh
    just a little messege i got on my cell the otherday
    one girl calls a boy “Bhaijaan”
    boy ” pl clear your fundas. either call me bhai or jaan”

  6. craftyshines says:

    crafty comes running to find that the show is over and the curtains are closing…..sigh….
    so laaaaate!!!! 😦

    in college, we wud hardly see any guys attending on raksha bandhan…

    hmmm… not to call u bhaiya…..but i never do….

    why??? *ponders a while* maybe it has something to do with u being my hobbes….

    so you got one less “bhaiya-caller”!!
    *everyone is pooh-poohing crafty for being a spoilsport*

    PEOPLE!!!! hitchu is my hobbes!!!
    just imagine……Hobbes Bhaiya!! No na??? 😛

    but u know hitchu, that ross n monika routine from Friends? our victory dance? Ross n Monika are siblings!

    hitchu, this post is not apne pair pe kulhadi….its worse….its kulhadi pe apna pair marna!!!

    what possessed????

    this was suicidal!
    aa baill mujhe maar!!!

    that’s a lot of loling i did….my jaws hurt…..

      • craftyshines says:


        *crafty alomost lols, then maintains expressionless face*

        la la la lee dum di dum *crafty didn’t hear neha say that n so didn’t find it funny* la la tum di dum dum……

        *strolls away while looking at the sky etc*

        • hitchwriter says:

          Its ok crafty !!! and I myself did it… no one can save me can neone ??

          Its ok to laugh…

          Neha you can have your time in the sun… !!!!

          soon it will be my time… !!! 👿

  7. craftyshines says:

    it’s 12:30am….

    u know what i feel like????

    everyone came n played n then fell asleep and now i have jaagofied….and am running around cracking jokes while ppl are snoring….


    somebody wake up!!!!!!!

    *crafty gives up n retires to bed*


  8. vimmuuu says:

    LOL, when will these girls understand that the word ‘bhaiyya’ means allergy for us !!! I would support your friend ‘A’. I have seen tough times buddy. Any girl I befriend, calls me brother after a while. I donno if its to be safe under that name or I have this brotherly aura all over me!! Im even scared to get married for the same reason 😀 😀 😀

  9. sraboneyghose says:

    So u mean to say that some men would rather be called lecherous than a bhaiya? Basically, women call men bhaiya when they are not interested in them i.e. when the men have no sex appeal…

    • hitchwriter says:

      Chalo atleast you commented… !! you are the one who started this blog thing and you dont comment…. I remember you promising me that you write no… atleast I will read and comment !!! whatever happened to that ??

  10. monikamanchanda says:

    ha ha actually for once i am glad i came late the comment section is so funny to read dhiren bhai 😀

  11. levelheadedidiot says:

    Lol! I knew this guy who saw a girl for two years and maintained that they were nothing more than friends. Twice, we asked him to get her to tie a Rakhi. And in the end, he asked her out.

    But seriously, when a guy and girl become close FRIENDS, we do have this tendency to link them up dont we??

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