Just random things on my mind…


Here is an sms I got from my former boss…


I m sitting and thinking hard about life…

How its changed from a simple college life 2 strict professional life…

How pocket money changed 2 huge monthly paychecks… but give less happiness…

How few local jeans changed 2 new branded wardrobe… but fewer occassions to use them…

How a single plate of samosa changed to a full Pizza but hunger is less…

How a bike with petrol always in reserve changed to a car always full tank but less places to go….

How a tea by roadside changed to Barista but it feels as if the shop is far away….

How a limited prepaid card changed to a post paid package… but we dont feel like using it…

How a general class journey changed to a flight.. but less vacations 4 enjoyment….


May be this is the truth of the journey called LIFE !!!




For a large part of the match I hoped it would rain, lighting would strike and the match would stop… I just didnt want a result…. No I am not talking of cricket where we were 2-1 up and a tie would suffice as a series win…. I just thought yesterday’s final match was heart breaking… I didn’t want any one to lose…. but one man had to win… !!!!!


I know Roger wanted it bad… but the way Roddick played…. I felt so so so bad for him… at the end everyone was comforting him but really I m sure he wanted to just go away…. But he played the most wonderful match and just two lose shots cost him the Championship… !!


For a change, first time in my life… I felt sport is cruel… No one deserved to lose… really….


I always believe there has to be a winner and a loser in sport but yesterday it really felt wrong… 


Do we always need to have a winner ?? Cant it be a tie ?????.




Since two years now I am in MP and I have been noticing our Chief Minister of MP since 2005, year after year performing so so many puja’s and conducting Bhandara’s to appease the Rain Gods !!! Everyday I see pictures of him and his missus in newspapers trying to appease the Rain Gods…


Will some one talk some sense to him and tell him that had he gone on a tree plantation drive for these 5 years… He would not have had to conduct any pooja’s now and would have been able to concerntrate on the state affairs… !!!


I come from a small town, where flying kites was a huge problem because of so many trees that would surround us… this comes from the small town chokra… for Indore a city of such huge population the number of trees in Indore are appalling to say the least. What happened to simple logic we grew up with ….

Vriksh vaavo..

Varsaad Laavo..

(Meaning Plant trees, bring rain..)

155 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. sioneve says:

    Your former boss’s sms reminds me of the little saying: “The simple things in life are often the best!”

    HW : yes they are… if only we would stop…. sigh…

  2. Badz says:

    Rambling. hmmm??

    The 1st sms I liked. I guess the simple things in life are the best. 🙂

    2nd one sounded interesting coming from you.
    BUT yes even I feel the same at times.
    “Do we always have to win? Can’t it be a tie??”

    The 3rd, I just fine it werid that politians do such drama.
    “Praying” to the “rain gods” for rain.
    I agree, you elect them to concentrate on the state’s affairs. Not to do pujas.

  3. masood says:

    Yes, I am a HUGE Federer fan but was still feeling so so bad for Roddick. Before the match, they said he had to play the match of his life to win this. I think he did. Made Roger run for his money. If he had to win the record breaking slam, he was made to earn every bit of it. Roddick may not have won the title but he sure got my respect! Hats off.

    About the sms, I remember reading that in one of those forwarded emails. I think it is quite true. Nothing like those simple carefree days na.

    • hitchwriter says:

      I guess Roddick doesnt want anything more than the title… 3rd final same man in the way… I m sure he hates Roger like anything… !!

      thats life…

      and those carefree days… ah… being a son is so much better than being a father na… !! lol 😛 😛

      • masood says:

        haha…seriously! once a dad, i dont think we can afford any carelessness. oh well…you loose some, you win some. thats life.

  4. Solilo says:

    In life it is okay to lose too. It happens! 🙂 Andy Roddick did his level best but Federer was may be a bit better or luckier.

    Right about planting trees. That is common sense. Appeasing rain gods! Ha..ha..ha.. 😆

    HW : seriously since the past one week he and his wife are busy in these puja’s… I hope he is not spending public money in all this…

    If this is what is to workkk why is Pranab declaring the budget today… let him Manmohan and Soniya sit and do some Havan… !!! why bother with anything else… ridiculous.. its this mentality that has left this state so far behind…

  5. Solilo says:

    “How a single plate of samosa changed to a full Pizza but hunger is less…”

    On Samosa….

    I still remember garam chai and Samosa we got in our camp cinema hall. I prefer that anyday to Popcorn and Soda.

    HW : you know I am a totaly samosa fan… No samosa can be bad… and no matter how bad a samosa… its to be gobbled… !!! I love my samosa’s… !!! totally !!!!!!!! Even today I go to our school and opposite it is one Rajasthan Samosa wala… a really messy shop but me and wife make it a point to go there and have samosa’s !!! even today he serves 2 samosa’s in 5 rs !!! and they are the best in this world !!!!!!!

  6. Solilo says:

    “How a general class journey changed to a flight.. but less vacations 4 enjoyment….”

    I still reminisce 1st class train journeys we took as a family to Kerala every Summer vacation. My brother and I were kids playing around in our train coupe.

    I still travel majorly by train with my family and kids so I dont miss that …. but so often its like he and wifey go home early and i go late alone.. also I leave early and they come late… !!! As kids I and my two brothers would go from Jamnagar to Mumbai in train and it would be a mass killing… I dont know how many birds, animals & people have we shot virtually from the windows…. we would always be shooting people from the train window… lol 😛 😛

  7. craftyshines says:

    @ SMS from former boss: 😐 so true….am in intropection mode now…all true…sigh….hey, but i still indulge in local jeans! 😛 raaste ka maal saaste mein! u know, somehow, they have a better fit than branded…go figure!!

    HW – Me too…. I have never worn expensive shirts and pants… even the woodland I bought are a rarity… mostly I dont shop at all… unless I have nothing to wear… I m very ordinarily dressed at most times… I believe if i have to spend in anything its got to be travelling and nothing else…

    @ match: awwww….u actually were rooting for the sportsmen…that’s cool hitchu! 🙂

    HW – I wanted Roger to win.. but the way Roddick was playing I didnt want him to lose… in the end it was cruel… no one deserved to lose at all… and

    @ insane CM (aren’t they all?):
    had he gone on a tree plantation drive for these 5 years… He would not have had to conduct any pooja’s now…

    super tight hugs for that thought!!!
    but to these losers, planting trees is less glamourous too….sheesh!

    Plant Trees Bring Rain is such a beautiful and simple thought! 😀

    HW – Tell them… isnt it so obvious… God get some sense into them… Chief Minister and spending time in this… rubbish…

  8. Neha Kapoor says:

    And I felt bad for Roddick too. But that’s how sports is. Kabhi haar kabhi jeet.
    Thats why I dont feel angry at our Indian team when they lose(except when they are beeing reaaaallllyyyy silly :P). Losing is part of the game.

    He has lost 3 finals against the same man… Yesterday he broke Roger’s serve 2 times… Roger broke his service just once… Still he lost… try explaining Roddick that Kabhi haar Kabhi jeet… ..

  9. Sandhya says:

    When we were young everything was green green…careless and happy days.

    HW : those were the days … sigh

    Samosa is always a smosa, nothing can beat it ….has pizza got any flavour?

    HW – Samosa is samosa… no doubt… but pizza has its own flavour… I love pizza’s a lot toooo !!!!! infact tooo much… so i wont compare…

    Last year when Ralph won, we were happy for him, but felt a bit sad for Federer. This year, Roddick was the best, but Roger’s experience got him the cup. Everyone know that Roddick was the better player, yesterday. Felt bad when he told Pete Sampras that he did his best to stop Federer from beating his record..felt like crying. It was like watching a good movie and coming out with a heavy heart.

    It was tragic… really really tragic… and it deserved to have no losers…

    The CM can make money with the tree-planting project, doesn’t he know that?

    Now you are giving him an idea… !! 😉

  10. Swaram says:

    Abt the SMS, so true …
    I still have the roadside chai sometimes n luvvv it 😛

    I do too and I love it too… !! but its fewer and rarer than earlier…

    And for Roddick, I was feeling so sad. The gentleman was so stressed out n was seated on a chair but was still cheering for Federer. What a match that was. As u said, wud hv been gud if they both were declared winners 😦

    some times its just not fair…

    And the rains, khaash they had li’l bit of buddhi in them .. in Karnataka also, I heard they did some ceremony for a pregnant frog to appease the Rain God 😦

    HW : What ,,,, Pregnant Frog what…. hey… this is material to post…… !!!!!!! let us have more dtails !!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting loonier by the minute !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. oorja says:

    how true is that thought.. applies to everyone.. 🙂

    and the CM.. last i saw him on Tv he was sleeping (yes on national Television) while there was a speech going on…

  12. Anamika. says:

    Wow, I think I’m going to stop complaining about my life right now then. I guess college life is the best then, eh? Let me enjoy these few days before I kick into that thing called ‘reality’ 😐

    Very well written. 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      your in college.. !!!!!! freeeze… fail… do anything but stay there… !!!!! trust me… our parents fool us when they say beta abhi padh le… phir to mazaa karna hi hai… !! really !!!!!! its a conspiracy !!!!!!

  13. Goofy Mumma says:

    Sometimes matches, really take our hearts away, we are happy for the winner, and yet sorry for the loser. But then one HAS to win!!
    We should re-start the plant a sapling program, we had it going when i was in school!

    • hitchwriter says:

      yes that match really took my heart away… !!!

      I know one has to win.. but for once in life I objected the very idea of a sport… for me there were two winners yesterday…

      I really think tree planting must be done severly… !!

  14. oorja says:

    hey did u and Neha comment on my blog.. i thought i saw comments and now it is gone… ???

    Crafty was also complaining about it naa…??? ❓

  15. Saritha says:

    Each word is true in that sms of your boss.

    How few local jeans changed 2 new branded wardrobe… but fewer occassions to use them…— i am not much into branded ones,i just buy a normal ones in some normal shops in hyd,i don’t do much shopping for myself here,i hate to shop here 🙂

    It makes me sick to know that doing pooja’s to god/spending money on getting a frog marry a tree for rains 😦

  16. Crafty Shines says:

    yeh sab kya h raha haiiiiiiiiii

    frog is married to a tree????
    that’s a well-rooted husnabd to have 😆
    *crafty laughs at her own silly punny jokes*

    god bharai of a pregnant frog???? does she also get to wear some jazzy cloth on her head??? and who washes her feet???

    she gets delicacies served????

    *crafty faiting …. will crash on the ground with a thud*

      • craftyshines says:

        hobbes always answers all questions…that’s why he is hobbes..

        now where are my answers?

        *crafty sits down with head in her palms, loking expectantly at hitchu*


        • hitchwriter says:

          the frog gets mosquito fry and housefly bhurji !!!

          and no he…errr i mean she doesnt get any jazzy clothes… frog skins are tooo sensitive for jazzy clothing… the frogs are free and they dont dress… they are happy in their uncivilised form … !!!!

          phew… does that suffice….

          • craftyshines says:

            suffice…in what? in rolling on the floor laughing….yes hitchu! it suffices!!!

            oh man…my tummy!!!!!

            the frog gets mosquito fry and housefly bhurji

            u had to have the egg-wala bhurji dish na??? LOL…..that was sooper!!!!

            frog skins are tooo sensitive for jazzy clothing
            😆 😆 😆

            ROFL!!!! like an answer calvin’s daddy wud give!!!!

            u are my sweetiepie hitchu!!!!!
            hugsssssssss 😀

  17. Crafty Shines says:

    if a frog and a tree marry…is it after that the god-bharai happens?

    will the tadpole have little leaves?

    OMG! hitchu, yet again…u got a VERY interesting set of comments!!

    what trivia! to die for….

    next time i see a frog near a tree…i’m gonna scoot off and give them some privacy….

    😆 😆 😆

  18. Puneet says:

    Everything u said is true

    And yes Tennis(for that matter any individual sport) bring such cruelty at times when you want no one to loose…

    Team games are better in such cases at least defeat is divided and wins are enjoyed by many….

  19. Indyeah says:

    have not been following tennis regularly the way I follow cricket so all I know are the names of who won and who lost..nothing beyond that 😦

    life is darn complicated na?
    or maybe we humans make it so complicated for our own selves?

    all those words in the SMS are so true…

    Will some one talk some sense to him and tell him that had he gone on a tree plantation drive for these 5 years… He would not have had to conduct any pooja’s now and would have been able to concerntrate on the state affairs… !!!
    so so true….
    this reminds me of Luckhnow and how behenji has cut down so many trees to make way for the new construction 😦
    Luckhnow is HOT do you know?
    hotter than its ever been…but does anyone care?

    Vriksh vaavo..

    Varsaad Laavo..

    they wont get it Dhiren 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      Geee… so many lovely lovely guys that play tenniss and you dont watch it… !!!

      Kya hoga tera Indy !!!!

      😛 😛 😛

      That sms is sure to just remind us of values… !! just in case we forget… !! thsi domestic life… sigh… !!

      In Bharuch we used to be part of a group Interact which would go on various tree plantation drives… we need NGO’s very badly to save this planet… !! reallly…

  20. Smitha says:

    Hitchy, The sms is so true 🙂 Simple pleasures have been replaced by a lot of hip things.. but are we all truly happy.. As for branded clothes- to be honest, I don’t understand the craze for it.. AND it is not just clothes.. In India, the options we have are so huge, I feel ‘branded anything’ is restrictive 🙂 I remember , I had decorated my house with a lot of local stuff. and it still looked amazing – cheaper – probably more environment friendly too as these were things locally available – not transported form somewhere else..
    As for train journeys – I could write a post on it 🙂 I still pick up clothes from where-ever that I feel like 🙂 I love roadside shopping much much more than shopping in malls in India.. Here we don’t have much of a choice 😦

    That pooja business is so ridiculous! It is sad that people forget simple things like planting trees!! You know, I grew up in Jamshedpur. Tatas used to spend loads in planting trees.. Areas which used to be barren were full of trees and green in a few years time.. It used to be beautiful! I wish our political leaders had such sense..

    • hitchwriter says:

      I dont like shopping from the roads nor the malls… !!! but I like accompanying wife better on roads they have so many raste ka khana… I love my ganne ka juice, chai.. samosa… kachori… bhel poori.. paani puri… pavbhaji.. vada paav… bhutte ki kis !!!!!!!!!

      ohhhhhhhhh geee i got started again…. raste ka khana is way too cool compared to raste ka maal saste mein… !!!!

      Trains are my favourite too… you konw I did one post on it… wait ill get the link….

      and pooja’s !!! I really am sick of it… !! just couldnt resist ranting about it and it came to my post… if anything was to be accomplished by it… then why do anything else… !! really… you pray due to faith is okay… but you cant pray to get something… ridiculous !!

      • Smitha says:

        I so agree – ‘but you cant pray to get something… ridiculous !!’ I can’t understand how people pray to get something!!!! I find that ridiculous too!

  21. Mampi says:

    somehow I believe that every stage has its own bonuses. I somehow do not feel that the samosa is gone and pizza has come and there is no hunger,, and so on and so forth.
    Remorse at times gone is something that doesnt really go with your kind of personality-DhirenBhai.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Hey … I love my pizza’s !!!! I noted that earlier too… but yes… I always crib about the times gone … I seriously dont enjoy this domestic life at times… !!

      I am an escapist…

  22. Winnie the Poohi says:

    @sms.. Well it is true really.. I was thinking lately about how much fun I had in college and now.. hardly any.. although i have money to spend.. I dont have friends to freak out with… not someone who would come with me simply to walk in the park in the rain etc etc…

    @game… I was routing for Roddick coz my sis routed for Federrer ** sigh***

    And i think people has to learn losing.. what better way to lose than with federrer after a long drawn out fight ? The next time he wins.. it would be all the more sweeter!

    @ the stupid CM.. what else can you expect ? he is a politician!! being a CM of most largely a tribal population.. he is doing nothing but appeasing the pppl!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I knew you would concur with that sms !!! I infact thought of you immediately… !!

      I hope next time he can make it to the finals… he has got there 3 times and lost 3 times to the same man… I dont think he can play any better… and if he couldnt win this year… its game over for him…

      The CM is NVM !!! …

    • craftyshines says:

      someone who would come with me simply to walk in the park in the rain

      come winnie…lets u n me go…and leave that umbrella behind!!

      HUGS!!!! 🙂

  23. Rakesh says:

    Yeah Dhiren, I mean every time I or my brother discuss about something not so good, we remind each other of the times when we used to be so happy sitting in our small house’s verandah eating mangoes under the night sky. And then we would go to sleep under the stars…

    To think that we could be happy like that even when I had to wear my brother’s clothes in school and he had to always use used books which would then be passed on to me. But life was pure bliss.

    Agree, we can never be kids forever but we can keep reminding ourselves to at least be happy if we could be happy then 🙂

    About the Puja’s well, what can you possibly say to that???

    • hitchwriter says:

      yes… sleeping on the terraces…!!! again something i had entirely forgotten… !!!

      yes rakesh life was bliss then… !! 🙂 🙂

      @ puja – Nothing… God is great !!!

  24. anrosh says:

    that sms couldn’t have been truer.

    by the way what is barista — wiki says it is a coffee house employee. so what is it exactly in india ?

      • Pixie says:


        I watched Tennis too and the match was amazing! 😀

        Rahul Bose was in the stands and Pete Sampras… 2 totally cute and smary and sexy guys!! 😀

        I wanted Fedrer to win and he did!! 😛

        *Dankanaka Dankanaka*
        Dancing away!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • hitchwriter says:

            the spelling also should be Danganakka !! lol… 😛 😛

            Sampras n sexy ??

            well well… as they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… !!!

            I kinda prefer Brigette… his wife… so you take him and I take her… !!! teee heee.. 😀 😀

  25. charakan says:

    That sms is so true. Life’s ironies! Wish I can go back to those simple humble days Roddick fought so hard.I wanted him to win. But Fedderer was unstoppable. Even after so many wins his level of motivation is amazing

      • Rakesh says:

        Actually when I went to India, the petrol pump owner (one of our clients) told me that inspite of all the money in the town, everyone gets petrol filled in their cars for only 500 rupees. Even if they come in a Mercedes, they’ll ask for petrol for only 500 rupees. So its not only with bikes or unemployed guys.

        Actually even I do the same thing when I’m in India.

  26. Ordinary Guy says:

    good one mate ……….. so true… this article is……..

    if you we start doing something instead of praying to the rain god……….. 😛
    and I absolutely swcond that SMS……. ,so true again 😛

  27. Deeps says:

    Oh yes,Dhiren,my heart too went out for Roddick but as sometimes it gets really crazy. You really feel both the sides should have won or there should have been a tie…but a sport like tennis thats not case,na….
    At the end of the day,I’m sure Roddick must be mighty happy with the kind of defence he put up.

    As for rain gods to show mercy that is something even I’m craving for in this part of the world. Its scorching out here 😦

    And that sms from your friend,so very thought provoking!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I m not sure Roddick will be able to digest this… I have never seen him playing this well and with so few unforced errors… !! But hope he will get another chance…

      Rains… bah.. everyday it builds up and in 5 mins the rains disappear… so frustrating it is starting to become… !! but they say when it makes you wait a lot… it comes a lot… so i have my fingers crossed !!!

  28. Thoorika says:

    yeah! even i felt bad over Andy lose !!! Super match it was!! Liked the sms very much! Though am yet to touch most of the phases in my life!!

  29. Homecooked says:

    Agree with you on the match! Huge Roger fans but somehow felt bad for Roddick 😦 SMS from your boss reminds me of the time when elders used to say “Hamare zamaane mein” and we used to roll our eyes…and now I realise I use to same words with my nephews 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      I am amazed even I now understand how true they were and how they must have felt when they said hamare zamane mein… !!

      we would play with puppies and in mud and sand and get all dirty in slippers…

      my kid will only play in a park and will not go without shoes… !! He already goes to a skating rink… !!

      As much as I at times cannot understand it i cant stop it either…

  30. shilpa says:

    The match between Federer and Roddick – I just couldnt take my eyes off the TV. Gosh! They just kept playing on and on. I hated to see anyone lose too. And I couldn’t stop myself from watching the repeat telecast either 🙂

    Regarding the pooja for rainfall, in Karnataka, apparently 34000 temples are performing special poojas and the CM has chalked out a plan for cloud seeding. We were wondering the amount of money spent on those activities. Isn’t planting an easier and effective method? Are we missing a point? Surely, we must be if the politicians don’t see the way we do.

    • hitchwriter says:

      I thought the match was so heart breaking I couldnt bear to watch… !!!

      I didnt know who should have won but was worrying that who ever it might be that loses will be really really heart broken… Fedex still might have got the record… but for Roddick… i think its his last fling at the Wimbledon !!! just unlucky this guy… !!! My heart goes out for him…

      Cloud seeding ???? ha ha… they wont go the simple way coz the simple way will not give immediate results… !! plus its too simple to make any sense to them…

  31. umsreflections says:

    The truth of life is just being simple ! The more u get, you wouldn’t know what to do ! Thats awesome !

    I loved the train travels when I was young and even now I prefer the train.

    Samosas – always better than the Pizzas !

    Am crazy abt the bike travel ! Luv the wind in my hair when me and my S go for long drives !

    When lifestyle changes, how we’re missing on very gud things in life !!!


    And absolutely agree with u on Roddick’s game. He played so well, that I felt very bad to see his face, when he took his Runner up trophy and tried to smile when he was being interviewed.

    Too many froggy things on ur comments page ! Hilarious !!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Hey umsreflections !!! welcome to my blog !!! you havent left your link… !!

      Samosas are fun and pizzas too… !! lol.. I love em both !!!!

      the frogs… lol… never mind and get used to it… my blog has all sorts of weird comments !!! but I love them all !!!! 😛

  32. Ashwathy says:

    the sms is SO true…
    sometimes we pay so much attention to the big things, and then we turn back and look, and realise that the small things WERE the big things after all….

    as for the rain god thing, yeh india hain, mere dost . i wont be surprised if this and more happens!

  33. Mystery says:

    omg!! that sms.. i got it as a forwarded mail..
    it reminds me of my college days 😦 i miss them badly

    Pujas for rain.. i srsly dont understand the concept behind it..

    i am busy for 2 weeks and ur comments are increasing exponentially! getting famous day by day dhiren ‘bhai’ 😀

  34. Amit says:

    Now a days, there is something called Cloud seeding but I am not sure how much effective that might be. Its artificial anyways, just like our life. 🙂

  35. Nita says:

    The journey of life that you mentioned that came as an SMS is a philosophical one. It made me think of my own journey.
    From one pair of jeans to ten
    From three shirts to 20
    From a two wheeler to a four wheeler
    From a restless mind to a calm one
    And many many more…

  36. Aathira says:

    Puja to appease the Rain God! Good lord!

    I do not understand why the news channels/papers do not show the futility of wasting time in these matters, but rather they choose to show even more unimportant things!

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