Some musical movie this….


These days because not a lot of films release we find it really tough to get some good DVD’s… however thanks to that this last weekend we happened to come across one old DVD of Dev Anand and thought it would be a good gift for Mom and Dad…


Mom is a big Hemant Kumar, Geeta Dutt and Waheeda fan and Dad is a die hard Dev Anand fan… He even used to make a hairstyle of us three kids like him when we were young… thankfully we broke away… !!!!!!!! (phew)


Anyways the DVD had CID, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Guide, Johny mera Naam & Kaala Pani…


Eventually the whole family decided to watch CID as it might be a suspense movie and we all 4 hadnt seen it… !! After putting Hriday to sleep we all sat down and boss… what songs in the movie… I never knew all these songs were from only this SINGLE movie.. I m sure you all have heard these songs and hummed it more than once… The movie was okay… there was no such real suspense but the music was simply superb… its totally divine, rhythmical… unbelievable… !!!!


This was Waheeda Rehman’s debut film in Hindi !! in a negative role !!!!!!!


But what took my heart even more than Waheeda in this movie was the heroine of the movie Shakila… just look at the video’s … she is purrfect !!!!!!!  She looks so innocent, beautiful, has such beautiful eyes, gets such lovely expressions when she is jealous…. !!!!!!!! In the end my wife was fed up with me singing praises of her… but she was really really really very very very beautiful… !!!!!!!!


Suddenly I have my new favourite heroine… and here are the songs… gals n guys just enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sure you all have hummed this one…. Yeh hai Bombay meri Jaan…


The way they used to picturise songs in those days… just try and put colours in the dresses….

What a lovely song…. and just look at Shakila… !!!!!! I am falling…. in love again !!!!!!!!!!!



Then this song used to come… it still comes everyday morning on VIVID BHARTI…

If you have not heard leke pehla pehla pyaar…. dooob maro…. really…. dont talk to me if you havent… you’re untouchable….


and this one… about the love in the eyes… !!! ohh… just watch Shakila in this… she is so so so so pretty…. !!!

aah… what love songs… !!!!


Then this song with Waheeda… just look how pretty and cute she looks…


This song is in the eternal voice of Geeta Dutt, she is my Mom’s favourite singer and I have heard many songs of her…

and goes without saying… mine too… amazing voice and she looks so so GORGEOUS too…. !!!!


Suddenly I m smitten by the old movies bug…. now I want to see Aar Paar which again has shakila…



Hey and here is a lil unique info about the movie from Wikipedia :


Dev Anand and Guru Dutt were friends when they struggled to get a break in films, and had promised each other that Dev would give Guru Dutt a film to direct (which he did with Baazi) and Guru Dutt would cast Dev as a hero and direct him.

As Guru Dutt did not direct C.I.D. he could fulfil only half his promise.

Guru Dutt had spotted Waheeda Rehman in a Telugu movie and cast her in Pyaasa, but gave her a key supporting role in C.I.D. to prepare her for Pyaasa.

Guru Dutt had reportedly gifted Raj Khosla a swanky foreign car after the success of C.I.D. The choreography of this film was done by Zohra Sehgal – now famous for her ‘granny’ roles Cheeni Kum.

The costumes were credited to a debutant, Bhanumati, who is better known as Bhanu Athaiya. Assisting Raj Khosla on C.I.D. were Pramod Charavorty and Bhappi Sonie who went on to become successful directors in their own right.

One of the lyricists was Jaan Nissar Akhtar, father of Javed Akhtar

The scriptwriter was Inder Raj Anand, father of actor-filmmaker Tinnu Anand.


215 thoughts on “Some musical movie this….

  1. Smitha says:

    Will come back later to read and comment – just came here to see if my gravatar is coming up here – For some reason -it can’t see it anywhere – wonder if it has something to do with my browser 😦

  2. masood says:

    Woah! I’ve heard every single song more than once specially yeh hai bombay meri jaan, leke pehla pehla pyaar (this is an all time great), aankhon he aankhon mei (most of these songs are actually used in current movies as well…like this song was used in Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikandar if you remember. Aamer khan teasing this elder bro (ratan) in the movie at the bakery), kahin pe nigahen (this was used in DDLJ – kajol to SRK)…..

    Had no clue these were from a single movie! I thought all these songs must be from several movies over many many years…..

  3. oorja says:

    i just love all these songs… didn’t know they were all from one movie.. 🙂

    now i’ll go and enjoy all of them…

    LOL @ Dev Anand hair style.. 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      I think you should be able to see in on you tube.. !!!!!

      They were fabulous singers… !!! both of them….

      my favourite hemant kumar song was

      Bekarar karke hume yun na jaaiye… aapko hamari kasam laut aaiye…

      now thats what i call a sexy voice… !!!

  4. Indyeah says:

    very interesting trivia Dhiren 🙂

    and a very musical post! 🙂
    superb! 🙂
    all the songs are beautiful!!

    cant pick any one fav coz they are all GREAT!

    old movies and their music was something else na?
    have you seen Pyaasa btw?(I mean lately?)

  5. Pixie says:

    Err… I haven’t watched any of those movies except bit and pieces of Guide and Johny mera Naam and Guide is the only movie I can remember!!

    This doesn’t qualify me as a movie buff does it?!! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:


      I have not seen Guide either… actually hated Dev Anand a lot as a kid… but now am starting to realise what charms he must have had on girls in that age… !!!!

      i m catching up with the movies now… !!!!

      lets say i m more of a music buff than a movie buff !!! 😛 😛

        • hitchwriter says:

          actually we used to hate dev anand for a prolonged period of time… !! and no… Pixie… I dont hate him anymore… he doesnt imitate… he looks like him… really…

          I never thought gregory did the Dev Anand moves ever !!!!

          he had his own unique way of getting to female hearts… !!!!

              • Pixie says:

                ok ok!! 😛

                Here goes, Dev Anad only copied gregory Peck’s hair style and nothing else.
                And Dev Anad style is unique and he was a great actor in his prime and most of the songs from his movies were very good.


                Happy Hitchu?!! 😀

                • hitchwriter says:

                  yes !!!!

                  The songs in his movies are really soooooooperr…

                  remember that duet….

                  Achaji main haari, chalo maan jaoo na….
                  dekhi sabki yaari, mera dil jalao na….

                  you should be singing tht !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛

                  • Pixie says:

                    *As per Hitchu’s commands, Pixie sings off-key and scares away others*

                    Achaji main haari, chalo maan jaoo na….
                    dekhi sabki yaari, mera dil jalao na….

                    *Thinks of offering more cake as a peace offering to hitchu, but decides that scaring him by singing was enough torture*

                    • Pixie says:

                      Ayyo! Hitchu! You don’t want to hear me sing… Trust me on this one!! 😀

                      I am a hopeless singer!!

                      But, I still offer youi a slice of cake and a chocolate and 1 piping hot samosa! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Saritha says:

    The choreography of this film was done by Zohra Sehgal –i didnt know this 😦

    Waheeda Rehman my fav movie star till date 🙂 🙂 i love her in the Telugu movie,she was looking so innocent and dance was wonderful in that and after i loved her in guide,rosy.After seeing her in that movie i brought The Guide and it is one of my fav book.

    Dev anand i like him in B/W movies after that in colour movies he swings a lot.Nice songs but ur blog doesn’t opens for me if u post too many videos 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      get a new laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      WAheeda looks so innocent in this song na… !! lol… imagine she started with a negative role… !!!!

      I love her too… I even thoguht she looked utterly gorgeous in Rang De basanti… !!

  7. craftyshines says:

    Ur dad made Dev Anand’s hairstyle on ur 3 boys???? CUTE!!!!!!!
    That is just adorable hitchu!!! 😀

    HW : unfortunately we all have straight hair… but he would oil our hair and make that balloon… sigh… !!!

    CID has classic songs really! Absolutely sooper!!!

    This was waheeda rehman’s debut…aha…I didn’t know! She is gorgeous no doubt about it! *but crafty fell for madhubala and will remain loyal*

    HW : Madhu bala was ummm…. errr.. some other time… thats one whole post material… 1!!!!

    But did you notice the heroine of CID Shakila… just see the movie and you will fall in love with her… she looks amazingly cute when she gets jealous… lovely way that she has acted… I fell for her and big time… I tell ya !!!

    Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan is like synonymous with the spirit of this city!!!!

    If you have not heard leke pehla pehla pyaar…. dooob maro…. really…. dont talk to me if you havent… you’re untouchable….

    *crafty thanks her lucky stars she’s heard this..or this wud be a tough one to get hitchu to talk again* whew!

    😀 😀 hitchu dearest!!! Movies I may not have seen…..but old songs…..BRING THEM ON!!!! 😀 😀 heee haaaaaaaaaaa

    I know I know… you are another old song buff… !!! or else do you think I would write something like that… !! huh ???

    I’m telling u, I am born too late… all these musical geniuses…I wish I had arrived to be around when they were alive 😦

    I LOVE leke pehla pehla pyaar! Know it by heart!!!
    My fav is the second verse…

    tumne to dekha hoga usko sitaaro? aao zara mere sang milke pukaaro!
    dono hoke beqaraar, dhhundhhe tujhko mera pyaar
    jaadu nagari se aaya hai koyi jaadugar……

    Ho leke pehla pehla pyaaar…. !!! Sigh I so want to sing this song with you all rite now… it would be real fun… !!!!

    Aakhon hi aakhon mein??????
    yippeeeee! That was bf’s song for me hitchu, coz we weren’t able to speak to each other in class, but eye contact was flying all over the place!!! 😉

    geee is some one blushing here ????????? huh ?>????

    Kahin pe nigahein is simply sooper! Yeah waheeda looks simply beautiful
    *crafty assures madhubala, she’s her fav, till crafty’s last breath*

    Oooh! Zohra Seghal choreographed??? I remember her and saeed jaffery (landlord in chasme baddoor) from that sitcom that used to come on DD metro…Tandoori Nights! I think she played his mom!

    Ok I never knew anything about Zohra Sehgal… dancing and dhiren dont go together… I only konw one dance… Lakhan style… alll this is a bouncer to me…

    Quite a lot of talent got together on this movie, na?

    My fav musical is Madhumati…. there’s not a song in that movie that isn’t sheer genius! Dil tadap tadap ke…..main toh kabse khadi….suhana safar….toote huye khwabon ne…


    And a more recent one is Khamoshi by sanjay leela bansali!
    Kavita krishnamoorthy in that song “yeh dil sun raha hai” is unbelievable!!!!!! 😀 😀

    Again I havent seen Madhumati… and had you not written those songs I wouldnt have been able to tell you which songs… but I have heard all the songs…. I love toote huye khwabon… !! and tadap tadap ke keh raha hai aa bhi jaa…

    oh those songs.. those days… unbelievable… !!!!!!!

    I know most songs, but I don’t know what movies they are from…also am not too well-versed with hemant kumar range… still bhatkofying in kishore!!!! Pliss don’t rescue me….i wish to linger!! 😀

    Heman kumar is one of the finest…. !!!! you must check his collection on youtube…. !!!! bekarar karke hume yoon na jaaiye.. is such a big favourite of mine…

    But I will now know more of hemant kumar n geeta dutt staying with u hitchu! 😀

  8. craftyshines says:

    lets say i m more of a music buff than a movie buff !!!

    does this mean u will not ask me about all those classic movies i haven’t watched yet??? and then tell me “where have u been scratchy?”


    • craftyshines says:

      no this wasn’t about Tom n Jerry…but now it is!!!!!

      as u scroll further down…..the topic deviates even further

      accha, hitchu….its decided….we’re watching Tom n Jerry episodes….
      u in na?
      *makes room on sofa for hitchu*

        • craftyshines says:


          *hitchu has invited the tantrum-throwing scratchy*

          no no no no…..u HAVE to sit hitchu!!!!!!!!!!

          i have saved place for u
          *patting sofa seat next to her*

          pliss to join in, at least for the food???!!! 😀 😀

      • Swaram says:

        Yeah Crafty …

        Leke aao Hitchu .. we r spending too many calories dancing .. we need popcorn n all that.

        Is dear Smithu baking a yummy yummy cake for us?

  9. Smitha says:

    Hitchy, All my favourites!!! Though I can drool and drool and drool over Dev Anand much more 🙂

    Such lovely songs and lovely movies! I feel like watching them again… There was such a charm to them. I remember there was a program on Tuesday afternoons on Doordarshan with old songs.. I used to watch it every week without fail – during hols..

    I used to like Dev Anand so so much – wish he had quit then and not become the tired old man he is now.

    • hitchwriter says:

      I used to hate Dev Anand coz my Mom and Dad would make us watch so many movies back then… we used to hate B/W … but now i think I have shed that and I am starting to love them… !!!!

      Dev Anand surely must have worked wonders… what songs … !! and this was an utterly musical movie… !!

  10. umsreflections says:

    The title says Some musical movie, but most of the comments talk abt some cake. I thot, I had come to the wrong page !

    Anyway, CIDs songs are all my favs. And Shakila too, was one of the beauties of the gud old days. In black & white, if they can look so beautiful, imagine them in colour !!! Such precise makeup, wonderful music – everything to die for.

    And btw, that costume debutant, Bhanumathi, is the first Indian Woman to win an Oscar – long time back. The titbits abt the movie was interesting stuff.

    • hitchwriter says:

      The comments space here is an ADDA !!!! we all bloggers treat it like a chat screen !!! lol…

      Shakila took my heart away… ! seriously !!! she looked awesome… and I told my wife that only… imagine how she must have looked in real… !!!!!!

      interesting info about Bhanumathi… !! even Wiki didnt have it !!! cheers !!!!!!!! 😀

      still await your link !!!

  11. Rakesh says:

    Last is the new first!!! I mean what is this? seriously? I was here all morning, waiting for a new post but I just went out for 2 hours for lunch and when I come back – 151 comments!!!

    You have your own chat room Dhiren bhai!

    • Rakesh says:

      About the post well, I couldn’t never stand Dev Anand and his loose neck. But later, watching a few of his older movies, I thought he was a decent actor.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Nope Rakesh I could neither earlier… but seeing some of his movies… I can completely understand his effect on the woman.. plus i think his shaking was a lot more in the coloured movies… just saw CID and there is almost no shaking !!!!

      i guess it started with age… !!!

      lol about the chat room buddy… all our blog samaj wala’s are navra’s !!!! 😛 😛

  12. shilpadesh says:

    I have never seen CID. Should now.

    Really Zohra Sehgal? She reminds me so much of my ajji… cuddly and sooooooooo lovable! I know she could dance, she has some moves in Dil Se, but choreography….wow!

  13. Sandhya says:

    I too am a great fan of Geeta Dutt. She seems to be bubbly – always happy and nutkhaty – everything expressed in her songs. ‘leke pehla pehla pyaar’, feel like dancing happily around the trees (!), singing the song.

    Yes, Shakila is a beauty, no wonder you fell for her…everyone will do. And I feel that the black & white films show the beauty of the heroines better than the colour films. Nutan, Waheeda and so many other heroines looked so beautiful in black & white movies.

    ‘aankhon hi aankhon me’ huh, I have already seen this song here, twice. My husband also is here, with me, enjoying.

    All the songs in ‘Aar paar’ are beautiful songs. I have got cassettes but not films of those gems.

    Thank you, for sharing, Dhiren.

    • hitchwriter says:

      There goes another old movies and old songs buff… !!! now when we watch and listen to those melodies… really… I can understand why you dont like the dhoom dhadaka at times… these are so ageless songs na… !!!!

      boojh mera kya naam re… nadi kinare gaav re…

      I loved that tune a lot too !!! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      nope they dont… but try this moser baer… cd’s and dvd’s they are really cheap and have lots of classic movies on sale… !! Rs 35 for a VCD and 80 for aDVD … and nice prints !!!

      try it !!

  14. Ordinary Guy says:


    this is the new chat zone!!!!!!! 😛 hahaha…………in the list, i have heard just a single song …which is good coz i get ti listen to new songs now 😛

  15. vimmuuu says:

    Heyy, I never knew these songs were from the same movie !!! Woww. Look at the name of the movie and the kind of songs it had !!! No wonder the old folks these days complain about the present crop (read crap) of movies !

  16. Solilo says:

    I watched this movie long back so don’t remember the story but songs are just brilliant. Guru Dutt is my all time favorite and his movies along with Dev Anand, Geeta Dutt’s rendition, Waheeda Rehman….they were a team, just beautiful!

    I don’t know why but I had this fascination with Dutts -Guru and Geeta after watching a film festival in the 80s. I was impressed by Guru Dutt’s personality and fondness for solitude.

    I have seen Shakila with Manoj Kumar too, I think.

    • hitchwriter says:

      The story of this movie was ok… !! the songs stole my heart… i really didnt know all these were from just one movie… !! and that group i m learning a bit about them… earlier we would royally ignore and despise them as they were mom and dad’s favourites and we three brothers would always say our generation is better… !!!

      Geeta Dutt was the best of singers… and how gorgeous she looked too…

      Shakila with Manoj Kumar ???????

      geee… why does beauty have bad taste.. ??? lol 😀

  17. Swaram says:

    Hitchy, this is such a beautiful post Hitchy .. I so got carried away by the bhutta, cake, dance 😛

    Sorry 😉

    I love all these songs but never knew they were all from the same philam 😛
    Thanks Hitchy for all that info n also the Trivia 🙂

    Ok, not that I am done with proper commenting n all, me bk to hv fun ok 😉
    Where’s the Tom n Jerry roadside wala DVD 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      Finally some sense came into you… but I am not complaining !!!

      This is our ADDA !!! aint it… its must to have fun !!!! 🙂 😀

      Glad you loved the songs and the trivia… !! 🙂

      Tom n Jerry dvd is with Crafty… If i had it i would hide it… !!! 😛 😛

      • Swaram says:

        The movie Guide … I luved all those songs
        N the way we saw it on …. baap re!
        It came on a Friday nite on TV n my sis n me used to switch off the TV every time we felt Mom was coming nr our room n then switch on again; hoping that she does not get up again 😛 What fun that was .. with all these DVDs, no waiting for the movies; but again as in ur last post, we do miss those sweet li’l things.

        And u said sense came into me? Whatz that Hitchu? And where r my dancing partners ..

        *Swaram look aroung trying to spot Crafty n Pixie*

  18. Deeps says:

    Wow,what a way to create nostalgia,Dhiren! Each song that you’ve listed here is a class apart. The song ‘jaata kahaan hai diwaney’ has Geeta Dutt at her seductive best I feel!
    Thanks a ton for sharing,Hitchy!And that little trivia…I really didnt know Zohra Sehgal was a choreographer in the first place I always thought her forte was theatre. But she choreographed for CID???Thats news to me 🙂

  19. Sandhya says:

    Zohra Sehgal is a dancer first, then theatre person. Her guru was Gopi Krishna, if I remember correctly. Sitar Ravishankar’s brother….I might be wrong. She is nearing a century now!

  20. amit says:

    Even I didn’t know that all these songs were from the same movie and I call myself a movie buff!! I knew that this was Waheeda Rehmaan’s first movie.
    Devanand has done some really really nice movies. I think Guide was his best. I liked his pairing with Nutan.
    My grandma was a huge fan. How she kept on blabbering about him!! 😆

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