The original queen of hearts….


Can any one else claim this title in India….

there have been many but none who comes even close to her… the masti in her eyes… the magical smile…. innocency dripping one moment and sensuous the other….   HAAAAAY…. No wonder this is one actress that all and sundry tried to pain in colours and still try to…. !!!!!!!!!!!!! They wish they could make her come to life again ….













She still remains one of the most most most beautiful actress in Indian film Industry… Her beauty always over shadowed her acting talents… just watch her lovely expressions in this song…. she was very under rated as an actress…. but I dont blame them… when you see some one so so so enchantingly beautiful you are bound to miss out on everything else… !!!!!!!!



Hey Rakesh & Pixie please do watch the video and just notice… Dev Anand only shakes his mundi once !! that too only when it is most required….

The rest can just enjoy the song and the beauty of Madhubala… the queen who ruled all our hearts….


And than in the monsoon….


I just heard some one tell me that she gets wet on the terrace coz of lecherous men !!! lol….

But when heroines like these get wet… dont blame the men… please…. they are just appreciating… !!!!!



And when clubs had such singers like these

I have no doubt in my mind that most of the richest and the humblest and most honourable men would frequent clubs all night long…


Goes without saying I love all three songs…. this was one heroine from the black and white era that I liked since a child… even though we hated B/W movies as a kid….

as they say… if you dont like her… you are no male… !!!!!!!!!!!!!



And here is more Wikipedia trivia about her :

  • When Madhubala was an infant, an esteemed Muslim spiritual man predicted that she would earn fame and fortune, but would lead an unhappy life and die at a young age.
  • Filmaker Mohan Sinha taught Madhubala to drive a car when she was only 12 years old.
  • She was an avid fan of Hollywood and after learning to speak fluent English, frequently watched American movies on her home projector.
  • When nervous she suffered from uncontrolled outbursts of giggles and laughter which sometimes antagonised co-stars and directors.
  • When Guru Dutt first announced his classic film Pyaasa (1957) it was with Madhubala and Nargis in the feminine lead roles. The parts were eventually played by Mala Sinha and Waheeda Rehman who both became stars with the film.
  • With the exception of Geeta Dutt in Mr. & Mrs. ’55 (1955), most of Madhubala’s memorable songs were dubbed by Lata Mangeshkar or Asha Bhosle. Madhubala proved lucky for both. The songs from Mahal picturised on Madhubala in 1949 were some of Lata’s earliest successes; nine years later, Asha’s vocals for the actress in four 1958 films established her as a major playback singer, rivaling her own sister, Lata.
  • Madhubala’s sister Chanchal was also an actress and bore a striking resemblance to her famous sibling. She appeared in Nazneen (1951), Naata (1955), Mahalon Ka Khwab (1960) and Jhumroo (1961) alongside Madhubala. She also played prominent roles in Mehboob Khan‘s Mother India (1957) and Raj Kapoor‘s Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai (1960)  
  • She was the first moviestar that had a cold war with the media



Psst : I have hardly anything to post…. but I seriously cannot stay away from blogosphere…. so I might as well keep posting some of my favourites… !!!! and yes… keep rioting in the comments… !!! I m lovin it !!!!!

190 thoughts on “The original queen of hearts….

    • Pixie says:

      Me can’t see the videos at work Hitchu!!
      Will check ’em out at home and agree with you! OK?!! 😀 😀 😛

      Also, me agrees with you about Madhubala.. she is the Queen of Hearts

      LOL @ the “if you don’t like her, you are no male”!!!
      Also, very interesting trivia about her…

      She also dies young na? I think she too had a drinking problem… (not sure about these details)

  1. Swaram says:

    Blog kiya tho darna kya ………….. Hitchu, can we hv fun 2day too 😛

    I adore Madhubala .. what beauty n what talent!

      • Rakesh says:

        She looks pretty alright! But Dhiren bhai, I think you’re loosing your hair… Why this sudden obsession with B&W heroines? Our “Katrinas” and all are going green with envy…

        • hitchwriter says:

          Geee… Rakesh my hair are going gray but i am not losing a single strand of them… !!!!!!!


          I m not a Katrina kaif fan at all… and remember beauty is ageless… what is beautiful is beautiful… !!!!!!!

          but seriously I have nothing to post… and I cant keep away from here… so I m just sharing video’s of some favourite songs… !!!!

          • Rakesh says:

            I saw Jee Karda yesterday. God, Katrina looks heavenly in that pink skirt and top…

            HW : she looks tooo doll kinda and unreal to me… infact toooo perfect to be real… lol…

  2. Swaram says:

    Hitchy u luv the riots in the comment section n u said I hv got some sense 2day mrng 😦

    Where r all the riot team members? Me missing them .. will return later okie?

    And yeah

    When nervous she suffered from uncontrolled outbursts of giggles and laughter which sometimes antagonised co-stars and directors – Super info 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      first one is

      “achaji mein haari chalo maan jaao na…”

      second is ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si…

      third is aaiye meherbean… baithiye jaane jaan… shaukh se lijiye.. ishq ke imtihaan…

      • Swaram says:

        Wow! All superb songs Hitchy .

        ***Swaram goes to get her headphone back from a colleague to listen to songs now****

  3. Ashwathy says:

    u r seriously on a black and white movie era spree, arent u? 🙂

    btw dont forget to mention mughal-e-azam… that was one of her master pieces!

    ME : The movie was a mega block buster… I didnt forget… but I cant endure watching her and Dilip kumar together… !!!! 😦

  4. masood says:

    i dont have anything to comment.
    its just so much fun reading all the rakhi sawant comments…. LOL
    good to see rakesh in the act today!

    HW : Masood man we are supposed to mention Madhubala here… !!!! lol… !!!!

  5. monikamanchanda says:

    not just the first i think she is the only queen of hearts

    no one can match up to her… her elegance, charishma… she was awesome

    and those songs that u put are so good

    Yes Yes monu !!! she is the only queen of hearts… !!!!!! she was awesome wasnt it !!!! I love those songs… !!! 😀

  6. Sandhya says:

    I was thinking of writing about Madhubala!! Tomorrow!!! I had selected ‘acchaaji mein’ too! I love this ‘ek ladki bheegi bhaaggisi’ with Kishore …both look so playful, in this song. Now, I have to delete the first song in my draft – achchaaji! I did not select the third song at least!

    HW : Teee heee…. it seems these days I am able to steal thoughts from my co-bloggers !!!! lol 😉

    Anyways, somehow, we are going to see a beautiful star and hear beautiful songs for some days. Black & white brings out the beauty in ordinary faces, but she is born beautiful! I used to tease my mother (her favourite was Madhubala and Dileep! I don’t like him!), saying that Madhubala’s mouth is a bit slanted and she used to get wild!

    Some more details about her:

    Tomorrow, I can just sit and hear these songs, Dhiren. Thank you!

    HW – Hey thanks for the link… I hated Dilip Kumar only coz he was romatically linked to her… !!! I secretly have always had the softest of corner for MAdhubala… and well… lets not talk about Dilip Kumar… !! no…

  7. Indyeah says:

    She was a classic beauty wasnt she?:)
    Its beautiful how in that ”aaiye meherbaan ”song she barely moves from her place …just three of four steps I think…and yet her expressions are so beautiful ..such an evocative face

    HW – How I wish I were alive in that generation and I could sit and watch her sing…. that song is so so sensuous too… !! Asha has an amazing voice… aint it… and the way Madhubala smirks… till date all try to copy… but they just cant do it… can they…

    I agree Dhiren, she is the original queen of hearts:)

    and all that trivia? I had no clue about most of it ..

  8. Smitha says:

    Hitchy! A post after my own heart!!! I love Madhubala! She has such a mesmerising quality about her.. She was gorgeous, elegant, with that little teasing quality.. oh wow! She is truly a queen of hearts.. I used to wait for Madhubala songs during the doordarshan times…

    Love all the songs that you have listed – love them, love them!!! She makes me take off my eyes from Dev Anand(that old form of Dev Anand – can’t stand him now 😦 ) Oh, if she could make men and women fall in love with her – she surely had something!!
    And none of the actors ever since, in my opinion, had that magical quality!

    I agreee… that magical quality has never been seen… I have always notices that Madhuri had a lot of Madhubala in her or maybe she copied I dont know.. but thats one of the reasons for her success… and yes Dev Anand then wasnt shaking as much… lol… he had a charm i m sure… !!

  9. Solilo says:

    Classic beauty!

    All the songs you mentioned are my favorites. I remember seeing ‘Chalti ka naam gaadi’ at least 3 times in our camp cinema hall. Love that song ‘Acha jee main haari chalo maan jao na…’. Madhubala had perfect expressions for that song. Those days the female actors had it tough. Everyone was used and abused by parents or co-stars. 😦

    That movie was a favourite of mine too… I loved that song Bajooooooooo samjho ishare… horn pukare ram pam pam… !!!!!!! geeeeeeeeeee is that another post in the offing ?????????

    What a tragedy her life turned out to be!

    My fav. from that era is Nargis but Madhubala is surely the prettiest and full of expressions.

  10. craftyshines says:

    I dunno what to write! U actually did a post on *eyes filled with adoration* madhubala?

    I love her…..she’s perfection to me. I can’t say anything beyond that…..she’s too sacred to talk of!

    Extra credits for u to put up “Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si”
    kishore singing, kishore acting lunatic, madhubala looking gorgeous, crafty very happy…..

    HW – I knew you would be most happy !!!

    Lol @ ur friend getting wet on terrace! I do the same…..a girl can’t walk back home wet in the rain without some wisecracks comments from roadside Romeos…

    Silly girl you only mentioned that once to me and I picked it up from you only… you influence me so much and I copy so many things and traits of yours… !!!!!!!

    ROFL at “if u don’t like her…u are no male”
    But I love her loads! What does that make me?? 😉

    No comments on that… !!

    My best song of madhubala is from mughal-e-azam. “Mohe panghat pe nandlaal ched gayo re” in b/w, she lit up the screen! She was amazing in this song! I recently caught the colour version of the movie only to see this song!!! She’s truly gorgeous!!!

    “Aayiye Meherbaan” holds special place in my heart …coz the “innocent” madhubala broke away and is the picture of sensuality, just perfectly described in ur post by u! very less movement, but she has that oomph!!! And the second is coz its sung by Asha….she too broke the monotony of lata n her “oh-so-sweet” songs, with this rendition, that too for the lead heroine!!! (she was considered for mostly for vamps etc, and lata for leads)
    I don’t hate lata’s songs, but I do not think her to be as versatile as Asha….
    (this comment of mine had ppl attacking me…lol) but this song is very symbolic in its norm-breaking role….for both my favs!

    I dont know why I never liked Lata so much, maybe I like the lesser successful people or waht… And I agree Asha has had more versatility… maybe she tried Lata never did… but then Even Lata has some memorable songs… Though I do think these two sisters dominated so much they didnt allow other young singers to flower… If some music director would take a fresher these two sisters wouldnt sing for that music director… !!! Imagine the Dada giri… and Madhubala looks special in that song… truly !!!

    Madhubala managed comedy, melancholy, innocence, pain… effortlessly! And looked great all thru!!! What’s not to revere, no?

    Her pairing in real life with Kishore is dear to my heart! But I have remorse that Kishore was a rebound she married to escape her unrequited love for Dilip Kumar, due to her dad’s disapproval 😦
    Unrequited love has a passion to it….
    (side note: unrequited love is most beautifully portrayed in the comic strip Peanuts, if u notice it ever! This is post material!! Me will do it someday!)

    Kishore n Madhubala pair had to be a queer one….both talented geniuses at what they did, and unfortunately both of them were chronic loners too…

    I guess you said it exactly right… two loners…

    The only thing i dont like about Madhubala is her love for Dilip Kumar… Why !! I hate him so much…

    When these geniuses just move on early in life, they leaving such a void, leave us wanting more…madhubala, kishore kumar, rafi, r d burman, jimi hendrix…..sigh!

    Since when was crafty this emo???? 😐

    Thanks for posting this hitchu! I needed an emo, introspective angle to life!
    This one did it for me…..i will retire to bed with my thoughts….

    Will we ever be remembered fondly for lunacy yet brilliance in what we do, hitchu?

    Hell, never mind! *crafty shakes herself out of dopey mood*

    Forget brilliance, at the rate we are going, we will surely make our mark in lunacy!! Not bad, half there….Wat say hitchu partner?!!

    dance to that, shall we? 😀

    I dont know about brilliance in me… seriously but you have a streak in you…. I m sure… !!! and yes we shall dance… !!!! Some day you will be the big star… and I ll claim she is my hobbes… !!!!!!!!!

    • craftyshines says:

      and I ll claim she is my hobbes…


      hitchu, u’ll never have to claim!!!! i’ll be squealing this fact at all times!!!! my darlingest hobbes



      *crafty never finds a hanky when she needs it most….must to wipe nose on hitchu’s sleeve*

      😀 😀 😀

  11. Vimmuuu says: dad keeps talking about her all the time. and whenever he speaks of her, he leaves a deep sigh !!! Now I know why !!! 😀 😀 😀

    Ha ha…. Not for nothing do we call her queen of hearts eh… !!

  12. umsreflections says:

    Not bad, with nothing to post, u’ve rambled on some Queen of yesteryear Bollywood and accumulated some 200 odd comments ! Thats really gud !!!!

    Anyway, Madhubhala is one of my fav actors of b&w years. I had a poster of her behind my room door, as my parents used to object displaying pics of movie stars. I secretly enjoyed her charm and beauty and was totally mesmerised by her.

    The songs are too gud a collection. And why men will only frequent the club ? Even women like me, who drool over her beauty will certainly visit if it is Madhu who is on stage. Kya song hai ?


    • vishesh unni raghunathan says:

      lol 😛 its not like that,now days I guess we need to appreciate the make up artists and not the actors if they look good..the first thing I do when I see a good looking female lead , is to google “XYZ without makeup” or “XYZ in real life” to see if she really looks good 😉

      • Solilo says:

        Arre makeup was there then too. It was B/W so you couldn’t see much. It is not like they were all born beautiful and today’s women are ugly.

        • hitchwriter says:

          No I am sure beauties are even born today… !!! but the amount of make up these ladies put on today is a bit too much… recently we had a gujju serial to be shot at our house… (aaj ji vijeta grahini) a friend was assistant director in it…

          the host of that show when she came in looked very ordinary but the amount of thapeda’s of make up she put she looked horrible in real but on screen she looked a dish… amazing transformation… !!!!! really…

  13. shraddha says:

    i had read an autobiography of madhu bala once by some famous author…i can not remember his name now…but it was really good.(khushwant singh?)

    i feel sad that she died so yound…what a waste…

    I havent read anything about her… But this Khuswant singh cud be the one.. he has had a way with females… dont know why but he doest… !!!

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