Out of curiosity


Do any one of you ever look out for the ORGANIC tag…


Do you emphasize to buy Organic Clothes  or drink Organic Coffee ???? 


Does the word Organic matter to you in any teenie weenie itsy bitsy way at all ????

90 thoughts on “Out of curiosity

  1. Shail says:

    It matters… but we don’t have any choice like that where I live.

    HW – Meaning you would pay extra for Organic ?? if available ??

  2. masood says:

    Nope. Not at all.
    Though I heard my bro and sis-in-law talking about it a lot when they moved back from the US.
    But to me, naah, doesn’t make any difference at all.

    HW – I think a large portion of people should answer like you… lets c…

  3. Swaram says:

    Yeah .. I buy a few provisions which come with the organic label .. lot of diff in the price though ..

    HW – Do you look for the label or they just come… !! what things… tell me … please…

  4. Badz says:

    Yes I personnally do and encourage my parents to buy organic products too. I haven’t notice that HUGE of a difference in price. I also own a lot of organic clothing BUT don’t go out of my way to buy organic clothing. Mainly because I can’t always afford to buy it.
    Badz is poor. 😦

    HW – Poor yea rite… expected this from some one who is living abroad… !!

        • monikamanchanda says:

          ya u have a valid point here… there is a huge diff between natural and
          organic and quite some time people are trying to fool us by saying organic when it is atcually not..

          there is an Indian Organic Certification and also an organization called Organice India which does the certification

          When I buy organic I try and stick to some brands I know are certified.. like ProNature, Keggs for eggs (they are near organic they say), Namdhari’s…

        • monikamanchanda says:

          and reason for prefering organic… there are times when the toxics and pesticides used for growing stuff can be really harmful…

          like eggs if u talk to someone in poultry bussiness they will tell u the kind of chemicals and harmones they give to hens to get eggs… and all that somewhere gets passed to the egg right by insuring u buy organic u are safe

          the green leafy veggies too are sprayed by lots of chemicals to keep the insects away…

          the colors used in the normal fabric may be harmful for the skin and irritate sensitive skin

          these are just some example hitchy , u do get what i am saying right 🙂

        • Badz says:

          Umm… Yes I know where my food comes from. I work as fresh food stock control in a supermarket so it’s my (and our team’s) “job” to know where it comes from and whether it’s “genuine.” BUT with clothes, I’m not ALWAYS certain whether it is really orgainic or not. Hence it is better to purchase from well know branded shops (and now supermarkets). 😐

          BUT i know cotton wishe, you would have more knowledge than me, as you are working in that industry. 🙂

          I have no clue what happens in Britain… !! absolutely no idea…

  5. monikamanchanda says:

    i do it specially when I am buying something for ojas… there is a lot of difference..

    we ofcourse cant get (and also afford) everything organic so i try and do that with things that are most imp… never buy normal masalas only organic specially turmeric… when he was small (not that he is big now) basically till 3 months i put him clothes that were mostly organic…

  6. Smitha says:

    I do, actually. Especially when it comes to fruit and veg, eggs, milk – I prefer to pick up organic. I am not sure about who does the certification in India.

    My parents rarely buy vegetables from outside – they grow most of it at home and using organic methods..

    Here is some more info

    There is a directory in the UK


    And yes, organic stuff is generally slightly more expensive but much much safer..

    HW – I am sure what your parents grow must be organic… !! Normally farms take atleast 5-10 years to get rid of the pesticide residue… a farm can only be termed organic only after 10 odd years have passed and no inorganic methods were used in that farm to harvest… !!!!

    In India pesticide has been used in remarkably high quantities… !! Also strangely and surprisingly Organic produce in India in most commodities has doubled in just one year !!!!

    If you get what I mean !!! and mind you most of the certifying bodies are not Indian !!!!!!!!!!

    • Smitha says:

      Yes, you are right about that. I am really not sure about how the certification is given in India.. and how genuine it is, to be honest. Yes, pesticides , artificial fertilizers to enhance the produce.. All this happens – so I am not sure what it means in India – but I am sure that there must be some genuine organic farms too..

      • hitchwriter says:

        Genuine organic farms do exist… but management costs are too high… mostly they are run by corporates who want to ensure that their products are made of genuine organic raw materials… !!

  7. Tara says:

    no i dont.. but i am usually tempted to look that side of the grocery store for organic stuff..
    Monika’s points a quite valid..

    I think the major reason for not many ppl using OP is the price difference while non availability and less awareness could also be the reason..

    now since u deal in OP, please tell us more..

    • hitchwriter says:

      I seriously doubt the genuineness of Indian Organic tag… !!

      In my opinion if you buy any organic clothes the chances of it being genuine are only 5 -10 % !!

      I dont know much about Organic foods !!

      • Smitha says:

        I don’t bother about Organic clothes.. Though I do have some – more because I like the clothes themselves, rather than for them being organic..

  8. Ashwathy says:

    the word ‘organic’ used to mean more to my during my soujourn in the UK…. there it was a regular. but now that im back in india, i dont pay as much as attention.
    i’d like to be convinced (more thoroughly) by u as to why i shud 🙂

    as many have said above, less awareness is probably the root cause. lack of availability maybe a close second.

    I aint going to convince you to use it.. coz i dont think we are being sold genuinely organic products… ! second in a poor country its always likely that people look for cheaper versions… orgainc farming is difficult.. !

    • Ashwathy says:

      does that mean i contact u for more knowledge if at all i do end up going back to the UK? 😀

      No… I dont know nothing about UK !! but if you do end up buying organic products here… you can !! lol 😉

      • Ashwathy says:

        jokes apart, i agree with u on the part about how genuine these products would be. organic farming isnt very big here… yet. thats what i believe. as u said, in a country where ppl look for cheaper products, organic isnt going to take off so easily.
        unless of course they introduce it in the urban areas selectively first (where ppl do have more purchasing power) or something like that. ok now i m talking more on economics.
        it may take awhile before we get heavily into specialised food. the first challenge is to make sure the food – normal or otherwise – reaches every hand/stomach. in a country where too many mouths remain hungry, this isnt feasible at a pan-india level immediately.

        yes that is a point too… Organic farming also means less productivity… !! which is also unaffordable for us… !! sadly !!

        • Ashwathy says:

          LESS productivity?? i’m not sure…

          talking idealistically now, but if they cud make the speciliased organic product co-exist with the already existing mass-production system, then atleast it wont affect employment as much. but then again, lack of resources, infrastructure…
          blah blah…. ok now i m really going into macro-economics. let me stop! 🙂

          • hitchwriter says:

            no pest control.. leads to damage to the crop.. !! leading to less productivity..

            no urea !! too… !! so less productivity for sure… and thats why it is expensive too !!!!

            • Ashwathy says:

              true. i was just reading about the same. natural methods of pest control wont be half as effective.
              its a catch-22 situation anyway. either live with chemically treated/induced products or deal with less productivity.

  9. umsreflections says:

    Organic stuff matters a lot – only if u r 100 % sure of its authenticity.

    HW : most important !! ONLY IF U R 100% sure of its authenticity !!

    My bro was doing organic stuff outsourcing for some time. I used to get stuff from him like rice, veggies etc and they were expensive than the market products, but very well worth the money. He used to get them from farmers whom he knew very well and also that they did organic farming in their fields.

    Will get some more details and let u all know.

    • umsreflections says:

      Here I am with the details my bro sent me.
      Websites for organic food – there are thousands of them. Many of them authentic. In india amongst many you may find the site of Navadanya – Delhi, CIKS – Chennai, Green Foundation – Bangalore, Timbaktu Collective – AP, good.

      Right now, unless you buy the product directly from the farmer whom you know, you can’t be completetly assured. Or trust your retailer’s integrity. There is site called greenpeople.org. They may have information of many retailers across the country.
      The authenticity of the product is always in question, unless u know the farmer or the retailer. Anyway, All the best to you, if you are planning to buy organic products.

  10. Parul says:

    I hear a lot of buzz about organic and many of my acquitances solicitated their unwanted advice to absolutely feed my son organic milk, organic fuits and everything organic. Hey, if I grew up eating golgappas from road side, thereby building my immune system :-), how could organic stuff be so good for my son !!
    On a serious note though, I do see and hear a lot about organic stuff. But I personally do not believe in this fad. I believe as long as it is healthy and tasty, it is still as good. Just my 2 cents

    • hitchwriter says:

      No Parul… the amount of pesticides and urea used in olden days and now is alarmingly different… !!!

      I do understand you view point… I also dont want to make my son develop an immune system when he cant eat this and that.. but times change… first our dad’s would run on the station to fill empty water bottles… now we dont even think once of taking a water bottle.. we simply drink mineral water dont we…

      However the point here is that in the name of organic a big big fraud is going on… and since non organic food doesnt have dire effects no one is bothering to investigate…

      so all in all people who are spending behind organic food are only depending on luck … that they got genuine organic in hand… !!

  11. shilpadesh says:

    The only organic stuff I buy is milk and yogurt(dahi) because non-organic milk is from cows fed with growth hormones and steroids. I tried organic vegetables but they tasted no different from their non-organic counterparts, and were extremely expensive.
    Oh clothes? I don’t care!

  12. Rakesh says:

    I don’t worry about Organic! I don’t think I’ve ever bought any Organic stuff…

    You know, I think we wouldn’t be really alive if all the risks that they sell us of non-organic products were true. Half of us would have been poisoned due to pesticides in food while the rest half would have skin problems because of wearing non-organic clothes…

    I think they’re just encashing the fears of the paranoid…

    A little bit of pesticide might actually kill the germs in your stomach! Lol…

    • hitchwriter says:

      ha ha ha… !! rite rite… it might kill germs in the stomach.. I also think that way…

      no but rakesh actually the reason why organic products are being promoted so taht use of pesticides etc comes down… we are constantly poisoning our planets and new fertilisers and pesticides these days are actually poisoning the grounds.. the earth… and for future generations we must try and stop the excessive usage… or else one day it will start affecting … !!!

      • hitchwriter says:

        you studied in gujarat rite !!!

        you must have studied that lesson in gujarati.. “Kachu Sonu”

        remember those were natural and organic fertilisers… but these days… farmers use a lot more of chemicals and a lot more of pesticides… !!!

        unlike when we were young… !!!

  13. thethoughtfultrain says:

    Good thought for the day HW!! The only way you can be sure it is organic is if you grow/manufacture them yourself. As for clothes having harmful colours/dyes, I feel most companies would be very careful about that else they ll lose a hell lot of customers and get a bad name to boot! I am also pretty skeptical of how organic the foods we buy are – for one if you use the real organic fertilizers, the productivity would be challenged. Best thing to do is , wash anything before you consume it! 😉

    • hitchwriter says:

      the pesticides are now in the soil… for them to go away it will take a few years…

      washing doesnt always serve the purpose… ever try and get a tomato tested… and you will be shocked to see the results !!!!

  14. Amit says:

    Well, I bought Organic eggs yesterday!
    But back in India, asking for anything organic is like asking Aishwarya Rai to take a rickshaw. 🙂

  15. Just call me A says:

    I do look for the organic tag in some products…like meat, milk products, eggs, juices, some vegetables….oops that feels pretty much like most things :D. But then again..I don’t freak out if I don’t get organic products……however I would go out of my way to get organic meat for household consumption. Though I compromise while eating 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Since you are in the US I guess you must be finding it easy to locate… !!

      organic is here to stay.. just hope it is promoted properly and does not only become a futile tag !

      • Just call me 'A' says:

        yeah..that’s true. it’s easier here and somehow one is more conscious of products and labels and calorie content etc etc etc….

        just hope that there is no spam and bogus products in the name of organic 😀

  16. craftyshines says:

    in a country where ppl can mix mud and horse potty and sell as shikakai power (i had read about this few yrs back), just coz a tag “organic” is put on a pack, i ain’t giving any faith!
    hooooo boy! i’ll have to grow the veggies myself to believe they are organic….

    while i don’t deny the health and environment factor, am simply answering ur questions…answer to all three is NOPES!!!

    i want to support, and why will i mind eating vegetables grown devoid of chemicals? but what’s the guarantee….although there have been food items and even apparel etc that have made their way into the markets, no one has educated me (read consumer) about what certification to look for….

    there’s ISI for electronics, Hallmark for Gold….erm…..how do i verify whether what i buy is truly organic or not?

    why so much concern over groceries? becoz, if they have the tag organic, THEY’RE PRICED AS IF THEY ARE SELLING GOLD! 😛 😛

    when i have to spend so much…i better be sure i’m not getting duped!!

    few questions of my own i wanna add to urs hitchu, when i think of organic….
    how much organic can we go as a nation? can we afford the losses of crops to pests and other hindrances that chemicals fulfill? can there be standardisation and all-year availablilty of these products?

    i guess it can be done, but the result is the same as today…it will come at a premium! so good health is for the rich! 😛

    i don’t mind picking organic if it didn’t make me poor by a huge margin compared to its non-organic counterparts….and if i was assured of its genuiness!!

    the only organic thing i’ve picked up is a tin of green tea ….i bought it coz i saw the tin and could see possibilities of craft with it! so got it! 😛 😛 😛

    in a country where labels, certifications and stamps are powered by money, and not by integrity and welfare of the consumer, can anyone blame me for being skeptical before shelling out a fortune in the name of “organic”?

  17. Crafty Shines says:

    how hitchu partner how???!

    how are u writing on topics i love and can discuss all day long???

    i dunno if our views match, but still, topic is a good one!

    is there a part two to this? shud be!



    • hitchwriter says:

      Come on… I have nothing to post.. so any video i see i post.. any question that comes to my mind I post… !!!

      I mean there are lots of questions and such topics.. but I try to have fun on hte blog and not go into serious discussions… 1!!!

  18. Indyeah says:

    this is an interesting comment section:)

    lot of food for thought:)

    nah! I don’t use it on a daily basis.. mom and dad do pick up stuff once in a while that’s organic but then again I am not sure if its genuine..but overall?

  19. shalini says:

    Organic is just a way for marketers to sell things and manufacturers to charge more. I’m more interested in buying local rather than organic. It’s just common sense, an tomato coming half way around the world from Australia is not going to be as healthy as one grown somewhere nearby.

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