Tag of 4’s !!!


I have been officially tagged by A Thoughtful train… and I have seen this tag at a lot of places… here we go…


Four places I have lived:

1. Andheri (W), Mumbai – My birth and my first 5 years of life… Dont remember a lot from that phase though…


2. Jamnagar – A lovely time… I was a very intelligent student then… I studied in a boys school… perhaps thats why…


3. Bharuch – came here in 5th standard, first time in a co-ed… the teacher made me sit next to a girl and my studies went for a toss… !!! If ever I belong to any place this is it… I am a Kutchi who has never been to Kutch… Bharuch is home for me and will always remain !!!! I still yearn to go back… hopefully some day I will… !!! **amen**


4. Indore – 2 years and a few months… but still not quite settled… dont like the place too much…


Four T.V Shows I Love to Watch ( only four?!)

1. Live Cricket nothing beats it…

I dont have any shows in particular… I love watching Nat-geo and discovery or animal planet or music channels or travel and living or movies… but no shows in particular… I loved Yeh jo hai zindagi… the old serial.. I still rent its dvd’s some times… !!


Four Places that I have been on Vacation / School tours (I have added school tours coz I wanted to)


1. Bardipada taluka in Dang Forests – Life’s best tour.. 5 days we lived in the jungle and bathed in the river… in November… freezing water mind you… and at 6 in the morning… amazing pushing would happen to enter the water…

this was the best school picnic ever… and a lot of my friends till day talk of those days… we would run in the bamboo jungles… whistles would determine our day schedules… we would eat unbelievably oily potato and brinjal sabzi… the potatoes not even peeled… but those were the days… really !!!!!!!!


2. Saurashtra tour – This was a horrible tour in a way… the teachers organised this trip only to all temples… they wanted to visit temples and they made us visit temples and sleep in Dharamshala’s for 5 days.. the only saving grace was the gir forest visit where i saw a lioness in the wild for the first time in my life… we saw 2 lioness trying to drag a cow… thats where the fascination for the wild life started… over all this trip with friends et all was fantastic… only the locations could have been better… but well those teachers were such darlings… so I forgive them… !!


3. Nainital / Jim Corbett – For my honeymoon… a fantastic trip for the first time I had enough money to sleep in nicest hotels and money was not an issue.. I borrowed for it too… just in case…!! We had a whale of a time… we would eat 5 times and errr… never mind…

We had not decided a venue.. I just booked tickets to Delhi and back.. and we took our Lonely planet and just left… on station atleast 20 friends came to drop us… and 2 passengers told me I am a very lucky man to have such friends… the whole station was set alight with unbelievable noise… !!!!! (sigh I miss you my friends)

We thought of mussorie, shimla and eventually ended up near the tigers… !!! but nainital was necessary or else hetal would have killed me if we spent all 9 days in corbett… !! lol… on our train journey in the morning we were about to reach Delhi & when we were discussing where to go a Army man who sat oppposite to us looked as us and asked if we kids were newly married & then he gave a big sigh that we hadnt even decided where we were going for our honeymoon…. eventually he felt so protective towards us that he led us to the travel counter and warned us that Delhi is not so safe after all !!!!!

the only thing I missed was spotting a tiger in the wild… I still havent done it still and hope to do it sooon…  


4. Manali ‘ 08 – Although I have been here earlier this was a special trip coz I took my mom with me… she has seen most states in south etc.. but her life’s biggest wish has always been to be to himachal and kashmir… Some how she has travelled down south innumerable times and a lot of other states but never these two… Last year I took her to Manali after forcing her that I and hetal wont go without her… My wife got punjabi’s stiched for her and though she never wears them she wore on this trip we even had her wear fur coats and gum boots and made her slide in the snow… all in all I just simply felt greatly satisfied…

and I hope to take her to Kashmir next year…



My Favourite Food Items

1. Pizza (anything with bread and cheese actually I love bread and cheese)

2. Samosa’s

3. Masala Chicken ( from one hotel in Bharuch “Apna Chicken”

4. Home made typical gujarati thali… (with rotli, shaak, aamras, daal, kachumber, idla et all)


Four Websites that I visit daily (not mentioning wp)

1. Google – reader, mails

2. moneycontrol

3. cricinfo

4. yahoo


Four Places that I would Rather be

1. Home – Bharuch

2. Manali ( I m going to retire here… Crafty we need to gather money)

3. Corbett ( there is a toss up between this and Manali actually right Crafty ?? )

4. Naggar ( this is a very very beautiful and peaceful place near manali.. a lovely small town… nice to live a quiet retired life…


Four Things I hope to do before Time Runs out

1. Visit Congo (Zaire) once in my life

2. See the savana and the serengeti

3. Visit the Amazon…

4. Sorry but I have to do this once.. and I must mention it … I once in my life want to go to lake superior in Canada and go Moose hunting… ( i m against hunting but I want to go there in open season once in my life time and shoot a moose and eat it and I ll drink beer too once I m there… ) (please ignore this) ( there is a sadist in me too )


Four Novels I Wish I was Reading for the first Time ( I dint understand the logic of this, so I am making it into 4 of my faves)

1. The adventures of Tom Swayer

Sorry just this one… I have read it atleast 5-6 times and I cannot think of any other novel… this novel was the best I read till date… and it appealed immensely to the Tom inside me… !!! really…


Four Movies that I can watch over and over again ( i ll list 7 since I listed only 1 novel okay !!!!! ) 😀 😀

1. The Ghost & the Darkness

2. Rang De Basanti

3. Wild Hogs

4. Remember the Titans

5. Romancing the Stone

6. Sholay

7. Anand

(no particular order, frankly even 7 are not enough for me… I love watching movies repeatedly… My wife sometimes gets frustrated and even taunts… Tere ko ek baar mein samajh mein nahi aata kya ?? ) but what to do..


Four people I tag :

Enough of 4 !! all those you comment here are tagged.. and if you try and not comment… I ll come and catch you… !!! you all must do this tag.. !!


strangely everywhere I read this tag it was quite short… but trust me to make it long… after all Indy’s big bro I am… !!!!!! lol…


103 thoughts on “Tag of 4’s !!!

  1. zinggy_mum says:

    me 2nd..never mind!
    tara u beat me to some seconds..lol

    zinggy thats what happens when you wait till you read the post.. I told you atleast 10 mins before tara came.. but well… !!!!! no problems dahling.. better luck next time !!!!

  2. Saritha says:

    Tere ko ek baar mein samajh mein nahi aata kya ??— ha ha ha ha ha same in my house,hubby watches amithab’s movies again and again,will use these words on him 🙂

    Four Novels I Wish I was Reading for the first Time— even i didn’t understand the logic so i listed my 3 fav novels.

    Moose hunting… — this is very bad and how come u will like the smell of beer in canada???

    So sweet u took ur mom to manali and made her wear gumboots and play in the snow,show me the snaps 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      I love watching Amitabh movies a lot too…I almost have the dialogues all by heart … !!

      moose hunting just sounds really glamourous and adventurous.. its wrong.. but one sin must be done in life… just one !!

      Snaps in orkut.. ok i ll load in fb gimme a couple of days.. !

  3. Parul says:

    Looks like a hill station lover !! Great list .

    Gujrati thali…hmm I love that
    muh mein paani aa gaya naam hi sunkar !!
    Yahan US mein to lagta apna hi restaurant kholna padega yeh sab khane ke liye 🙂

  4. monikamanchanda says:


    I read the last but one line and deleted the who comment i had written thinking i will get away with the tag but then I remembered this is dhiru bhai 😀 and then u mentioned the same in the next line 🙂

    I was a very intelligent student then… I studied in a boys school… / hitchy u are a joker big one

    and tere ko ek baar main baat samjh nahin aati kya ROFL… i so want to meet hetal… she has a rock star attitude… tell her this ok…

    and moose hunting? from where did u get that desire? and beer tere bas ki nahin hai hitchy tu chood… 😛

    *runs away from hitchy catches up*

    • hitchwriter says:

      You are tagged monika and every one of you is tagged… !! remember.. !!

      I aint a joker… really the girls clouded my mind !!

      Rock star.. ?? attitude ??

      moose hunting is from one novel I forgot the name… but it was so beautifully described and it seems really a thing to do… !! beer I ll drink there I m sure… maybe put a pin on my nose and gulp it down !!!

  5. umsreflections says:

    Hey ! I too love Manali. I went there for my honeymoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was gr8 fun.

    Ur wife’s frustration is quite understandable. I’ve watched so many movies like the Bruce Lee series, Arnold’s, Rambo series innumerable of times, that I remember the dialogues scene by scene – but I dont know why he doesn’t ? Actually, he had already watched them even b4 we got married.

    Samosas are my fav too. But I try to keep away from it, now a days.

    I envy you for seeing a lioness, at Gir forests. I do love the wild safaris, just waiting for a chance to go.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Manali is a wonderfully beautiful place… especially the outskirts are so virgin… Apart from the trekking routes there are so many walks in the woods you can just take a camera and go and its like paradise everywhere…

  6. Rakesh says:

    Manali!!! Which month of the year did you go Dhiren? Am planning a trip there as well…

    And wish I could go to Corbett or even better the Jungle trip in Malaysia but my wife just hates the wild! We have such diverse choices when it comes to …. actually everything!

    And school trips are so much fun… We went to Hingolgadh once and stayed in the palace and jungle for 5 days… Such fun, Though its been so many years, all memories are still so fresh in my mind.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Rakesh if you want to go to Manali just tell me.. we have our campsite there from april end to june .. !!!! no sweat… if you want to go to luxury hotels than I can point !! lol… but if you want to go trekking I m the guy to meet.. !!

      can also arrange for you to just join us for walks… we have lots and lots of groups going there.. !! manali is like home !!!!!!!!! no sweat at all…

      Corbett is wonderful… they have left a lot of it as a conservation zone and dont allow people to go… but its a wonderful forest… you should see some of vamsee’s pics that she has just loaded… just show it to your wife… and there are some nice resorts there too… you can also fish for Mahsheer there.. click pics and leave it… !! its a wonderful destination… !!!

      and school trips are best… I still have to go to hindolgadh !! I hear its a lovely place !! and my trip is still crystal clear in my mind… I went in 5th standard still !!!

  7. Swaram says:

    Cool Hitchy .. u made this 4-4-4 tag so long too 😛

    LOL @ Jamnagar … I was a very intelligent student then and Bharuch – first time in a co-ed 😉

    Bardipada taluka in Dang Forests – that one sounds absolutely gr8!

    Hitchy, u really saw 2 lioness – Me so J of u 😦

    N ur honeymoon tour – How organised Hitchy :P; Whatever, me thinks its fun this way. Who wants a ready itinerary 😉

    Manali is such a place – we both were thinking of looking for a job there n never return 😉 Nice to know auntyji liked it too 🙂 U, Hetal, aunty – nazar na lage 🙂 May u hv many such sweet times to come 🙂 How much did my sweetu Hriday njoy the trip ?

    Hitchu, we want to go to Kashmir too 😦 hw long we hv been thinking abt it!

    I want that typical Gujarathi taali …. when can I come over ?

    Manali, Corbett – all places to die for n I luved Naggar too when we had been there. We dint hv much idea abt the place but Rakesh, our friendly driver took us there n we loved it 🙂

    Tere ko ek baar mein samajh mein nahi aata kya – Hetal is smart 😉

    And yeah, I spotted two tigers – one of them for whole half-an-hr n ours was the only vehicle nearby on my first safari itself 😉

    • hitchwriter says:

      Dont remind me of the lioness I have one very deadly experience..

      and I love unorganised travel.. just go where ever you feel like at that point thankfuly hetal too likes it that way…

      Mom loves travelling and i think i got it from her..

      Kashmir is paradise… unfortunate it burns today…

      gujarati thali anytime you come over to my house..

      Spotting a tiger in the wild is an obsession.. I m gonna go to kanha this year… they say it is India’s most beautiful jungle.. I m gonna see it and decide for myself.. ur very lucky to spot a tiger.. i m jealous of such people who have spotted a tiger…

  8. masood says:

    nicely done tag. i’m gonna take this up too….some day!!

    i love remember the titans…..fantastic movie…ofcourse love the other movies you mentioned…but out of them, titans is the best!!!!

    cricinfo rocks!! i’m a loyal daily visitor too.

  9. Sandhya says:

    Nicely done tag. Actually, this explanation about the places you visited, is nice.

    I had been to Indore, long back. Remember the broad roads and hot jalebis on the roadside and we ate it too!

    We too loved watching ‘yeh jo hai zindagi’, hilarious serial…I miss those types of serials.

    You went to Jim Corbett, really? I want to go there and stay there some day. I too love animals.

    My son went on a school tour to Mudumalai forests, for 5 days. He didn’t bathe even once, because he didn’t like the water! He was too young, though!

    It is nice to know that you took your mom to Manali…she will remember the trip always, esp. with the dress, boots etc.! Kashmir trip is going to be still better!

    An animal lover and moose hunting? Na na na!

    Babumoshaai…I can still hear it.

    It was nice to read and I am early, this time, hahaha!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Indore is not a bad place I just miss bharuch too much i guess… the imarti (jalebi) is a speciality.. !
      And serials like yeh jo hai zindagi are top class… why dont they make more of such serials..
      Corbett is an amazing place.. you must visit..
      Mudumalai I went when I was very young so dont remember a lot.. but i ll go again soon hopefully… its a lovely place.. and dont you know young cowboys dont bath… its so macho… lol 😉

      I hope Kashmir trip goes through.. !!

      Anand is a wonderful movie na… and your early.. ?? actually on the weekend a lot of our bloggers go in hibernation.. lol…

  10. Pixie says:

    Nicely done hitchu! 🙂

    Trust you to make it as long as it is!! 😀
    Cricket is not a TV show!!!
    It’s a sport! 😉

    Travel and Living is also my fave channel 🙂

  11. Reema says:

    Can we write comment in invisible ink which will be visible only to readers and not u? 😀
    Ok will do the tag. LOL @Indy’s big bro!!! 😀 😀

  12. Indyeah says:

    I was a very intelligent student then… I studied in a boys school… perhaps thats why…
    LOL! 😛 yeah I can SO imagine that!

    girls are all mean.. they take the first ranks coz they capture our imagination…

    you have been to Bombay….I have never been there 😦
    I can imagine Crafty will be delighted by that info:)

    been to bombay ?? I was born there.. crafty and me lived so near you cant imagine..

    Indore?:) you dont like it much..why?:) though I have been on short trips to Indore …so dont know that much about it…

    Indore is a nice place… but I miss bharuch too much and maybe thats why i dont like it..

    yeh jo hai zindagi was nice:)
    I have seen it on dvds:)

    you went on such awesome SCHOOl trips?
    Which school was this Dhiren? 😦

    I should have studied there 😦

    Rungta Vidya Bhavan in Bharuch… lovely lovely memories… !!! and yes we always had 6-7 day trips and all sorts… !!! that ws lovely days…

    Our school used to take us for ‘safe’ trips 😦 Never to wildlife sanctuaries 😥

    20 friends? 😯
    thats awesome!!!!!
    I am not surprised though that you have so many friends:)

    Even today I have atleast 5-7 people to pick me up at the station and my train reaches at 1.30 in the night.. !! and to drop me the train is at 12 and atleast 10-12 people come… now you know why i miss bharuch so much… when i go… to bharuch at 1.30 i drop hetal and hriday home and we all friends go to a hotel on the highway and I return at 5 in the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but nainital was necessary or else hetal would have killed me if we spent all 9 days in corbett…

    LOL! and the murder would have been JUSTIFIED 😛

    My wife got punjabi’s stiched for her and though she never wears them she wore on this trip we even had her wear fur coats and gum boots and made her slide in the snow… all in all I just simply felt greatly satisfied…

    awww..I knew that you and Hetal wold do soemthing like this:)

    Remember the bond between both of them that you had written about earlier? 🙂

    and I hope to take her to Kashmir next year…
    AMEN! 🙂

    except for you third fav food *meat eater!* 😛
    *cough* *cough* nothing!

    I like the other three fav foods:)

    Try chicken once… and you will fall in love … trust me…
    you visit moneycontrol? 😉

    money control hota hai? 😛

    Naheeeeee… so bad.. na…

    you and Crafty need to save a lot 😀

    1. Visit Congo (Zaire) once in my life

    2. See the savana and the serengeti

    3. Visit the Amazon… yep! this is my list too!
    specially serengeti 🙂

    4. Sorry but I have to do this once.. and I must mention it … I once in my life want to go to lake superior in Canada and go Moose hunting… ( i m against hunting but I want to go there in open season once in my life time and shoot a moose and eat it and I ll drink beer too once I m there… ) (please ignore this) ( there is a sadist in me too )
    haw!!! :/
    Dhiren!! ye kya hai?? you cruel cruel person!!!

    Cant you comment about the first 3 places… why did you have to read the 4th one… just ignore… please please…

    you cant be my bro 😥

    I need to come back to comment more 😦

    I dont like this sadist Dhirenbhai 😦

    ok okay… I ll seriously re consider.. !! promise…

    • Indyeah says:

      (((hugs))) okay 🙂 cant be angry for too long with big bro 🙂
      haan toh reading the tag further I also love the book 🙂
      and yeah I do remember how much you love Tom Sawyer and why 😉

      and the list of movies is really nice 🙂
      and I can see why you like it 😀

      and yeah you are Indy’s big bro 🙂

  13. kanagu says:

    Tours are always best.. that too in forest with friends.. quite superb..

    I have never been to the forest 😦 must do it once…

    And for the favourite food.. Pizza is the least thing I will take… I hate cheese 😦

    and I have never seen any of the movies you have mentioned…
    but have to see Rang de basanti and Sholay for sure 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      you havent been to a forest yet ?????? man what are you doing… !!!

      U dont like pizza… you like harry potter… !! thank god you like cricket or else i would have told you what are you ?? lol 😉

      See all those movies.. my taste is good… trust me… !!

  14. Saima says:

    nice tag 🙂
    Oh you have to have to have to visit Kashmir..its beautiful…And you must visit it around Sep/Oct….its heaven!!!
    Manali is pretty, nut Nanital now has lost its charm 😦 its bloody over crowded, an so warm thanks to all the Global Warming!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Cant go this sept oct… next year.. lets see… manali is a kashmir in a lot of ways… nainital is crowded.. but we went in winter… so very less crowds… we liked it…

  15. Just call me A says:

    aamras aamras aamras where is aamras, who just said aamras…i want aamras…………….bad bad bad hitch….making me crave aamras when there is no one to make it for me 😦 and I just won’t make it myself 😦

    i’ve lived in Andheri west too and I loveeeee that place. the best and most loving few years of my life. hmmmmmm 😉

    man…you’re quick with blog updates…i was just here a day or two ago and now there’s two new post for me to read. phew!!!

    me not doing tag….me very bad with completing tags….have 5 pending tags to do :(…

    • hitchwriter says:

      and I dont blame you for not making aamras ?? I generally like cooking but this is one thing I would never volunteer to make.. it makes your hands so dirty…. but tastes !!!!!!! oh god !!! ultimate.. na.. !!

      and dont you know i m suffereing from severe Bloginfection ????

      I just cant stay away…

  16. shraddha says:

    I am officially untagging myself…

    some stuff i did not even know…like what is ‘circinfo’…never heard of that one…lol!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      thats a great sport !!!!!! some of the people have just not commented… but tell ya what I m going to catch each one of them… !!!

      Shradha just leave your link when you do this tag !!!!!!!!

  17. Anamika. says:

    So, everyone is coming with a different set of tags. I wonder when I’ll tag the tag 😛

    BTW, I like the fact that you’re more of a retro kind of person. It’s really sweet 🙂

  18. Deeps says:

    LOL!…”Bharuch – came here in 5th standard, first time in a co-ed… the teacher made me sit next to a girl and my studies went for a toss… !!!”…classic,Hitchy 🙂

    Nainital is a heavenly place,nahi???but you wouldnt know,would you ..all you had gone there for was to …mmm..never mind 😉 ! Go with Hriday next time and then you’ll know 😀 !

    You get dvds of Yeh JO hai Zindagi..oh wow! I so would love watch them again. I loved Shafi Inamdar!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Nainital is a heavenly place and I can vouch for it… only the horse ride is deadly… the ass pains and the horse walks a bit too close to the edge,.. !! lol… and naughty girl… !!!

      Shafi Inamdar was a favourite of mine… !! are you in India ?? you can get the series of Yeh Jo Hai zindagi in Big Flix..

  19. Solilo says:

    TOING! when did this post happen? How did I miss this?

    You and Crafty bachcha planning a vacation in Corbett and Manali? What’s happening? Fill us in.

    You ate 5 times during your honeymoon? Arre wahan kya khaana khaane gaye the? 😆 😆

  20. Solilo says:

    Arre wah! just to drink Beer and eat Moose you want to visit Canada. 🙂

    “Home made typical gujarati thali… (with rotli, shaak, aamras, daal, kachumber, idla et all)”


  21. Solilo says:

    ” the teacher made me sit next to a girl and my studies went for a toss…”

    Ha..ha..ha.. so typical..blame a girl for everything. 😆

    BTW is that girl now your better half? 😉

  22. craftyshines says:

    Andheri (West): must be a week back I crossed Andheri Shoppers Stop and that hotel close by and told bf, “look, hitchy used to live somewhere here when he was in Bombay!!!!” 😀 😀

    exactly opposite of shoppers stop.. exactly opp.. !!!

    Jamnagar: aha! Yes yes, we girls ruin the academic progress of boys!!! 😛 😛

    Bharuch: ROFL! Did the girl next to u excel in studies?? 😛 amen hitchu, hope u will get to go there! 🙂

    AMEN !

    Cricket: arre, but that is not a show!!!!! 😛 😛 foul foul!!!!
    Awww! I loved Yeh Jo Hain Zindagi loads!!!! But from the time era of DD, I’ll have to say, Zaban Sambhalke was my fav!!! Even the british original “Mind Your Language” seems a bit pheeka to this desi version!!! 😀 😀

    Bardipada taluka in Dang Forests
    amazing pushing would happen to enter the water
    LOL!!!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!!!!

    Unbelievable trip… lots of hikes and treks… and lots of green !! sooper trip..

    Saurashtra Tour:
    Visited only temples???? Hahahaah!!!!! U poor kids! But still! U got to see 2 lionesses!!!

    Nainital / Jim Corbett:
    we would eat 5 times and errr…
    And errr what hitchu???? 😛 😛 😛 Bindass bolo, shaan se bolo – Watching TV!!!!!!
    *crafty misses the lol smiley and twisted smiley*

    lol… Watching TV !!!!!! what a code Solilo has found eh… !!!!!!! or should I say Indyeah ??

    20 friends came to see u off!!!!!!!!! Lol! U guys were like VIP!!!! 😀

    Manali: that was sooooooo sweet of u and hetal! *touchwood* gold bless u all!!! Aunty wore gum boots n coat n slid in the snow!!! 😀 😀
    Sigh! Now I wanna do all that! 😐

    Food Items: All except chicken, I wanna share, hitchu!!!! I mean, I want a share from urs…… 😀

    Websites: wow, money control n all!!! How much does it help??? Yahan toh, kuch bhi karo….control hi nahin hota!!!!!! 😀 😀

    Manali: yeah hitchu, must to gather money! Gotta make a bank acct – funds for retirement in manali! 😀 am on it! I already told bf….he’s tellin me, “arre, honeymoon ka socha nahin, u fixed up the retirement venue?” hehehehehehehe…..

    Corbett: yeah hitchu, u know, I want the place to be of cold climate…but u know how much I love forests na? tell u…..u make a cottage in Manali, I’ll make one in Corbett, and we’ll swap occasionally! Eh? What say???

    High hopes… !! lot lets get one first… !!! need lotsa money… !!! lol… no problemo with 2 … in any case… we can spend the summers in manali and the rest of the year in corbett !!!!!!!

    Moose Hunting??????
    Kill one and eat???

    *ambulance arrives….carries crafty away…..puts her in ICU*

    Hitchu, say it isn’t true….no no no…..agreed u are hobbes, u are a tiger, but u r my sweet hobbes….u wouldn’t *gasp* KILL an alive and running animal, na? no naaaaaa??? It’s alive! With a heart and eyes and soul and all….its an unsuspecting creature…that has bonds with its kin….it’s ALIVE…

    *nurses ask hitchu to agree to crafty quickly…*

    *hitchu is all lost, wishing he never said that to begin with*

    No….crafty’s hitchu is not sadistic…no no no…a million times no…..

    *Crafty gets back to rest of the tag…..tho nurses advice rest*

    Only one sin… It just seems so so glamourous to me.. I even had a game in which we were to hunt moose… its an amazing adventure… but its more of a fantasy… i am sure I wont do it…

    Adventures of Tom Sawyer!! Why am I not surprised!!! Yes, u do have a very restless Tom inside u hitchu! Hope u get a chance to make him happy every once in a while! 🙂

    Yeh zaalim duniya… kya re… this Tom has been totally domesticated…

    Movies: Arrre! Char ke saath teen free? lol! 😀 u too watch movies repeatedly eh? Me toooooooo! I get taunts from my dad! 😛 “haven’t u seen this a million times? Are u going to write an exam on this?”
    But schindlers list I have watched only once….i don’t have the guts to see it again….it touched me too deep, I still get emo when I think of it!

    ARRE!!!!!! Such long comment writing ke baad, I read that all those who comment are tagged…….sigh, *must read full post before commenting* 😛
    Ha! There’s no way I won’t comment here hitchu! 😛 😛 😀 😀

    but trust me to make it long… after all Indy’s big bro I am…
    Wah wah!!! Yes yes! U to be ideal big bro, carrying out the legacy! 😀 😀

    This was sooper! Me will do this too!!!!!!!!

    Now thats a sport… !!! WTG !!

  23. Smitha says:

    ‘I was a very intelligent student then… I studied in a boys school…’ 😆 Hitchy!! Blame it all on the girls!!! Bad boy!

    Aamras! Gujrati Thali You brought back memories of Ahmedabad and Baroda 😦 I want aamras too 😦 I have aam at home right now – going to pig out on them now!

    And the places you have mentioned!!!! I am so going to consult you when we come back to India for good! You know the nicest places!

    But moose hunting? why Hitchy why? what combination is this? Moose hunting and drinking beer – me not like it at all 😦

    Running off now to eat some aam – will be back to comment later today 🙂

      • Smitha says:

        Arre, ek to badi mushkil se mili hai , woh bhi de doon 😦 bursting into tears ok, can’t be mean and selfish with friends like Crafty – here you go – one plate of sliced mango coming up 🙂

        We used to get good mangoes in London – in Leeds, so far we got only sad shrivelled up versions of the mango – until yesterday! Yesterday the mangoes we picked up were yum!!!! We have pigged out on them 🙂 Husband and I have been fighting over who is eating more 🙂 Poohi – we have to force it inside her mouth – she refused to eat it – until she tastes one slice – and then she joined in the fight too 🙂

  24. sraboneyghose says:

    Nicely done tag…I went to Corbett Park from school…It was nice but I’m not a wildlife/forest person so didn’t have a great time…I like cities…

    Moose hunting??!! Yuck!!! I thought you were a wildlife aficionado…

  25. Amit says:

    Even I have to go to Jim Corbett once. But people tell me that at times you won’t spot anything at all. You have to be really lucky to spot an animal. Is that true?

    • hitchwriter says:

      I went on a 4 hour safari 6 times… !! but I couldnt spot a tiger… but deers !!!! there are gazillion deers there… by the end its no news to spot them… and there is a terrific bird life that exists there… no spotting of tiger possible.. no sighting of animal at all.. impossible !!!

  26. mandira says:

    i remember doing a slightly different version of this tag long back… so may be i can be excused…
    i know wat rotli, shaak, aamras, daal and kachumberis .. but wat is idla ?? some kind of gujju idli ? 😛 😛

    been to manali…but never heard of Naggar .. it comes highly recommended by you… wish i had known earlier.. wud have stopped by during my manali trip..
    u murderer!!! u want to shoot a moose and eat it !!! haaaawww!! let me know when u plan to go.. i shall issue a warning to all the moose in canada to go into hiding !! ha!!!

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