of unfulfilled ambitions…

Saw this tag on A thoughful Train’s blog and though she didnt tag me… I tagged myself and dont worry guys I am not tagging any one of you… so don’t run and read instead… !!!!


The question was what were the professions that you wanted to be in as you grew up? Now if I start listing down all the things I wanted to become from since I was a kid I can keep writing till the cows go home… as you very well know I am a bundle of desires… yes at times I have thought of becoming an astronaut or a ring master in a circus but then I thought I would spare you and just list the major wishes…

Most times I wanted to be either

1.) As a kid I wanted to be a zoo keeper…


When I was about 3-4 years old I stayed in Baroda for about 3 months when as a kid I was infected with a mild Tubercolisis in a very early stage… I stayed in Baroda and our office man named Pandubhai would take me to the zoo everyday… everyday without fail… on his bicycle there was a small seat and on that we would go…  !! What was most interesting is  I would every day sit for one hour near the cage of a Tiger who was named “Vithall” by the zoo authorities… I would sit there and keep chatting to him… !!!! Pandubhai would leave me there and get my pop-corn and I would sit there and eat and keep talking… !! I would go to no other sections… but somehow that Tiger was a companion of mine… also the movie Haathi Mere Saathi influenced me greatly… !! I wanted to have all sorts of animals in my house… which wouldnt be possible as my Mom is afraid of anything bigger than an ant !! So I would always think some day I will buy lots of land and make the best zoo in this world !!!!!


2.) As I grew I wanted to go to the Pilot but they told me I would have to know maths for that… So I decided to become a more ordinary Soldier in the military instead.. !!


I still miss Fauji and Param Veer Chakra… wonder why they dont make such serials today !! They greatly influenced us and I remember all guys in our society brought the big machine guns… We three brothers and all the boys would play Military Military in our compound and make teams and fight wars… throw greanades and all that silly stuff… !!! But I seriously wanted to join the army…. till cricket ka keeda bit me bad… !!


3.) Cricketer… 


From around 5th or 6th standard I had it clear that I wanted to be a cricketer first interest was aroused in 1985 when we won the Benson & Hedges World Championship… but in 1989 a guy named Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar burst on the scene… In Pakistan…. they hit him on the nose in the first Test and I remember all and sundry crying his name in praise… and cheering his guts !! I hated Imran, Wasim and Waqar then… after that tour there was supposed to be a few benefit one day matches… !! Abdul Qadir then a big menace for Indian cricket and a legendary Leg spinner said Sachin cant hit sixes of him… !! The public brought banners reading “Sachin u Baby Go back and have milk”.. In that match Sachin hit Qadir for 4 sixes… !! Not only did that match totally get me mad about cricket it also sent Qadir’s career into an abyss…


4.) Wild life guide or trekking guide…


I went for Gujarat Under-19 cricket selection after having scored the most runs in our local school tournament in XIth standard… and it was an eye opener for me… I was way out of depth there… and there were some amazingly talented kids who were fighting it out… after I was not selected… thats the first time in my life I realised that I had to do something other than playing cricket… !!! That cricket was not my future this also co-incided with me joining Anala and frequent trips to Abu, Gir and Manali… !! Again I made a mistake and I didnt stick with them… I did assist them as a volunteer but never really took it as a business… !! Today they are very successful and infact are helping me set up my wife’s business in Indore… !!! There are some really wonderful people and friends who are involved in this company which started as a group of Bird Watchers and now is a profit making company.. I hope to be a part of it soon… as soon as my wife starts earning enough to support the family I hope to quit and join her… !!!! and Amen… !! coz I know my life is not here in the city in a corner cubicle selling cotton and hedging dollars… No… my life is out there in the hills and the wilderness… !!!! I hope soon my wife will be selling enough tours that she will keep working and I will volunteer taking the batches on tours as the guide and use the oppurtunities to travel in the hills and wilderness…

143 thoughts on “of unfulfilled ambitions…

  1. oorja says:

    i really loved the last one… can i join too.. i love travelling and would like it very much as a job.. i think so yet..

    me too wanted to have animals at home but my dad didn’t prefer that.. 🙂

    and LOL @ talking to the tiger.. hope he was not bored to death.. there are a few left… 😀 😀

  2. Ashwathy says:

    hehe… yep.. 🙂 If I ran up the list of choices of what I wanted to be all thru growing up, I’d get exhausted. as kids, our thought processes tend to go all over the place na ?

    most of us tend to grow more practical and look for methods that wud feed our mouths rather than satisfy our hearts. very few ppl manage to grow up into what they actually desire.

    as they say:
    If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap
    If you want happiness for a day, go for a picnic
    If you want happiness for a week, go for a vacation
    If you want happiness for a month, get married [this one’s classic 😀 ]
    If you want happiness for a year, inherit wealth

    If you want happiness for a lifetime, learn to love what you do.

    Profound, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. rishma says:

    u r true to urself…u know what u want in life and i hope u get it…everything in life changes..look around u; nature changes, people change .so why not your wishes.? u shd just be aware about the fact that u may like one thing for a moment and be ready to deal with change in perceptions, likings and accept them as they come the next moment..

  4. Destination Infinity says:

    That was a nice list…. You could have tried a little harder after have gone till the selection of under – 19 team! But anyways, the trekking idea is also good. I wanted to become a journalist (before my 10th Std) and after that wanted to become a software engineer. Till my 3rd year of Engg. Then, I took a total U turn and took sales as a career. One, I was not impressed with the work that was going on in the software companies, two – I was a total introvert (opposite of you!) and I thought sales was the only career which could make me a little extrovertish – and I was bang on about that!!

    Destination Infinity

    • hitchwriter says:

      Geez u think I am an Extrovert ?? lol… some day when people actually meet me a lot of myths will be shattered… !!

      I m not sure whatever appears here is me in real life…

      I think I want to do something I love… and I am not able to love what I am doing… so this penchant… !!!

  5. Puneet says:

    some buying a land and making the best zoo …jurassic park like ..coll i liked the idea…
    I too wanted to be a pilot….but cricket journalist would suit me best.,……
    I mean no sport can be better….every ball so many possibilities….so many strokes…

    • hitchwriter says:

      Lol I would love to have that much land and money… trust me I would make a hell of a place that kids would love !!!!!!

      A cricket journalist I am almost… I do bring it here on my blog !!! lol… only I dont get paid for it !!!!!

  6. Rakesh says:

    Ok, Again I match you 2 out of 4. Even I wanted to be a Pilot and a Cricketer. But that was when I was way too young. As soon as I passed 10th, I didn’t know much but I thought CA. Luckily it turned out to be exactly to my interests.

    You know, when I was in 5th or 6th, I’d even applied for Sainik School at Balachadi in Jamnagar. Unfortunately, I was sick on the day of the entrance exam and couldn’t attend. And that’s what I think about everytime I see Lakshya or those serials you mentioned – Fauji etc. I’m sure it would be a great feeling.

    But I guess, the 4th choice of yours is what you can still achieve seeing your passion for wildlife *and your navragiri in the job that you do right now*

    Go for it Dhiren. I’m counting on having you as the tour guide when I visit Himachal, Leh, Corbett etc. as soon as my son grows up a little…

    I guess, start advertising a lot. A lot of people are going for vacations in India itself because of the crashing stock markets and recession. This may just be the silver lining for you…

    • hitchwriter says:

      Our tours dont really cater to the top class and luxury segment yet… !! We plan to do that in future… at the moment we have an existing set up that is doing very well and I just market their tours what they are offering…

      do visit their site Anala.. I have given a link above in the post of their site…

  7. Swaram says:

    The 4th one sounds awesome n the nice thing abt it is that the option is still open. Life is gng to be bliss na in the lap of nature 🙂

  8. Swaram says:

    I will buy lots of land and make the best zoo in this world – What do u feel nw Hitchy? Aren’t they best in their natural habitat ???

  9. Smita says:

    Amen to your last wish!!!

    All of us have so many unfulfilled desires buried inside us. If only we had the guts to break free and do what we really want to do in life. If only we were so clear in our thoughts ki we know what we want from life.

    If only!!!

    And zoo keeper is something which I have heard for the first time nahin teacher, engg or Docs used to be favorite to be imagined professions 😀

  10. Saritha says:

    Wild life guide or trekking guide…— may ur wish get fulfilled.

    Cricketer- even my hubby wanted to be one but says never was able to bat well 🙂

    As a kid i used to get fascinated by navy uniform and always wanted to be in the navy and got myself prepared for NDA, but i was not good in maths so dropped the idea.

    I liked the tag,will do this 🙂

  11. Smitha says:

    Wow! Dhiren! And you call yourself unimaginative! Having a Zoo! Wow!!
    lol @ ‘Mom is afraid of anything bigger than an ant’

    And you hated maths all that much 😦 that you changed your career path 🙂

    ‘I still miss Fauji and Param Veer Chakra… wonder why they dont make such serials today !! ‘ – I so agree! I used to wait for them!! They certainly were a big influence!

    As for your cricketing passion – why am I not surprised 🙂

    I think your final choice – is still do-able 🙂 It will be wonderful to do something you really, really love!

    ‘and I will volunteer taking the batches on tours as the guide and use the oppurtunities to travel in the hills and wilderness…’ – kuch to sharam karo!!! You are supposed to earn and let her live the live of leisure 🙂

  12. craftyshines says:

    Bundle of desires! Yes!!! 😀

    Astronaut! I think every kid had that na? mee tooo! Then I realized I was afraid of heights….Phooey! That ambition went outta the window! 😐

    Ring master???? Lol! 😀 I just imagined u with whip n chota chair! 😛 😛
    Wild cat tamer! 😀 😀

    I think space amazes all small kids … !! but well… Ring master sounds so much fun… near the big cats !!! eh !!

    @ zoo keeper: is it me or is it really true that ever since u said a Smithu’s blog that u ain’t imaginative, there’s more and more of imagination and creativity in u hitchu? Eh??? This is really a first! Even I Adore animals, but I NEVER thought of zoo keeper! No I am sorry that I didn’t think of it! It’s so cool!!!!!!!!!!
    U wud make a good zoo keeper! The kinds who wud make sure every animal is happy and well adjusted and in comfort! Hugs!

    I didnt say i wasnt imaginitive as a kid… I meant now… !! after all this reality being drilled in…

    U and tiger named Vithall and popcorn? That is the CUTEST ever! Erm….hitchu….i know its too late…but I assure u…that story wud have had girls making a beeline!!!!! 😛 😛 Really! A chotu kiddo sitting with popcorn and talking to a tiger named vithall!
    I just hope I at least get to exchange a few cordial “hello, how are u?” with a tiger in tis life……sigh!

    So u had a companion tiger! Oh, boy! Like a hobbes u had when u were 4 yrs old!!! How cute!!!!!!!!!

    Well I dont remember everything but I do remember me sitting there every day in Kamati baug its a nice zoo in Baroda !! Poor chap had not choice but to listen to me… !! lol and there was quite a distance too between us… lol

    Animals in the house is my ambition too! I wanna have like a villa kinda house, and then keep 2 doggies, 2 cats, fish, 1 cow, 1 horse, few chickens (no, I will not cook a chicken for u! 😛 ) and few ducks! 😀 😀 😀

    I still have hopes of having a farm house with ducks and horse and a cow and no chickens !! lol… coz I can only imagine tandoori when i see it !!! !lol 😛 😛

    @ Pilot: arreee! Maths there also? *crafty gets rashes just by uttering the word*

    I you and Indy we all 3 sucked big time..

    Fauji! Sigh! Yeah..there was one more serial called Sea Hawks….it had madhavan in it *crafty reminisces her puppy love for madhavan* 😀

    Sea hawks ?? now comes the age difference… !! I dont remember it at all !! guess i quit by then… !!

    Military military!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! See, that’s why I wish we were neighbors! Though I doubt u boys wud have let a girl play with u (boys….bah!)
    I hated playing those doll wala games…..

    Military Military sounds like FUN!
    Erm…hitchu, when we retire…..er….CANWEPLEASEPLAYTHISMILITARYGAME? huh?? Eh???

    We had girls playing tooo !! crafty !!!! you bet… I want girls every where and in everything !! I cant live without them lol 😛 😛

    no but seriously the girls were great they would always help win the post !!!!

    @ cricketer: wow! I did not know of this sachin tendulkar and qadir scene! Soooper!!!!
    I will want to hear more cricket stories!!!!! 😀 😀 u must be a bhandar of trivia!!!

    lots and lots and lots of stories !!!! I can bore people to death talking about cricket !!! and its stories… !!

    @ wildlife guide or trekking guide:

    coz I know my life is not here in the city in a corner cubicle selling cotton and hedging dollars… No… my life is out there in the hills and the wilderness… !!!!

    U go hobbes!!!!!! Go go go! And u will get there! I swear, u will! Just imagine it everyday…(am sure u already do)
    I’ve already added that to my prayer list….Hetal’s successful business and ur retirement home in manali! It’s gonna happen…

    hope soon my wife will be selling enough tours that she will keep working and I will volunteer taking the batches on tours as the guide and use the oppurtunities to travel in the hills and wilderness…

    Amen from the bottom of my heart hitchu…..


    {{{{{{{{{{hugsback}}}}}}}} and yes amen !!

  13. Ordinary Guy says:

    LOL dhirubhai,

    most of us have passed thru all these phases…… I have also wanted to be cricketer, pilot, mechanic etc etc and the list is endless…..

    best of luck in finding your passion dost……. and I need too as well…………. 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      Sage… na… but i want to live away from here… where there are less people less traffic and less buildings… where there is fresh air to inhale deep where there are no wires when i look at the sky… when i jump in a river the water is clean… some place that is cleaner better and quieter… !! and with a few animals thrown in !!!

      no i would never grab a tigers food !! 😛 😛

      I love that beast !!!

  14. umsreflections says:

    WOW ! If these four were crazy enough, imagine the others you’ve not listed here.

    Oh ! But I loved the part where you chatted with a tiger in a cage.

    Very true, I also wish that they make serials like Fauji, Circus and many more. I am a gr8 fan of Doordharshan. If anyone is sane in this rat race of channels, it is Doordharshan. You can watch their programs with the whole family.

    U hate maths ??? How are you doing your cotton calculations now ????

    Being a part of nature is the absolute bliss. With no tension involved, its surely a gr8 career option. I greatly envy those hosts in Travel & Living who travel, eat, shop – all for a job !!!

    BTW, very much interested in the tours that your wife is selling.

    • hitchwriter says:

      The tiger obsession dates long back !!! lol….

      They make more lovely serials these days… Rakhi ka swayamver you know !!!!! go enjoy !!! and become what ??????/ dont ask me please… !!!

      Arithmetic was not that bad… but geometry / trigo/ probability et all algebra… geeeeeeez… I dont have a clue… still dont even understand where they use it… god damn…

      • hitchwriter says:

        the tours we sell are from Anala I did link their site…

        We just have got our winter itinearies ready… summer is now over… we will update trips on this blog : http://indianexplorers.blogspot.com

        and you can pm me or email me anytime… even if we dont do any destination I love planning and arranging things for a holiday so i can always assist !!!!!!!!

        we normally take student groups for trekking and river rafting eco tours etc… !!!

        we do conduct family camps also … and we have camp sites in many places… like Manali, shimla, jayalgarh, kaudilaya and also do places like sikkim, assam, meghalaya, VOF, abu, okha marine water park, panchmarhi etc… just let me know whenever you want to travel and visit anala and my wife’s blog !!

        • umsreflections says:

          Thanks for all the info ! I am waiting for one awesome trekking experience to happen. Will visit ur wife’s blog, for sure.

          BTW, Nothing is going to happen with Rakhi ka stupid thing. I dont think that Rakhi is going to marry that guy who thinks he loves her ! What a shame on national television.

  15. Indyeah says:

    This tag is just as I imagined it would be:)
    You are imaginative. , you are also hyper 😛 , you are friendly (possibly the friendliest soul in the world )

    *yoo hoo! Dhiren come down from the clouds 😛 )

    AND you have a pure heart 🙂 seriously 🙂

    How can I com down now… you tell me…

    toh these professions seem suited to different personalities in you:)

    What was most interesting is I would every day sit for one hour near the cage of a Tiger who was named “Vithall” by the zoo authorities… I would sit there and keep chatting to him… !!!

    😀 I am sorry Dhiren I wanted to go aww originally coz the pic of a little cute kid sitting by a lion in a zoo made me smile (yeah I thought of HAathi mere saathi too except that I hate zoos)

    But I CANt go aww now coz Oorja’s comment is still on my mind and I am laughing out LOUD! 😆 😆

    Oorja that was BRILLIANT!! 😆

    First of all it was a tiger not a lion !! I dont like the idea of zoo’s either I still dont consider myself to have spotted a tiger in the wild… that will be the real thing !!! and By god I will do it one day… but at that time the zoo seemed great !! animals were a fancy… and well… !! and oorja… well silly girl and a silly joke… such an honest confession of craziness and instead of aww…. this is what you get from our blog samaj !!! booo hooo… reallly hard boooo hoooooo…

    As I grew I wanted to go to the Pilot but they told me I would have to know maths for that…
    LOL!! yeah Dhirenbhai you ARE Indy’s bro 😀 coz anything to do with maths I used to immediately used to drop the idea of that career 😀

    Cricket *sigh* is it any wonder? 🙂
    BTW you didnt mention the otehr reason you gave at another time for paling Cricket! ;)]

    all the gals you used to watch you play? 😉

    If someone’s born in India and they dont love Cricket well they would be a rare species 😀 but you ofcourse are a specimen of a totally different kind 😆
    you were BORN for it I think 😀

    No but seriously cricket was itself enough for me to be crazy about it and yes if girls watched it was great but even if they didnt watch Cricket is in itself one of the biggest joys for me in this life… when the ball I bowl whizzes past the nose of a batsman… its an unbelievable feeling… when you middle the ball and it runs away… its a joy that cannot be described only experienced…

    You are the crazy fan who will run on to the pitch for an autograph 😀 and who probably thinks that a sixer off Kumble’s ball and a duck by Sachin are blasphemies! 😆


    the last one is the closes to your heart I and all your friends can see 🙂

    your passion for wildlife adventure trekking travelling comes through in your words 🙂

    and you know what?
    its only because of the constant pics that I keep seeing at your photography blog that I too want to go and explore India like never before 🙂

    I read in your interview that you want to visit Africa !! ditto… me too… all the movies have made me fall in love with that continent… !! Have you seen The ghost and the darkness… In that movie Val Kilmer describes his love for Africa… Its just me ‘di its just me… I love that place and one day I will see the savanah and serengeti and the congo forests !!!!!!

    but trust me if there is any other place that comes close to africa that it is India !! really and we dont konw what a beautiful country we live in and so many places are still left untouched… thank god for that… !! Dont know about africa but india I will surely explore !!!

    No… my life is out there in the hills and the wilderness…
    Yes, it is Dhiren and it will happen 🙂

    Trust me 🙂

    When you least expect it , when you think that there’s no way you can possibly go on a tour or a trek NOW..that is when you will go 🙂

    Loved the tag 🙂
    here’s to dreams that will come true and to the ambitions that you are yet to dream about ! 🙂

    Hw- Amen !!

  16. Deeps says:

    That was an amazing tag..and you did it really well,Dhiren It was nice to know you so much better in different stages.

    I really liked the tiger’s name Vitthal 😀 !

    Oh yes,joining military has been a passion with most of the lads,including my brother.My brother somehow had a different destiny written for him though,he became an engineer instead!
    I used to be totally glued to fauji too..SRK,the phenomenon was born then!
    Cricket and you ,inseparable,huh??? I remember my bro too harboured an ambition..He used to literally go on a defensive mode when my father & I used to say anything remotely against the game.

    “wild life guide and trekking guide…thats impressive!I love travelling too.
    my life is out there in the hills and the wilderness… !!!! I hope soon my wife will be selling enough tours that she will keep working and I will volunteer taking the batches on tours as the guide and use the oppurtunities to travel in the hills and wilderness… ”
    That was so well said,Dhiren I sincerely hope your wishes come true 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Hey deeps I didnt tag anyone but if you like it you can take it up !!

      The military was a penchant but I never seriously tried for it as I soon fell in love with tricket….

      Amen Deeps amen !!

  17. vimmuuu says:

    1. Zoo keeper – Your Pandubhai was showing your actual roots ! and you didnt get it. Duh !!! 😀 😀 Glad you didnt have a blog back then, else you also would have forced the tiger to read it 😀 😀 😀

    2. Pilot – You need to know maths for becoming a pilot?? No wonder my dad laughed at me when I expressed a similar interest !!!

    3. Cricketer – Glad you arent; we would have never known each other 😀

    4. Wildlife guide – Once again, your roots !!! Never forget where you came from, huh?

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yea rite my actual roots !! I do have some connection witht he wild… !! lol…

      I guess Pilot and astronaut all kids want to become at some stage or the other… !!

      Cricketer… boy I would give anything to be one… lol 😀

  18. Solilo says:

    The last two…it almost got fulfilled, right? 😀 😀

    I used to loved Fauji. SRK………….. *fluttering eyelashes*

    Pilot? Ahem….do you meet the requirements? *bhagoooooooooo*

    Zoo keeper? That actually fits you to the T. *double bhagooooooooo*

    • hitchwriter says:

      Having a huge zoo like Jurassic park would be real fun… seriously !!

      bhaag ne ki zarurat nahi..
      aap hamare aziz yuhi nahi…

      soch rahe ho kya janaab…
      humari shayari ko kaho aadab… !!

  19. Sandhya says:

    This is interesting…travel guide and zoo keeper (Even I mentioned about my dream in my ‘4’ tag!). Joining the army … my brother also wanted to join army, but his chest measurement was slightly less…Now…it is in the other extreme!

    Fauji, Circus (though circus was not our favourite because my kids thought that the circus people torture animals while training them), type serials, which made everyone get addicted to the TV, is not there anymore. Only saas bahu saagaas are there!

    We can never have people like Pandu, nowadays …people who have got patience to watch a 3 year old chatting with the tiger for one hour…! He must be a good soul, Dhiren. No one is so sincere nowadays. Did you meet him afterwards, when you have grown up or did your mother tell this history of her ‘child chatting with the tiger’ episode?!! I can imagine you even now, doing it!

    Oorja’s imagination has gone further more! You are an interesting person to know, Dhiren!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes the serials these days are no where as lovely… and as simple really… !!

      Pandubhai still works for my Mama now he is a grand father and he is one of the most honest man you can ever find… !! I will meet him again when he comes for my bro’s wedding next month !!

      Oorja has been so mean !! lol…

  20. Manisha Patnaik says:

    Yaar.. aapke replies itne sahi hote hain,
    Lagta hai jaise pehle se tayyar rehte hain..!!!

    Aapke blog se ho gaye hitched…
    shayari ki lat lagi..
    ab karna mat is comment ko ditched.. 😛

  21. Pixie says:

    My only unfulfilled ambition is to become a professional dancer!! 😀 😀
    I also wanted to be a teacher. I do a bit of training here and there now as well, so happy!
    Maybe, in another 5 yrs down the line, might take it up full time. Let me see… 🙂

  22. sioneve says:

    Wow – what a great blog! And so much interest.
    What will I be when I grow up??
    First my parents wanted me to be a doctor.
    Then they wanted me to be a neurosurgeon!! I will be rich they said!
    I didn’t get any say.
    So I studied medicine. But I hated it.
    So I ran away from medicine. My dad nearly killed me.
    And I started trading the financial markets.
    I loved it! It was my first love – professionally speaking.
    My dad was aghast! He said that I may as well become a professional gambler! But I wasn’t rich enough to do that.
    Then I got married. My parents wanted me to have children. The goal posts keep moving!
    So I had children. But the career dried up.
    Then I became a civil servant…just to get away from the children.
    I met fantastic people. But my heart longed for the trading floor.
    So I have gone back to my first true love – trading futures. The trading floor has disappeared, but I can do magic with my computer and broadband connection.
    But I finally know what I want to be when I grow up: I want to be FREE – free to enjoy life in all its glory and splendor. Free to choose. Free to experience.
    May you all b free! 🙂

  23. Amit says:

    142!!!! Yay! 😛
    *I hope*

    I would love to be in the 4th scenario! Why do we always have to do jobs we don’t like? I hate that part of my life. Some day…..

    I have stopped watching serials a long time back. A person who grew on Hum Log, Fauji, Circus and Mahabharat can’t survive the Ekta menace. Its the biggest torture I have undergone in my life. What have we turned television into???

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