Kya faayda


For as long as I have been working … almost 7-8 years… I look forward to falling sick… ek to you get to take a leave… second you get a lot of pampering at home… either Mom or Biwi will do seva and catch every word that comes out of my mouth…



But this had to happen now… !! No Biwi and no Mummy and the whole night with a nose that was running like the ganges… a lil more running and Indore could have been flooded… not that it takes a lot of rain to flood Indore…



How nice it is when they are around and you say make me some “shira” or make me some “soup” some masala ginger tea or some mosambi ka juice… !!! Or do even more drama and tell them to get you a five star coz your mouth has lost its flavor…



but bloody it had to happen only after she left for Pune… and mom is firmly based in Bharuch… Kya faayda aisi bimari kaa… kya faayda….




104 thoughts on “Kya faayda

  1. anjugandhi says:

    i dittoo your thoughts.
    one should fall sick only if there is someone to take care of you.
    i often tell my husband that i want to fall sick atleast you will pamper me.
    acutally i have very fond memories of falling sick. my father used to pamper me like a princess when ever i was sick, cutting fruits and then feeding me with his own hands, telling me all the stories, making juice etc etc
    i sympthaise with you fully 😉 for kya phyada

  2. umsreflections says:

    OK ! Drama King, I get to know all those symptoms. Even my hubby is an experienced one at that.

    Kuch bhi faida nahin hai. Tu apne aap banao woh sab – chai, soup, shira.

    But the feeling of being taken care of by your loved one is just divine bliss. I long for one chai, when I have a headache. Of course, not made by me. Now a days, my elder daughter does it for me. God bless her.

    BTW, Get well soon ! Will try and send u some e-chai / e-soup very soon.

  3. Tara says:

    cheenko se bura haal lekin baaz naho ayange..
    tara jaise shant (read harmless) praniyo ko bhi hathoda marke uksayenge

    acha to biwi out of town hain
    tabhi hum sochey ki dhiren bhai bimar lekin kha rahey daal hain!!

  4. Rakesh says:

    Dhiren, since your wife is not here, now is the time to try some ‘Chicken Kali Mirch Soup’ Trust me, it is actually a cure for the common cold.

    • Rakesh says:

      Ok ok… forgot the protocol, especially on your blog…

      Faayde to bahut hain biwi ke jaane ke,
      Par aaye nahin dimaag mein tumhaare
      Zara socho… To sumjhoge humare ishaare 😉

      Ab chicken ka soup khao*
      Thand ko Bhagao
      Yeh mauke badi mushkil se milte hain
      Doston ko bulao aur Mauj manao!

      *khao stands for piyo – wasn’t rhyming well so used Bengali slang 🙂

      • hitchwriter says:

        Biwi gayi to hai mere dost…
        but chod gai hai jasoos…

        Jain Bhai aur uski jain biwi…
        jo ghar mein laane nahi dete Chicken Chili…

        Peelate hai ginger wali chai…
        jub ke mujhko chahiye chicken fry…

  5. monikamanchanda says:

    oops take care i agree with rakesh

    chicken soup surely helps…

    so does besan ka chilla but sigh u just told me no one is there home

    get well soon… take steam

  6. shilpadesh says:

    Oooooo………now get off your butt and go make yourself some kadi and khichdi 😀

    I like to fall sick but I never do, bhagwan ne strong immune system diya hain 😦

  7. Smitha says:

    Oh dear, someone is sick!

    Seriously, you have something nice and hot, tea, try mushroom soup – I love mushroom soup with bread! Yum! with some black pepper!

    Go to bed early and hopefully you’ll be fine 🙂

    But man, you do get royal treatment at home!!! Lucky you!

  8. Manisha Patnaik says:

    Bimaar hi rahoge, tho likhoge kaise,
    Aur hamare pyaare pyaare comments paoge kaise?

    Jaldi se utho,Take a dish
    Soup, Juice try karo,
    Get well soon, Yehi hai wish 🙂

    “Bhaiya mat kaho na..”,
    Kab tuk kahoge?
    Sabke bhaiya ban chuke,
    Hamare kab banoge??!!!

    Yaar..Dish ko use karna pada.. kafila milane..!! 😛

    Note: first time tried hands on kafila.. 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      le li hai maine ek dish….
      dil main hai ek khwahish…

      soup mile chicken ka…
      ya to phir mushroom ka…

      par tumne theek nahi kiya…
      Aunty tumne ched ke kiya hai mujhe tang…

      kyo keh diya mujhe bhaiya…
      ab hogi hamari tumhai jung… !!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I have the tv and blog samaj surely… but just wishing it would have been so good to have biwi… I look forward to this pamering… you know… and well already i m much better… fever cold et all gone.. only coughing coughing now remain

  9. Deeps says:

    I know what you mean,Hitchy…you crave for attention all the more when you fall sick and the you cash in with full swing…samosa,lao,juice lao,sar dabao,pair dabao,etc etc.

    My brother to this day doesnt feel his best unless my ma has cuddled him especially when he is not well.Despite him being in bangalore and my ma away in Delhi. Ma’s cuddle-talk does the trick even when through the phone 😀

  10. Indyeah says:

    atchoo! atchoo? 😀

    get well soon:)
    and dont do naatak and drama 😛
    with two bros in my home and a lot of cousins I know how much naatak guys do 😛

    get well soon:)
    ek cold hi hai 🙂 not the end of the world 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      Guys dont get pampered everytime na…

      i guess they all love it but coz they are males they I mean we cant acknowledge the fact… but the illness gives us a perfect excuse…

      geee… suddenly this is a theory !! some new discovery… !! maybe a blog topic too…

  11. craftyshines says:

    poo hitchu falling sick when alone,
    that’s like a performance when audience is gone,

    hope u find solace in some hot soup,
    this cold ki bimaari can be a very bad loop,

    when wifey returns, file for seva in compensation,
    then all the care will flow without limitation,

    all u guys, i tell u, are so very smart,
    u know that one sneeze will melt the woman’s heart,

    bf falls ill and i pace worried in my house,
    he acts like sher and on the phone sounds like a mouse,

    bf level pe bhi he gives me so much chinntaa
    husband ho jayega, how much i will be in duvidhaa….

    hope u get well soon hitchu! warm hugs!! 😀

  12. Solilo says:

    You just need a good kick on your royal arse, you pampered soul! :smirk:

    *Solilo thinking a friend needs some sympathy when he is sick*

    Okay then here you go a href=””> Chicken soup

  13. Pixie says:

    Arre!! Hugs Hitchu!

    Hope you get better soon!!

    I don’t like falling sick at all 😦
    Last year I was so sick, that I quit my previous job to get my health back on track.
    My immune system is much better this year, though I’m still struggling with a cough nowadays.

    Hugs! And hope you get better and get pampered nicely as well…

    • hitchwriter says:

      I love falling sick !! seriously !!!! I have never been to a hospital and I hope to go one day… so much more attention… !!!

      I have now having severe cough … guess it will stay for a few days… so no cigarettes … !! infact I havent smoked since 3 days now…

      • charakan says:

        I am late here so could not give you medical advise but it seems you got enough of it. Is it H1N1 flu?Then you may become a Vip. Hope you are better now Nice post.Made me smile thinking abt Indore flooding with ur cold. Healthy ppl like a sick break while chronically ill ppl yearn for a healthy break.

  14. gunmeen says:

    dhiren, i cant seem to find the comment form….want to congratulate you for the two awars….the comment form is not being generated for that post you wrote some time ago…

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