Simple Film Quiz…

Guys its time to be honest…. I m moderating comments to see how many actually answer correctly…


Please dont google and try and find the answer….


I just want to know how many knew about this before hand…


Its not an intelligence quiz… so please be a sport and honestly reply without going to google… Pls.


Are you aware of the character ” DHURANDHAR BHATAVDEKAR”


have u heard of him ??? tell me… I ll give u the answer eventually… just tell me if you know before hand… !!!


105 thoughts on “Simple Film Quiz…

    • Indyeah says:

      sobb!!!!! *ahem* Dhirenbhai has forced matlab asked me to make this confession* (err I was going to make it anyway) *honest!!*

      I *cough* *cough* thought this name was from the movie Golmaal 😦
      it aint..

      ANd here I finally thought that I finally knew atleast SOME movie trivia 😥

      Dhiren since I am ur sis please to give prize to moi..consolation bhi chalega
      *looks at Dhirenbhai in anticipation*

  1. Smitha says:

    ok, I came, I saw, I pass- my knowledge of movie trivia is exceptionally bad.

    Also, have not had a chance to read your previous post either – have some self set deadlines that I have to meet today 😦

      • Smitha says:

        Finally, yesterday, I spruced up my resume and posted it on a job site 🙂 And since I have done that – I also have to do some brushing up of my knowledge – so bloghopping and blogging will have to take a back seat 🙂

        SHAD – You really think it is a bed of roses, don’t you 😉

  2. Tara says:

    NO.. itne bhi navre nahi hai hum.. but pati says he has heard of him n is trying to recall.. pet mein to aa raha hai muh tak nahi aa raha types 😛

  3. Parul says:

    No, I don’t know. But sounds really interesting and I really have to google it after I post my comment!! My first guess would be either Asrani in some character or Johny lever or probably Kishore Kumar!! Hmm… now I really really have to google:-)

  4. Pal says:

    Ooh! I didn’t have a clue about this one. For a moment I actually thought.. “Dhiren.. Dhuran… any connection?!!!”.

  5. Rohini says:

    gosh I knew it had something to do with Utpal Dutt but could not recollect where I heard that name. saw the other comments.. now I know! 🙂

  6. anjgandhi says:

    yeah i have heard of him
    he was a character in a moive who was hired to spy on the cheating husband
    i suppose utpal dutt played that role
    and i dint cheat. neither did i google nor did i read other coments

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes Anju !!

      Utpal dutt was the main character.. !!

      Actually deven verma reads the name in a news paper somewhere and thinks its a bhari bharkam name and tells farooq sheikh to don that name and black mail amol palekar…. !!! a lot of nautankey.. and when Utpal Dutt the real Dhurandar Bhatavdekar the cop catches Farooq Sheikh its amazing !!!!!

      Must to watch… I can see the whole scene in front of my eyes… !!!!

      Deven Verma’s movie this actually

  7. sraboneyghose says:

    I know this, I know this…Hmmm…I remember the name – it’s so unique… Let me think – is it Naseeruddin Shah’s name in ‘Katha’? No, no…’Golmaal’ !!! Yeah, I think it is Amol Palekar’s character’s name in ‘Golmaal’…Am I right?

    • Swaram says:

      There’s one dialogue in that movie Chachi 420 na! Kamal says something and then when asked ‘hw do u know?’, he says ‘Abhi abhi kaha na apne’!!!!

      That’s hw I know the answer 😉 I only it was UD’s name in some movie ………. that’s it 😛 Bhagooooooooooo 😉

  8. monikamanchanda says:

    ok i know comments are open but i swear by god ki kasam without seeing that i know the answer

    utpal dutt, rang birangi

    where is my prize now

  9. Mystery says:

    i dint know the movie.. Saw this post yesterday night, but as i dint know the answer dint reply.. Now i know the answer also 😀

  10. Manisha Patnaik says:

    Late.. But Still..a Try..!!

    Utpal Dutt.. in the movie where he wants to get married…. dont rememeber which movie.. :S and there’s one beautiful song in the movie. I remeber its beautiful.. dont remember the song.. Try guessing this..!! 😛 lol..

    • hitchwriter says:

      50% correct… and this was in Rang Birangi movie

      utpal dutt wants to get married.. are you talking of Shaukeen ?? give a proper clue atleast… dont do this.. i cant do anything till i get it

  11. oorja says:

    i am too late here.. but i knew the answer.. wish i was here before…. i am a major movie buff…

    i have seen the movie many times… 😀 realy… !

    well anyway there were no prizes announced….

    it was the one in which Amol Plaekar tries to pull off the “Pati Patni Aur woh” trick…! it was a nice one..

  12. Indian Homemaker says:

    He is a name given to a character in a Hindi movie, with I think Amol Palekar as one of the actors, one was Swaroop Sampat… I remember because we used it to tease a friend. It had semed a very difficult name atthe time, we used to say Dhurandhar singh Bhatawadekar….somebody had used the name while using a public phone booth in the movie I remember (I maybe wrong)
    Now let me check if you have given an answer.

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