Bulldozer in mouth…


This is what I call being caught with a bulldozer in mouth !!!! I am at a total loss of words… What was she thinking when she said this…




This is as insane and as stupid as it gets. I was thinking that with the Left / RJD / SP and all other small parties wiped off… soon possibly by next election even Mayawati won’t remain what she is now… She was fast digging her own grave… giving 25K for rapes and building multi million statues…  Also cutting power in Cong constituencies for 18 hours a day…  … surely she was going down and faster that I thought seemed real.


This Rita Bahuguna Joshi has just no gunas at all… she has just provided a shot in the arm for Mayawati… she (Maya) had no issues and now all Dalit’s have an issue… !!! The Dalit’s that were slowly deserting Maya… will now be back and will pull even more… !!!


Catastrophe… literally


51 thoughts on “Bulldozer in mouth…

  1. Anamika. says:

    That is what she said? No wonder when I constantly kept asking my mom what did she say, she didn’t reply back.

    What is wrong with the leaders? Jesus.

  2. umsreflections says:

    Saw yday in the news and read abt it too in the newspaper !

    Two stupid billis fighting over some cause for which they care a damn – thats what I felt. Its ugly !!!

    Actually, ppl hesitate to get into politics, becos of these ppl who fight doggedly at each other, in public.

  3. Thoorika says:

    Cos of such incidents oly when ppl say that “is desh ka kuch nahi hoga”, others nod their head in agreement!

  4. sraboneyghose says:

    U can’t really blame Mayawati for giving only Rs.25K – she needs the rest of the tax payers’ money to build memorials of herself…On a serious note, politics is a dirty game and people will say and do things just to get brownie points…Instead of building memorials, the UP CM could use the money to make life safer for women…

    • Indian Homemaker says:

      I agree with Sraboney, she needs some funds for her statues, and the purses she holds in those statues (So I was told recently by an ardent fan, that she does not even miss her purse in her statues).

  5. Smitha says:

    It is such a shame that such hooligans are ‘representing’ us! Seriously, all this makes me wonder – how are so many people getting swayed by someone like her!

  6. Pal says:

    First, Mayawati and other people/leaders who flout the ‘Dalit’ card are all but making a name and dough for themselves. I doubt if they care any more for the common man, than do any of their political rivals.

    I think anyone who is part of Indian politics today is a very crafty businessman, and is only trying to rake in the profits before his/her term ends.

    No comments on Ms.Mayawati. Enough has been spoken of her (very questionable) ways!

    About Ms.Bahuguna, I think her sentiments are reasonable…but criticism needs to be done very cautiously, otherwise, this is what happens! Tables turn and its unwarranted chaos all around. For no good reason.

    I would like to say ‘Satyameva Jaya he’ but its a false hope. A cry in vain.

    So let’s just say, this episode of the great Indian Tamasha will continue for a few days, before the next episode begins.

  7. Vimmuuu says:

    I need to escape from this crazy world !! God, please take me away!!! Actually, I dont believe in him either. If he existed, he is the one responsible for those two women too !!!

  8. Chiranjib says:

    Do they both look alike? Finally M has some competition! We already have women wrestlers! So, can we build some sort of a Colosseum and have these brave hearts fight? It would be pleasure for the masses, undoubtedly! LOL 😀

  9. shraddha says:

    truly tragic…

    i get still amazed when i read such stories..

    omg..you have twin younger siblings..how cool!!!…i think your mom must me thankful that you were not a twin…imagine how much more work she would have to do otherwise…lol!!!

  10. Indyeah says:

    Apparently god has blessed both of them with moronic brains…
    not their fault poor things…
    I refuse to think of them as human beings let alone as women…


  11. gunmeen says:

    they are morons of the highest order…..mayawati now has serious competition……no woner sonia chose to distance herself from this incident…..now that she has been released….wait for more explosions to take place….

  12. renu says:

    I was thinking what has Rita Bahuguna said, now I came to know thru this link.

    Whether it is Mayawati or Rita.nobody is concerned about rape victims, they are only trying to get brownie points..thats the sad part about our politicians. They are hardly bothered about public,or base issues. We must have some awareness campaigns and instead of bothering about what happened to which politicians, we should ignore them and see what is happening to the public.

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