Got to share this…


Here is a post on religious conversion by our fellow blogger Manju. Please visit here and give your opinions…


18 thoughts on “Got to share this…

  1. Mystery says:

    I am back from reading the post. Religion conversion has always been controversial, but as you said, if it is doing good to the people, we shouldn’t be complaining!

  2. shilpadesh says:

    Very tough and touchy subject for both sides. Even though I am not religious, I definitely do not like people accosting me to come to their congregation to ‘find’ faith. Having said that, I understand that proseletyzing is ingrained in Christianity, Islam etc. Also, to each his own. If someone wants to convert because they have found faith, or compassion, good for them..right?

  3. sraboneyghose says:

    I was reading your comments on Manju’s post and I agree with you…Although I don’t like ‘forced’ conversions where tribals are concerned, maybe it’s good for them…As you said, at least their kids are getting food and education…

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