Warning – Irrelevant and useless post… the fingers just cant resist the keyboard… !!! Read at ur own risk..


Q : Do you know the sexiest machine in the world ??

A : Keyboard….

Give Reason : Coz it is specifically designed for millions of strokes… !!! 😀


(ok the fun part ends here and bore part starts so you can stop reading now)


when you have nothing to write and you still want to blog its difficult, but than they say you should just let your fingers lose on the keyboard… Recently I have been thinking in my mind lots of complex things… and I thought I might as well start typing… after all the blog is a place to rant. Sometimes I get too consumed that I am going to be read and I must write certain things, at the same time I also know whatever crap I might write will be taken and even praised… lol… and at the same time there also is this actuality that the blog should be our place to vent.. just let it out… to hell with what may come out… coz whatever the khichdi in the mind it must go out… shouldnt it… thats what the blog is for… its also a place to interact and get views of other people and at the same time its not seeking views but just ranting perfectly knowing whats going to happen yet wanting to crib. No nothing that i wrote makes sense and i am not going to re-read it coz if I re-read I will start editing and start taking a judicious view…Why should I judge what i m writing, what I write is not for any purpose is it ?? Its just an outflow.. of thoughts of whim of fancies of wishes of what not… I have over 220 published posts in the one year i have blogged.. I havent finished one year yet… I have over 80 drafts… all dont make enough sense, a lot of the times this craving to write something funny has led to a distortion of a lot of real life events… I try to twist and make them funny and once I read them up they just seem so staid and boring I leave them as drafts… I cant believe that I have finished one year and I am still able to write… I started thinking I will write about cricket but I write very little about it these days, also blame that they dont play enough test cricket the real cricket and the cricket I love the most.. they keep playing odi and t20 which are okay but not real cricket they are good sports as entertainment but not at all real cricket. Test cricket is the real test coz the bowler can actually put 2 men behind square and pound you with his bouncers, let you smell the leather.. thats when the true character of a batsman is tested. Apart from Shane Warne bowling his legspinners I think the best sight in cricket is watching a really quick bowler putting his all in his delivery stride with two men behind square and a deep midwicket bowling around the wicket into the body of the batsman. I just love that contest when the batsman’s body is under threat and thats when you can judge if he plays confidently or not. I still remember Sachin’s innings in Perth in 1992, it was a green pitch and they were bowling short to a young kid then… but he smashed them to all corners of the part to score his century. They were abusing him, gunning for his head but he smashed them absolutely smashed them. That was Sachin at his best… amazingly he reserves his best for duels with the aussies… and I love them as much as i enjoyed him smashing shane warne I always thought Sachin never smashed mcgrath enough..as a competitor mcgrath was as fierce and fiery as they could get but at the same time he was most disciplined and in control of his skill at all times… a rare combination… even the mighty shane warne was pulverised by us, but mcgrath apart from that 2001 trip when vvs and rahul smashed him in eden was never quite pulverised or taken apart… maybe in a few one dayers but in test matches glenn was the ultimate winner… !! Eden was the only match that was an exception in his whole career i would say.. and what a match that was eden 2001, Sourav taken over as the captain, steve waugh calling this his final frontier and the aussie juggernaut finished us at the wankhede in 3 days. all hell seemed to have borken lose in the first innings when india faced a follow on in the second test and thats when the it seemed the final frontier would be won, that evening on the 3rd night of the test match, John wright our indian coach got a letter from 3 fans gave inspiration to him that they still believed in the team and that they would still claw their way out of this match.  (how i wish I would have written too coz trust me I firmly believed that India’s only chance lay if tugga would give us a follow-on) what happened next day was miracle, vvs and rahul batted the whole day decimating the fast bowling attack and shane warne once again was collared in India this time not by the butchering sachin but the suave strokes of vvs, rahul finally overcame his demons against warne and Indian cricket has never looked back. If any one moment were to be selected this was the day that changed indian cricket and indian cricketers forever… India knew they could fight anyone from any situation…that they could beat the best in the best position from a worst position. the belief that this test match gave sourav and his men is immeasurable. Cricket is such a raw passion for me at times I cannot describe or explain, if India is not doing well and some one comes to talk to me I kinda am totally unapproachable and when some friends try to pull my leg i just cant take it. that is one place i m vulnerable lol… I even like to tell my wife why dont you speak in the breaks why would you want to come and speak while warney is spinning them 3 feet… !!! over the years i have finally come to terms and this is my first job where i actually miss test matches, that is only while i m in office i get up at 3 am for tests in newzealand or stay up till 4 am for tests in west indies. I have to see every ball, yes every ball and if i leave watching it I feel as if i betrayed my players, i feel if i give up how will my players find their motivation. well before this job i joined 2 years back i used to work in marketing and there was a simple rule India test match = no work. bunk work false report do anything but dont miss a single ball of a test match. I can miss odi’s and t-20’s but tests never… they are my food and drink. talking of food is again like starting a new topic the fact that i am going to go to bharuch in 2 days will ensure that i will go to my most favourite apna chicken centre and eat my favourite masala chicken, its a small almost dirty shop if you like of a muslim chacha whose wife makes lovely soft garma garam roti’s almost foolka’s and they serve the most delicious dishes of masala chicken and khichdi with chicken gravy… !!! also i get to go to parvana biryani centre and eat biryani like a wild hog with friends and i am looking forward to sitting nights at parwana the highway hotel. drinking is one thing I never am able to pour enough in my system at a time i may be able to take 2-3 sips and thats about it… its awful in smell and taste how people drink is beyond me, however cocktails which i have been introduced to very lately are something better still i havent been able to finish more than a glass. living in gujarat you dont get cocktails coz you have no bar’s sometimes they just pour the whiskey in 500 ml pepsi bottles and keep driving their bike coz they have no place to sit and drink and not get caught.. strange are ways of life in different states, once you grow up you can drink in your own house but till ur a collegite they find weird places one of the best and the most dangerous places was the train bridge on narmada river… there woudl be a narrow ridge you would have to walk for about 3-4 feet to get to the pillar of the bridge and you would have the river gushing by… all fine while you go but when you are returning after drinking (i had no probs coz i would be sober) it would kill you, you are most worried what if your friend falls off… how will you reply to his parents… and than when that friend decides to do pull ups on the bridge with just the river below him in drunk conditions you give up going to that place… phew…. experiences of life these are… and boy If you are still reading this I must say you surely must not be having much to do and u are really wanting to kill time….. okay okay this line is also choried from another blog so waht… I am a very good copy cat plus the one from whom I choried(copied) wont even say its taken from his/her blog…