Warning – Irrelevant and useless post… the fingers just cant resist the keyboard… !!! Read at ur own risk..


Q : Do you know the sexiest machine in the world ??

A : Keyboard….

Give Reason : Coz it is specifically designed for millions of strokes… !!! 😀


(ok the fun part ends here and bore part starts so you can stop reading now)


when you have nothing to write and you still want to blog its difficult, but than they say you should just let your fingers lose on the keyboard… Recently I have been thinking in my mind lots of complex things… and I thought I might as well start typing… after all the blog is a place to rant. Sometimes I get too consumed that I am going to be read and I must write certain things, at the same time I also know whatever crap I might write will be taken and even praised… lol… and at the same time there also is this actuality that the blog should be our place to vent.. just let it out… to hell with what may come out… coz whatever the khichdi in the mind it must go out… shouldnt it… thats what the blog is for… its also a place to interact and get views of other people and at the same time its not seeking views but just ranting perfectly knowing whats going to happen yet wanting to crib. No nothing that i wrote makes sense and i am not going to re-read it coz if I re-read I will start editing and start taking a judicious view…Why should I judge what i m writing, what I write is not for any purpose is it ?? Its just an outflow.. of thoughts of whim of fancies of wishes of what not… I have over 220 published posts in the one year i have blogged.. I havent finished one year yet… I have over 80 drafts… all dont make enough sense, a lot of the times this craving to write something funny has led to a distortion of a lot of real life events… I try to twist and make them funny and once I read them up they just seem so staid and boring I leave them as drafts… I cant believe that I have finished one year and I am still able to write… I started thinking I will write about cricket but I write very little about it these days, also blame that they dont play enough test cricket the real cricket and the cricket I love the most.. they keep playing odi and t20 which are okay but not real cricket they are good sports as entertainment but not at all real cricket. Test cricket is the real test coz the bowler can actually put 2 men behind square and pound you with his bouncers, let you smell the leather.. thats when the true character of a batsman is tested. Apart from Shane Warne bowling his legspinners I think the best sight in cricket is watching a really quick bowler putting his all in his delivery stride with two men behind square and a deep midwicket bowling around the wicket into the body of the batsman. I just love that contest when the batsman’s body is under threat and thats when you can judge if he plays confidently or not. I still remember Sachin’s innings in Perth in 1992, it was a green pitch and they were bowling short to a young kid then… but he smashed them to all corners of the part to score his century. They were abusing him, gunning for his head but he smashed them absolutely smashed them. That was Sachin at his best… amazingly he reserves his best for duels with the aussies… and I love them as much as i enjoyed him smashing shane warne I always thought Sachin never smashed mcgrath enough..as a competitor mcgrath was as fierce and fiery as they could get but at the same time he was most disciplined and in control of his skill at all times… a rare combination… even the mighty shane warne was pulverised by us, but mcgrath apart from that 2001 trip when vvs and rahul smashed him in eden was never quite pulverised or taken apart… maybe in a few one dayers but in test matches glenn was the ultimate winner… !! Eden was the only match that was an exception in his whole career i would say.. and what a match that was eden 2001, Sourav taken over as the captain, steve waugh calling this his final frontier and the aussie juggernaut finished us at the wankhede in 3 days. all hell seemed to have borken lose in the first innings when india faced a follow on in the second test and thats when the it seemed the final frontier would be won, that evening on the 3rd night of the test match, John wright our indian coach got a letter from 3 fans gave inspiration to him that they still believed in the team and that they would still claw their way out of this match.  (how i wish I would have written too coz trust me I firmly believed that India’s only chance lay if tugga would give us a follow-on) what happened next day was miracle, vvs and rahul batted the whole day decimating the fast bowling attack and shane warne once again was collared in India this time not by the butchering sachin but the suave strokes of vvs, rahul finally overcame his demons against warne and Indian cricket has never looked back. If any one moment were to be selected this was the day that changed indian cricket and indian cricketers forever… India knew they could fight anyone from any situation…that they could beat the best in the best position from a worst position. the belief that this test match gave sourav and his men is immeasurable. Cricket is such a raw passion for me at times I cannot describe or explain, if India is not doing well and some one comes to talk to me I kinda am totally unapproachable and when some friends try to pull my leg i just cant take it. that is one place i m vulnerable lol… I even like to tell my wife why dont you speak in the breaks why would you want to come and speak while warney is spinning them 3 feet… !!! over the years i have finally come to terms and this is my first job where i actually miss test matches, that is only while i m in office i get up at 3 am for tests in newzealand or stay up till 4 am for tests in west indies. I have to see every ball, yes every ball and if i leave watching it I feel as if i betrayed my players, i feel if i give up how will my players find their motivation. well before this job i joined 2 years back i used to work in marketing and there was a simple rule India test match = no work. bunk work false report do anything but dont miss a single ball of a test match. I can miss odi’s and t-20’s but tests never… they are my food and drink. talking of food is again like starting a new topic the fact that i am going to go to bharuch in 2 days will ensure that i will go to my most favourite apna chicken centre and eat my favourite masala chicken, its a small almost dirty shop if you like of a muslim chacha whose wife makes lovely soft garma garam roti’s almost foolka’s and they serve the most delicious dishes of masala chicken and khichdi with chicken gravy… !!! also i get to go to parvana biryani centre and eat biryani like a wild hog with friends and i am looking forward to sitting nights at parwana the highway hotel. drinking is one thing I never am able to pour enough in my system at a time i may be able to take 2-3 sips and thats about it… its awful in smell and taste how people drink is beyond me, however cocktails which i have been introduced to very lately are something better still i havent been able to finish more than a glass. living in gujarat you dont get cocktails coz you have no bar’s sometimes they just pour the whiskey in 500 ml pepsi bottles and keep driving their bike coz they have no place to sit and drink and not get caught.. strange are ways of life in different states, once you grow up you can drink in your own house but till ur a collegite they find weird places one of the best and the most dangerous places was the train bridge on narmada river… there woudl be a narrow ridge you would have to walk for about 3-4 feet to get to the pillar of the bridge and you would have the river gushing by… all fine while you go but when you are returning after drinking (i had no probs coz i would be sober) it would kill you, you are most worried what if your friend falls off… how will you reply to his parents… and than when that friend decides to do pull ups on the bridge with just the river below him in drunk conditions you give up going to that place… phew…. experiences of life these are… and boy If you are still reading this I must say you surely must not be having much to do and u are really wanting to kill time….. okay okay this line is also choried from another blog so waht… I am a very good copy cat plus the one from whom I choried(copied) wont even say its taken from his/her blog…

146 thoughts on “ramblings

  1. Rakesh says:

    So this was such a long ramble, and trust me when I say I read through the entire post. Man this does say about how free I am, actually I should be all busy but the thing is my boss is not in town and so technically, I am the boss so I can give orders, follow up on all the staff and then get back to important work – blogging. I agree that test matches are amazing, the sight of brett lee in his whites running in to bowl with a new ball is comparable or even better than any six hit in a T20 and have you realised, these days everyone is saying that test cricket needs to be saved, whereas, I think the lovers of test cricket still love it. Maybe in the bargain, ODIs will loose out since they are neither here nor there. Just like you’re a cricket fan, I’m a movie buff and I thought I’ll write movie reviews primarily when I began blogging but now a days I write a lot more non-sense and then when there is further non-sense in my mind, i come to your blog to write a comment :p i think i’ve written enough and since I scratched your back by reading your post, you’ll also scratch my back by reading my comment, truly we both appear to be total navras doing this, what is it called again, rant or ramblings… but it is fun, it is like the attack of Siddhu, like a verbal diahrea (am not sure if the spelling is correct) but since this is a diahrea, who cares about spellings, punctuations or grammer…

    • Crafty Shines says:

      rakesh! u already did what i wanted to do! still…..i too will do this crazy comment!!
      no, i am not navra like u…but i will pretend i am and do a comment!!!


      • Rakesh says:

        Actually Navra is a compliment crafty, don’t take it as an insult 😛 We’re actually having a competetion, who’s the navra of them all?

        • Crafty Shines says:

          no no rakesh!!! i do not consider navra as an insult!
          its my ultimate ambition! which my work kills 😦

          gee…what i wudn’t do to be navra!!! sigh!

          😆 😆 😆

          so who is the navra of hem all??? pliss pass me the good luck too!!! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      absolutely boss who cares about the grammar punctuations or spellings even about the language… what the f*ck… !! lol… i m going nuts… and I totally agree you read the whole thing… lol… i have also got to work up possible business possibilites for two commodities since moring and give a feasibility report but i just have no inspiration to work now.. i want to go home as soon as possible i m leaving in 48 hours to bharuch for 17 day vacation and i m dying for it…

      regarding cricket… really tests are tests and no odi’s or t-20’s can give as much thrill or excitement.. did u see the first drawn test of the ashes… that last hour every ball monty played… the crowd the tension…

      tell me if you remember any match from the ipl like that… can you remember the ipl match or can you remember laxman batting on that eden test match… honestly…

      nothing matches it… but yes… some faltu teams are playing test cricket and they need to be removed so we can see more India Australia, India SA, India Eng contests… !!!!! 🙂 😀

      • masood says:

        agree with you dhiren. i dont recall a single IPL game but that eden test from 2001, i almost remember most of laxman’s boundaries….had bunked college and sat in a road side chai thella all day to see that innings…..

        and that 1st ashes test was awesome…each ball was cheered…

        and did you see how flintoff kept firing down 90+ mpl deliveries on the 5th day of the 2nd test?

        man, that’s class. that’s test cricket.

  2. masood says:

    you’ve rambled about 2 favorite things in my life – cricket and food. but tell you what, i think you’ve written enough. don’t have much to add. but this is must say…

    Test cricket is real cricket…the real game. I’ve been saying this since ages. People who are going ga-ga over t20s and ODIs, pls spend some time to understand what test cricket really is. There’s so much more at stake…so much strategy involved, real characters exposed, real battles – it is the real thing. Other forms of the game are mere innovations to drag in the moolah. That eden test can never be forgotten. Turning point in history of Indian cricket…far more significant that the ’83 world cup win. That did not change a generation of cricketers. The eden test did that. We became believers of this great game. 2 batsmen – laxman and dravid were able to toy around with the aussies like no other pair that year. Indian cricket came of age!

    • Swaram says:

      My hubby says the same too – Test cricket is the real game .. but then I keep telling him i have hd some gyan prapthi ‘Never marry a cricket lunatic ;)’

      Dng without the remote for one day is ok; 5 dayssss!!!!!!! God bless me 😦
      No watching TV n no talking too!!! I mean I hv no one to listen to my non-stop chat
      when all the man can hear is the sound of the bat n the ball 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      I agree.. masood and this is my favourite topic… 83 world cup was helpful in popularising the game.. that ensured cricket reached the masses as the captain and team were ordinary blokes not nawabs or kings…

      but 2001 series gave a belief to Indian cricket that we could contest with the best … from any situation…

      that team was full of 11 legends !! all 11 were champions and we were following on… !! to bat that full day… making them sweat… i remember gillespie running in with hands spread like and eagle to disturb the concerntration that day… remember… !!

      they were totally decimated that day… and that belief has never left Indian cricket… has it ???

      • masood says:

        not sure you know. sometimes i wonder if these new chaps feel the same..do they have the same in them. they are young, hot-blooded but do they have that character…to come back when the chips are down?

        that only comes through experience like eden gardens that day!!!

        Sachin scoring that match winning century in that awesome run chase against england last december? that’s what real character is.

        • hitchwriter says:

          i am worried too… i dont think raina will succeed in tests…

          its rohit who has to replace sachin… but wonder if he will start to mature… I think uthappa and kohli are good bets… uthappa needs to get his mind right… he can be very useful… also sreesanth… if he can keep his brains in place… !!!

          I still love sreesanth for that johanessburg test match… they way he took wickets on that green track… and that six of Nel and the dance after it…. thats the new India for you… in your face… eh…

          however i think sachin, rahul and laxman arent going newhere for atleast another 2 years minimum…. !!

          • masood says:

            yeah…raina may turn out to be another yuvi. good..sometimes great in ODIs but inconsistent in tests….

            guess rohit is probably the next no. 4 for india.. he has the talent & temperament…just needs more maturity and consistency…

            haha..yeah i still see videos of that on youtube. awesome….a little wacky but perfect treatment for a hot-head and equally wacky Nel…

            but what i worry about is…will the great indian media allow these 3 to stick around for 2 more years? One poor series and all retirement questions will be raised again…sometimes i feel sad for laxman and dravid….after serving the country for more than a decade…they still are questioned….specially dravid..after 10000 test runs and for those countless innings as a wall…!!!!

          • Rakesh says:

            You know, it’s no point searching for another sachin. Sachin is born once in a life time. But I think, we have some pretty good players with character now. Take Rohit Sharma for instance – he was in good form but was kept out of the team for a long time and then for just 1 match, he was brought in the team and he played a match saving knock. i think this was the time when we had gone to SA and England, am not sure. Dhiren will remember. This is what character is – grab the chance when you get it. Nobody would’ve blamed him if he would’ve failed coz. everybody was failing and he was with the team for 1 and half month but had not played a single game. You would imagine that a guy would be frustrated no end with this wait. But he performed in the one chance that he got.

            • hitchwriter says:

              now i m confused.. Rohit hasnt made his test debut yet… he did play a crucial role in scoring the 50 on a quick pitch in SA against SA in the first T-20 world cup….

              but he needs to fire up… a lot of times I feel rohit throws his wicket coz he doesnt concerntrate enough… he needs to spend time with Rahul… thats why he should be in the test 14 … !!!

  3. umsreflections says:

    Started off as a rambling blog, but wrote enough abt test cricket and chicken masala and other stuff. I read it fully, but I am not killing time. Really wanted to know abt this ramble stuff, so that I can comment.

    The first few lines were total ramble, but later picked on to gud ones. I am amazed that u can write this much, when u r not in mood / not thinking of a proper topic.

    A big YES to test cricket – I was a cricket fan before marraige too. After marrying a man crazy abt cricket, I watch every match, ball by ball with him. As u said, we wake up to the hours of match in New Zealand or West Indies – thats what happens in my house. The whole household happens around cricket timings. We change eating and sleeping timings to accomodate cricket into schedule.
    And mind you, my hubby will watch any match – old or new, whether India is playing or not, anything.
    Even though I am not good at cricket statistics, my hubby is. But I still love the game and watch with him. Only problem is, when the match is on, he is off (for us) ! hehehe !!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes when match is on I am off too… !! and when sometimes our bowlers take wickets i have the biggest of screams and let offs ready… !! i am quite animated and excited when i watch… sometimes they all get up and yell its 5 in the morning … and i m like… hayden has been bounced out !!!!! lol…. 😀

      I just wanted to post something.. so i had decided to keep on typing… no matter what….

  4. Smita says:

    Oh God what is this???Oh God what is this???Oh God what is this???Oh God what is this???Oh God what is this???Oh God what is this???Oh God what is this???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Why has this been typed???Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Who has typed this??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted??? Why was this posted???

    • hitchwriter says:

      this is my minds ramble. this is my minds ramble. this is my minds ramble. this is my minds ramble. this is my minds ramble. this is my minds ramble. i typed coz of my free wish. i typed coz of my free wish. i typed coz of my free wish. i typed coz of my free wish. i typed coz of my free wish. i typed coz of my free wish. typed by hitchy ! typed by hitchy ! typed by hitchy ! typed by hitchy ! typed by hitchy ! typed by hitchy ! posted coz i cannot do without comments.. posted coz i cannot do without comments.. posted coz i cannot do without comments.. posted coz i cannot do without comments.. posted coz i cannot do without comments.. posted coz i cannot do without comments..

      • Smita says:

        Thanks for the clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! clarification! And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀 And this comment is here because you love comments 😀

  5. Solilo says:

    I read Cricket in a line so won’t read further. I don’t want to go back to sleep so early this morning. 😀

    Beautiful header. Your friend Nigam’s pictures are really breathtaking.

    • hitchwriter says:

      never mind you need not read it.. its crap… the pics they make me so jealous i missed out on the trip… really… !! :mrgreen: but i have full rights on all the pics… !! thats the only solace… !

  6. Vimmuuu says:

    I guess the different versions of that Cross border terrorism tag has twisted everything in your body !! I mean, what is this ???? Boredom, blog, cricket, food and some more which I dont remember now, all in one para !!! You might not need a vacation, but I need one now !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. pixie says:

    Hitchu… didn’t read the post, but I read all the comments!!! 🙂 🙂

    I will read it though!! 🙂 🙂
    It’s challenging!! ROTFL!! 😀 😀 😉

  8. Crafty Shines says:

    @ warning: read it…ignored it….moved on to read

    @ joke: geeeee…..now that’s called performance driven, I’d say! 😆

    @ second warning: bravely ignored

    Yes yes hitchu the khichadi in the mind must come out and if u wanna do it at the blog then well and good coz after all it is your domain na and we all chose to be ur friends so that means we too will have to suffer the consequences….you have blogged for a year sigh so much of time wasted when I cud have known u from a year back…although u will have to take my word for it that I read each and every word u wrote about cricket but I choose not to comment on that coz well no specific reason just that I don’t wish to comment that’s all…yeah I hope u have a lot of fun on ur trip hitchu it’s a well deserved break….about the chicken I will not comment again coz I just gave up eating although when I used to eat that time I used to eat chicken like my life depended on it…alcohol well I also never really liked the smell or taste of alcohol and frankly I just hate beer but I do like red wine occasionally….omg ur drunk friend was doin pull sups with a river below him no wonder u stopped going there I wud have fallen down myself with shock if that happened with a friend of mine and that’s bad coz I can’t swim at all so I can’t swim to save my life and so I wud have drowned…yes yes I am still reading this why do u ask I told u na that I ignored all your warnings and decided to read so yes I have been reading I wish I had time to kill but actually I had work to kill which I have killed and so managed to read and write here…

    As u know all y comments have smileys, but they wud have ruined this comment, so here they are, at the end…pliss to consider ur fav smiley wherever u feel appropriate….

    😆 :mrgreen: 😳 😉 😥 😯 😆 😛

  9. snow says:

    Read thru the entire.. umm.. thing! 😆 (yeah, i was that bored) 8) but surprisingly, enjoyed it — test cricket and food, as usual your favorite topics and you can blog about them even when you have nothing to say hehe nice! and this is exactly the reason why i should get back to bloggin’ now 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      there… !! I cant believe i managed to inspire someone with this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      geee… that also says about what kind of inspiration you needed… 😛 😛 😛

      naaa… nothing in this comment makes sense either… lol 😛

  10. Thoorika says:

    NO.. I have not read the post yet! Tried reading it but got lost somewhere in the middle! Now I have to go back and search for tat line 😛

  11. Sandhya says:

    I dozed off half-way through……..wake me up when the last line comes……….

    blink….blink….cricket is boring for me now….too much overdoze at home. Food….don’t want to be a whale….! Not even for intelligence’s sake!

    Can’t believe that you are not even a one year old blogger! You write so nicely and have so many readers…you are really good, Dhiren.

    I wanted to see your header but it is blank here. Something is wrong.

    I really read this post of yours, Dhiren and all the best for future blogging…we are always here to read …!

    • hitchwriter says:

      refresh your cookies and i think u will be able to see the header… !!!

      imagine how crazily i wrote.. in less than 365 days i have over 200 posts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      lol…. 😀 😀

      just goes to say i have so much to say.. !! lol

  12. Mystery says:

    dint read yet but went through all the comments and understood that it is all about cricket, blogging, food and drinking..will read and comment at leisure..

  13. gunmeen says:

    some calibre dhiren….i read it word to word…..and trust me take a lot og gumption to write ramblings like these….i too have hundreds of drafts in my inbox…..all nonsense…i shall too start posting now…i’m really inspired by you….

  14. Charakan says:

    Good rambling It is much more difficult to write a really funny post than a serious one.Dhiren you are writing really funny posts and so do carry on. My feelings towards Test Cricket is similar to yours but passing years has mellowed it a bit . The images of Gavaskar and Mohinder Amarnath battling out against West Indies pacemen without a helmet is still in my mind. During pre TV era I used to visit cinema halls just to see films division news reels showing 5 to 10 mts of video footage of Test Cricket .

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