ABC Tag and my vacation… !! :D :D :D

Shilpa tagged me to complete the ABC tag.  I need to post something day in and day out… so tags are always welcome.. for me lol… 😀


  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Share the ABCs of you.
  • Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (read baba… I wont tag anyone promise pucca.. )
  • Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
  • Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

Here goes –


  • A – Available/Single?  Not single but always available… !!!!! he he he…. 😉
  •  B – Best friend? My wife.
  • C – Cake or Pie? Neither… I dont have a very sweet tooth except for kaju katli
  • D – Drink of choice? Mosambi or Orange Juice.
  • E – Essential item you use every day? clothes, mobile, laptop what else.. nevermind.
  • F – Favorite color? blue and white.
  • G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Nothing, thanks a lot…
  • H – Hometown? Born in Mumbai but hometown would be Bharuch thats where the heart is…. and i m going there in 25 hours…
  • I – Indulgence? too many but i’ll list a few… cigarettes, bread and cheese, biscuits i need biscuits after lunch and dinner..
  • J – January or February? February.
  • K – Kids & their names? only one kid Hriday…
  • L – Life is incomplete without? a lot of things… most important without loved ones…
  • M – Marriage date? 29th November
  • N – Number of siblings? Two
  • O – Oranges or Apples? Oranges, lots of them, the Indian variety(santra)
  • P – Phobias/Fears? None in particular… but i always have a feeling in train what if we fall of a bridge into a river.. i cant swim… lol..
  • Q – Quote for today? not just today but most times.. live life to the fullest… and try everything
  • R – Reason to smile? tooooo many again…
  • S – Season? favourite would be rains, but i love winters too and summer means holidays… so all infact…
  • T – Tag 3 People? Nope I wont….
  • U – Unknown fact about me? I dont know what to say here… i ll pass…
  • V – Vegetable you don’t like? None in particular… I hate papaya as a fruit though… cant stand its smell…
  • W – Worst habit? – never can do one thing at a time.. and often end up making mistakes… always multi tasking and it makes me pay at times…
  • X – X-rays you’ve had? 2 times one for my wisdom tooth and once when i fell off my bike and fractured my wrist… i think being fractured and having a plaster is really cool… though.. so i dont complain…
  • Y – Your favorite food? Lots but if i had to list 5 – Pizza, samosa, chicken biryani, typical gujarati foolka roti and rasa wala batata nu shaak (potato subzi with gravy) & Bharuch’s famous egg bhurji.. !!
  • Z – Zodiac sign?Saggi
  • The three people I want to tag are-none… but if you are taking up this tag do let me know in the comments section …. !!!!


and by the way folks… I m off for a vacation for 17 days in less than 23.30 hours now…. !!! but goes without saying that you all will not be spared from my torture for one bit… !!! I m going on vacation from office and work not from blogs and your comments section… he he he… blogging runs in my veins…


As the minutes keep ticking…

my excitement keeps building…

never since I have been working…

had such a long holidaying…

whole family will come later..

only me gones sooner…

that means helping mom in the days…

and late – nights with the guys…

planned a sunday outing…

all guys gheraoing…

lots of smoking.. lots of khee khee khay khaying…

the chickens already running….

as they see me coming…

ol gal friends are all being texted..

ooops that was to be omitted…

never mind they say…

gypsy times are here to stay…


92 thoughts on “ABC Tag and my vacation… !! :D :D :D

    • Rakesh says:

      And the great thing is you’re going away so this post will remain as your latest post for atleast 2 days 😀

      Ok silly jokes apart, I love Pizzas, Chicken Biryani and Gandhidham’s famous Egg Curry as well 🙂 And am surprised you don’t know how to swim!

      Not single but always available – Like that line 🙂 he he… I can listen all the women sighing – all men are the same he he…

      Have fun in Bharuch! But I was wondering, didn’t you just go some time back?

      HW : Lol… 😆

      i can swim… i can… but for 2 mins… by then all my energy is consumed in the panic… !! sigh… i have to learn some day… !!!

      I had gone for the engagement earlier for 4-5 days… !! boss you shouldnt be counting holidays… !! i m not complaining… !!

      • Rakesh says:

        Not complaining, just plain jealous… I don’t know when I’ll go for vacation next!!!

        HW : after this vacation i can forget going anywhere till March… but well i ll worry about it after i come back… 😐

        good news was another school just contacted us today and they want to go to Kaziranga with us in December… !!!! so lets hope i can accompany wife with these kids this december… i m crossing fingers already !!!!!!! 😀

  1. zinggy_mum says:

    tumhare to jalse hai!
    bharuch here comes dhiren
    Rock on!

    HW : woh gaana hai na… zindagiii… aaaaaa rahaaaaa hoooooooon main…….. 😀 😀 😀

  2. zinggy_mum says:

    hey nice header too!

    HW : glad you like it.. you start your blog… i promise i ll make an even better one for you.. by then i ll learn… 😀

  3. monikamanchanda says:

    Not single but always available… !!!!! he he he…. 😉

    this post needs to be send to ur wifey sigh men i tell u

    😉 she doesnt read it !!! he he …

    kaju katli… yummm why do people have to talk abt food when i am dieting

    cigarettes – u need to quit hitchy really very very bad habit….

    I didnt read these two lines.. !

    biscuits i need biscuits after lunch and dinner.. ROFL really???? which biscuits do u eat?

    I can gobble packets of bourbon and orange cream of britannia and jimjam… i love krackjack and monaco too… desi indian biscuits…

    u know i think swimming is a must, i also have phobias because i dont know swimming well, i have tried learning twice but i cant just get how to breathe in water

    lol… breathe in water.. or hold the breath in water ??? lol.. i will learn tooo soon… with my son… !!! 😀


    and why dont u tag? not good?

    I tag you… I didnt tag incase it is being forced upon some one… thats why i didnt..

    i think being fractured and having a plaster is really cool – ha ha and specially when friends come and scribble so many good things on it 😀

    blogging runs in my viens ROFL

    too much hitchy

    he he he… it really does,,, !! lol 😀 😀

      • monikamanchanda says:

        ha ha 🙂 thats what i meant to be in the water long enough to not breathe whatever that is 😀


        • Saritha says:

          You give biscuits to hirday or u eat all

          HW : I eat my share and he has his share… from which he licks the cream only from his share.. and i gobble the biscuits and help him while his mom doesnt see…… 😛 😛 😛

          • Rakesh says:

            God, even my son just opens up the biscuit, eats all the cream and returns the biscuit to me… And then he pretends to put it in my mouth – Pappa khaye, pappa khaye, yuvaan khilaye

            i think all kids do the same… and they all are blessed with dad’s who eat the biscuits… while mom’s keep insisting he eat the biscuit too… no licking cream… as if it has extra vitamins… lol 😛 😛 😆

        • Swaram says:

          Ha ha ha … U need digestive biscuits I thot 😛


          HW : I no eat any digestive vigestive… I eat and I run and exercise… I am a healthy soul !!!!!!!!

    • Smitha says:

      Hitchy , I love those biscuits too!!! I miss those so much!! Even plain old Parle G!! I hate the biscuits we get here!! Those yummy orange creams!!

      I eat Parle-G but last… after all the biscuits in the house are finished its Parle-G time… !!!! its the gharib logo ka biscuit… u know… lol

  4. Just call me 'A' says:

    That was fabulously done hitch. Total time pass reading, just what i needed

    HW read my last post if you really want to pass time… lol 😛 😛

  5. Mystery says:

    Forgot to say before, Nice header :).
    17 days!! i am jealous now! enjoy your vacation!

    HW : I gotta tell Nigam so many girls praised your header pic… !!! he is gonna get all goose bumpy… lol… be jealous !!!! i ll enjoy like crazy !!!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Swaram says:

    Hitchu .. u gonna go on vacation for 17 daysssss???????

    Any vacancy in ur comp 😛

    HW: vacancy in my company ?? why ?? we have no work as such its monsoon cotton is still growing… !! 50 days still remain for our season to start…

  7. Pixie says:


    HW : since when did u become so kanjoos… one smile one ding… is that all you have to say…. did you read my attempt at rhyming ???????????

    • Pixie says:

      sorry Hitchu! Couldn’t come back comment properly!
      lot of work…

      But, yes, the rhyme is soooper! I wish I could rhyme or write poetry like you or Crafty…
      And the tag – is nicely done 🙂

      Will come back and comment in detail

      hope you have a great vacation as well 🙂

      U apologising ?? dont you know i m impatient and hyper… lol…. take your time… !!!!! bout the poetry…
      he he.. obviously not alll are as talented as me… he he he…. 😉 😉

      **ducks the chappal** :mrgreen:

  8. Tara says:

    wah wah wah!! @ all guys gheraoing…
    i love oranges too.. the variety called keenu.. hv u tasted them?
    interesting tag this one is.. everyone should do it as a filler coz blog material seem to have dried up all around 😛

    geee… I didnt know oranges had all those varieties … we only call them santra and eat them up !!!! what are you saying blog material has dried… didnt u read my last post… i m sure you saw… just ran away i guess… 😛

  9. Saritha says:

    Liked the tag dhiren,even i don’t have anything to post so i will also take up the tag

    Available/Single? Not single but always available— lol my dhiren is available to all 😉

    No no… saritha… only for you… that was just to make it sound funny… seriously…kasam se…

    P – Phobias/Fears? None in particular… but i always have a feeling in train what if we fall of a bridge into a river.. i cant swim… lol.—– dhiren i will save you from the river (i know swimming)

    Now i must ensure I have you in train with me when my drain falls off…

    Worst habit— even mine and end up in so many mistakes (the mistake i did on IHM blog)

    That was not a mistake… I know it was intentional… whats in the heart generally comes out by way of a typo !!! 😀 😀

    Fracture is cool because it was a wrist,if it was other part of the body it is torture

  10. Nimmy says:

    🙂 You are indeed a blog addict and your posts are full of enthusiam..

    The poem was nice and rhyming…

    yes enthusiasm no one can doubt in this … thats for sure… lol 😀 😀 …. thanks !!!

  11. Swaram says:

    Hitchu … me 4gt abt the poem totally 😉
    Sense prevailed nw … beautiful!!! Me thinks u shud write more!!!!!!

    lol… !!! finally !!! 😛 😛

  12. Ashwathy says:

    the ABC tag? u too? 😀

    u hate pappaya? ask abt a vegetable and u reply abt a fruit! typical dhiren! 😀

    sigh… enthusiasm is to be praised no ???

    u know after reading the 2nd half, initially i ws like WHAT??? hitchy away from his blog for 17 days? impossible!
    then i saw the remaining part which confirmed my views 😀
    enjoy urself! have a ball of time!
    and yes, dont obsess too much with blogging…. real in the real world and enjoy the company of ur family…

    but in the meantime dont forget us either. blogosphere wont be the same without good ol’ hitchy 😉

    no way can i forget you all… but seriously i need to stay away a bit actually i m becoming obsessed… and its important to stay in limits…. sigh… i m gonna try surely… !! my wife will love it… lol

      • Ashwathy says:

        yes ur obsession is getting a li’l extreme so a break wud do u good. and yes biwi khush hogi 😀

        HW : no other way out… have to restrict… lol…

        but will u be able to exercise control? that is what i m wondering….

        yep saw it 🙂 this tag is seriously making the rounds now!

  13. Meira says:

    geez! and here I was so happy about your vacation. Thought I’d get a chance at the comments section. Sheesh!

    he he… welcome to my blog !!!!! comments section ?? whats that… we call it a chat room… lol… !! 😀 😀 😀 welcome to the chat room !!!! 😀

  14. Smitha says:

    ok Dhiren, Took a break from my break to read your post 🙂 I suspect this break might not be as tiny as I would like it to be 😦

    WOW !!!!! you heeded to my advise… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god save you now !!!!!!!!!! 🙄

    ‘ Not single but always available’ – am sure you plan to execute this statement on your vacation 🙂

    Your list of Favourite foods! Making my mouth water!!!

    and that poetry is classic!!!

    ‘the chickens already running….

    as they see me coming…’ ROFL!!!! That was great 🙂

    ol gal friends are all being texted..

    ooops that was to be omitted… ‘ – Yes, yes, let your biwi dear see that 🙂 She might re-think letting you go alone!!!

    She has no choice…. she has had 3 vacations alone… now its my turn to make her feel jealous !!!!!!!!!!!! yay yay… !!!!!!!!!

    By the way, did you not ‘prepare’ to meet your ‘ol gal friends’ by losing weight this time??

    Have a great vacation!!

    I m fighting fit… my four packs are now turning into 5 !!!!!! sooon into 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol…. !!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  15. umsreflections says:

    Funny and nice read.

    Esp like the Married but available – next line is ur best frnd is ur wife. Does ur wife know abt – married but available status ?????

    After all the gyaan you got for drinking, u write some mosambi juice !!

    The phobia – very funny !!! But those bridges which doesnt have those steel side supports are quite scary – the Indian trains shake a lot only on those bridges.

    Have a happy vacation !!!

  16. amit says:

    You are going on a vacation for 17 days? Where is your office? I want to join it!!!
    This is something unheard of in my office, unless you want to give your manager a sudden heart attack.

  17. Deeps says:

    Fultoo fun,re…I meant about your post! The tag shows you sure are in a holiday mood!

    A – Available/Single? Not single but always available….baaz nahi aaoge,kyon?? So typical an answer from you,Hitchy 😀 😆

    J – January or February? February…why is that? tahts your b’day month or Hriday’s?

    L – Life is incomplete without? a lot of things… most important without loved ones… thats so sweet 🙂

    Y – Your favorite food? Lots but if i had to list 5 – Pizza, samosa, chicken biryani, typical gujarati foolka roti and rasa wala batata nu shaak (potato subzi with gravy) & Bharuch’s famous egg bhurji…thats a DROOLING list!!!

    And I loved the poem,Hitchy…especially the way you said,” lots of khee khee khay khaying”..ROFL…You’re a riot,Hitchy 😀

    Have fun and be true to Hetal,OK?? NO Aankh-matakka!! 😀 😀

    take care and have a safe trip.
    (((HUGS))) to Hriday

  18. mandira says:

    arre this is such an old tag!! i remember doing it.. may be not exactly in this form. ..but i have done it for sure! bharuch and eggs?? i dint know.. i only know about the peanuts (and the nuts that come from that particular place! :P)
    i like orange juice too!!
    btw, multi tasking is not for everyone.. hehee

  19. craftyshines says:

    Single but always available! Lol!!!!!
    Excuse me hitchu….i have something important to say….
    HETAL!!!!! LOOK WHAT HITCHU IS SAYINGGGGGGgggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!
    *hitchu has caught crafty and covered her mouth and dragging her away*

    Aha! U covered it up in the next answer!!!!! 😛
    Hey…what about other best friends??? U just stop at one name?
    *immodest crafty fishing* :mrgreen:

    No cake or pie…as I told swaram….GIMME UR SHARE!

    E – what is “never mind” ????? eh????

    I – Biscuits after food??? High-Fi!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 which ones???? Me loves Jimjam (with drop of jam in middle) and Britannia Bourbon!!! But me no likes biscuits so much, so I scrape off the cream….and if I am really hungry then I eat the biscuits too, otherwise I give them to doggies! 😀 my mom has given up on me! Teee heee 😀

    Cigarettes……hmmm… is unconditional…..still love u….

    Tag 3 ppl? Nope I won’t! LOL! U Rebel!

    W – multitasking is not habit! Its talent!!!! Mujhe bhi training de do guruji hitchu! When can I start class???

    Y – kya list hai! Except non-veg, me likes!


    At the brink of a Saturday
    I wish the day was here to stay
    But it just flies away
    suddenly am faced with a blue Monday

    This is ur first work se long holidaying?
    Me hope u to do loads of bhatkaoing!
    Must to help mommy all day, u must
    Late night and smoking, gee, ok dost!

    Khee khee khay khaying and nostalgia deluge,
    At crafty’s door are chicken, looking for refuge!
    Old gal friends u surely shud be texting,
    How else wud they know what they’ve been missing
    Gypsy times are here to stay
    U so deserve this getaway
    but hitchu, warn u I must,
    If u don’t keep in touch,
    Crafty will sitting on ur doorway!

    Yenjaai ur holiday and my wishes to the bride n groom!!!!!

  20. Vimmuuu says:

    Bhaaii..17 days??? Ohhh, Im fuming with jealousy now !!!! and Yes, do visit us in our blogs, it wouldnt be the same without your comments!!

    ((No leg pulling??? why do you think the last sentence was for ?? 😉 ))

  21. shraddha says:

    hey..that was a good one…fun stuff to know about you..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog few times,,,we appreciate your continued support…April and I plan to update every monday!

  22. thethoughtfultrain says:

    Cool poem! Chickens running? That happens when I visit my hometown too, i wonder why?? ;-P

    PS: You broke half the tag rules!! 😉

  23. Indian Homemaker says:

    “W – Worst habit? – never can do one thing at a time.. and often end up making mistakes… always multi tasking and it makes me pay at times… “

    I wish I could multi task!! I can do only one thing at a time!!! 😦

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