just a few clicks i had to share…


This one is for tara… !!!!!!

this is how i clicked this photo of the piegeon who sat above our bedroom window !!!

you mean girl… !!!!!!!!!! 😈 you know why !!!!!!! 😛 😛



Tell me this photo below… is this munnar ??? how many would pass this pic as munnar…



These are ravines of Chambal… the land of the dacoits… !! took this pic from train… !!!!!!!! India is wearing a green blanket all over !!!!!! this is beauty season in full flow and the earth is putting up quite a show… !!!! 😀 😀 😀


And this one is specially for all of you who are slogging it out in office…

Relax guys !!!!! chill !



Take it easy.. or better… Take a break… !!!!!!


72 thoughts on “just a few clicks i had to share…

  1. Solilo says:

    Why are you showing us your chappal, you lazy soul? 😆

    Aah! the Green India..beautiful picture. But nah! not Munnar.

    And is that Dove your Raksha Bandhan gift to Tara?

    BTW it is still Aug 5 here so Happy Raksha Bandhan, Hitchy! Ha..ha..ha..ha..

  2. sunny says:

    Nice pictures!

    yes in monsoon India wears blanket of green. its awesome!
    We can learn from Chambal pic, that change happens, once and still ruled by daciots, they blossom.

    Keep on posting! HitchY!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      the scenes were spectacular !!!! this was taken from a moving train so not sharp enough.. but the scenes were spectacular !!!!!!!!! couldnt capture everything by the cam !!!!

  3. monikamanchanda says:

    lovely lovely pics…

    i love the green that india turns in monsoon…. every region has its own green but naah that is not munnar but lovely nontheless

    • hitchwriter says:

      double chin has to be there… I m in bharuch…

      food galore… marriage… sweets… !!!!!!! boy its time to put on weight… thats why i was trying to lose earlier… !!!!!!

        • craftyshines says:

          arre Rakesh, Soli!!!! what double chin??? what excess weight????

          *crafy blinded by love for hobbes* 😛

          but see…..scratchy has met itchy….he no have double chin or excess weight!!!

          *awaits patiently for hitchu to return with promised ice cream*

      • Rakesh says:

        I know this well Masood. That is why every time in pictures now a days, I try to look up 🙂

        But really, the town looks amazing with all the greenery behing you in your locality. Seems like it’s been raining nicely over there. Look at the white pillars covered with green and black mold. I’ve always stayed in deserts – first Kutch and now Dubai… 😦

        • hitchwriter says:

          Just you wait rakesh… I still havent visited interiors they are utterly green… 😀 i dont have a double chin thats prominent.. But this is lack of skill of the photographer… Lol..

  4. minticetea says:

    Eh… I couldn’t understand the meaning of d first image…but its very clear and nice photograph. The second pic and the lines are really nice and interesting.
    Have a nice day (break ) 😛

  5. Mystery says:

    The first two pics are too good.
    You managed to click a pigeon frm so close! and the secind pic with all the greenery looks so good..
    3rd pic.. 😛 we all will go on a vacation one day and then pull your leg

      • Tara says:

        ha ha ha.. need i say anything here.. 🙂

        but still, u had a wall behind and i had a blaring sun.. so the difference..

        and if u insist, i mean i am fine with admitting that u are far better in taking pics 🙂 ab khushhhh.. 😀

        so u put this post to make ppl feel jealous? u are so so so mean dhiren bhaiyya..

        n for the record, that was mail with rakhi wishes ❗ ha ha ha…

  6. Saritha says:

    Nice picture of pigeon,i have tried many times to take the snaps of the birds,by the time i zoom in they fly off.

    So in your free time u r modelling for jeans and bata chappals 😉

  7. Deeps says:

    Hey,Hitchy,Chambal looks heavenly.I hvnt been to munnar yet but I did feel it was someplace in South India.
    You sure seem to be having a relaxing time on one side..but y hvnt u shown your other side of the face…Ohhhh, is it because that side is frowning&fuming because of all the rakhis you’ve had to tie?? 😈 :mrgreen

  8. Smita says:

    lol @ the last pic. Some guys can be so mean!!!!

    But loved that Chambal waali snap!! India is full of such beautiful locations but most of them are unexplored!!!

  9. Ashwathy says:

    beautiful pics!!!

    as for the last one, i m also relaxing like u so no point feeling ‘J’ 😉 anyway enjoy for the remaining few days…! remember to cherish every moment!

  10. umsreflections says:

    WOW ! Seems that you are thoroughly enjoying your vacation !!

    What a super pose !!! Totally relaxed and enjoying the whole time !!!

    Have a great time !! Eat on behalf of all of us, here, who are slogging out without any break.

  11. Ugich Konitari says:

    What a wonderful “Aaraam” pose ! Satiated after a bout of farsan, kadhi,khichadi, fafda, etc etc etc…….and someone calling and coming to you with a cup of pudina chai… 🙂

    Is this in the balcony of your house in Bharuch ? Enjoy.

  12. sunny says:

    looking, at first photo of pigeon, i thought post was on “Kabotaar Ja Ja JA” or “matakali”.
    But ,…

    Chambal still remains the best of lot!

  13. Indyeah says:

    *Warning for Dhiren *
    and I say this with all the concern of a sis Dhiren..
    please remove the last pic asap ..coz yo have no idea how many nazars you are getting for it 😀

    the leisurely nawaabi pose is making me J too 😛

    • Indyeah says:

      the second pic is beautiful Dhiren! 🙂
      the first one? 😮 I am still trying to understand the connection
      guess I will have to read TAra’s post to get it 🙂

    • Crafty Shines says:

      yeah indy……see…..
      jaale pe namak….hmfp….

      in front of hitchu, just lets pretend that we too are having fun, okie???

      indy and crafty try looking like ppl who are having an awesome time….
      they look like this – 😎 😎

      after a while, they look like this – 🙄 🙄

      then they look at each other n look like this – 😐 😐

      finally – 😥 😥


      last pic………

      *indy n crafty rolling of floor wanting a vacation*

      The KRS Drama Queens! tee hee!!!!

  14. Vimmuuu says:

    You evil sadistic maniac !!!! Why would you do something like that to us ????

    “the piegeon who sat above our bedroom window !!!” — did you click it or did someone click that while you were in your bedroom ??? 😉

  15. Crafty Shines says:

    pigeons! PAH!
    no! pic is cute….and sooper clarity…..
    i meant, the bird is very pah! they ruin my bedroom sill with multi coloured waste….sheee…… and in rains, it stinks…shee shee…

    i can live without that bird around….sparrows!!!!!! i LOVE them! sigh!

    That pic of Chambal!!! wowie!!!!!
    i wish i was travelling in that train! it looks sooper!!! very close to munnar it looks…u know, when the bus enters munnar and then it’s all uphill….and it reaches a a waterfall, after that u can see the
    way u came up….all green, in a mist! SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    some greenery, i am dying for some greenery hitchu…..
    from home, i can see buildings…from office, i can see buildings….that’s all i can see anywhere i look!

    *crafty muttering colourful language – indy comes and asks her to rinse her mouth n gargle with mouthwash and gives her a green meadows wala poster to stick on window*

    third pic!!!!

    GHOR ATTYACHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A day at work for crafty:
    she enters office and is wading through knee deep work….the tide rises high by evening and by night – tsunami!!!!crafty is waving hands n feet trying to stay afloat….glug glug

    Day for Hitchu:
    Picture is worth a thousand words…..third pic….sigh…..

    Hobbes…me wanna chill out too……..WAILLLLLllllllllllll

    *crafty contemplates lying down like that on office balcony*

    tee hee! have fun hobbes!have a sooper vacation n come back with more snaps!!!

    *quite evident by the comment, which is less of comment n more of conversation, scratchy misses itchy*

    intehaan ho gayi intezaar ki……….

  16. scorpiogenius says:

    Well, fair attempt in photography. That Chambal shot really really surprised me. I appeared all too brown when I went through a few years beck. Is it the monsoon that changes the landscape?

    And it wouldn’t pass as Munnar to anyone who’d been there..;) Vagamon would be more similar.

  17. homecooked says:

    LOL at the last pic! You had to make others jealous 🙂 The other pics are beautiful! I wouldnt have guessed the 2nd pic was Chambal…but wasnt scammed that it was Munna either 🙂

  18. Pixie says:

    me back!! back back!!


    *evil laughter*

    am here once again to spam your comments!!

    where are u hitchu? wedding over? the pics are lovely!! 🙂 🙂

  19. Smitha says:

    Hitchy, I am so late at this post of yours! Even chambal is green in the monsoons! I have seen it all brown in every other season!

    Look at you relaxing! Unfair! All us poor people, being rushed off our feet and you are putting your feet up!!!!!!

    So how is your trip panning out? Hope you are having fun 🙂 Double chins and all that can be tackled once you get back by running after Deepika/Sonam 😉

  20. Indian Homemaker says:

    LOL ROFL 🙂 This is too, too (out of words) … I have been missing all this madness so much!
    It feels so good to be back – to argue, to laugh, to read mad posts and to roll your eyes at “Me first?”

    Amazing Chambal… I thought it was somewhere in Lonavla/Khandala! And the last picture is the ultimate 😆 I am sure anybody seeing that in their office will not burn with jealousy 🙂

  21. Crafty Shines says:

    *filling in for Hitchy*

    @ Neha and Thoorika:
    Hitchy is on a vacation… as i write this he is bhatkaoing with his family in reserves of Gir! He will be back by next week.

    Thank you, you will get more updates, as they happen. This is Crafty signing off on behalf HItchwriter. Have a nice day.

    *crafty ALWAYS wanted to say those last lines once in life*

  22. craftyshines says:

    Day: 14 Aug

    *crafty singing din jaa rahe hain, ki raaton ke saaye *

    oh hitchu, did i mention that everytime u take a vacation i will spam ur comment section?? no???

    gee…..must have slipped my mind! 😈


    miss u!!

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