Badshah of Bollywood !! yes thats me..

Now its official I have been awarded the Bollywood ka Badshah title. Kindly visit the link below and congratulate me.


All those you lost… he he he… remain resigned to your fate. Thats what happens when hitchy contests !!! he he he…. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:  


Dont blame me for this… blame Shilpa who organised this contest  !!! Here is the link :



Also I have to ask IHM what happened to your JKG contest ?? get to work … its unfair to leave things midway !!



105 thoughts on “Badshah of Bollywood !! yes thats me..

  1. craftyshines says:

    Crafty yahan aaha naache naache 😎
    Hitchu wahan aaha naache naache 😎

    Baaki saare bas dekhe dekhe 🙄

    hitchu partner….it’s been a while since the Ross Monika dance routine…


  2. craftyshines says:

    now for the the real n relevant comment:


    Bollywood Badshah gets only an award certificate???
    must to ask Shilpu for crown!!!!

    *crafty is teeli master*


    hi-five partner!!!! hugs!!!! that quiz was loads of fun!!!

    • Hitchwriter says:

      Oye its not a gift… Its an award for my filmitelligence… Finally bunking school and watching movies Paid off…

        • Hitchwriter says:

          It aint a secret… My mom knows… And hriday will also know once he starts understanding… I hope he doesnt study but enjoys life to the fullest…….

        • craftyshines says:

          @ Sandhya: tee hee Sandhya! with hitchu, chances are that he will personally make sure Hriday bunks and has a whale of a time!!! 😆

          ur question above reminded me of this comment hitchu had left…. u read and decide!!! 😀 😀 😀

          @ hitchu: the week ahead is crazy with work…god knows when i will make it here in blog samaaj and at ur blog…thought i’ll make the most of now by making enuff random conversation!

    • craftyshines says:



      did i miss u???
      haudu!!!!! (yes!)

      shud u go away like this again??
      ille!!!! (no!)

      so what do i wanna say to u?
      thumba miss madhe ninna!!! (missed u lots!!)


      @ hitchu ( who is wondering what the hell happened here 🙄 )
      sorry….. yahan pe i did a chota sister reunion party in kannada….but i have provided transalations for ur benefit!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Hitchwriter says:

      Wot ???

      i havent seen news et all since a fortnight so not at all aware whats happening in the world…

      i Was on a 16 day vacation u c….

      • craftyshines says:

        i havent seen news et all since a fortnight so not at all aware whats happening in the world…

        Shahrukh was detained at the US airport for couple of hrs with some tedious questioning etc, and claims it was coz of his surname “khan”
        and the authorities gave him a tough time there…in short.

        this news was brought to u by crafty shines.

        For any more info, feel free to ping her. To enjoy uninterrupted services, pliss make ur payments now…Dish out the hugs….


  3. Smitha says:

    Hey Hitchy! You are BACK!!!!

    Congratulations!!! You certainly are the badshah of Bollywood :), though SRK may be ready to throw a fit. First a US official refuses to recognize him and then you get crowned the Badshah of Bollywood! Not fair 😉

  4. Pixie says:

    Anyways, r-typing the comment (of course its shorter now!!)

    Congrats on the crowing!! 😀
    And, welcome back!1

    how does it feel to be back in office?!! 😀 😀

  5. Pixie says:

    uff! hopeless today! Again spelling mistake!
    there! got it right finally!!

    Oh Forget it!

    *Pixie walks off disgusted with all the spelling mistakes*

  6. Ashwathy says:

    dhinchak dhinchak!!! 😀 welcome back, hitchu!! looking fwd to ur comments now! and i m presuming ur vacation didnt make u forget ur blog addiction for one bit… since u plan to return to it with gusto! 😀

    and wot a way to come back… bang with an award! * me whistles in true indian ishtyle * :mrgreen:

    lol @ crafty’s enthusiasm on having u back! 🙂 too cute!

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