What a year !!!!


A year ago… around July my most frequented website Betapet.com (a ascrabble site and a wonderful one at that) stopped working. It was a scrabble site which was my most visited site and it helped me combat recession and my changing mind which wanted to change the job again and again. The scrabble would keep my thoughts away and I would think of ratings rather than interviews. It was a pretty good place with lots of people knowing me and lots of people ready to play with me !!!!


I never had to wait in betapet.com for a table… !! Suddenly one day the site went  **POOOOF** it just  wouldnt work and we kept trying for 3-4 days without luck… a lot of friends didnt even exchange emails and I lost touch of many. It now only works in Swedish language but English version stopped. However of the few I did keep in touch with Ranu introduced me to blogging… I have told this story many times but I would still tell it again… if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be blogging… and she assured me she would read me always… she does… dont you ranu ?? do comment from time to time… !!! PLEASE !!


I wrote my first post on cricket and so started this remarkable journey … a journey that has given me unbelievable friends, jovial moments, laughter, moments of thougtfulness, crazy times and what not… !! 😀 😀 😀


When I started writing, somewhere inside me, something told me that I could earn a fortune out of this or I would very soon become a famous writer, a celebrity most probably … none of that happened or is likely to happen. 😛 😛


Anyways but thankfully I found the most wonderful people I could ever hope to find…. had it not been for all the friends I found here… I dont think I would have survived two plus years in Indore.


Having shifted to Indore 2 years back, I still probably havent accepted this city as my home or embraced its people… I have not made one friend in over 2 years in Indore… apart from the shop-keeper, milk man ( only i m awake when he comes), our bike washer  and our watchman mostly no one knows me here… some neighbours in our building share a smile but I havent been too out going or friendly with anyone …  !!!! I myself cant believe that for a guy who has so many friends in Bharuch how come I havent made a single friend here… !! I have decided consciously this year onwards it has to change… !!!!


But this blogosphere is where i found my friends… this is my adda… this is where i have made tons of friends… !!!!! You guys are the treasures that i love and value the most !!!!!


Going back to my blogging, eventually after cricket I wrote about politics… Raj Thackrey being the first target… at that point i couldnt stand him… not that i can stand him now… but i was largely writing about cricket and a few things i felt about life… then suddenly 26/11 happened and I started writing more and more about it and found similar blogs and people… that was one time I first wrote a poem in my life… I must confess I never understand most poems so I just write lovely or very beautfiful in comments… but I once did manage to write a poem !!!!!!! and thats when Usha and IHM got in touch and I found most of you guys from there… !!!! here is the poem.. 😀 😀 (  Please do read… ! )


Over time I got bored of the serious stuff… and slowly started loving making fun of people in comments… and as friendships developed and I started becoming comfortable with more and more friends the comments banter began… !!!! Now i try consciously not to write too much of serious stuff… I come to my blog to laugh… to make people laugh and to have a good time… !!!! This is my adda… i come here to rejuvenate… to chill !!!!! to pull legs and get my legs pulled !!!!!!!!! lol … !!!!!!!!!!! its amazing at times you hang out your leg… so some one will pull it !!!!! lol 😛 😛 😛


 Over a period of time I have developed special special friendships and relationships. Touch wooood !!!!!!! 🙂


Some of my favourite posts and most likely a lot of you havent read them are : (read if you have nothing to do, first two are on cricket and no points for guess that.

1.) The greatest Indian match winner

2.) The prince of Kolkatta

3.) I want a daughter …. oh yea ? have 3 sons !!!!

4.) No daughters still.. but No complaints !!!

5.) Sunday Coook

6.) Silly just got sillier

7.) No maid.. ? be careful buddy !!

A bit of self promotion doesnt harm does it ?? 😛 😛


I finished one year on 11th august having posted 224 posts !!! in just 365 days !!!!! now now … I have had a lot to say and i have been hooked big time by this blogging bug… i can safely say blogging runs in my veins now… !!!!! I now blog totally for me and my enjoyment … I love all my blogging buddies… !!! who tease me calling me Bhaiya or Uncle.. some call me MY Dhiren !! whatever you call me.. Hitchy or Hitchu (Crafty’s discovery)  all of you are special special part of my life… !!!!!! i cant stop saying this again and again… and yes I aint stopping this first first game at your blogs anytime soon and hope to get more and more people hooked with it… blame me or get irritated with me… I gotta do it !!!! he he he :mrgreen:


Guys I finished one year and i didnt announce it the same day !!!!! Imagine I spared you !!!!!!!!! he he now before i start again…… its better i stop so that we can start fun in the commenting… !!! coz that is always more better than the posts here… !! 😛 😛

183 thoughts on “What a year !!!!

  1. Saritha says:

    Congrats dhiren on completing one year,oh my god 224 in 365 days,great going yaar.

    Out of the 7 post u wrote i read all except the first 2 and u know why

    And you are the only one in blogsphere who loves to get his leg pulled.

    I could earn a fortune out of this —– all the friends of this blog samaj are jackpot to u right

    As always u wrote it so well dhiren opps my dhiren

  2. Smitha says:

    Congratulations!! One year, 224 posts in 365 days! That must be a record by itself!!!

    I have not read some of the posts you have listed – will jump there after commenting here 🙂 first things first 🙂

    ‘I come to my blog to laugh… to make people laugh and to have a good time… !!!! ‘ – Well, you do that extremely well. It is just not done – to come here and not laugh 🙂 You make our blog samaaj so much a better place 🙂 It is therapeutic to come to your blog 🙂

    And everything you say about blogging – all I will say is Amen! So true!

    Here’s to many more anniversaries and many more wonderful, feel good, laugh out loud posts 🙂

  3. Mystery says:

    OMG!224 posts in 365 days!!!! 😯
    i know by the time i write this, there would be 20 comments flooding in. isnt it?

    Of the 7 postss of yours, i guess i read all of them.. i guess i started following your blog from a long time, january i guess.. but then started commenting somewhere in March-april. So havent missed many of your posts 🙂

    so whats the aim for the no.of posts for the next year?

    • Mystery says:

      since swaram just did a knock-knock..i guess i am the 4th 🙂

      You were the one who coined the word blog samaaj and made this an entertaining thing 🙂 Keep posting and spread the smile across many faces…
      ok now..enough of praise..come down from wherever you are.

      I dint know if anyone called you Bhaiya? they just call you bhai..if thats what u like, i am always ready to call you Dhiren ‘bhai’ or rather uncle 😀

      • hitchwriter says:

        Nope there arent 20 comments… seems the popularity meter is waning !!! lol… 😛 😦

        You didnt comment for 2 months ???? you have to repay with interest now… !! and you still are a mystery… very lil i know about you… !! some day i have to catch up on gtalk !! you never seem online though !! 🙂

        no thanks i dont need bhaiya or uncle !! hitchy is cooool !! thanks mystery !!! 😛 😛 😛

            • kanagu says:

              here’s my helping hand.. !!!! 😀 :D..
              let’s fire something and call fire engine.. if this not works.. 😛 😛 😆

              • Crafty Shines says:

                ROFL!!! 😆

                hahahah!!!! okie…i’ll ask this friend of mine to cook something kanagu! everytime she cooks, its like something caught fire!!

                looks like we shudn’t put water on hitchu..we shud put hitchu in water!!!



                mystery! this is all ur doing!!!

                • kanagu says:

                  ROFL crafty… 😆
                  thats the best idea… put hitchy in water… ha ha ha… 😀
                  I think we will surely need ur friends help… hitchy cant be seen anywhere… ask her to cook quickly… meanwhile find hitchy and then we can put him in water… 😆
                  I agree crafty, its all due to mystery 😈

                  oh I have spammed with the same comments.. 😦 please delete the others dhiren bhai… I have misplaced them 😦

  4. oorja says:

    u r doing a great job.. making people laugh is the toughest thing to do.. and you do it so easily…

    may you keep on going…..

    bhaiya…. 😉

  5. Crafty Shines says:

    Good lord, A year??!!!!

    *crafty shaking head over how many months of knowing hitchu she missed*
    Ranu do u read comments here too? Then HUGS from me! U know why rite?!!

    HW : I am sure she reads.. but she just wont comment dont know whats got into her… !!!!!!

    a journey that has given me unbelievable friends, jovial moments, laughter, moments of thougtfulness, crazy times and what not… !!
    And we can say the same about u! there r ppl who probably know u longer than me, so they must be agreeing even more violently!!! 😛
    ROFL! U can’t say u are not a celebrity HItchu! Have u forgotten the Bollywood ka Badshah title??
    😀 hee!

    HW : oh yes !! how did i forget it. Tell you waht they dont even detain me on airports !!!!!!!!!! heee hawwwww !!!!!!!!!!

    I myself cant believe that for a guy who has so many friends in Bharuch how come I havent made a single friend here… !! I have decided consciously this year onwards it has to change… !!!!

    Wowie! That’s the spirit! I wud’ve killed to be ur neighbor! And then if I was…then the other ppl in ur locality wud’ve killed themselves 😆
    But erm….when u make friends na hitchu…..ummm….hmmm…

    Can i ever forget my treasures !!!!! NEVER !!

    You guys are the treasures that i love and value the most !!!!!
    Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ditto!!! And other such synonyms!

    to pull legs and get my legs pulled
    Hahahaha! I still remember ur suicidal post called “bhaiya mat kaho naa” 😀 😀

    HW : if there ever was a moment when i lost my mind… that was it… !!

    Over a period of time I have developed special special friendships and relationships
    AMEN!!!!! It’s wonderful here really! Just like u say, can’t believe ppl like this also exist! So many heartfelt words, such sooper relationships, so much concern….it’s incredible really! And I treasure u so so much hitchu, u know na? *crafty getting senti…nose getting watery…eyeing hitchu’s sleeve*

    I have already read 4, 5 and 7!!! Loved them…I think I left comments too? I loved the style of that maid wala post! ROFL!
    224 posts in 365 days!!!!! And ppl here think it’s a lot??? Baaki dinon ka kya??
    Crafty ka dil maange more!!! 😛 😛 😛

    HW : you are a real boost for my ego !!!!!! really !!!!!

    ROFL @ MY dhiren!!! Hahaha! Saritha!!!!! Even in next coming lives u will hear the echo of “MY dhiren” 😆 😆 😆

    HW : she is the only girlfriend i have made here… dont you tease her… !! please !!! 😛 😛

    I think I told u na how I started calling u hitchu? I was talking about u to bf and called u that…
    him:“u mean “hitchwriter? Hitchy? Same friend na?”
    me:“ya, so what did I say?”
    him: “u said hitchu”
    me: “accha?” 🙄 “Wow..okie…that’s just came on its own!! …but that’s better na?”
    him: haha….silly girl!!
    me: tee hee!!
    😀 😀 😀

    I shud ‘ve patented it! Easy money!!!! Cud have sat at home and simply blogged instead of doing a job! 😛

    HW : Geeeeeeeeeee patented and easy money ?????? sigh… wish wish… !!

    Of course u cannot stop the first first game! Retirement is far!!!! For Itchy and Scratchy!!! Must to dance as much as we can na hitchu??

    and when we do plan to retire, 🙄
    we will take applications from blog samaaj vaasis who wud like to carry on our legend…and choose them on basis of track record… I think swaram is good contender….no no, not nepotism coz she’s my is…she really is good! Hugs swaram!!!!

    HW : did i see tomatoes flying… lol… they will kill us… !!!! yes swaram is a pretty strong contender… STRONG being the key word !!!!!!

    yayie!!!!!!!!! Happy blog anniversary!
    me loves ur blog n loves the comment section here and loved the dances and hi-5 we do at other’s blogs and me loves u!

    I hope u get many more anniversaries and I hope to be around to write comments on each….and all the posts in between! 😀

    Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge…. todenge dum magar tera saath nahi todenge…. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Crafty Shines says:

    11th aug 2008!

    i was sitting in office sooper bored coz there was hardly any work!

    i didn;t have any friends in office….

    i was maha lonely n bored…

    sigh! it took so many months to find hobbes! now that i have….work khatam hi nahin hota!!!

    murphy’s law! pah!


  7. kanagu says:

    Congrats hitchy 🙂 great 🙂 me also celebrated the blog anniversary a few days back 🙂 224 posts in a year… amazing… I love ur posts and I will laugh out loud whenever I land on your blog either by post or by post or by both… and being a crazy cricket fan I am, I just now read the post on my favorite cricketer dada and our views on him is same.. 🙂 If you have sometime read about him in my blog 🙂 and I have missed some of your favorite posts… will catch them soon 🙂 and you have been awarded… have you comment on your last post… congrats again… blog samaj rocks 🙂

  8. snow says:

    haha congrats! that’s a record really 😛 “its amazing at times you hang out your leg… so some one will pull it !!!!! lol ” 😆 only you can come up with such ideas!!! LOL and true, i think your comment section is the most happening thing around hehehe keep going 😀

  9. R. Ramesh says:

    congrats on one year buddy…i dont know, i was laughing when u said this blog is my “hadda”. In navi mumbai we used to have our haddas..i used to meet lots of marathi journalists and we used to proudly call the place near apna bazaar the “footpath association.” thanks for your msg dear..cheers

  10. kanagu says:

    ROFL crafty… 😆 😆
    thats the best idea… put hitchy in water… ha ha ha… 😀
    I think we will surely need ur friends help… hitchy cant be seen anywhere… ask her to cook quickly… meanwhile find hitchy and then we can put him in water… 😆
    I agree crafty, its all due to mystery 😈

  11. monikamanchanda says:

    ROFL “could earn a fortune out of this or I would very soon become a famous writer, a celebrity most probably” i am glad u gave up there 😉

    but indeed it has made u famous we and our families all know u 🙂

    lol at got bored and i am so glad u did because else we all would have been bored

    i have read all those posts and that last one phew give me the credit i know it was me who was in bad shape at that time 😉

    congrats on finishing a year and heres many more to come

    And ROFL my dhiren 😉

    as u rightly said the comments are more fun so let me go and check them out now

    • hitchwriter says:

      abe teri to… its only me who is supposed to act all modest and say it was boring… you guys oughta say its so interesting why stop !!!!!!!! 😛 😛

      i m her dhiren !!!! for lives now !!!! lol 😛 😛

      atta gal… you read all… you deserve an award… !!

      That maid wala was inspired by you and smita !! lol 😛 😛

  12. Amit Pant says:

    you know how many times you said blogosphere means a lot to you in this post??? towards the end i was starting to think you gonna announce a blog sabbatical 🙂 thank god that is not the case:)

    congratulations for completing a year here! and here’s many more to come (i mean hope you keep the fun coming and keep enjoying being here)

    i agree with you on knowing none in the neighborhood and being happily busy with the virtual gangs here n there 😀

  13. masood says:

    Congrats dhiren.

    You bring freshness to blogging.

    Keep at it and may we have many such blog bdays…

    now wheres the party??? What…i said some good words as we agreed ….now wheres the biryani and desserts???


  14. Indian Homemaker says:

    Congratulations Dhiren 🙂
    I remember the poem, but going through it again 🙂

    Yeah you have forgotten all about some new terms you coined here, ‘blogsamaj’ is one, and mefirst/first?/…

  15. Ashwathy says:

    that poem is cute 🙂 i liked it…
    more importantly, to watch a post by hitchy having only nine comments? omg!! thats like impossible…
    i guess we all start somewhere 🙂

    24 posts in 365 days?? 😯
    * me looks for a place to hide *
    and all i write are 2-3 posts a month!! 😛 😛

    and u owe me one, dude. i have never EVER (so far alteast) called u dhiren bhai… or dhiru bhai… or any other bhai… OR uncle! 😀 😀

    cheers, dude! glad i know u!
    P.S.: no matter how much i tell u to stay away from blogging (to stop being addicted), we both know u wont… and YAY for that!!! 😀 😀 (((big hugs)))

    • hitchwriter says:

      there are posts with almost no comments… !! the star was only starting then…. !! he he…

      Dont you ogle please !!!!!!!

      I totally appreciate your not calling me names !!!!!! your a sweetheart you are… !!!

      i know i must sty away and i understand but its useless… i m helpless… lol 😀 😀


  16. Vimmuuu says:

    Heyy, happy Blog Anniversary buddy ! You started off blogging with your passion and so did I. You then stopped writing serious stuffs and wanted only fun, so do I. You love all these blog friends and these are the only friend circle you have now, so do I. Both of us are travelling in the same boat. No, we are travelling in the same cruise and we have a lot more crazy ones aboard with us !!! 😀 😀

  17. Neha Kapoor says:

    Kangaroolessons 😀
    I love your blog 😀

    Now, if you would meet me soon (to others: we both are in Indore but he refuses to meet me), you would have one real life friend in Indore too 😀 😆
    I promise you I’ll be a good kid 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      thankoooooooooos !!!!! for a moment i had no clue what kangaro lessons meant !!!! lol… !!! 😛 😛

      I never thought you actually wanted to meet me.. !! you never said so.. you only gave hints… !! lol… 😛 😛

      Lets meet up this weekend… what do you say !!! we should meet alone na… ??? for a candle light ??? huh ?? 😀 😀

      slurrrrp !!!!! he he he 😛 😛

      lets discuss this on PM (gtalk) !!!! 😀 😀 😀

  18. Badz says:

    Well well well Dhiren.
    Belated one year anniversary post.
    CONGRATS dear. 🙂

    And yes I’ve read ALL your post (even though I didn’t comment on all of them) when you went to your bro in law’s wedding and little brother’s engagement in bhuruch. 🙂

    I must say I love reading your work and my favourite type of posts from you are of Hriday and your wife (basically family posts). 🙂

    Well Dear. By the end of your blog year 2, I expect you to have a total 365 posts. 😉 What say?? 😀

  19. Solilo says:

    Hitchy, You were one of the first bloggers I “met” along with IHM and OG. I was blog hopping and saw a yum recipe posted on your blog and I commented on it. I think it was Poori-Aloo or something like that. You said that you returned from your native and this is the food you had there or at the station. (don’t remember clearly)

    Then I forgot about it and you commented on mine. I was not much into blog hopping then because I wasn’t sure of blogging. But slowly it became fun and met more bloggers.

    You had a fabulous one year of blogging! May you have many many more. Keep spreading cheer like always. 🙂 (I can’t believe that I am writing some nice words for you. Koi nahin will pull your leg on twitter.)

    • hitchwriter says:

      Oye i was one of the first !!!!!!!!! and i didnt even know it !!!!!!!

      like they sing… ” tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi… ” 😀 :angel:

      Sols !!! that post was about the rasawala batata nu shaak.. that only gujju’s would miss… !! lol… 😛 😛 we cant survive without that.. ! 😛 😛

      Like i mentioned… i allow you to pull my leg so that you feel happy… !!! so much for your leg pulling skills… bah…

  20. Sandhya says:

    Congratulations, Dhiren! Hope you read my comments here or are you still in the sky, floating?!!

    I met you first through my ‘musical tag’ post. Then I have become an addict to your posts. I need lot of time to finish reading your ‘comments’ column, than your post! Whenever, your new post is highlighted in my blog, I mostly, come here to read, immediately. Like now, around 90 comments will be there, for me to read!

    I always enjoy and feel happy to read your post and comments. I have to read just 1 post, you have highlighted here.

    Like I said sometime back, in one of my comment, you are the only person, I feel free to tease and feel free to get teased back!

    Long live Dhiren, Hitchu, Hitchy….and our blog samaaj!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Me floating always.. but have eyes like an eagle.. so can read everything !!!!!

      Like I said sometime back, in one of my comment, you are the only person, I feel free to tease and feel free to get teased back!

      thats the best compliment i got Sandhya !!!!!!! thanks buddy !!!! 😀 😀 and now yu have asked for it… !!!! so BEWARE !! on your guard !!!!! 😛 😛

  21. sioneve says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I had wondered about the birthday candles you had on your banner for the last couple of weeks! Now I know! 🙂

  22. Ranu Chakraborty says:

    Yeah Dhir I do read each and every one of your posts and Congrats for completing one full year and keep having a blast!!!

    All the best !!!

  23. Pixie says:

    The journey for each one of us has been remarkable and unique! 🙂

    HW : yes pixie… remarkable, unique, eventful and most rewarding !!!!

    Ah! But, you are a celebrity amongst us!
    A sweetheart and a staunch Friend! 🙂

    HW : Time to float !!!! there i goo….

    and yea, we are wonderful aren’t we?!! hehe!

    HW : WE ?? you mean other than me you are wonderful as well ????? ohh.. err…. well if you say so… !! 😛 😛


    Aww.. Hugs! Hope you make loads of friends in Indore as well!!

    This blog-adda is awesome! (Touchwood!)
    Beautiful poem 🙂

    Anything you write, we will read Hitchu. See, even that non-post which you wrote which
    had no pauses inbetween was read faithfully by most of us!! 😛 😛

    HW : what do you mean faithfully… each word i write is a pearl… you ought to read… !!!


    I am fashionably late here!! :mrgreen:

    HW : you werent late… you were lazy… last night !!

    I am so glad I stopped lurking on your blog and started commenting which has now slowly become spamming!! 😀 😀

    I am really glad that I stopped by IHM, because I guess it was thru her blog, I discovered all you wonderful people!! 🙂 🙂


    HW : {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  24. Rakesh says:

    224 posts in 365 days??? Wow!!! Consider that out of 365, you’ve got 52 weekends and then a month of annual leaves, a week of sick leaves, and still you’ve got 224 posts… Add to that your comments

    Only if your boss see’s this… 😀 he he…

    And read that poem, good work Dhiren. We were all so emotional at that time.

    I earlier used to write only once every month or so but dunno somehow after meeting a lot of new friends and developing friendships, I got hoooked on… I post frequently enough and more so, I am visible in the comment space a lot more 🙂 Especially your ‘chat room’ 🙂


    PS. Where’s the party?

    • hitchwriter says:

      geeeeeeee Rakesh only you thought of my boss !!!!! isme se kuch jalne ki boooo aa rahi hai !!!!!!! 😉

      lol… !!!!!!

      party… !???? didnt you see the BURP above >>>???? huh 😀

  25. umsreflections says:

    Thats a loooooot of posts in just one year. Anyway, what matters is that you had so much to write (rant, ramble, blabber, whatever….) and we all had the guts to read and comment. I still remember the post which you wrote without even a full stop in between. My God ! that was the ultimate post. But it was great fun reading so many of your posts – as you said that your main idea is to enjoy in this blogosphere and thats exactly you are doing.

    Congrats to Hitch ! 100th post is mile stone and My best wishes to you for keep on blogging and making us all laugh and enjoy and share this wonderful banter called comments.

  26. Deeps says:

    Happy blog-birthday to you…happy blog-birthday to you..happy bloggy bloggy bloggy birthday,happy birthday to you!!!
    Hitchy,may you treat us to even more of such wonderful posts!

    Great to see you back,re 🙂

  27. Parul says:

    Congrats hitchy, on a year full of blogs and comments and comments and comments 🙂
    I just finished reading the blogs on your fav list (except for first 2, I am not a big cricket fan, sorry !!)
    Loved all the remaining though 🙂

  28. Purvi says:

    Glad to know how much you’ve gained from the ‘blog samaj’ and how you adore it.
    Let’s hope that I’ll also survive the fast growing blog-world with my poor writing skills 😛
    As you know I’m new to blogging but…I have the similar feelings for flickr. I’ve made so many friends there, whom i haven’t met and very few chances of ever meeting them (since most of them are in different countries ) … i still feel that i know them.

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