Un-Training… bah…


How important is training or should I use the more civilised term education for little children… the way things are in India and the way the courses and syllabus’es are designed leaves a lot to be desired… and this mad rage to get their own children first… its quite annoying to me…


I proudly say I never came first… but I understood most things… I always had my hands raised when a teacher finished telling a story and asked questions from what she just had narrated… !!


Recently had been to Bharuch and saw a friends daughter being grilled to the limit in studying… I couldnt believe what I saw… she was 5 months older than Hriday but they are in the same class. They were in the same class rather… now that Hriday came to Indore he is in CBSE board while that school follows ICSE Board…


When I first saw Hriday writing directly cursive handwriting I was bemused. I think when I learnt I wrote cursive only after 1st standard. Here in KG-I or junior kg they taught cursive writing direct. Fair enough Hriday wrote quite well… he liked studying… I hated seeing him with his books and that led to him going after me more so … he wanted me to teach him to write and I wanted him to play with his remote car… !!


Anyways coming back to that friends daughter… She has spellings like “Fountain” “greenery” etc in Senior KG… about 90 spellings… the other day my friend gave her dictation to her and she got all 90 right. She gets spanked by her mother if she gets wrong.  ( I advised my friend as much as I could to stop this urgently but to no avail. I hate it when kids are beaten. It only means one thing, the parents lost patience and nothing else.  )


She even has history !

Questions like : When did we get our independence ?

Answer : We became Independent on 15th August 1947.  ( she has to write such answers !!!!!! Just Imagine !!! )


She even has Maths !! 1 + 1 = 2 already addition !!!!!!


For Christ Sake !!!!!!!!!! is anyone listening !!!!!!


Junior KG !!!!!


Holy Moly this is a 5 year old kid !!!!


writing question and answers !!!!!!

 Additions !!!!

Substration !!!!!!

History !!!!!

General Knowledge (Environment) !!!!!! (this is still ok..) plus languages… Hindi and English !!!!!!!!


 I cant believe it… the worst part is my friends wife is obsessed with getting first rank for her daughter.. My friend successfully failed 2 times in 10th and 5 times in S.Y.B.com before giving up. Somehow his wife is bent upon not having the same thing to happen to their daughter.  The kid is grilled.. her mom has several sets of test papers prepared and zeroxed from their office….. everyday she is given a few sets of papers to solve… !!!!!!!!!! She does solve them all and comes first…. My question is how long…?? how long before the kid hates studies… hates books… hates her Mom !!!!!!! seriously !!


I couldnt believe it and in no uncertain terms I told my friend Please dont torture the kid… !! While we were alone I even blasted him how can you let the kid be tortured like that… !!!!!! Sigh butthe Mom won’t have any of him…


The Mom is intent on getting first rank… !! And can anyone tell me why is there so much burden on the 5 year old kid…  and who designs all these curriculums ?? huh ?? He needs to be given a piece of my mind… really !!!!


I m thankful Hriday just has numbers and 3 letter words… and I am in no hurry to teach him anything more… I wouldnt mind if he comes last one bit… I hope he comes last… if anything I hope he enjoys playing… drawing… learns swimming… skating etc… !!!! Studying can wait… seriously and honestly… !!


Just recently I came back from vacation and his mom is like lets do homework on Sunday and make up for lost time… !!!!


I was very clear to my son !!!


Sunday = Holiday !!! No Home work….


Its not the kids fault that his dad’s brother decided to marry and he had to take holidays … !! absolutely not his fault… !!! My wife will not agree on this… I am sure once I am gone from the house… the kid will be grilled a bit… !! But its unfair on the kid… really…


Enough of training and education I say… let the kids play and have fun…. seriously !!!! I know training (education as you all call it) is necessary but its not the end of the world is it ?????


Seriously some creativity needs to be put into the curriculum of these kids… seriously !!!!

93 thoughts on “Un-Training… bah…

  1. Swaram says:

    I too feel very bad when I see this happening with the kids 😦

    I feel so happy to be brought up the way I am! When I used to say exams Mamma, lemme nt go to the dance/music class n study, she ws the one who used to take me along saying it helps me relax n hw true! Thank God they never allowed me to just be a book worm 😦 I just hope parents leave this kinda insanity where they want the kids to be first in class!

    • hitchwriter says:

      a lot of people have this obsession… !! and the educations system also needs a complete revamp especially the kintergarden and pre-primary… its needs to be a lot more interactive and lighter…

  2. shraddha@theselfloveproject says:

    this is a very real problem..even here in US…IF you google ‘junior kumon’…..it will show you how we asians( indians, pakistani, chinese et al) are crazy go getters types…the tutoring starts at 2!!

    its crazy crazy crazy

    sorry for the confusion on my new blog…hence forth from newer posts..it will like tyical wordpress blog…

    i have just moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org as i want to monetize it by 2010…i know i am ambitious!!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I felt really sorry for the kid… she even goes to tutions… !!!

      I just kept buying her chocolates… and once took her to our house to play in our garden… !!

      thats where they belong… in the garden.. not on the dining table taking dictations.. sigh…

  3. snow says:

    haha it looked like i’m reading a post written by my dad! lol 😆 he never lets us study one day before the exam, in fact, takes us out for an ice cream treat! now it’s become sort of a good luck ritual, cuz it’s a wonder how we still manage to score in top 3.. it’s embarrassing telling your friends that your dad doesn’t let you study lol 8) i can soooo imagine Hriday’s situation lol

    • hitchwriter says:

      in some regards my mom was also cool.. although she wanted me to study… I remember in our board exams woudl get over at 5 and everyday I would play cricket till it got dark… even on paper days… Mom thought it would recharge my batteries… it did.. I think… !!!! 😎

      i really hate to see him with books but at times have to keep quiet coz my wife glares at me… ! 😦

  4. Parul says:

    That’s so sad about your friend’s daughter. So much pressure and at this young age? I won’t be surprised if the kid just grows up hating studies all together so bad that at one point the pressure and all strictness from parents will be of no use !!
    Parents do need to understand their own kids and treat them like kids and not like some superkids, who are just there to live the parents’ expectations.

  5. sakshi says:

    Ok present sir!!!! Finally here to see what all that wife strangulation was about only to find a great dad!!

    I think this is one of the few things as of now I like about USA. The kids are hardly made to study anything here. My husband was aghast to know that our son will be taught only 1 to 20 in his play school. Yeah my husband thinks Math and Physics is the only keys to enlightenment and a peaceful life :(. (the peaceful part comes from the fact that I am a zero in both the subjects and he thinks that is the reason I ended up being a crack pot).

    I am so sad to hear abt your friends daughter. I am sure the kid is gonna burn out in a few years with all that pressure.

    • Smitha says:

      Sakshi, it is the same here in the UK. And most of our Indians, are majorly worried because their children just play in school ! Some bring the whole syllabus of the current year and teach them at home!

      • sraboneyghose says:

        Here too (Singapore)…Most Indians send their children to Indian schools as they think nothing is taught at International ones …Even those who send their kids to International Schools buy CBSE books (even in Nursery) and get their kids to study them…I think this only confuses the little tykes…My daughter goes to an International School where she learns while having fun…

        Also, I feel most Indian parents enroll their kids for too many after school enrichment classes – I know KG kids who go to one class or the other 6 days a week! No outdoor play time for them…

        Have you ever wondered if the people who top their classes end up doing well in life?

        • Smitha says:

          I agree Bones. So many children are just spending time in one class or the other.. I think international schools are much better – their teaching and syllabus is much more to suit the children’s growth pattern, rather than stuffing them with information that they will never use 😦

        • hitchwriter says:

          why do w eIndians want to come first in ranks I never will understand…

          I hear the number of people going from school to university is pathetic.. still they are ahead… !! wonder wonder… !!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Noted Sakshi madam !! and it wasnt a strangle… if anything she is fully capable of strangling me.. !!!

      I m hoping my brainwashing works and my friend puts a stop to this study abuse on the child… !!!

  6. Smitha says:

    Hitchy, Believe it or not – I was debating on doing a post like this – very similar. Agree with you totally. I was a bookworm – but a bookworm who devoured books which she liked.. and that was because I liked it – not because somebody was pressurising me. My parents gave me incentives( read new books ;)) to make me aim higher.. but that was it. I remember some of my classmates, who had really pushy parents. They performed very well initially – and then it all went down the drain.

    There were 2 of my classmates who got a ‘double promotion’. That concept is weird – and not followed any more. But those days, it was a huge honour. It meant that they would skip a whole year and jump to the next standard. Now whn I look back – I am amazed that such a thing even existed! Surely, there is a pace at which a child should develop. How could educators think that a child could be ‘rewarded’ by skipping a class??? It beats me!

    Anyways, going back to these two, they performed very well initially but burnt out by the time they reached high school. Even then, I remember thinking – what a shame! They might have maintained their performance if they had not been pushed too much, at that early stage.

    Just a few days back, I was talking to a friend who was taking her child out of the day care nursery and putting her in a ‘pre-school’. She was telling me that it would be very difficult for them, the pre-school is only for 3 hours in a day, so she would need to find a child minder for the rest of the time(both of them are working). So I asked her why wasn’t she continuing her in the day care, surely that would be easier, was the day care not good? She said the day care was good, but they were not ‘teaching’ her anything. No A, B,C,D it seems!!!!! That child is 2.5 years old – not even that. I don’t understand what is the great hurry in teaching her abcs. Surely, that can wait. No, they still feel that it is important for her to ‘learn’, even if it means pulling her out of an environment she likes, and has enjoys. Even if it means that she will be spending 1/2 her day with a childminder – who, they are not even happy with – just so that the child ‘learns’!

    I don’t ‘teach’ Poohi anything. Anything she picks up – is by what she hears and through play. And yet, she has picked up a fair bit. She ‘drew’ me an ‘M’ the other day! There is after all, plenty of time for her to ‘learn’!

    Such a relevant post, Hitchy. Why don’t we just let kids be kids..

  7. Smitha says:

    And Hitchy, Hriday is really lucky to have you as a Dad 🙂

    The worst thing is to have parents who are so competitive that they forget that it is their child that they are flogging like a donkey 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      Frankly I want him to be a cricketer or a sports person or a music artist or something like that… but at the same time I dont want to tell him to be that…

      the most I can do is to provide him proper understanding till he reaches 12-15 years of age… and let him experience everything till then so that he can than decide for himself where he wants to go in life… !!

      but i just want one thing… that he earns his livelihood doing something he enjoys… !! unlike me…

      and Ashwathy may keepy saying to me start loving what you are doing… but it sounds logical but improbable…

  8. Monika says:

    I wish we have more parents who think like u, this whole thing sucks.

    I hate such pressures and education system and one of the top most thing that I have in mind when I am looking for a school for Ojas is a place which does not put such pressures on the kids. Ideally till about 5th or 6th there should be no homework at all. If u cant teach a normal healthy kid what he needs to learn when he is in school for about 5 hours then what good are u anyways?

    U know one of my friends she used to have unit test in LKG, can u beat that????

    • hitchwriter says:

      I always thought people who were born in the 60’s and 70’s were luckier than us… in regards they played more and were more closer to nature…

      similarly we were better off than our kids… the world was less competitive and we were more outdoor…

      generations gaps these…

      but really we need to change a few things… certain things must remain… like running in grounds… jumping in the water… catching butterflies… plucking mangoes… riding bicycles… picking stray puppies and kittens…


  9. Rakesh says:

    Seriously, I never understood what was so important about getting maximum marks and coming first. At the end of the day, I knew as much as the topper, even though I was a few percentage behind…

    But all my teachers thought I could easily get first rank if I studied hard. I used to say – Jai Santoshi Maa – I’m santusht satisfied. Isn’t this what you should be in life.

    Even Yuvaan and Hayaa were put into play school just because they get bored at home… And they don’t study, they enjoy draw, sing in play school and he comes home and tells me…

    “I love you, You love me, we are one happy family” in his own croocked English 🙂 I’ll put up the video soon.

    I wish my son takes up trekking and I can accompany him to treks in the jungles in Malaysia… But my wife doesn’t like the idea too much. She tells me that on Friday, sit and teach him fruits and animals (She’s put a poster in the room). I tell her not to bother coz. I haven’t seen a single kid who doesn’t know what is a dog or what is an apple. They ultimately learn sooner or later.

    Let’s hope I prevail over my wife 😉 (But is highly improbable) 😦

  10. Ashwathy says:

    My friend successfully failed 2 times in 10th and 5 times in S.Y.B.com before giving up. Somehow his wife is bent upon not having the same thing to happen to their daughter.
    😐 😐 i think u answered ur question urself. ur friend’s wife is hell bent on seeing that the mistake is not repeated in the next generation… but this is like going too far. as u said, the kid will end up hating studies before too long.

    yes kids today have far more to study than we ever did. and the weight of their schoolbags is enuff to bend their spines. addition, subtraction, cursive writing in junior KG… good grief!

    u seem to b the other extreme tho… i’ve met very few dads like u…
    I wouldnt mind if he comes last one bit… I hope he comes last… if anything I hope he enjoys playing… drawing… learns swimming… skating etc… !!!! Studying can wait… seriously and honestly… !!
    i’d say a healthy mixture is best…. so that his interest develops in studying as well as extracurricular activities.
    with the emphasis ppl place on education all-alone, nobody bothers abt all round development of the child into an intelligent, well-behaved, talented personality…
    its all the pressure of tuitions, exams, extra classes, school, studies, testpapers, unit tests…etc etc

    i feel sorry that the kids of the next generation are losing their innocence very earlier and being prepared for the “real world” 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      The father failed doesnt mean the kid will…

      and the father does quite well in their multi million pharma factory and secures some very neat sales !!!!!!

      I am at this project… I want stop brain washing my friend… !!

      just hope i succeed… !!

      • Ashwathy says:

        The father failed doesnt mean the kid will…
        agree with u on that 100%. we dont always need to follow the path of our parents… for good or for bad.
        but i guess this wont seep into ur friend’s wife’s head… 😐

  11. Ordinary Guy says:

    totally agree dude!!!

    so much pressure is put on the kids nowadays……. Thankfully Hriday has dhirubhai as his dad 😛 😛 😛

    but that kids mom is over the tops….. seriously……….

  12. Praveen says:

    First of all, I came here cos Ashwathy pointed me here after I wrote a post on this subject todayy..
    and this was what I was looking for.. a parent who lets his/her child to be what he wants to be…rather than forcing all their whims and fancies on their happless child..
    I have only pity for ur frend’s wife n child ..its sad that people dont realise the pointlessness of it all..creativity is suppressed and children are thrown into the vicious circle of competition just when they r 3 years old..sad state of affairs

  13. kanagu says:

    Some parents are obsessed with this first rank syndrome… Instead of learning this kids brains are stuffed up with things.. 😦 I am really worried and I love to see that kid playing… when she can do that… ? as you have said education can wait… there is enough time to do that…

    and Hriday has got a great father… and I am sure he will become a great guy 🙂

  14. Kislay Chandra says:

    Have they seen Taare Zameen Par ? Did they learn anything from it ? I have first hand experience of what forcing someone to study , and nagging them incessantly does . I have a cousin , who , thanks to her mother , is now battling with her studies , in her 17th year of life . I was written off as a waste of all natural resources because I couldn’t crack IIT-JEE .

  15. sioneve says:

    In grade 1, my daughter had the word ‘rendezvous’ in her spelling test. I wanted to yell at her teacher: “Hello – that’s NOT English!”
    Can I say that I hated school?? I despised fitting the box and always doing the right thing.
    And now my kids are at school, I hate it once again. I wish I could home school my kids…it would be SO much better because I would teach them things in context. For example, lets go and plant some flowers and explain plant biology while we do it. Lets go and build something and explain measuring and angles while we do it. Lets look at the sky and think about the atmosphere and lets look at how rainbows are made. Explain things in context and make them interesting instead of this compartmentalised rubbish!
    ARRRGGGHHHH! School makes me so frustrated! And competitive parents who live vicariously through their kids make me want to scream and poke their eyes out! I had such parents and I was always a disappointment and look at what a raving looney I am now!!!
    See Hitchwriter…now you’ve touched a nerve and I could rant all day!
    But I won’t. Thanks for listening and letting me vent!! 🙂

  16. Meira says:

    Goodness! I would ensure that my child never meets such lunatics! I really like your thoughts…and believe that we should help a child develop a liking for gaining knowledge, and not mug answers to vomit them out on paper!

    • sioneve says:

      Meira, if your child goes to school, you will come across these lunatics all the time. And it doesn’t matter where you live…India, US, UK, Australia – wherever – you will come across the Alpha-Mothers (and it usually is mothers) who live through their children completely – their child’s victory is their victory – it proves their superiority as a mother – their child’s ‘failure’ (because no being top-dog is considered failure) is their failure and impacts their egos. As you can see…this makes me very mad!! 🙂

  17. anjugandhi says:

    we have robbed our children of their childhood. as soon as the child has become slightly matured ( few months) parents start teaching them . many a parents think that the more your small kid knows ,the better parents you are. a new funda these days to send less than 2 years old to send to nursery schools. if that is not enough parents try to feed the child every thng possible, alphabets, numbers, hindi english poems, religious mantras etc etc after all their child has to be the best
    so much pressure is put on small kids to get first rank. imagine KG children getting tensed and overstressed because of exams, marks and ranks
    not only that parents of such small children are more anxious than their children.
    and if by chance the child is not upto the expectation of the parents then , poor child he is surely going to have it but may be his parents may also skip a meal or two because the child dint fare so well

    • hitchwriter says:

      I have infact personally seen that most of the first rankers in kintergarden and pre primary and primary actually lost steam by college…

      where as the ones that really enjoyed their life… ended up quite well and a lot more satisfied.. !!

  18. Mystery says:

    what you wrote is so true Dhiren..
    These days everyone is pressurizing kids at such an early age.. recently i saw a school which in an advertisement said that they give IIT coaching from 5th standard itself…iit coaching for a 5th standard kid!!!!! he might have been 10 years old and doesnt even know what an IIT is..
    teaching all the subject in junior K.G is the limit..Yes i agree that at such an early age they catch things easily and learn many things but that doesnt mean we have to ask them to learn everything at that age itself..

    “I am in no hurry to teach him anything more… I wouldnt mind if he comes last one bit… I hope he comes last… if anything I hope he enjoys playing… drawing… learns swimming… skating etc… !!!! Studying can wait… seriously and honestly… !!”
    Hope more parents will think like this..

  19. Purvi says:

    I totally agree with you…. kids so be allowed ‘to be kids’ :/
    I hate this education system where every one is suppose to get good numbers and prove themselves by that only.
    Such people should be made to watch ‘Tarre zameen par’ again and again …until they really understand the message… it’s not only about the challenged kids… each one is unique and that’s why should be allowed to explore his/herself rather than trying to fit them in the regular box by hook-or-crook.

  20. umsreflections says:

    First of all, dont be surprised to find more and more ppl like your frnd and his wife, in this world. Its absolutely stupid to expect 1st rank from your kids all the time. What is lost in the ensuing journey ??? Its the happiness to live life. These ppl are more intent on percentages than basic manners, moral values – which according to me matter most.

    The Indian Education System is in very bad state and is very much in need of repair by ppl with great values and the heart to allow children to play. Lets hope that the road is not too far.

    You can also read my prev blogs, written on similiar lines


  21. oorja says:

    even if half of the parents understand even quarter of this post… then we have hope…. 🙂

    poor kids… why can’t adults understand that the kid is learning everything he/she sees around.. not just study material..but also… life and behaviour..
    everything for the kid is a learning experience only.. and kids are naturally motivated learners.. they like learning and experimenting.. only when not pressurised and made a compulsion…..

    and are those so called achiever parents totally happy with what they have done as they are stressing it on their kids..

    i am sure when my turn comes i will go easy on my kid… 😀

  22. Deeps says:

    brilliant post,Dhiren…I hear you,my friend and agree verbatim to all that you’ve said here.My heart goes out to that little girl.I’ve seen parents going overboard with expectations and their obsession to have their children stay on ‘top’ in the race and nothing less,mind you! its a real sorry state.
    More than the want to have the kids get ahead it becomes an issue of status,prestige!
    I commend you for your attitude,Hitchy.Seriously theres nothing wrong in not standing first in class…what is important is that the child grasps what is being taught in the class and applies in his life as and when necessary.

    So Sunday is a holiday….no doubt..I hope all parents start thinking like you do!they will be doing a huge favour to their kin!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I perhaps go a bit over-board… but i hated studies and hated rules and systems…

      i just hope my son learns to reason…

      I need to ask why to everything… and i hope he does too…

  23. masood says:

    What you said about parents loosing patience is so true and relevant.

    Kids are so overburdened these days. My nephew is 6 yrs old and in 1st grade. Sometimes his bag is heavier than my laptop bag!!!! Thats the number of books he is required to take school every day. Crazy it is.

    Education is necessary. But there is a time for everything. Right said, somethings can wait.

    I would loooov it if my kid sits on the last bench, gets thrown out of class for mischief, comes home dirty by playing on the play ground, me getting calls from school etc etc…coz that is all that I did. And I don’t think I turned out too bad. So, to all those loser parents who think their kids coming first in class is the only thing that matters….it is only your ego rather than a child development issue. So beat it. And let your child enjoy his/her childhood.

    • hitchwriter says:

      my logic is very clear on that fact..

      the parents that beat their children dont have patience..

      education is necessary no doubt… but like you said… even i was always standing outside the class… missing classes for cricket practice… and its ok… i m doing reasonably well…

      infact most of the biggest trouble makers of our class are great successes… !!!!

  24. shilpa says:

    I have very strong views about this. Growing up I have seen parents put their kids through the wringer all their life and the kids failing miserably(on purpose) just to spite the parents.

    “how long before the kid hates studies… hates books… hates her Mom” not very long Hitchy! It is high time parents stop projecting their dreams, their failures, their expectations on kids. Let them live a little. Its hard enough that theres so much peer pressure these days to be a certain way, why increase the kids’ stress by pressuring them to perform right from when they can start wriggling their fingers?

    Kudos to you Hitchy!

  25. Saritha says:

    This is what i think so,do these kids at this younger age had to learn cursive writting.I wrote this on smitha’s blog before,when i came here my daughter was in UKG and she didnt know what is cursive writting and it was a shock for her when she had to learn cursive writting and too she was made to learn all the alphabets which other kids learnt in lkg in a months time.On top of it her teacher used to show me other kids cursive writting and said how well other kids are writting and ur daughters hand writting is bad.Believe me i never forced on her,i told her when you feel like writting u write,poor girl learnt cursive writting in 2 months time.These all had affected her confidence,she became quite in the class which was opposite of what she was in india.

    I don’t remember my mom telling me to study,i always used to score 60% not more than that and i never felt my mom wanted us to aim high,she knows what is our capability and never ever forced us to study.

    Wish all the kids have dad like you and my hubby,he never ever cares what my daughter is studying,for him it is only playing,outing and eating.

    Few days back i met a indian doctor who is settled in USA and she said her daughter studies 8th standard and can do 10th standard maths.She has put tutions for her daughter so that she will be on par with the students in india.I asked whether it is required,she says the kids in USA are very behind and i want my daughters to be on par with the kids from india.

    Recently my kid brought a GK paper for quiz in which he has know who is afghanistan pm etc,i didn’t bothered to make her learn and after the quiz she came and said most of her classmates answered all the questions and why you didn’t tell me.

  26. Mridul says:

    Hi, was blog hopping through, but found your post. I just couldn’t leave without sharing this with you..

    Most parents are obsessed with getting the first rank in everything. The child is up to his throat in competition and tuitions. Has anyone ever thought about those unfortunate group of children ( and believe me, there are many), who are unable to run the rat race? What of those kids, who are average performers, but get dragged down to the last rungs because they are unable to cope with mugging 2nd grade spelling in junior K.G or chemical formulae in grade 4?

    My brother is one of those children. He found it so hard to keep up and was frustrated that he couldn’t play or have a normal kid’s life. As expected, he underperformed, and the teacher suggested we get a medical certificate stating that he has a learning disability! Can you believe this?

    Kids will have enough and more to learn as they grow. Why not give them some childhood memories to cherish? We all love our childhood, don’t we? why ruin theirs?
    Sorry I took so much space, just felt strongly about it..

  27. Indian Homemaker says:

    Sad. I am totally with you on this Hitchwriter! It just does not matter in the long run whether or not they came first in two or three. We forget that the idea is not to come first but to learn, and to develop a love and enthusiasm for learning.

    That is why many schools have stopped giving ranks to kids. We should only have grading, which is fair and way more accurate, because actually it is impossible to decide who is actually first, most teachers decide it based on a single question paper… what purpose does that serve? Instead of competing with self, we start competing with the next child. Makes no sense. 😦

  28. Solilo says:

    I am late here, Hitchy but I agree with you and everyone in the comment space. We need to guide them and they need to study. This teaching business and forcing things down their throat without any explanation and making the entire process tiresome is sad. More than kids it is the parents who are competing against each other. It is the time for kids to enjoy and do what they want. The things that are forced are never appreciated.

  29. Vimmuuu says:

    your friends wife kicked you out of their house soon, didnt she ?? 😉

    I totally agree with you in this. These days, kids have to study a lot than what we used to a few years back. I can find differentiations and integrations in 9th books and I supposedly did some of that only duing my 12th. Teaching history and general knowledge to 5 yr old kids is equal to beating the shit out of them. I mean, what difference does it make to those children. They should be taught coloring, sketching etc. Some ‘curry-culum’ we have !!!

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