tail firmly between the legs…


sir posted late yesterday at 6.45 pm…

office closes at 7 pm… got only 2 comments till then…

sir’s boss is back so cant blog hop properly (freely)

sir is badly addicted to blogs and blog hopping and internet…

sir doesnt usually use internet from home…

sir feels something is missing…

sir thinks lets Activate Airtel internet for the day at home…

sir is weary …

wife is watching friends on tv… she is as such angry with sir…

Its 4th day of Paryushan and sir is not adhering to the religion he was born in… the religion wife accepted gleefully…

The religion wife wants to pass to her son…

sir is eating onion’s and potatoes… even though he is not supposed to eat green veggies… (some religion this, I tell ya.. )

sir sneakily asks brother have you activated Internet today…

smart ass bro loudly answers no…

wife somehow hears and asks … WHAT ?

sir says nothing was asking if he has activated internet pack on his prepaid…

wife stares…

sir (paani paani) says “I was just inquiring… !”

wife still staring…

sir (gathers all the courage in his life.. ) “Can I connect to the internet, I just posted.. !”

wife “NO”

sir says ( solemnly) “Okay, lets watch friends… !!”

sir sits and watches… ( silly chuckles in the background bah.. )

Wife gets up and says I m going to get Hriday from Shivi’s house..

while going out of the door… she says…

you can connect to the net if you want…

sir in total dilemna…


What should Sir do… !!!!  ?????????/ Tell me gals and guys… !!!!!!!


Would you believe it… I didnt connect to the internet… !!! I resisted…


I love my wife !!!!!!!!!!!


158 thoughts on “tail firmly between the legs…

  1. saritha says:

    Lo, dhiren same here,i don’t touch laptop when hubby is there and sometimes i had to tell him,i had posted need to see the comments and write replies.

    So fridays and sat want hubby to sleep in the afternoon so that i blog.When he gets him i give him the laptop and say your property.

    Your wife is very sweet,i always crib if hubby sits before laptop for longer time.

    Hubby doesn’t believe god,but i do and try to tell kids about gods and festivals

    sir is eating onion’s and potatoes… even though he is not supposed to eat green veggies—- i didn’t follow this.onion and potatoes are green veggies?????

  2. Smitha says:

    You are being very naughty, Hitchy! Go sit on the naughty chair!!!

    Your wife is so sweet. She is following all that – and you are flaunting it! And that too to check your post? Bad bad!
    Now be a good boy – no checking the internet while you are at home 🙂

    The more I read, the more I am convinced about Hitchy doing jaadu tona to get Hetal as his wife 🙂

    • craftyshines says:

      @ Smithu:

      alle naughty chair!!! u r lucky smithu we ain’t neighbors!!! i wud have spolit poohi sillyyyyyy

      when u wud send her to naughty chair…we wud keep a dummy doll dressed in poohi clothes, and we wud be off to playyyyyyyyy

      blow bubbles!!!!!! 😀 😀

      @ hitchu: awww!!!! google surfing for animals!!!! hope u got ur search engine protected! i remember reading of a close call on searching for fox!! 🙄

        • hitchwriter says:

          dont remind me of fox !!!!

          Well Hriday comes and tells me to find Slow Moris…

          and i say there is no such animal !!! he says you just do it..

          and VOILA !!!!!!!

          there is such a spieces… !!

          than he comes and tells me to look for Black Mamba !!!!!! saying its a very dangerous snake… !!!!!!

          I again doubt but do it… and yes there is… he tells me the mouth is all black !!!! thats why its a black Mamba !!!!!!!!!!

          I m bonkers… have to restrict his nat geo viewing a bit… or else I ll turn up to be a big fool in front of him… !!!

      • Smitha says:

        ‘we wud keep a dummy doll dressed in poohi clothes, and we wud be off to playyyyyyyyy’ – Crafty – Poohi would have run away to your house, if she could have read this 🙂

    • craftyshines says:

      @ EOG: u are the epitome of husbandhood without being one already!!!
      really!!!! cooking cleaning!!!! i think Ms. Z is just lurking to see what next u learn before she appears!

      and u can sweep her off ur feet…..cleaning experience is there na!!
      (crafty laughs alone at her lame jokes)

      @ hitchu: woh din dur nahi…EOG also will be barbaad…erm…abaad…. in matrimony!!! then we will see nature of his posts

      i think the tongue smiley disease will be in control by then!! 😛

  3. Indian Homemaker says:

    😆 You are a fulltoo gone case Hitchwriter 🙂

    I was in splits… and what a post name!!! 🙂 This one is really funny! Love the way Sir is getting in trouble, but I don’t understand, she told you you could go check your comments, then why didn’t you?

  4. shilpa says:

    Hehe u are smart but I think she ‘really’ meant u can connect to the internet.

    I have no such problems so far. Husband’s a geek who needs a computer 24/7 and so am I!

  5. craftyshines says:

    sir obviously is suffering from blogoddiction

    sir needs medication

    sir even took a long vacation

    but sir still was around for blog action

    sir needs to find cure for this condition

    and when he does find the cure, he shud ensure its destruction

    coz blogoaddiction shud never face eradication

    posting, hopping, commenting, spamming is our juxtapostion
    (!!!!! obviously crafty ran out of rhyming words)

    we all are one loony nation!

    lovely post!!! scene unfolds so lovely!!! lol!!!!! stares!!! yes, like a fish is born knowing how to swin, women are born with the “stare” 😛

    u don’t like friends even after u’ve seen it?? okie, so the laughter is sad….sitcom, what to do! but the sereis is gooooooooood!!!!
    i am hoooked!! i have seen reruns of reruns of reruns!!! 😛

    u didn’t log on!!! means hetal has passed the “husband training program” with flying colours!!! 😆 😆

    i will come to hetal for lessons!!!! poor bf! he stands no chance!!!
    ek bechaara phir gaya maara!!! :mrgreen:

    i loved this post!!!!

    and the ending!!! {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}
    that’s sooper adorable of u hitchu!!! *touchwood*

      • craftyshines says:

        *crafty attempts to gracefully accept the award from ash with dignity*


        *breaks into varied forms of dance*

        Itchy n Scratchy Style: Dhin chik dhin chak

        Vimmuuuu style: DANAGANAKKA dandanganakka !!!!!!

        swaram n pixie style: jhakan jhakan jhakan jha!

        the audience have left…the lights are put off….the curtains are going to close…ash is waiting for this nonsense to end so she can give award and go home…crafy still has dance steps…..

        monu style: balle balle aahun aahun!!!

        EOG style: demo dance!!!

        Smithu n Poohi Style: Dancing Queen song wala dance!!!

        ash is asleep on the stage….crafty pulls out acceptance speech that Indy prepared for her….

        Ash….. erm…..can i have my award now????

        😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

          • Ashwathy says:

            crafty: “erm.. ash.. u know me … enthusiasm just takes over… can i have the award now?”
            ash: 😐 😐
            crafty: “er… PLEASE? pretty pwease with sugar n spice on it?” 🙄

            ash tries to control a smile from forming on her lips.
            ash: “Ok but one one condition!”
            crafty looks at ash with wide eyes: “what? whaaat? tell me already!” 😯

            ash: “u have to do that all over again…. and i’ll give another award for the craziest dancing i’ve ever seen!” 😀 😀 😀
            crafty: “Yeeeehawwww!!”
            * crafty begins to dance all over again the mad routine *

    • hitchwriter says:

      hobbes can never run out of words…

      for hobbes is a wizard with them…

      I havent watched friends ever for more than a few passing moments…

      somehow sir doesnt like programmes with laughing tracks…

      plus nothing appeals to me like blogging these days… not even the ashes.. ! I got up at 6 to reply to comments and will finish before wife gets up !!!!!

      you want lessons from hetal… nahiiiiiiiiiii

      becahara tera boyfriend….. !!!

      and so many dances…!!!!! for accepting the award… !!!!! geee… whats the status of the paunch now ????? huh ????

      ash is gone for gooooood !!!!

      • Crafty Shines says:

        awwwwwwwww!!!!! hugs!!!

        yeah, tell me about the blogging craze!!! i am losing sleep 😛 😛

        boyfriend toh is fasoed for life!!!!! no escape!!! 😛 :mrgreen:
        now for those lessons!!!!

        paunch…..hmmm…… *crafty breathes in deep*
        yup! now its gone!!!! 😆

        rofl!!!! ash is asking for repeat performance!!!!

  6. craftyshines says:


    i read smita’s comment and realised why u didn’t log in!


    the NO that is disguised as YES?????

    like a yes that has a silent dialogue that goes “yeah log on if u know what is better for u”


    erm….hitchu..when can i come to hetal for lessons?

  7. Nids says:

    I totally agree with crafty, I loved the title 🙂

    You know Hitchy, your symptoms are all pointing towards total blog addiction. You need serious medication man. Our blog smaaj has totally taken over your life :)..

    But hats off to you and your wife, this shows that you guys both love each other a lot. God bless.

  8. umsreflections says:

    Very funnily written – the Hitch is absolutely torn between his blog addicted mind and the love for his wife. Dont you worry, all of us – blogoaddicts are under the same pressure.

    My S doesnt like me going on the net, when he is there at home. All the while, my mind is surfing the net on the possibilities of comment spamming that is happening – but alas, I love my hubby, so go along with him when he is there.

    Food control during particular times – yes, very compulsory in our religion. But we do make our own relaxations and rules for circumventing it.

  9. Deeps says:

    so hitchy,what friends episode were you watching with Hetal?? and no dont run to her to ask..I want to know if you were really attentive while being with your wife or your mind hopped over to your blogspace.

    Seriously u need to do a saashtaang pranam for having got such a darling of a wife,Hitchu!
    😀 😀

  10. smi says:

    Madam was probably doing ONE TWO THREE TEST TEST TEST…on you

    and you’ve tested +ve.

    my god..how can one on this earth can get so much of time to reply back…seems like “My Sir” is on safer side 🙂

  11. sujata says:

    bloghopped from Deeps. are you sure you didnt connect?You must really really love your wife..I would have connected the moment she was out of the door!!Loved the humour!!

  12. sujata says:

    bloghopped from Deeps. are you sure you didnt connect?You must really really love your wife..I would have connected the moment she was out of the door!!Loved the humour!!

  13. sujata says:

    bloghopped from Deeps. are you sure you didnt connect?You must really really love your wife..I would have connected the moment she was out of the door!!Loved the humour!!

  14. sujata says:

    I posted my comment and it vanished!! so again..bloghopped from Deeps. Like the humour here. Did you really not connect? I would have done so immediatly had i been under the same situation.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Its come 3 times !! lol… !!!

      you females are all mean !! thats why you would have connected i m sure… We males are such angels as is quite evident from my post !!!! not only angels we are very obidient !!!!!!!!!!

      😛 😛 😛

  15. Solilo says:

    Paryushan is New Year for you guys, right? Happy Paryushan! 🙂

    Ha..ha..ha.. Hetal is smart. Me loves her. And who is this ‘Sir’? It should be Ma’am and guy.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Paryushana is a 8 day festival today evening it ends… after that we start our new year tomorrow…

      and all seek forgiveness saying ” Michammi Dukkadam ” Its like knowingly unknowningly in the past one year, if I have hurt you I apologise… sort of on those lines…

      So I should say Michammi Dukkadam to you !!!!!!

      • Solilo says:

        Ha..ha..ha.. why Michammi Dukkadam to me? For pulling each other’s legs? Then Michammi Dukkadam to you too. 😀

        Thanks for the explanation. Never knew and I need to read a bit more about Jainism.

        BTW your latest header is my favorite picture that you have on your picture blog. I think I told you long back. But here Horse got stretched out. 🙂

        • hitchwriter says:

          yea reading is a better option than asking me… !! lol.. i know lil… and i dont like it a lot… there are a few good things too.. but anyways… religion is a boring topic to discuss…

          bout that pic… slowly getting a hang of gimp… will come up with better work… just error and trying at the moment

  16. sioneve says:

    Now my friend, make sure you leverage off NOT using the internet when the darling wife went out! So you say to darling wife daily…
    “See how much I love you…I didn’t even turn the internet on when you went out!” or “You’re so lucky to have me…I didn’t even turn on the internet when you said I could.” or to REALLY show your love, snuggle up with darling wife when she is watching Friends…really close and whisper sweet nothings in her ear, like “I love you so much…I’d rather watch Friends reruns with you than get on the Internet!”…do this every day…soon she’ll be asking: “Don’t you have something better to do…like look at the Internet??” Guaranteed to work everytime!!! This is what we call a “win-win” situation! Happens in my house daily!!! 😆

  17. Vimmuuu says:

    LOL….Mein Joru Ka Ghulam…Arey, Banke Rahooongaaa !!! 😀 😀 😀

    Nice one Dhiren, I felt so bad for you towards the end. Its so suffocating isnt it??? THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN CRIBBING ABOUT. my fiance is least interested in all these net activities ! I donno how I will survive with all that wife pressure !! 😀 😀 I might need help! would you please, for heaven sake, advise me when I come to you in the future (which isnt that far away !) ???? 😀 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      boss it was a very nice song… !! never knew that would be the reality of my life… !!! sigh… !!!!!

      You still have time vimmuuu !!!!! lol…. !!!! 😛 😛 😛

      but I know… you wont read that line… !!!!!!! lol

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