God please grant me this wish…


I would give anything right now to be in England at this moment and reach the hotel where the Kangaroos are staying after losing the ashes… I would give anything to interview Ricky Ponting right now in a live interview and rub the salt in his wounds… !! and by JOE I would love doing it…


Yes I am sadistic.. if you want to call me that… but I am most happy… no not for England.. I dont care if they won… But me is just thrilled that Ponting it is who lost it again !!!!!!!!!!!


He is one cricketer I really hate… more than Symonds… or Greg Chappell… and I rarely hate cricketers other than these 3… !!!


Some sample questions.. for his interview..  :


1.) How does it feel to be the first captain after Billy Murdoch (who led Australia last in 1890) to lose the Ashes twice in England ?????

2.) How does it feel to lead your team from being the best team to be also rans… and losers now ??????

3.) How would you rate your captaincy… ?? There is a lot of talk that you are one of the most defensive captains Australia ever produced ….

4.) There is a lot of talk that had Shane Warne not been involved in all the scandals… he would have been the captain and not you… !! Do you now wish he wouldnt have gone in the scandals and saved you… ??

5.) They say your nick name is ” Punter ” but on a cricket field you never take risks or gambles… but you are always defensive… How would you like to counter them ??



Oh God if  only I could have a chance to have a one to one with Ricky !!!!!!!! Geez….


Hey mate… if you need I can help you pull some more hair… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so glad you lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




ADDED LATER for all who think Ponting is not an over rated batsman… well I ll put my case…




Kindly take a look at his average in India !!!! and its not one or two matches… its 21 Innings !!!!!!!!!!!!

They all used to say Dada coulndt play on bouncy pitches against fast bowlers… but even his record is better than that of Ponting in India… !!!!

Also to Note Pontings over all average is of 57 + !!!!! so kindly will some one tell him to convince me he needs to get runs in India… that one 100 he scored was in a drawn match.. !! and in that century he was plumb out at 14 something in harbhajan’s over but the umpire made an error… !!!!


Kindly take a look at Sachin and Lara’s average in Australia… Do you want me to find Laxman’s average in Australia ?? Any one ???


Figures from Cricinfo !!


I rest my case… !!!!!