God please grant me this wish…


I would give anything right now to be in England at this moment and reach the hotel where the Kangaroos are staying after losing the ashes… I would give anything to interview Ricky Ponting right now in a live interview and rub the salt in his wounds… !! and by JOE I would love doing it…


Yes I am sadistic.. if you want to call me that… but I am most happy… no not for England.. I dont care if they won… But me is just thrilled that Ponting it is who lost it again !!!!!!!!!!!


He is one cricketer I really hate… more than Symonds… or Greg Chappell… and I rarely hate cricketers other than these 3… !!!


Some sample questions.. for his interview..  :


1.) How does it feel to be the first captain after Billy Murdoch (who led Australia last in 1890) to lose the Ashes twice in England ?????

2.) How does it feel to lead your team from being the best team to be also rans… and losers now ??????

3.) How would you rate your captaincy… ?? There is a lot of talk that you are one of the most defensive captains Australia ever produced ….

4.) There is a lot of talk that had Shane Warne not been involved in all the scandals… he would have been the captain and not you… !! Do you now wish he wouldnt have gone in the scandals and saved you… ??

5.) They say your nick name is ” Punter ” but on a cricket field you never take risks or gambles… but you are always defensive… How would you like to counter them ??



Oh God if  only I could have a chance to have a one to one with Ricky !!!!!!!! Geez….


Hey mate… if you need I can help you pull some more hair… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so glad you lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




ADDED LATER for all who think Ponting is not an over rated batsman… well I ll put my case…




Kindly take a look at his average in India !!!! and its not one or two matches… its 21 Innings !!!!!!!!!!!!

They all used to say Dada coulndt play on bouncy pitches against fast bowlers… but even his record is better than that of Ponting in India… !!!!

Also to Note Pontings over all average is of 57 + !!!!! so kindly will some one tell him to convince me he needs to get runs in India… that one 100 he scored was in a drawn match.. !! and in that century he was plumb out at 14 something in harbhajan’s over but the umpire made an error… !!!!


Kindly take a look at Sachin and Lara’s average in Australia… Do you want me to find Laxman’s average in Australia ?? Any one ???


Figures from Cricinfo !!


I rest my case… !!!!!


180 thoughts on “God please grant me this wish…

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    Hey mate… if you need I can help you pull some more hair… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so so glad you lost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good lord!!! erm…

    yeah…. hating with a passion, that’s a fine exhibit!!!

    god bless hitchu…

    *crafty offers ice to put on head and thanda nimboo paani*

    lets hope someone asks him all these!!! 😀

    *somewhere in England, Ponting’s ears are RED*


  2. Rakesh says:

    Dunno but somehow it always feels good when the weaker team wins!!!

    I think it is good for cricket that aussie dominance has been crushed. It had actually become a little boring that they win each and every test match with huge margins…

    The problem is that they don’t seem to go down with grace and accept that they’ve got work to do to produce world class cricketers like McGrath, Shane Warne, Hayden and the like…

      • hitchwriter says:

        No they do accept defeat gracefully..

        Remember Steve Waugh after the Final Frontier series…

        Remember Shane Warne saying he gets night mares of Sachin…

        they do praise when they are beaten… they put their hand up…

        But this ponting always cries foul… and thats why i hate him the most !!!!

          • hitchwriter says:

            This symonds… !!!

            trust me Rakesh.. you wont be able to find one 50+ score of his that is chanceless

            its either dropped catches which help him or some horrendous umpires who dont give him out… !!!!!!

            SERiously cant remember one 50 of his that is not aided either by dropped catches or bad umpiring

            • Rakesh says:

              I think you’re being emotional here. These players are arrogant but they are definitely great players. Symonds is a brutal player and he has countless innings where he has rescued the team from disaster through his batting. I don’t think chances or horrendous umpiring has a lot to do. Few cases maybe but not always.

              And even after a lapse, you still need to play well to make the other team count.

              • hitchwriter says:

                Not emotional…

                Some day we sit and watch all his innings together… !! I show you all the dropped catches and umpiring decisions to benefit him…

                you remember the big nick he got in sydney when australia were 60 / 5

                against Ishant… the huge nick… which steve bucknor didnt hear… !!!! another close lbw he got away… !! he scored 167 !!!!

                each and every moment is etched in my mind… clear !!

                • kanagu says:

                  we know he is not a great test player.. but his one day innings are always a valuable… its a part of a game to take chance.. if there is a catch lapse means its opponents mistake and he has nothing to do with it…

                  umpiring.. its still trial and error 🙂

  3. kanagu says:

    Me too like hate him but I am always attracted by his batting… one of the best I can say…
    he was let down by the terrible team selection at this last test… but questions are superb and he will go bald before finish answering the questions 😆

    • Rakesh says:

      I think his batting used to be good. I used to enjoy watching it but these days, he just doesn’t seem to be in good nick. He seems to be working hard for his batting. Normal signs of ageing.

      • kanagu says:

        Yes Rakesh… but a champion cricketer gets over this and proves why he was regarded as best…
        sachin and lara proved that.. hope he too proves it

      • hitchwriter says:

        I loved him batting against harbhajan with 4 men around the bat…

        He used to bat like a cat on a hot tin roof… !!!

        He is one over rated batsman.. I tell ya !! 😀 😀

        • kanagu says:

          No bhai… I dont think like that… without absolute style and determination he couldn’t have scored those 38 centuries in tests… his record may be poor in India… but still he just a step behind sachin and lara…
          even sachin had his problem against incoming deliveries at one time…

          • hitchwriter says:

            Kanagu… how many 50’s does ponting have in India in TESTS ???

            just look into it…

            than look into how many 100’s Sachin and Lara have in Australia !!!!!!!

            you will have figures in front of you…

            Plus the worlds best bowlers Shane Warne and Mcgrath were in his own team so he never had to face them… !!!!!!!!

            he is one over rated cookie…

            • Rakesh says:

              No no, he maybe a lot of things but definitely not overrated. If anything, his arrogance may have caused him to be criticised a lot more and his batting prowess to be ignored.

              • hitchwriter says:

                Do you think he can score all over the world against all attacks ?? would you back him or Sachin or Lara… tell me…

                Tell me in Ponting’s time… which were the biggest test oppponent ??


                India and South AFrica if i am not wrong…

                What is his average in India ???????

                Sorry but I cannot agree…

                What is sachin’s average in Australia… ??

                What is Lara’s average in Australia… !!

                Sorry but Ponting is not even half to where these two champs are…

                Even people like Sangakarra, Micheal Vaughan have better averages in Australia than Ponting has in India… !!!!!

                • kanagu says:

                  seems like I am trapped here.. 😀

                  but I never said he is equal to Sachin or Lara…
                  but a step behind them.. I think he scored heavily against all others..

                  I love to see his avg in Srilanka.. then we can decide whether he is
                  good against spin bowling or now.. because other world’s best bowler Muralidharan was there..

                  I will check now 🙂

                  • hitchwriter says:


                    for a long time Srilanka had only one good spin bowler… I hope you agree Indian attack is a lot more potent than Sri Lanka.

                    Point is when 60,000 people are screaming…

                    there are 4 men around the bat… and Harbhajan and Kumble bowl

                    Ponting wets his pants… !!!

  4. umsreflections says:

    OMG ! Reading the title, I thot you’re asking the Ganapathi Bappa to grant you something – yeah, this is also something, but I think this hatred towards the Australian team is so much prevalent in India, for the way they conduct themselves.

    My hubby was glued to the screen to see the Aussies lose. Yes, this happens in India.

    May God grant you the wish to rub salt for Ronting.

    • hitchwriter says:

      No Uma !! I dont hate the Aussie Cricket team !!!! no way… ! I love their attitude towards cricket and I love the way they treat their cricketers !!!!

      Make no mistake about it…

      Aussies are the best cricketing nation amongst all I have no doubt in it…

      but I hate this guy !!!! the most !!!!

      • Pixie says:

        But, Hitchu, they are sore losers, me feels.
        They don’t take their loss sportively and very rarely do they give credit to the opposite team saying that they played a better game.

        • hitchwriter says:

          They generally give a lot of credit to the opposite teams… its some sore losers like Symonds, Ponting and Clarke who are like this.. not all…

          Aussies are the ones who gave a Standing Ovation and a miraculous departure to West Indies team after the Tied TESt…

          They are the biggest fans of Sachin… !!

          They are always appreciative of the real sports men…

          I totally disagree with you on this pixie..

          • Pixie says:

            Hmm… I know you will.. 🙂
            But, only a few are genuine sportsmen in their team.
            I feel that somehow their arrogance has made sure that all other positive traits are being overlooked.

            • Pixie says:

              Pixie offers Samosa and Cheese Omlette (Monu’s recipe) as a peace offering.
              Hitchu takes them happily!

              Pixie and Hitch shake hands, agree to disagree on this and sit down to eat the samosas and debate some more about Australian Cricket!! 😀

              • Crafty Shines says:

                samosa and cheese omlette……

                these words…… wah!

                if i am ever lost…don’t yell out “crafty”

                yell out “samosaaaaa” and “cheesee omlette”

                i will surely find my way to wherever u are yelling that out……

            • hitchwriter says:


              do go through this link… Aussie public has always appreciated good sportsmen… after they lost…

              but before they lose… the entire country gets behind their sportsmen…

              Its a wonderful trait of the country… !!!!

              Unlike our country when our players play in our country our media will make fun of our players instead of backing our players…

              when you tour australia you dont face just 11 australian people… but the entire nation… from the cab driver to restaurant waiter…

              if you have seen the body line series programme… you will remember it… !!!!!!!

              but once the game is over… they definitely appreciate opponents who are worthy of the respect !!!!! they most definitely respect Sachin, Lara, Ian Botham, Viv Richards, Micheal Holdings… !! they doo…

                • Pixie says:

                  Hitchu, there’s a full plate of Samosas!! 😀 😀

                  The statistics you have provided are compelling! I am now going to agree on a lot of things you have mentioned…
                  Their racist remarks, behaviour is also quite compelling na?

                  But, right now, I am unable to surf the internet to provide you
                  with links as to why I still maintain that despite producing some of the greatest sportspersons, they are by majority not a team which loses gracefully! Of course, they have individuals or moments as a team where they do acknowledge the opponents’ win as you have mentioned…

                  • hitchwriter says:

                    This racist remarks are something that has happened very lately… !!!
                    which is still something i cant understand..

                    I still maintain some of their cricketers are ferocious fighters on the field.. they get ugly and dont mind it.. coz they hate losing and thats the way it has to be if you want to be winners..

                    … but at the same time at the end of the day they are great blokes to hang out with…

    • Rakesh says:

      I think the statistics only prove that he hasn’t played well in India. Only that, not that he is not a good player.

      Should we then go and check Sachin’s stats in second innings of a test match? What will that prove? It’ll prove that Sachin doesn’t play well under pressure. Only that, not that he is not a good player.

      Every player has certain weaknesses and playing in India is one of his weakness.

      • hitchwriter says:

        wait a minute… I ll get you sachin’s record…

        doesnt Ponting’s record say that against the best team in their country against spinners his record is dismal.. ?????

        he is a pathetic player of spin under pressure ?? when 60000 crowd is baying for his blood… 4 men around the bat… he blinks ?????

        doesnt he ????????

        CAn you call a player who cant score against spin as well one of the worlds best ??????/

        Lara and sachin scored against Shoaib and Mcgrath and also against Warne and Murali !!!!!

        big big difference…

        hang on i ll come back with sachin’s stats in second innings

        • hitchwriter says:

          Sachin has played total 159 tests

          he averages 60 + in 1st innings…

          and he averages 42 in second innings…

          of his 159 tests he has played 93 tests in India / Pak / Srilanka and BAngladesh…

          you are a cricket buff and i hope you clearly understand what are the state of pitches in the subcontinent on the 4th and 5th day !!!!

          you think 42 is bad.. ??

          and what about 20 by ponting… !!!

          also kindly take a look at ponting’s average after Langer and Hayden Retired…

          you will also appreciate teh fact that when you have two good openers the task of the batsman to follow is much simpler…

          Sachin has only now received good openers… or else normally he always has to walk in at 10/2 with fresh bowlers… !!!!

          not at 70-80 for 1 as ponting gets his chance with hayden and langer bashing the daylights out of the opening bowlers… !!!!!

          What do you say Rakesh ?? still is ponting in the league of Sachin ????

          • kanagu says:

            I agree Dhiren bhai.. he is a lil behind Sachin but still he is a great and he too played some wonderful innings under pressure… but not in India…

            and for Sachin.. we know he failed many a times under pressure.. that doesn’t takes out the tag ‘one of the cricket’s great’ from him.. because we have seen in point of consistency..
            and also I didn’t seen sachin walking in at 10/2 or 50/2 many a times.. it is Dravid who absorbed most of the pressure.. and as you know No.3 is the difficult in test cricket and Ponting has done really well in that position…

            I am again saying he is good in his own terms but a lil behind the legends Sachin and Lara 🙂

              • Rakesh says:

                Well, I had left early because in Ramadan I work only till 2 pm. But logged in to see what you had to say.

                First of all, let me clarify that i’m not saying he’s in the league of Sachin. What I’m saying is that he is just behind Sachin. Now let me show you the stats about sachin. I’d done this analysis at a time when Sachin had scored 2 back to back centuries against Bangladesh in 2007 (remember the series when he played so slow, every1 went to sleep in the stadium)…

                I’d written this post at that time: http://rakeshzone.blogspot.com/2007/08/hollow-man-sr-tendulkar.html

                This is the extract from this post

                I googled Sachin Tendulkar’s test matches right from the beginning of 2005. Sachin has played 19 test matches including the second test vs. England at Trent Bridge (and by the time I write this, chasing a target of 73, he’s out for 1). Anyways, coming back to my search, this is what I find after analyzing his performance in the 19 last tests since the start of 2005 (2 and half years):

                His first innings average is 51 while his second innings average is only 20.

                In the first innings, he’s had 5 fifties and 3 hundreds in 18 innings while only 1 fifty and no hundreds in 13 second innings.

                Out of the 8 big scores (5 fifties and 3 hundreds), only 1 score of 63 came at a crunch time. By crunch time, I mean India’s score was less than 50 for 2 wickets.

                All the 3 centuries came when India batted first ie. when Sachin was fresh and there was no pressure of the opponent’s score.

                2 out of the 3 centuries came against Bangladesh.

                In the 19 matches, he’s batted in 31 innings but top scored only 5 times ie. a percentage of only 16%.

                Further, if you look at only India’s wins – India has won 7 of those 19 matches and he’s batted in 12 innings but top scored only twice – again 16%.

                Explaining why 16% is not a good percentage, Indian team in a test match plays 6 batsmen. In that sense, if all batsmen are equally good, they’ll top score equally ie. once in every 6 innings. That comes to a percentage of 16%. So in that sense, Sachin is just another regular batsman as good (or as bad) as the others in the Indian line up. He’s not special.

                Though this was written 2 years back and suddenly in the last two years, Sachin has shown good form but the point is that if Ponting endured such a streak in test matches, he would no longer get a second chance to prove himself. He’d be out of the team. But in India, thankfully Sachin got a second chance to set these records straight.

                So again, what I’m trying to say is that though Sachin can be deemed a better player than Ponting, he is also human and has certain weaknesses. Like the fact that apart from a blistering series against Australia, Sachin has nothing to show where he’s emerged as a larger than life character and carried the team through like maybe Lara has done quite a few times.

                Ponting I agree is not in the league of these two but isn’t very far behind…

                • hitchwriter says:

                  Rakesh Sachin is a human for sure !!!

                  in a career that stretches 20 years you expect a lean patch… !!

                  Look when you talk about a batsman lets talk about batting skills..

                  1. here he is far superior to Ponting… !! Spin or Pace .. !!

                  2. When you start to talk of winning percentages… you will agree Test Matches are won by bowlers not by batsman… Its rare that Batsman win test matches.. unlike the one in chennai against england, recently where sehwag smashed and sachin and yuvraj won the clincher. I hope you remember that.. but generally its bowlers who win test matches.. and India has been weak in this over the years… !!

                  3. If Sachin scores and India loses you dont mean to say its his fault do you ??

                  4. Sachin has unreal expectations on his shoulders… Ponting is free of that burden…

                  Now Rakesh you remember Shane Warne’s first series in India…

                  in the first innings he got sachin for 4 in Chennai after in a domestic match for Mumbai Sachin had smashed them for a double century…

                  India was in dire straits in that match and in the second innings he scored `155* remember… on a turning Chennai Pitch against the worlds best bowler ever bowling around the wicket in the rough…

                  Remember ?? he smashed him over the midwicket boundary regularly…

                  Also I would like to point one thing…

                  As a captain what do you want your batsman to do ..??

                  Score highly in the first innings or not ??

                  Generally you want to score big in the first innings and keep the opposition under pressure right… !! Thats what he does… he scores at over 60 !!

                  Cricket is a team Game and not one batsman can win matches… I cannot remember many batsman who individually won their team Test Matches… Odi’s maybe YES but not Tests !!!!

                  Make no mistake about it India’s fortunes have also improved only after the entrance of Dravid, Ganguly, Laxman, Sehwag… coz we finally had not just one batsman… !! but for long Sachin has fought a lone battle from 1990 to 1995…

                  Our Test match winning abroad has also only improved after Srinath and Kumble started getting more supoort in the form of the 2nd and 3rd seamer…

                  Please do not co-relate winning test matches with Sachin’s batting record…

                  Tests are won by bowlers who take 20 wickets… where we are only improving of late…

                  Thats why i keep saying we dont know how precious Ishant Sharma is for our future… he is perhaps an even bigger gift to Indian Cricket than Sachin…. thats if he stays fit… !!!

                    • hitchwriter says:

                      of the 51 matches India won in which sachin featured he has hit 16 centuries and 16 fifties… !! at an average of 65.17 !!

                      In the matches we lost his average is 36.29.

                    • Rakesh says:

                      Ok, test matches are won by bowlers, no doubt but test matches are often lost because of poor batting. Spineless is the term. And if you’re counting the few matches where’s he’s played a great innings, why do you fail to see the countless times he has just surrendered whenever the going is tough or whenever it is a big occassion.

                      A lean patch of 2 and half years? Ponting would be kicked out of the team in 1 and half year.

                      I’d written that post in 2007 when I was disillusioned with Sachin’s records – especially the two back to back centuries he hit against Bangladesh were in utter bad taste.

                      Obviously, a lot of things have changed since then. And I don’t share the same views I did during that time. He has come back, actually risen from the ashes so to say and has performed better. But what I analysed and wrote at that time made a very good case against him.

                      When we talk greatness, we talk about how Lara has a number of times batted through the innings with the tail for saving or winning a game. Sachin doesn’t have a single such feat to his credit. Remember the time when we were so close to victory against Pakistan, Sachin got out after scoring around 135 odd and that was the end of the game.

                      What I’m saying is that Ponting may not be on the same pedestal as Sachin but definitely Ponting is a good player.

                      Out of Ponting’s 38 centuries (136 tests = 28%), there are only 2 centuries against Zim and Bangladesh (1 each).

                      Compare this with Sachin’s 42 centuries (159 tests = 26%), 6 are against Zim and Bangladesh (3 each).

                      All in all, what I’m saying is that Sachin is also no God.

                      And Ponting, though lesser than Sachin but still is a far better player than what you seem to suggest. That’s why I said you’re being emotional 🙂

                    • hitchwriter says:

                      Like I said Sachin is no God… !! I criticise Sachin too… no two bones about it… I dont like his style of batting of late… he was best when he plays care free cricket… but having said that… I wont go even near to what you say that when you need him he doesnt deliver when needed …

                      you say that coz you simply dont remember the times he has delivered… and i put the stat for you only above that he has featured in 51 matches where india won !!! his average is 65 !!!!

                      if you want you can start listing down matches where he failed you and i can list down matches we couldnt have won if not for him… and I am very open and healthily open for this debate… no bad blood… I would be glad if I can convince you that Sachin has given his everything for this country and when you say he doesnt deliver when needed it is distasteful… !! seriously and I take an exception to that statement..

                      I always criticise him and he is not my favourite either… but people unnecessarily mud sling at him… which is also wrong… Rakesh 2 and half years he was scoring runs.. at 51 in the first innings which you only mention on your blog !!!! so why kick him out ??

                      huh ??

                      To be the best batsman or be in the league of best batsman

                      you have to be good against pace and spin both…

                      Ponting I am sorry is not good against quality spin.. !!

                      he cannot be in that bracket in my book…

                      and remember always the two best bowlers of their era Mcgrath and Warne were in his team… !!!

                      Sachin outscores even Lara in that area… his average in australia is in front of you…

                      If you would have seen the 1992 series down under when our team was badly bruised in Australia and Sachin got two hundreds… one of them on a green fast track in perth… the best of his life… you wouldnt doubt him…

                      FORM is TEMPORARY… CLASS is PERMANENT !

                      and that 135 against Pakistan in Chennai… remember he took us near… he was suffering with severe back cramps… if you remember…

                      when he got out we needed 17 to win… with 4 wickets in hand…

                      We still lost… his fault ???????

                      if you dont know let me tell you… he was given man of the match award in that match and he didnt come to take that award… he was crying like hell when Raj Singh Dungarpur told him to get a grip of himself and go take the awrd…

                      when they lose they feel a lot more than us…

                      never ever say that sachin fails us when we need him the most… when you say that… you become one of the many on the street who only sing his praise when he succeeds and start with your brick bats when he doesnt…

                      He is human… he will fail… but dont lose faith…

                • Deeps says:

                  baaaaap,re…..you guys seriously eat,drink,sleep,dream,gulp,burp cricket,dont you?? look at the discussion you all have indulged in..I’m going to send your link to my ro,Hitchy..he is going to loove it 😀

        • shilpadesh says:

          I would think any player worth his/her salt needs to show some success against fast bowlers to be anywhere near the top! And thats why most great batsmen have been openers, when they face fresh fast bowlers, or come one or two down when the team is 1 or 2 wickets down and facing a wall. And for me, the biggest criteria for a great sportsman is attitude. Sachin and ponting might have similar records, but it is sachin;s attitude that wins it for me. You dont have to thump your chest and proclaim that you are great, a la ponting. A little humility is good.

  5. Crafty Shines says:

    me the loves the flower flower header!!!!

    it is to be the nice!!!

    me dunno what else to write!!!! but i already had coffeee….. 🙄

    something me must to write…..

    let me quote rakesh on how i feel right now…..

    gaay hamari maata hai..
    crafty ko kuch nahi aata hai…

  6. Rashmi says:

    donno what to comment…i m far away from cricket…

    ur header is gr8….and the snap is also nice…i noticed most of the blog frens have put their snaps in blog image…is it a new trend in blog samaj ?

  7. Crafty Shines says:

    after scrollllllling and scoping out the comments section,
    i conclude that spamming is a challenge when ppl write comments ABOUT the post!

    what has happend to u, eh public???

    this is what it has come to??? relevant commenting???

    *pretends fainting…. looks sneaky with one eye open…no one is coming to catch…crash*

    che che….. *dusts off clothes and walks away*

  8. Smita says:

    Gosh am I that late??? hmmm…

    Anyways Amen to ur wishes and though am not very much in to cricket (unless India is playing) but when I saw this news I was elated!!! 😀

  9. Deeps says:

    so one of your cricket posts,huh…after a long long time!
    Yeah I’m happy that Ozs lost too.they were beginning to get very arrogant.having said that Ponting did lead the team amazingly well for many years,didnt he.Now I think he should step down and hand over the reigns to someone else.

    Ozs have dropped to the 4th place in the ranking,havent they?India is ahead of them…balle balle!!it must have come as quite a jolt to them!

  10. Parul says:

    cricket score info and that too for player not from indian team?
    sorry that’s all physics to me (which I never understood in my school/college days too)

  11. Indian Homemaker says:

    I haven’t been following this but called my husband to see this and he as in splits, so I guess you have company 😉
    This is yet another one of our samaj’s hilarious, crazy, mad and yet meaningful post 🙂 We were laughing aloud throughout 🙂

  12. Harsh says:

    The look on Ponting’s face when Swann was hitting the Aussies bowlers all over the park …. Oh how much I love that ….

    Its Aussies lose that delights me far more than English win … I mean who cares if English win or lose …. its the big mouth Ponting that must go to drains ….. I hope he is stripped off the captaincy now and Aussies go further in drains ….

    and now they are blaming the pitch for their loss … great … typical Aussie …. 😀 …

      • hitchwriter says:

        Yes I hope he is stripped of the captaincy… but the captain in the making is not a player i like either… this michael clarke is another one of the same tribe…

        how good it would be if Katich would be made skipper… !!!

        but yes… when swann was hitting… geeeez… your one of my kind !!!!!!!! i loved that phase… !!!! he he he

        I also loved the india series when everytime harbhajan would score 50 odd… and the look on pontings face… !!!

  13. Indyeah says:

    AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!! and one cant say that enough!
    you know I saw the news and was grinning so hard not just at the news but also coz I knew you would be going whoopiee and jumping on your couch and running around the house and office in glee !! 😀
    you did all that didnt you?:D
    sadistic bro add me in the list of potential interviewers as a sadistic sis too 😀

  14. sioneve says:

    Genuine question here: Why so much hatred towards Ricky Ponting? What about him causes so much vitriol?? And why the antagonism against Aus cricketers? Is it their attitude? Behaviour? All of the above? I’d really like to know!

  15. masood says:

    You evil man….

    I made sure I saw the entire presentation ceremony to see the look on that punters face. Not that i really cared if England won but Aussies loosing was what i was wishing for. Sat through all of Saturday and Sunday in front of the TV set hoping for just that.

    I hate Ponting. Even hate his batting, his captaincy. So no bones to guess I was smiling ear to ear when he lost the series. More so his batting has been quite average as well. The first thing I look up when Aussies are playing is to to see if Ponting is out and if yes, for how much.

    Agree with your reasoning to hate him. I second all that. Him standing there with that bloodied lip…disappointment all over his face, his team down to #3 (or is that #4?) in test rankings…brilliant brilliant….

    Loving every minute of it. Finally that arrogant smile wipes off his face. Finally the Aussie juggernaut has come to an end….they lost to South Africa at home, to India and now to England….

    • hitchwriter says:

      Seriously I dont like that man… something about him…

      he is one guy i wnt to see really grovel… !!!!

      there is something there aint it…

      good to hear you are on the same side too !!!

  16. sunny says:

    It was worth seeing last match of ashes decider one.
    Man was it a nightmare for Aussie, having no clue where the ball was spinning.

    Hope your wish be granted! before they get face uplift

  17. Destination Infinity says:

    I somehow feel that if Pointing is removed as captain, Aussies might bounce back!! If they need to have a final check, we should make Holland play Aussie under Pointing’s captaincy! Cmon, he has been the captain for too long, and as long as there is no fixing, he should have already been removed by now!!

    Destination Infinity

  18. timothy says:

    Dear god can you plz let my wish come true i want to have a id say 18 yrs old and i want a 1999 Dodge Stratus 4door automatic red one and i want 900 dollars and i want too be pregnant by Tom Tom Gun and i want too live in mount hope west Virginia god with you can do this for me today i promise i be a good person to my family and baby and friends thanks love you always and 4ever and ever

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