We hurt them the most…

 Whom we love the most…


60 thoughts on “Why…

  1. sakshi says:

    Sigh!! it’s so true and I think it’s because we kinda take the liberty to vent out on the one we love the most as we are sure that we will be forgiven. Love is strange and so forgiving isn’t it??

    Ahh I am 3rd after Swaram and Oorja??? *fainted and fell back into the fountain again*

    • hitchwriter says:

      That i am able to do… I am always able to say sorry… but why I would repeat the same mistake again.. in the heat of the moment why do we forget all the SANITY !!

      never will figure it out.. !

      • Sandhya says:

        Don’t worry too much, Dhiren! Even at this age, we (I and my husband!), are repeating mistakes…..only thing is, the repetition has come down a bit! We have come closer now, after hurting each other for so many years and don’t bother to say ‘sorry’ also!

        Cheer up!

  2. Solilo says:

    *Solilo ringing up Hetal*

    Solilo: Hello Hetal! what happened?

    Hetal: Hi Soli! Why?

    Solilo: Hitchy seems to be sad. 😦

    Hetal: Oh that! I sent him to buy Atta in the morning but he came back with Atta banane wali. 😀 So now his punishment is that he will roam around the city in Pink Pants, Green Shirt and Red glares. Muahahahaha 😈

    Solilo: Muahahahah 😈 Hi-Fi Hetal!

  3. Solilo says:

    You get hurt the most when it comes from a loved one even if it is an inconsequential issue. Some times we expect too much out of our loved ones and forget to give them space.

  4. Parul says:

    And in the process we hurt ourselves all the more !!
    And the worst part is, no matter is how much we apologise, somethings just can’t be taken back !!
    Wonder how I am in the same state of mind as yours today?

  5. Tara says:

    i tried thinking why we hurt those we love the most….
    the problem is we usually don’t realize that we are going to hurt them. its only later that we find it and then feel bad about it.

    did you something like that or just being philosophical?

    relationships are complex as well as simple, strangely.. give them time, listening ear, and smile.. things get better..

  6. Just call me A says:

    Ohhh HOOOO…..hitch the philosopher :)…..you total nautanky :), but even nautankies, deserve a hug. so hugsssssssssssssssss to make you feel better for whatever you did or did not do 😀

  7. sioneve says:

    Perhaps because love and hate come from the same part of the brain…sometimes the wires get crossed and we are hateful to those we love the most.
    Just say you’re sorry…I’m sure it will be alright!! 🙂

  8. umsreflections says:

    OOOPPPPPSSSSS ! What happened Hitch !!!

    Just cant believe that this is ur post. Too hurt, eh ???

    Actually a small word or a gesture or the tone of the voice of our loved ones is enough to hurt us. It need not even be an elaborate scolding. But I think, all will become well as this person whom we love just cannot be insensitive to our feelings, right ???

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