Dancing numbers…


This tag comes from Swaram and Sandhya…


I am a movie buff as such… although I cannot dance one bit… I do believe that dancing can be an amazing way to relax, it is the best way to have fun and dancing can make occasions all the more memorable… !!!!


here are some of my most favourite dancing numbers… !!! 😀 😀 😀


1.) Hum Kissi Se kum Nahi.. “aa dil kya mehfil hai tere.. kadmo mein.. aa… ”



Is there any better number ??? huh ??


2.) Ae Haseena Zulfo wali jaane jaha…- Teesri Manzil..






If you dont dance at this song…. trust me you never will dance… 


4.) Hritik Bawa in Dhoom-2… 



5.) I love this one as well… the song and the dance both… !!! I love both Anil and Amrita too… !! 😀 😀



I will stick to these 5.. There are many others… !!! however I would like to also post this video…


this isnt the most foot tapping song… but I love the steps in this song


 “Yunhi Gaate Raho” from Saagar – This song isnt the most popular… not very rockety high pitch tune.. but the dance these two put up in this song is worth watching.. they are two of the best dancers in our industry !!


Rishi Kapoor and Kamal Hassan in real life both claim the other is the best dancer in the industry… !! I say they both… and now Hritik joins that bracket… !!!!


Watch the video just for the dance steps… not for the song… !!





Everyone that reads this be a sport and do this tag… not compulsory… but its fun… lets have more and more dancing numbers…


116 thoughts on “Dancing numbers…

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    *crafty is commenting on post while simultaneously dancing*

    AA dil kya mehfil: EXCELLENT!!!! This song is just toooo much and the dance is yummy! I like all outfits too!!! RETRO!!!! 😀

    O Haseena Zulfon Waali: I tell u hitchu…..nevermind! HUGS! This has been a fav with me since time immemorial!!!!! Ok, mostly I am liking these songs for the singing, but yes, I love the Rafi-Shammi combo! And Shammi kapoor was the dude of the century!!!!! I love it! 😀

  2. Crafty Shines says:

    *crafty switches to MJ style dance… whatever embarrassing steps she can manage….*

    Beat it by MJ: he was LEGENDARY!!!! I remember most of his videos for the awesome dance, and he never repeated!!!! Each one was great. Beat it is like an anthem! But I liked Thriller too much for its dance!!! 😀 😀 😀

    If you dont dance at this song…. trust me you never will dance…

    *crafty violently agrees and does moon walk as a sign of agreement*

    • hitchwriter says:

      Thriller was soooper tooo… !!!

      but this song… the characters… they all appeal to me a lot… but this song…. it has just the right beats… it gets me up… !!!!!!

      i just love this song….

  3. Crafty Shines says:

    *crafty stops dancing for a while – catches breath*

    Dhoom Machale: Erm 🙄 me never liked this song or dance…. Gee, it got on my nerves 😐

    Yaar bina chain kahan re: BHAPPI DA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! This is most def foot tappable and groovable!! 😀 😀

    Yunhi Gaate Raho: yeah ur right! Those two are a delight to watch!!!!!
    and yes hritik is there! I stared at him for that Ek pal ka jeena song! And then in “Main aisa kyun hoon” also!!!!

    That was choreographed by Prabhu Deva…I am a sooper fan of Prabhu Deva!!! Friends in school teased me saying I liked a guy who looked like Nariyal Paani wala! 👿

    But I loved him!!!!! That man is unbelievable!!! And he taught himself…all the dance he knows!! 😀

    *crafty has resumed dancing*

    Join me pliss partner! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      Dhoom song in loud music is cool…. Hritik’s moves ultra… the song aint most favourite of mine… but… its not bad… definitely…

      i guess lots of people played it way too much… overdose shayad ho gaya hai is tune ka… but the dance… !!!! thats to watch…

      Bhappi da… IS AN ICON !!!!!! make no mistake about it… !!!!

      Main Aisa Kyo hoon… is soooooooooper… Why didnt I remember thatone…

      yes it is ulti tooooooooooo… !!!!!!!!!

      you know that movie of Prabhu Deva… Humse Hain Muqabla…

      i have seen that movie 8 times in theatre… !!!!!!! 😛 … !!!!

      • Crafty Shines says:

        me toooo has seen Humse Hai Muquabala!!!!! only for songs!!!! and for the dance of course!!! how he moves his shirt sleeves from inside!

        i bought the audio cassete tooo! that title song!!!! the lyrics are rofl!!!!!

        my fav bit i still sing sometimes –

        oh meri pyaree laila
        strawberry jaise ankhen
        love story banjaane de…..


        😆 😆 😆

  4. Crafty Shines says:

    u know….. i like this list for one more reason..

    it has the two guys i totally totally love !!!!

    rishi kapoor and shammi kapoor!!!!

    i am born in wrong era! 😦

    they were such delightful dancers, who will not fall for them?!!!!

    😀 😀 😀

    those two took crafty’s heart and never gave it back!! 😀

  5. Meira says:

    MJ…I used to think I was his hugest fan…but then he died, and then I found out how many more liked him!!!

    And Youtube’s fun 🙂

  6. umsreflections says:

    Outside, rain is dancing on the earth !!!
    Inside, Ums is dancing for the numbers you said !!!

    Great selection, Hitch !!! Yaar bina is my absolute fav. Beat it – is absolutely fantastic – nobody to beat it.

    Hum kissi se kum nahin – the movie is fab – all the songs are super and esp the one u mentioned is such a tapping number.

    I love all the Shammi-Md Rafi combination songs – and this is one of them. Its so super duper selection.

  7. Pixie says:

    oh! Super post!!

    It’s raining outside!
    I just had chocolate icecream and came! 😀

    my fave dancing tunes are way too many!!

    I can dance to a sad tune as well!! hehe! 😛

    I can dance without music! The tune needs to be playing in my head! 😉

    Of the lot, from the top of my head – my favorite song –
    “I want to dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston!
    Listen to it if you can. Brilliant!

  8. Swaram says:

    Arre woh Hitchu kitne songs hai 😉

    My fav among what u hv posted is Oh haseena zulfon waali 😉

    Shammi Kapoor n his unique ishtyle hai hai 😉


    • hitchwriter says:

      Mystery you dont dance at home when alone also ????

      i love dancing… but not in front of people…

      i get too conscious… but when alone… i love dancing !! 😛 😛 😛 😳

  9. Parul says:

    hmmmm… have to wait till I get home to watch these videos and actually tap my feet with the songs. The one from Hum kisi se kam nahin is of my favs too

  10. Smita says:

    Oh Haseena zulfoon waali & the Hum Kisi se kum nahin songs were damn good…

    But I guess I can dance on any number and if I have compile a list like this I would fail because I wud want sooo many songs in here 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Come on Smita… 5 surely arent enough…

      but well we can list different 5… so we can highlight all the wonderful dancing numbers !!!!!!!!

      😀 😀

      come on… and there is no cap on 5

      you can list 50 !!!!!!!!

      are ou game ??????

  11. sakshi says:

    Pushpa I hateeee commenting late… You guys never heard of waiting for other ppl to wake up and put their comments first for a change??? I am getting out of breath under the weight of 82 comment champs!!!!

    Hey I love the number from Hum kisi se kam nahi nad the Sagar one too…But somehow all I am thinking of now is the number from Humjoli ..Dhal Gaya Din…Man that was some hilarious choreography. I remember trying to play badminton jeetu style to the utter disgust of my cousins.

    • Crafty Shines says:

      😆 😆 😆

      ROFL!!!! u tried badminton like that too Sakshi??!! 😆

      it was funnnnnnn!

      me and my friend tried too! he wud sing one line while i hit, and i wud sing when he hit… the timing was NEVER perfect as the song!!! 😛 😛

      we tried our best slow-mo ever!! 😛

      delusional bollywood pah!

      • hitchwriter says:

        i told you crafty this Sakshi (sexy too) is another ROFL Packet.. wonder how we didnt find her earlier…. !!!

        That Dhal Gaya din is serious ROFLMAO !!!!!! ha ha ha ha…

        they dont make such songs any more.. eh… we can do with a few like that… !!!! ha ha ha ha… !!!!!!!!1

      • sakshi says:

        Sigh Crafty…I know I was such a sucker for bollywood movies and thought if I married a north Indian guy I might really get to sing and dance around trees….Ahh that reminds me of another bollywood classic performed by Aruna Irani dangling on chains and yup Hitchy’s fave Hrithik’s dad too…………..Sapna mera….toot gaya…

  12. Solilo says:

    Only 5? Where is our Disco dancer Mithun da? And what? No SRK? 😡 😡

    I remember the 5th one. It is Bappi da’s. 😀 and a Bengali inspired story. Good movie.

  13. Sandhya says:

    Hum kisise kum nahin….nostalgic…all are in bell bottoms…Amjad Kahn in the end. Rishi is a superb dancer. I have got the song in my CD but I am watching the video after a long long time, thank you.

    Helen and Shammi Kapoor are my favorites. RD Burman has got magic in his voice. He introduced us to songs with western and middle eastern touch.

    Michael Jackson…I love many of his songs (thanks to my sons!). I felt sad for the happy boy in this video.

    Dhoom machale was such a hit that everyone was compelled to hear this song!! Good one.

    Mard Singh (she looks like a man, really, here!) and Anil…One of Bappi Lahiri’s best songs. Loved to hear this song.

    Kamal, Rishi, Dimple song…no no no, dance, as you said, is superb! Kamal is a Bharathnatyam dancer and he did choreography also, in the beginning of his career. Rishi is a born dancer!

    Nice collection, Dhiren!

  14. Ashwathy says:

    nice ones! like all of them…

    methinks the best dancers in the industry are hrithik roshan, shahid kapoor, akshay kumar and of course twinkle toes govinda who has his own inimitable stlye! rishi kapoor is of course an all-time fav.
    down south kamal hassan takes the cake, icing and cherry. watch his dance with jayaprada in the tamil movie ‘saagara sangaman’ (possibly dubbed to hindi as well, but dunno title) to watch his expertise. here’s the video:

    • Ashwathy says:

      was just watching the song from saagar… its a mad MAD song 😀 loved it totally!! hard to judge who dances better…seriously!

      and compare it with the song i posted…. completely different body language and steps and kamal has done both with equal dexerity and grace… master dancer this one!

  15. rocky says:

    Jughead dude!
    Hey nice blog n cool song selections! 🙂
    Tht “Yunhi gaato raho” song by Kamal hassan & Rishi kapoor was mindblowing!
    Will we ever get a chance to see Kamal hassan dancing like tht in a new bollywood movie again? sigh! 😦

    and btw i am rakesh! 🙂

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