This post is about our social rights – guys !!


In this era of liberalisation and modernisation and industrialisation and globalisation every one wants equal rights and I am all for it… but I was talking about equal rights… not about giving superior powers to one section that was not having equal rights earlier.


Here is an illustration on how under the mask of equality demands some people have actually wrested power and are now going mad with power in their hands…


This post is not for female readers who will never understand or feel any compassion to any guy ever in this world. This is for those guys who are married… as they will understand the situation and feel some compassion… This is a warning for those guys who are about to get married or looking to get married… !!!


Wives Dominate and how…


Husband : Alright, I promise I will not log into the internet from home from Monday to Friday. Only Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Wife : No way… You can log into the net from Monday to Friday… but not at all on Saturday’s and Sunday’s…

Husband : well well… Alright if that makes you happy… !! I will not log into the net on Saturday’s and Sunday’s…

Wife : and no checking your blog from mobile either…

Husband : Okay…

Wife : I love you…

Husband : yea yea…


This is how argument is settled after 2 days the wife was moving around with a scowl on the face…. grumbling most times…. all false drama… which simply started with the husband pointing out that she has not gone for her morning walk since a week. The husband has only noble intentions where he feels that his wife is not doing any physically strenuous work so the least she can do is walk in the morning.


How the argument got twisted and ended like this is beyond my understanding… only after about 2 hours of saying that yea yea…. did I realise how I had been totally brainstormed… fooled… !!! Just goes to show how schematic women can be…


Will some one who is sane tell me how her morning walks and my blogging are connected ????


Wake up MEN !! Wake up MEN !! before these WOMEN make it too late… for US !!


150 thoughts on “This post is about our social rights – guys !!

  1. Solilo says:

    Tell me one thing. What if she was the one on the internet and blogging 24/7?

    Where is she showing her superiority? 😐

    “This is a warning for those guys who are about to get married or looking to get married… !!!”

    Yeah! yeah! you enjoying the sweet laddoo called marriage and scaring the poor guys away. Why were you so eager to take the plunge? Hain..hain..hain???

  2. Solilo says:

    Husband is the one sitting in front of PC/TV and blaming wife for not doing any physically strenuous work? 😐

    The right way was to tell her, “Sweety! shall we go together for morning walk? Long since we walked hathon mein haath.” 😉

    • hitchwriter says:

      oye i never threatened i ll do blogging…. !!!!!!!!

      It has got nothing to do with the argument….. thats how she twisted… instead of she promising to join me for a morning walk… she got me to assure… that i would not LOG in … on weekends…

      is there any justice here… ????

      • Smitha says:

        She was just trying to get you spend some quality time together! and all you wanted to do was get her out of the house, so that you could blog!!!!! Very bad!

          • craftyshines says:

            arre… everyone comes up with the wrong info only…


            tee hee!!!


            see….. if there are advantages of having max mahila friends…. then there are disadvantages tooooo 😈

            women…. u can’t win! 😛

        • Ronak says:

          That comment of your’s is manipulative in nature!

          here’s what hitchu writes :

          “The husband has only noble intentions where he feels that his wife is not doing any physically strenuous work so the least she can do is walk in the morning.”

          it’s not new that women speak lies often than not.. and manipulate people.. I’ve seen my mom manipulate me so this is certainly nothing new… women act sweet.. they get their work done.. sweetly.. after that the cow / rather meow…. growls like a sherni…. women I know are not only manipulative but dumb tooo… because they expect guys to be the pole dancer and women themselves to be the pole…

          Don’t guys have a life of their own than just go around women and the only business of MAKING THEIR WIFE HAPPY???? you women think their husbands have a duty to make you a happy women… as if we control / manipulate your world or rather you want us to do just that, don’t you?

          Don’t we’ve better work to do than give a cow it’s grass (attention)?

          Why can’t you women learn to be fullfilled by your own creativity rather than keep demanding love? you can’t demand love, it’s natural, whole & complete… ladkiyon ko apne pate ko apne isharon pe nachvane ki aadat hoti hai.. aajkal ki ladkiyan ke nakhre dekho… demanding nature!

          After all, men don’t like to be “the pole to a cow” cow READ Women

          Hitchu… 😉 🙂 😀

    • oorja says:

      very much connected.. if u open your eyes and brains….

      why should she walk and look better when anyway you are just going to look at the pc screen…..?????

        • sioneve says:

          It is beyond our comprehension – because it MAKES NO SENSE my friend!!
          If my husband says “Oh honey, why don’t you go for a walk?” I know immediately that he has something else in mind…like, if she goes goes for a walk, then I can read the paper and ignore the children….OR if she goes for a walk, she might lose that extra stomach and start looking like Megan Fox. Ha!!

  3. Saritha says:

    You didnt mention that ur wife made a connection of her walking and ur surfing net

    Hetal is right in telling u not to surf net on holidays,u are supposed to spend time with hriday.

  4. Pixie says:

    I don’t understand what sort of bargaining this is?!!
    how can walking and blogging be linked?1

    She didn’t link it and you linked it and got fooled na?
    how can you say Hetal manipulated you? Che!

  5. umsreflections says:

    Hitch !! I am laughing so loudly, reading the way you are trying to explain to all the ladies barging on to your comment section, including me. Gud fun…

    Just understand something

    – you’ve said yea yea to so many things, maybe watching TV, and not really understanding what Hetal is telling.

    – nobody can fool you, unless you allow yourself to be fooled.

    I do understand that being infected with BIV, it is difficult to keep away from the blogoworld during weekends, but dont try to spend the whole day in front of the comp. I think thats why Hetal wants you to promise like that.

    Better idea – Why dont you get Hetal addicted to blogs ???? That’ll be fun and we’ll have more company !!! Then she might not complain abt your weekend logins. Remember, how you schemed in your Cross-border Terrorism, to get more ppl addicted.

    • hitchwriter says:

      I have a bad habit of getting my own legs pulled…. lol….

      do you think I wouldnt have tried getting Hetal into blogging…. ??

      somehow she just hates blogging… probably coz of my over excitement and enthusiasm towards it… !!! 😐

    • Ronak says:

      why should hitchu do exactly what hetal says?

      I think he is still free man and he has the right to spend his time the way he wants…

      I think the word “should” breaks confidence, love and encouragement in a relationship between husband and wife.. you can’t force a man to act the way you as a women think is perfect.. he has the right to be himself..

      And women often doubt men.. no wonder .. they are always insecure… and full of self-doubt..

      Again women think they are superior than men just to tell themselves they have more power tahn men.. here’s where ego issues come in.. women have more “fear” and therefore more “ego”…

      When a women cannot realize who she really is.. she will always doubt other people especially men!!! c’mon… Meira, you’re competing with your husband and putting him down in front of our eyes by saying “In my case…my husband was the one who got me addicted to blogging. Now he’s amazed at my (ahem) success. He has stopped now
      What do you say to that!”

      Meira, he supported you and you are telling the world he is no better than you!

      Don’t you have some lajja? Shame on you!!!

    • Destination Infinity says:

      We thought blogging was much better than watching TV, playing in playstation, drinking alcohol etc. Don’t know why someone would not allow! And what some one has done for some one not to allow it 😛

      And about drinking alcohol, the women are fighting so much for their right to equality to drink equally with men (or like men), but no one (as far as my limited knowledge goes) has said that ‘men should (also) stop drinking because it is bad for health’!! I am quite compassionate and support women when it comes to equality in everything else like becoming a pilot etc, but this one – I just fail to understand!!

      Destination Infinity

  6. sraboneyghose says:

    Dhiren, I know how you feel…I want equal rights too!!! I want my husband to listen to me and do as I say but that desire will remain unfulfilled as long as I am in this marriage 😦

    • Ronak says:


      you think… husbands are 24/7 servants of their wives…

      don’t we’ve an individuality of our own..???

      can’t we do what we desire rather than do exactly what you desire???

      Can’t we do what we think is best & perfect rather than do what you as wife think is perfect? we’re intelligent and we’ve got a true desire of our own! Can’t you just find yourself as the best person to be with?

      Why can’t you learn to love your self? you women feel insecure so you keep dragging men in your life to make you feel secure! yes, we can make you feel secure.. but it is upto you whether you want to feel secure or not… We don’t control you or try to control you…

      it is your desire to command our lives according to your expectations…. see how phoolish you’re by saying:

      I want my husband to listen to me and do as I say but that desire will remain unfulfilled as long as I am in this marriage !!!!!!!!!!!

      You’re demanding love… love cannot be demanded… it comes through acceptance.. accept your self & accpet your husband as he is…

      Your expectations will kill your life.. your marraige and your husbands life too… have some command over your life! Stop demanding love… be your self!

  7. Deeps says:

    Deeps,with all the ladyfolks gets set to thrash Hitchy with belans & chappals….*dhadaam dhadaam dhadaam*

    you suggested Hetal to resume her walking so you could get on with your blogging while she is away…kisko bewakoof banaraha hai,re tu???
    😀 😀

  8. Vimmuuu says:

    I woke up looong ago !!! and I tried waking people like you up with three anti-woman posts of mine, one of which is directed towards the same cause, social rights for us guys (will send you the link if you need it)!!! but none of you woke up from hiberbation!! and you hitchy dicther, you always supported those evil women !!! Ok, past is past !!! We shall start our movement soon !! All we need is some more guys, though !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    We will discuss this in private and get back at these evil sources !!!

    Men…..assemble !!!!

  9. Crafty Shines says:


    😀 😀 😀

    Crafty comes late, but scores!!!

    yeeee haaaaaaaaaaa

    sheesh…. the things i have to tell to console myself for poor comment rank performance!!! 🙄


  10. Suji! says:


    It’s connected my dear friend. You should have instead put it across as ‘Hey, I guess you have slowly started gaining weight!’ Ask the expert 🙄

  11. Thoorika says:

    I wud love to read your wife blog some timE!! Ask her to start blogging na 😉 Phir aayega Mazaa!! Kahani main twist tho abhi baaki hain!!! 😀

  12. shraddha says:

    not checking even on phone..while say waiting in traffiic?…that is what i can not comprehend…

    i have a gift for you…but i am too lazy to write the post now…so do drop by tomorow..

  13. sakshi says:

    Hmmm…mmmm…Hitchy walking and blogging has great connections. All I can say is that Hetal is the most smart and caring wife I have ever seen in my 17 years of existence on this earth. When she takes her walk while you are blogging, she feels so guilty thinking about the perfect hour glass shape she is getting while you are bloating around the waist sitting and blogging. She is such a sweetheart to sacrifice her looks and put on the Jhansi Ki Rani act in front of her husband to make him see the light of the day instead of the harmful rays of the monitor!!! And hitchy in return this is what you give this adorable wife of urs?? Sobs…men…Oh men…they will never see the loving caring heart of a woman…sobs

    Let me go away from here singing for Hetal….
    Dushman na kare dost ne woh kaam kiya hai
    Blog world main hume badnaam kiya hai…
    tan na tan tan tan

    • craftyshines says:

      She is such a sweetheart to sacrifice her looks and put on the Jhansi Ki Rani act in front of her husband to make him see the light of the day instead of the harmful rays of the monitor!!!

      AIYO!!!! it is the soooper i say Sakshi!!!! 😛 😀 😀 😀

      • hitchwriter says:

        Sakshi !!

        Why be so pretentious and claim 17 years of existence… ?? Please state your actual 16 years… I promise not to drool…How I have missed meeting the biggest of all nautankey… in my 31 years of existence will be a mystery…

        kitne bhi to kar le sitam…
        has has ke sahenge hum ….

        yeh blogging ka keeda na hoga kum…
        sakshi… err… hetal… teri kasam…. 😛 😛 😛

  14. craftyshines says:

    In this era of liberalisation and modernisation and industrialisation and globalisation every one wants equal rights and I am all for it

    *crafty innocently gears up for a soooper philosophy loaded writeup*

    🙄 what was I thinking? I obviously was not thinking enufff, eh??!!!

    This post is not for female readers who will never understand or feel any compassion to any guy ever in this world

    Geee….. must u generalise partner??!!!! *crafty ignores and continues to read*

    You trully are hobbes… !!! I thought even you would be the one to wash hands in the behati hui Ganga.. !! but Hobbes… !!!!!! you are the bestest… and mostest sweetest… !! Now I have it firmly registered… you will be with me even in the most bizzare… of situations…

    Btw, no point giving any advice or warnings to any male!!! They all know what they are getting into!!! But, they will jump in any case!!! Just like u did!! :mrgreen:

    @ conversation: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How on earth did that connection happen???!its beyond me!!! Tch tch hitchu!!!
    My sympathy and empathy towards this laachaar pati!!! 😆

    U have been taken for a ride royallly and its too late to stop the car and ask if u can get off! Hahahahahah!!! 😛 😛 😛

    Hetal is a smartie!!! She’s not only got her way, but she’s also made sure u will think twice before recommending anything to her that she’s trying to avoid!! 😛

    I have asked u a million times now! WHEN can I come to Hetal for lessons??!!

    Why do you want to be a meanie too ??

    Wake up men??? ROFL!!!! Save ur breath!! They never will! 😛
    Zindagi ki yahi reet hai…. Men ki haar aur women ki jeet hai!!! 😆

    not wanting to but starting to agree with that song… really… !!!

    By the ongoing trends, I forecast a constant rise in women bloggers population….
    Coz women who blog have no danger…. Most are already married and blogging …
    While men bloggers after marriage will be holding these conversations and making these promises!! 😛

    The future of blogging is stree-ling!!!! 😛 😛 😛

    naheeeee….. Blokes like me Vimmmuu, OG, Rakesh will keep the fight going… jai ho…

  15. shilpadesh says:

    You wanted to blog thats why you wanted her to go out coz u know she wouldnt like you blogging. Thats why she said u shouldnt blog because she knows why you said that! You might think women are stupid and you can fool her like that….no my friend, you are wrong. She saw right through you. She is smart!
    Also, take her shopping, better still, wait outside the trial room and give her compliments!

  16. _ says:

    I am a female but i still agree with the author. Sometimes women can be just overly melodramatic. I also seek for equality and fight for female rights but i believe for every female to have that, we must also respect our counter parts- the males; especially our partners.

    What is wrong with blogging anyway? It’s just a way of expressing yourself harmlessly. I woudn’t mind my partner blogging if it is really his thing and he enjoys it. Better seeing him blog than seeing him drink away his woes.

    And really, i do not understand why she puts a leash around your neck like how she controls your blogging schedule. Shouldn’t it be up to you? Blogging should come freely like how freely your thoughts come to you. When two people get married that really doesn’t give them the right to put a leash on each other’s neck because even though the marriage has made them one, admit it or not, they are still two persons who have different interests and each of them has to respect that. Putting a leash like that is a way of manipulating your partner and it isn’t healthy for the both of you and for the relationship as a whole.

    The healthy way to do things is for both of you to express how you really feel about this and that.
    You may ask her : “honey, what is with my blogging that disapoints you? Do you think i am spending way too much time in front of the computer and not so much on loving you?If that is the case then might we agree on the schedule so we can both be happy?”

    And if you are not satisfied with the schedule, do speak up! Tell her what you think about it and don’t just keep it to yourself if you are not happy (because you really wouldn’t be writing this way if you are). You also have the right to do the things you want as long as it is in moderation and it does not in anyway hurt your partner. Your partner should also hear you out because her happiness is not the only thing concerned here. What about your happiness? You can’t just give up everything you like just because she is the woman and you should give her everything that’ll make her happy. Where’s equality in that? I assume this is not the only issue that she demonstrated her being manipulative. Go talk to her and don’t get content with just blogging your mind out over the internet.

    And if you finally decided to talk to her about your woes observe if she becomes manipulative again or becomes passive-aggressive. This negative attitudes are demonstrated through being overly melodramatic like: “Oh you don’t love me enough. You love your blogging more than you love me” or worse, says she’s okay with it but her actions speak otherwise. Respond to her clearly that you are not to be manipulated like that and that you should talk like rationalize adults who need to figure things out without resorting into melodrama. This should awaken her even just a little bit. Trust me. I was once like her but i woke up after a few frank retorts from ny boyfriend and getting a dose of my own medicine.Thank goodness…

    If both of you have come to an agreement (as in an ctual agreement.. Collaboration not compromise) then you should stick to what you have agreed on so you’ll earn her trust. Better yet involve her in what you are doing, like blogging. Encourage her to blog too. She might find it enjoyable and before you know it, you both are blogging side by side.Ain’t that sweet.And in return you’ll find yourself wanting to walk with her voluntarily. But i understand if you’d rather not want her to get involved with blogging. Some people would like to maintain space for themselves too by having different interests.It’ your call.

    p.s. not ALL FEMALES are like that. SOME MALES are overly melodramatic too; i have my boyfriend as an example.phew! thank goodness he is better now. NO need to make this a war of the sexes.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Hey… !! you didnt leave your name… !!

      No this is definitely not a battle of sexes… !!

      everything that is written here is not entirely true either… woudlnt have said it … but you poured in so much in the comment had to tell you… !!

      somethings are just written for the sake of having fun… I try to add spice to real life situations so that we can have some fun on the blog… !!!! Everything is quite fair… and i guess the wife has the right to be agrieved when the husband is crazy about blogging 24/7 all the times… !!!!

      she loves reading blogs too… slowly but surely she is starting to like it… just she doesnt get as obsessive as me… !!!

      btw i did log in on sunday too… !! we both did… and read a few blogs and laughed… !!!

      ur new here… i guess… this is one crazy place… so trying to find some sense here is a lil difficult… lol…

      relax… !!

      😀 😀 😀

      chill… !!!

      Welcome to the blog… and do leave your url so i can visit your blog too !!!!!!

      • Ronak says:

        point taken..

        sometimes it becomes necessary to speak the truth though…

        I’ve experienced what you’re saying on a large scale in my life..

        women can often make you feel guilty if you let them just do that to you!!!

        I think.. be your self! 🙂 😀 😉

  17. Ashwathy says:

    The husband has only noble intentions where he feels that his wife is not doing any physically strenuous work so the least she can do is walk in the morning.
    YEA RIGHT!!! 😛 😛 lol

    btw hitchy…. it doesnt matter. u will access blog, no matter at what cost 😀 😀 rite???

  18. _ says:

    oh..well that is uncomfortable. bad? 🙂 sorry.You seemed serious and you seemed to need the comforting and advice or whatever anyone like me has to offer.hehe.

    Turns out i was mistaken… But i am happy though what you posted was just crazy talk or is it really? ^_^ err, forget it. Well if it didn’t do you any good, let’s hope someone with a “real story” same as that “crazy talk” reads and learn from the piece of advice. ^_^

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