Unravelling the Indian water mystery …


After reading Vimmmuu’s last post… it reminded me of one very funny story….


Yes the story stems from the toilet… read… rest room.. they also call it the thinking zone… the relieving zone… some even call it dubai… not joking… seriously !!!! :mrgreen:


I was about in college then… and my cousin about 4 years older had her pen friend of 7 years visit her… her pen friend had come from Switzerland with her husband on a trip to India.  They were visiting my cousin for 2 days after which they were to leave for Rajasthan.


The guy was cool and had a great sense of humour and the girl the actual pen friend of my cousin… welll she was amazingly beautiful.. blue eyed.. & blonde n…. well never mind… she was totally OOOOOOh La la… 😉 😉 😉


On the first day they healthily joined in the gujarati food we were eating.. her husband was particularly open to the idea of eating the staple food of the place they were travelling… !! In the evening they all dined somewhere out…


Next day morning they went to a place nearby for an outing and had lunch outside… and came home at around 4 pm… I had just reached my cousin’s home from college… and my cousin’s mom (my Mami) had made bhajiyas (pakoda’s) for us. The guy was keen… he bit a few…


Eventually we had mirchi bhajiya’s they look like this. Its pretty usual in our part of the world… and my Mama loved them… this guy was game… he wanted to try…  he tried it… these particular chillies are not very spicy in taste… but by nature they are spicy… he liked the chillies… he had more… eventually my Mama told him… he better go easy with the chilli pakoda’s… !!!


But the guy wouldnt listen… he also seemed to be enjoying them… he was also i guess feeling some sort of bravado in eating chilly Bhajiya’s… his wife wouldnt even try them once…


The guy enjoyed his fill… with Thumsup… !! He was grateful to Mami… and thanked a lot… kept praising the chilly bhajiya’s !!! they were excellent… !!! he kept repeating.


Eventually next day morning they were to catch a train to Jaipur… and we were to pick them up from their Hotel… when I reached to pick them up…


I greeted them … I just asked so… you sleep well last night… ??

and he was like oh yea… slept well… but today morning… !!!!!!

Those chillies…. !!!!!!!!!! AAAAAArghhhhh !!!


“Now I know exactly why you Indians need water…”


138 thoughts on “Unravelling the Indian water mystery …

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    One more bathroom tale!!!!!!!!!!!
    woh bhi phoren wala!!!! tee hee hee!!!!! 😆 😆

    blonde n blue eyes?!!
    *can imagine an adolecent hitchu singing Chura ke dil mera goriyaa chali*

    😆 😈

    mirchi bhajiya!!!!!! yummyy!!! now i want some toooooo!!

    ROFL @ why indians need water!!! 😀 u were right!! he did have an awesome sense of humor!!! 😛 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      what adolscent hithcu ???/

      I was a grown up Man… err… teenager !!! then… !!!!!!!

      lol… he did see the funny side… lol…

      I m sure he would think twice before any more mirchi bhajiya’s !!!

  2. Crafty Shines says:

    gujarati khana!!!!!!! i can eat all day long i tell ya!!!
    i realllly love the sweet dal!!! 😀 and thepla!!! and dal dhokli! and khandvi!!! and undhyion!!! and patra!!!

    and *glug glug glug*

    crafty drowns in own drool….

  3. umsreflections says:

    OMG ! Hitch, laughing so much !!!

    U know, I never go near mirchi bhajjis – never agrees with me. But S is a great lover of those mirchi bhajjis.

    So funny !!!

    There’s this movie called OUTSOURCED in which an American comes to India to train his Indian collegues on how to take customer calls. The moment he lands, just outside the station, he has those crushed ice golas with your fav syrup on top. That’s all – OMG !! How he’ll suffer for the rest of the day – so funny – as he had to use an Indian toilet.

    My God !!! The bathroom tales are continuing in one blog after another.

  4. Pixie says:

    should I comment something relevant on this post Hitchy?! 😀
    not needed na?! :mrgreen:

    Came late, everyone’s already spoken enough about bathroom tales! 😀

    So, this is to tell you I have come, laughed, spammed…
    😀 😀 😀


          • sakshi says:

            Bcoz Sakshi is a desi at heart and prisoned in Boston and yet to learn this astounding language called Hinglish gathers up her 9 yard saree and dance along with Crafty and IHM to the song…
            Aye dil laaya hai bahaar…apno ka pyar..kya kehna
            Mile hum…chalakh uta…khushi ka khumaar
            Khile khile cheharo se aaj Blog hai hitchy ka
            Gule gulzaaar kya kehna

            *Sakshi off to find that Umreekan culprit who had the guts to copy the tune of this original hindi song and sue the hell out of him*

            • Crafty Shines says:

              did u find the culprit Sakshi??? call crafty also!!! while lawyers prepare the paperork…we can just drain his brains with bollywood style swirling and jhatkaas and matkaas….

              hope u find him soon…. bahut din ho gaye…. kisi pe haath saaf nahi kiya hai!!!

              :mrgeen: 😈 😆

    • hitchwriter says:

      wouldnt I remember how she looks… you bet…

      blonde blue eyed girls and Indian male have a long lost relationship… that cannot be explained… !!!!! 😛 😛 😛

      my son is crazy about one alrady… !!!!! 😛 😛

  5. Solilo says:

    O gosh! what’s with all the bathroom talk? Vimmu and you should be locked in a European bathroom with no exhaust fan. 😡

    BTW once a colleague was so grossed out when someone told him that in South Asia we use hands to wipe our behind that he refused to eat lunch that day. Ha..ha..ha..

  6. Solilo says:

    My MIL makes the best chilli bajjis. I had never tasted it before marriage. She makes it in two different ways. One without stuffing and one with a tamarind stuffing.

  7. sakshi says:

    Yum yum at the Mirchi Bhajiyyas….me loves them but have not eaten them for ages due to the presence of one north Indian person whose nose does a Ganga jamuna behthi act at the sight of any thing remotely related to the word Spice and a Self Proclaimed 5 year old Umreekan Citizen who thinks it’s against his constitutional right to be fed with spicy stuff (he says he can call up 911 any time).. Sobs…I want those mirchis now 😦

    Heee the swiss guy must have fainted to discover that Indians kept buckets instead of Toilet Paper…ahem…wonder what conclusion he came to after analysing the size of the bucket to that of the toilet paper back at his home???

    • Smitha says:

      Seriously Saksh? My daughter is a proper angrez that way. She shouts ‘erven’ – her version of ‘ereve inde’ – it’s spicy in Malayalam – at the mere sight of anything that looks spicy! Give her pastas and she will demolish it in a sec!!!! Husband thankfully is fine – he will eat even with a ganga jamuna behati nose 🙂

  8. Parul says:

    You are just too much, all I can say 🙂
    Kind of similar story happened with one of my friends here in US.
    First day in US, we take him to Pizza hut for a lunch.
    Had a great lunch.
    and then the guy reaches over a bottle and takes a handful of “saunf”(fennel seeds) in his hand and gulps it down, only to realize it was red pepper flakes. Can you imagine the scene: him running for water then?
    He still hates pizza hut. Would rather have a home delivery 🙂

  9. Just call me 'A' says:

    ha ha ha ha…i laughed so much. this is hilarious. RD would back you big bucks for this :). A lot of sense this makes 😉

    I find the idea of pen friends really nice. The old fashion way, that is. pen and paper mail.

    • hitchwriter says:

      dont remind me of those delicacies…

      I so remember the bhajiya’s at Raipur Darwaja… !!! aaah..

      and the nav taal na samosa !!!

      gosh… i m drooling… 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  10. Smitha says:

    Oh dear! I kept away from this post yesterday thinking that it is something on droughts and floods in India – thought I would read it when I was in the mood for something serious!

    And it is all about toilets! 🙂 ROFL!!!!! This reminds of the time when my colleagues combined vindaloo with tabasco 🙂

    Mirchi Bhajias! I want some too! I love them so much! The day before my scheduled c-sec, for my last meal before the operation – husband asked me what I wanted – and all I wanted was mirchi bhaijias! I love them! 🙂 But can totally imagine that poor guy’s condition 🙂

    And blond and blue eyed? again? No wonder Hriday likes them too 😉

    • hitchwriter says:

      see you winked again… !!!!

      lol….. I will never die wondering… !!!! lol… 😛 😛

      btw I noticed you yesterday commenting here and there… I follow you on back type…

      and i noticed that you didnt come to my post… but i resisted… I didnt come and confront you … but i was mighty tempted… !!

      • Smitha says:

        I seriously thought it was a serious post 🙂 About Narmada – remember you were telling me about water linking and all that once 🙂 So thought I’d read it later..

        I was winking because you were mentioning that Hriday also liked blondes!!!!! Not winking at you – you one track minded man!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. Butterfly says:

    Hi. First time on your page. I was a little fazed when I looked at the comments section. Wow!

    OMG, That was a funny post. My FIL used to say that with stuff like mirchi bhajji, it is : Eat once, enjoy twice! That poor soul! And to seal it with Thums up! That must have done him in.

  12. Sandhya says:

    I too like mirchi bhajias and my husband loves it so much that he eats it from roadside carts also, when he goes to Tirupati. it is tastier there, it seems!

    My sis-in-law’s angrezi daamaad loves this and had the bad experience in the beginning, but now he is used to Indian spicy food and gobbles up everything!

    Hriday is growing up fast!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I no likes mirchi bhajiya a lot… but i like thin fried salted chillies that are slit from the middle with bhajiya’s !!!!

      I have a cousin married to an Umreekan too… and he eats pickle like subji… !! 😛 😛

      and I am sure he doesnt need to be told what we need to ERR cleam… LOL 😆

  13. Suji! says:

    ROFL! 😀 😀

    SO here is a one-liner I read somewhere on toilet paper:

    “Conserve Toilet Paper. Use Both Sides!”

    Your friends are soon likely come up with something for water too:

    “Conserve Water. Avoid Indian Chilly Bhajiyas” 😛

  14. Badz says:

    Hahahahaha! Now doesn’t that story sound similar for most international people visiting India. 😉

    At college, we use to tease the “English” people, to not have too many chillies (or a lot hot & spicy food) otherwise they’d have problems when visiting the toilet and possibly end up with a red ring around their ass. 😛 😆

  15. suranga says:

    I was a bit surprised this evening to see so many folks linking to my blog from blogadda. And then I went there and saw your interview and your very nice and kind comments about me and the blog Gappa ! (Too much!)

    Just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU. And yes, that was a great interview….

    best wishes and congratulations again..

    Incidentally the name is Suranga, not surangna 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Not too much Suranga.. got the name right this time…

      its a gift … and have learnt from you a lot of things… have learnt to observe more … and I cannot thank you enough for that… ever !!!


      keep blogging !!! 😀

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