Gal’s & Guys !!!!!



I was INTERVIEWED by Blog Adda… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



Please have a DEKHO… !!!!



Just toooooooo EXCITED to type anything at the moment !!!!!


240 thoughts on “Gal’s & Guys !!!!!

  1. Harish Krishnan says:

    LOL 🙂

    Let me the first to comment here!!!!!!!!!!!

    My name is hitchy, my name is hitchy! Samaj ka sajan mera naam hain hitchy!!!!

    You deserve it!!! Thanks for making us smile always and we in turn will do our best to keep you all happy!!!

    • hitchwriter says:



      WARNING !! : extremely dangerous to dance anywhere closer to me, high chances of physical injury !!!!!


  2. Vimmuuu says:

    Just finished reading the interview !!!!! and same here, too excited to type anything !!! 😀 😀 😀

    I have just two words for you —–


  3. Crafty Shines says:




    che! had to put off capslock for putting that smiley!

    whew… i am not done dancing or commenting ok!!!!

    raaat baaki…. baat baaki…. hona hai dance…karna hai comment!!!!


    *never ending hugs*

      • Crafty Shines says:

        MANALI!!!!!! HItchu!!! we will go there and have fun..

        then u guys can come back to ur homes

        crafty will stay there only and live in a tree or something!!

        *crafty lost in retirement dreams*

        Manali mein rahoongi main… ghar nahin jaaoongi mein!!!

        • vimmuuu says:

          live in a tree?? Im sure there would be caves !!! 😀 😀 😀

          Count me in for Manali !! But by that time, I would be you know…you know..and im thinking if I should you know…you know.. 😉

          • craftyshines says:

            ROFL! yes vimmuuu….u will be er…… we know …errr….
            😛 get mrs vimmuuu along to manali too!!!! 😀 😀 😀

            caves!!! aha! but u see… hobbes is usually seen reclining on a tree branch vimmuuu… so i will be on tree… only i better lose some weight…. or else the trees in manali will be losing branches :mrgreen:

            • hitchwriter says:

              YES YES…. Vimmmuu you will be allowed with your worst ERR better half !!!! surely !!!!!!!!!

              Party mein I ll serve you the Best Chicken Momo’s of Manali !!!!!1

              for all veggies… KHICHDI !!!!! :mrgreen:

                • sakshi says:

                  what Smithu you have never had chicken momos?? *sakshi searching for her famous chicken recipe to pass on to Smithu* don’t worry it’s not like the BBJ ok??

                • Just call me 'A' says:

                  Smitha…that is blasphemy……you’ve NEVER eaten momos…come home dahling….i will stuff you with momos till you cannot move……I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE momos.

        • hitchwriter says:

          You are always most most most welcome at my home in Indore !!!

          SMi… May is ideal everyone will have vacation and Manali will be quite pleasant… !! We have a campsite in from April end to June.. so its easier for me to arrange everything… and very vry VERY cheap for me to do things.. !!

          Still think it over… !! you are MOST WANTED for a meet.. Hriday must meet Poohi !!! 😀

          thoda adjust karo na…

    • Mystery says:

      came back after reading the interview..
      what do i feel? hmmm.. i dont know 😐
      You deserve all the recognition you have got 🙂
      And yes you do spread the smile in all the readers face with your posts and comments..
      Keep blogging and congrats again..

  4. Pixie says:

    I’m so proud that I’m speechless!

    *Pixie looks at the big bubble that’s bursting out from pride!*

    The interview is just soo.. you! Straight from your heart and honest!

    hugs Hitchu!! 🙂

  5. sakshi says:

    Congrats congrats…

    I came dancing all the way from Craftys place and my ghungroo still jhooming…

    Buzurgo ne farmaaya ke Post pe post likho
    Phir yeh blog samaaj tumhara hai
    Samaaj ke sur taal pe chalthe jaao
    Phir har comment har blog adda tumhara hai
    Are to bhaiya HITCHY har jagah chaa gaye…
    Ke pag ghungroo baandh Sakshi Naachi thi…

    Awesome interview and seriously I am lost for words because of all the dancing shancing…need to find crafty for more numbers and a bit of support for tired ghungroo strapped legs 🙂

    • Crafty Shines says:

      Ooooooo Sakshiiiiiii!!!! Lo crafty aaaa gayiiiii!!!

      more songs?? here’s one… ..join me!!!

      roop hai mera sona sona…
      soni meri paayal…
      hitchu ne interview mein
      kardiya sabko ghayal….
      keh rahe hain sakshi aur crafty…
      dance mein jeena marnaaaaaaaa

      OYE! Shava Shava!!!! say shava shava!!!!!!! heeeeyaaah!!!!


  6. sakshi says:

    Hey Hitchy you have a photography blog too?? *sakshi blinking her eyes at an incredible shutter speed rate*. So going off to check that blog and spam it with comments too. Did you know I too take some awful photographs sometimes??

  7. Solilo says:

    I hopped and scampered here as soon as I saw an incoming link of your Blogadda interview.

    Is everyone on the dance floor? Already dancing or waiting for the DJ. Today Don is the DJ and here’s the music…..

    Wanna naach all night (2)
    Do you feel alright
    Wanna naach all night

    Dance with me baby, wont you dance with me all night
    Won’t you party party party, wont you run the floor all night

    pyaare pyaare lamhe, pyaari pyaari baatein
    sapno ke din hain, sapno ki raaten

    ho goonjen hai dil ke taraane
    bajne hain geet suhaaneh
    behke hai saare deewane
    toh nach le nach le all night

    CONGRATULATIONS HITCHY! So happy for this. Now let me go read it. Hope you had some beautiful words about me. 😀

  8. Preetilata says:


    i dropped in here from crafty’s blog. read your interview n it was sheer pleasure reading it.


    and yes ur comment page is a sooooper amazing place in truest of sense.

    take care 🙂

  9. Solilo says:

    Read and left two comments on Blogadda.

    *Solilo in tears seeing that her arch rival just mentioned her in his fav. 5 blogs.* Itni khushi sahan nahin hoti.

    In tears…


  10. Solilo says:

    “she generally comes out on top……….”

    Hain? Err………m….hain?….ahem…….

    Oh okay! rest of the sentence is “in all leg pulling……….”

    *Solilo cleaning her dirty mind with Clorox*

  11. Crafty Shines says:

    after all the commenting, dancing, seeti maraoing, beedi sulgaofying, lungi tying…..



    😀 😀 😀

    *crafty hugs hitchu… background mein sunset sunrise sunset*

    it’s been quite a while since have been reading ur blog…. and i love it. everything about it. and everything about u too….

    all my wished hitchu… may u always be happy!!! touchwood!

    u deserve all this and much more, and all that u wish for… and its sure to come to…


  12. Crafty Shines says:

    coffeee jyaada ho gaya
    sara zamana so gaya
    crafty night owl ban gayi
    aur hitchu ke blog pe gaati rahi…

    “phir se mile jo, hum deewane,
    toh yeh samjhe, toh yeh jaane,
    hum bhi rahen.. rahen yaar humare jahan…
    hum ko rahon mein yunhi milti rahe khushiyaan…
    dil chahta hai….kabhi na beete chamkile din!”

    😀 😀 😀

  13. Crafty Shines says:

    Indian blogs ??? I suggest we leave out nationalities and religion out of this… blogging is just a virtual way of expressing for us humans…

    hats off to u hitchu! how very aptly expressed, i cudn’t have thought of a more fitting answer…

    proud to know u hitchu!

  14. Crafty Shines says:

    all those kind words for all us blogger friends!!!!!
    u are total dahling hitchu!!!! and so well said for all…
    i haven’t read Surangna’s blog, but will surely check.. it seems like an experience, her writings, the way u have described it!!

    rest i know verrrrrrrrrrrrry well!!!!

    Solilo!!! Don sololiya!!!! i totally look up to her!! and i’ve been more in love with her since the day she called me her “crafty bacchha” and doesn’t even object from me sitting in her lap! 😆
    her humour is totally desirable… wit at its best!

    Indyeah!! sigh, my KRS… she means so much that it hurts when i miss her! u are right, she reserches her posts!!! and she compels to think…. i told her, she gets the chattiest best outta me… the way she writes… its unbelieavble that something can be expressed so beautifully expressed!!

    Vimmuuu!!!! i fell off my chair when he had done that Emotional Attyachar post…serious as hell!!! so not him! 😀
    he’s an awesome guy!!! and his humor (toilet tales included) are just ROFL!!!! 😆
    singing! sigh! i will not comment on singing, i shudn’t be praising that much… his wedding is coming up, he shudn’t be looking bloated!! 😈

    and hugs for all that u said for me…. i am at a loss for words… (very dangerous thing for a copywriter i tell ya) 😛 😉
    am humbled!!! crafty ain’t sure if she can digest it!
    hajmola ho jaye 😆


    • hitchwriter says:

      Emotionally Touchy moment… !!! 😀 😀

      I love all of you !!! not just you 5 but all my co-bloggers… Its totally unfair to list 5 !!!!

      I wanted to skip the question 5 is not fair.. not at all… I have so many awesome friends most awesome blogger friends.. and I love so many more blogs…

  15. Crafty Shines says:

    It also provides an amazing insight into so many different individuals from different backgrounds. For me its discovery of people.

    discovery of people… so beautifully said hitchu! ur right… and really what amazing ppl we have met na? every time i talk to any one of us in blog samaaj, its like a connection!!! and its very satisfying!!

    me loves this discovery of people…

    • Crafty Shines says:

      hey A!!!

      so gaya yeh jahaan… so gaya aasmaa… crafty had waay too much coffee…still hanging out here!!!

      party will continue later, but will hugs from crafty do for now???



      • Just call me A says:

        ……..i’m super active today and doing tap dancing all over hitchy blog…..and Ufff you saw the hitch’s picture on the interview…….too much…..all posing shoozing…sideway, hand in pocket ezzzz-styleee.

        hitchyyyyyy very nice interview

          • Just call me A says:

            how can I not notice it crafty…………’s blinding………….and the green green grass…and you can see a little of the road behind 😀 ;)…….
            ……………..(A has brought out her drums and drumming loudly in celebration)…now where is the champaign!!!

            • Crafty Shines says:

              crafty dances to A drumming away on drums…

              Drumswaaali Drums bajaa… mere ghungurooo bulaate hain.. main naachoo, tu nachaa!!! 😆 😆 😆

              champaign?? Open Bar wale and bartender, ie Solilo and Monu, are sloshed and have long gone!!! non-alcoholic crafty drank coffeee
              phooey!!! now i wait here alone!!! still hypercative…

              but pssst…. i can arrange for patiala peg!! will that do, A???

                • hitchwriter says:

                  Oye behind me is no road… there is a valley… !!!!!

                  you talli…. where did you see a road ???????

                  but tell you waht I like the enthusiasm… and hey you should be singing some rockety english numbers.. they would suit you ideall !!

                  say something like…

                  ELVIS- JAIL HOUSE ROCK !!!!!

                  The warden threw a party in the county jail.
                  The prison band was there and they began to wail.
                  The band was jumpin and the joint began to swing.
                  You shouldve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.
                  Lets rock, everybody, lets rock.
                  Everybody in the whole cell block
                  Was dancin to the jailhouse rock.

                  • Just call me A says:

                    arre…that grey grey thing in between the trees, is the road no 😀 🙂

                    …….and I like that rockety english number you dish out…..

                    Number forty-seven said to number three:
                    Youre the cutest jailbird I ever did see……………… 😉
                    I sure would be delighted with your company,
                    Come on and do the jailhouse rock with me.
                    Lets rock, everybody, lets rock.
                    Everybody in the whole cell block
                    Was dancin to the jailhouse rock.

                    ‘A’ still dancing like crazy.

  16. Crafty Shines says:

    Cricket is loved by the people like crazy SIMPLE. It’s a poor man’s sport, all you need is a bat and a ball and even two people can play it. You don’t always need 22 players or 22 hockey sticks…

    OMG!!! u know, i never thought of it like that!!!! wow… how true…
    geeeee, suddenly i got like a new found respect for the game 😀

    but, there is a group of guys that play in the lane that my bedroom overlooks, dammit they are there at like 6am!!! i don;t mind their game as much as thier LOUD exclamations followed by some unmentionable hindi words 😯

    • hitchwriter says:

      The unmentionable Hindi words are PART n PARCEL of the game… !!!!!!!

      lol :mrgreen:

      and the LOUD Exclamations… cant help it… they all get too excited…

      you know… when i would come home very tired from a cricket match at times… when younger… I would speak in the sleep… my Mom and all would be petrified and yet laugh…

      I would go in my sleep..

      “EASY EASY”

      “THROW THROW… ”


      rofl !! 😆

      thankfully no colourful language came out… or else would have been kicked out of the house and would have been roaming the streets… !!!!!!! lol

  17. Crafty Shines says:

    If some one is feeling down and if I can get him or her to smile I would say job well done.

    hazaaar hugs for this. not just coz u said it, but coz i know u also live up to this!!!!

    all those how got u as a friend don’t have much to worry about!! 😀

  18. Crafty Shines says:

    People get the government they deserve, so once we become more responsible more well behaved and more sensible we will automatically get a much better set of politicians.


    where is Indy??? she is going to hug u till the end of time for this…

    gee…. since when do u say things like this hitchu partner?? 😀
    its a perspective not many reach to seeing, coz polititian-bashing is rampant, popular and much easier to do!!!
    well said partner! hugs!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      was it really well said ??

      Where is Indy… she came yesterday night… I m just so glad… now the kid can relax and take her time… she seems a lil toooo busy… but still she came when I most wanted her… !!!!1

      God bless her… and all of us too !!! 😀 😀

  19. Crafty Shines says:

    tho this song is at the blogadda comments, it deserves to be here tooo!!!!

    Sona kitna sona hai
    sone jaisa tera mann
    sun zara sun kya kehti hai
    deewane dil ki dhadkan

    tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera
    tu mera Hitchu No 1!!!

    😆 😆 😆

  20. sakshi says:

    Ohh crafty you still uuu se hota hai ullu uu se hota hai ullu
    raath ko jaagtha hai ullu….uu se hota hai ullu sigh!! sorry for the choice of song…that’s what my son is listening to learn his hindi 🙂

    So you see once again it’s prven that coffee is a non alcoholic beverage …hic…hic. I think Solilo, Monu hit the floor just like me after all that pegs.

    Crafty you are such a sweety pie to write those beautiful words for your partner.

    • Crafty Shines says:

      tee hee Sakshi!!! yes yes!!! i belong to Night Owl Blogger Association… and there are only two ppl in it… Kanagu and me!!!

      usually our association is in action on fri night – sun night….

      but aaj coffeee hogaya zyaaada….
      neend ho gaya aadhaaaaa!!!!!!


      Sakshi, thankooooo! me loves hitchu partner lots!!! aise pyaar is flowing from ears!!! 😆

      • sakshi says:

        I am a night owl too but gets to toss and turn or maybe grab a book bcoz of the strict laptop curfew imposed by the resident police officer…sobs!! *googling if there is a law against laptop violence*

        • hitchwriter says:

          Boss I concur .. I night owl too… but same curfew that is imposed by eyes and hands on hips… !!

          lol… though yesterday i had chutti… but the net connection didnt work.. 😦

  21. sakshi says:

    *peeping in silently so that she doesn’t wake up the now tired and sleeping Junta* and tells herself Kuch to sharam karo…ab to naachna bandh karo..

    swaying to *Nanhi Kali sone chali…hawa dheere aana…*

  22. Just call me A says:

    I’m still dancing….i’m still dancing…..all you sleeping people…wake up…and lets twist and twist 🙂 …LOL

    come on every body…………..

    Let’s start some Ronauk Shounak
    Let’s have some party now
    Let’s have some Raala Rappaa
    Rang de chak a
    No matter Let them say
    Let’s have some dhol dhamaka
    Let’s call the dholi now
    Let’s have some matti tappa
    Chalo chalo ji lak lak gao lo
    Chalo chalo ji Mauj bana lo
    Chalo chalo ji Nach lo Gao lo
    Pakad kisi ki Wrist

    ………….and we twist we twist and we twist we twist…………:) 😀
    ‘A’ gone completely bonkers and cannot stop her feet from dancing….ufff…so many calories loss 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      Hey Homey… !!!!!

      you to have to dance on something related to food…

      Main to raste se jaa raha tha…..
      Main to Bhel poori gaa raha tha…

      lol… imagine yourself matching Govinda’s steps !!!!

      ROFL !!!!!!

      • Homecooked says:

        Boss, I love dancing!!!! Govinda is like an icon for me….as my steps resemble his :p Before marriage I could easily give Karisma a run for her money…not in looks category but dance definitely! I dont mind making a fool of myself while dancing….lol 🙂

        • Crafty Shines says:


          Before marriage I could easily give Karisma a run for her money

          wah wah homey!!! so what has changed now eh????? let’s do a govinda style dance here!!!!!! am even more thrilled to dance with u!!!!
          teeeee heeeeeee

          here goes:

          ussne bola kem che kem che kem che?
          maine bola aim che aim che aim che!!!!!
          neeend nahi aaati hain raaaton mein…
          arrre yeh toh prem che prem che prem che prem che!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          *homey n crafty dance with typical Govinda expressions*
          😀 😀 😀

  23. Indian Homemaker says:

    India is not a perfect nation, very few are. I still do not think people in our country value their freedom as much, … People get the government they deserve, so once we become more responsible more well behaved and more sensible we will automatically get a much better set of politicians.

    I read your interview a second time, and loved this part. I am amazed at how much for granted do we take our freedom!
    Now formal congratulations!! This place had indeed become an adda 🙂

  24. Rakesh says:

    Badhaiyan bhai badhaiyan!!!

    Hun to have bej Dhirubhai ne odkhun,
    Ek Ambani ne bija tame!

    Now You’re a star 😀

    Sorry am late. Read your post and the full interview last night on my mobile phone but couldn’t drop a message through it so today on a weekend – friday, I’ve switched on my laptop to say Congrats!!!

  25. umsreflections says:

    WOW !!! Super duper interview, Hitch !!!!

    You’ve very nicely explained the love you’ve for BLOGGING and your other loves like nature, trekking, especially commenting and spamming the comment section. Just liked it.

    Great going Hitch !!!! So proud to know you, toooo !!!! I was going blah blah abt u to my S. Very very impressed with ur interview and of course, YOU !!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      you bet i did all the dekhoing and commenting here and there till 1 am !!!!!!

      you didnt do the jig though…

      till when will you write ??

      leave the pen and do this…


  26. masood says:

    Wow…blogadda is making celebrities out of bloggers…

    first it was IHM, then Indy and now you..

    Well deserved dude. Now, will hop over to blogadda and read the interview!!

    Brb 🙂

  27. Deeps says:

    Hi Hitchy..a quick word….soooooooooooo proud of you!got to know abt it just now…will be hopping over to blogadda to read the full interview!

    Keep sharing and spreading smiles and happiness like the way you do,Hitchy.So very happy for you.You deserve every bit of this recognition and more,dear!
    hugs 🙂

  28. Rashmi says:

    OMG how i missed reading this earlier…

    I actually read on indy’s blog. that u got interviewed by blogadda….amaziing…this is gr8 achievement…like winining bharat ratan or something called blog samaj ka ratan 😆 😆

    My dil saying balle balle 🙂 ITs time to disco…:-)

  29. Indyeah says:

    Congratulations once again Dhiren! 😀 super happiee for you 😀 coz you really are one guy who thinks from the heart and is just sooo very pure hearted 🙂

    you know how special you are right? 🙂
    and the sheer amount of fun everyone has her on your space? 🙂 you are a stress buster Dhiren 🙂 you really are! 🙂

    when life gets too serious and the discussions get too intense, the debates reach a near shouting you know where I head? 🙂
    to your blog to read something that will make me smile and laugh and just go loony 😀

    your interview is like you 🙂 dil se 🙂

    and thats why I love it 🙂 and if you actually open your old blogspot blog and look at my old comments on your posts you will see that this word is one I have always used for you 🙂
    dil se 🙂
    thats who you write 🙂 and always have 🙂

    you are cherished here by all your friends …
    always know and remember that 🙂

    and for all that you have said for me 🙂
    can I just say Thank you because I have no words to express the joy and the way I felt 🙂 and still feel that this bro is just so sweet 🙂

    god bless you 🙂 and yours 🙂

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