garbas are here…


Its Garba time… I saw posters of garba happening everywhere in Indore… and suddenly realised… its been 3 years since I went to Bharuch for Navratri…


This is one festival that is most most most fun…. !!!!


Oh, how I miss my days in Bharuch in garba’s they were fantastic to say the least.


In college days Garba’s would start at around 11 in the night in Bharuch and go on till 6.30 in the morning. Yes, you read that right till 6.30 am in the morning the sun would rise but the garba dancers would refuse to stop. Some elderly people would be on their morning walks and we would be going back home to sleep… !!! 😛 😛 😛


Those were the days when there were no bombs and security problems and every one just wanted to revel for 9 nights. The youth literally had a ball and the parents had a hard time controlling kids. Well I am not going to start the social debate. The one great thing about Gujarat is the amount of freedom girls enjoy… they can roam the streets alone in the nights… at 2 am or 4 am… any time… !!!!!!! and in Navratri… its bliss… !!!!! all are ready and maked up to kill !!! 😉


I just want to remember those days when we would go to our place, Patel Society all dressed up in kurta pyjama. Although I was a shy & a pathetic dancer always worrying people were watching me and laughing as years went by even I gave into the beat of the garba’s. I truly love the garba songs and have lots of favourites. Just to listen to them the whole night was in itself a revelation and a joy.


Add to that the girls!!!!!!!! So many, with backless choli’s dressed to play the perfect seductress, painted in make up and jewellery, roaming around in the night without their parents. Wow !! The girls largely preoccupied with dancing would still find time for people like us sitting in the audience.


For us rowdy non dancing  guys it was always great to sit in the front rows and make fun of the guys who would dance probably because we couldn’t dance. Than spotting the girl of the navratri. Than finding out more and more information about her.


In the more younger days (coz i m ever young) even fight with a guy if he spoke to a girl we liked, as we were the kings back then… !!


[ Psst some times even we were fought with for speaking to a girl who was liked by an even more powerful king!!!! Part of growing up eh!! ]


The nights were full of life, lights, lots of food and colour filled with music.


this one is one of my most favourite garba’s…. !!! there are many more… and I am going to load them up one by one…

“Taara vina shyam mane ekaldu laage, raas ramva ne vehlo aavje”


here is one..


149 thoughts on “garbas are here…

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    Navaratri!!!! Garba!!!! Sooper!

    I have been to only one in all my life till date 😐
    and I was too young to appreciate it! Pah!

    Rofl at elderly ppl going for walks and u guys returning home! Haha!

    all are ready and maked up to kill !!!
    HA!!! Yes, now that I know of! My friend dragged me to shop for her navartri outfit.. I thot, kitna time lagega… to pick a chanya choli?
    AIYO… I died!!!! She shopped for dress, makeup, shoes, accessories….. and I never went shopping with her again….

    The nights were full of life, lights, lots of food and colour filled with music
    Lovely! Hope u get to enjoy all this once again! 😀

  2. sakshi says:

    I had two great years of dancing to garba glory while we were in Bangalore. Our apartment was full of gujarathis and I would put my family to sleep and join the dancing gang till the wee hours of morning and slip in back just before the hubby woke up….Haaa loved the dance, food and yeah the only thing I didn’t do was wear the chanya choli and makeuping. You see no use coz every guy there knew I was sentenced to life imprison 😦

    Lolz at fighting for girls…well I doubt whether you ever had to fight for girls with the natural charm oozing buckets out of you 😉

    I am trying to think of all those gujarathi garba songs I danced to…but I think it’s yday’s hang over that I can’t remember any of them 😦

    so back to apna bollywood

    Dholi taro dol bhaaje dhol bhaaje dol ke dum dum bhaaje dhol
    Blog aur comments jhoomenge aaj sang sang
    Hitchy ke blog pe chadega aaj prem rang
    Socho kya haal hoga Jimmy Shoes walo ka???

    • Crafty Shines says:

      Nachenge Blog waasi Dum Duma Dum Dum
      Dham Dham Datilal Datilal Dhidkit Dhidkit Dhilaal
      Baaje Mirdang Dhana Dhan Dhan Dhana Dhan Baaje!!!!

      *Crafty still dressed in red shirt n lungi has kicked off flourecent hawai chappals and does garba*

      • hitchwriter says:

        do i sing another garba.. ?? I dont know if you guys get it…

        ok i ll sing in english…

        On the bank of river Coconut tree re brother coconut tree re…

        in guajart it is..

        Nadi kinare naryeli re bhai naryeli re…

        Sakshi and Crafty are the officially the biggest nautankey’s of blog world… seriously !!!

        both of you are total riots !!

        • sakshi says:

          aiyoo me loves this coconut tree garba song the beshtest

          *sakshi and crafty balancing a coconut on their head and swirling their pattu pavadas to garba beats*

          Akre ekare ninjal engane aasha teerum
          namade aasha teerum?
          Onugil aan killi ekarekku……

          in English

          How will our desires quench if we stand aar paar (crafty, smithu, deeps, solilo, vimmu and calling all mallus for what’s hinglish for akre ekare??)

          Either guy bird come this side or girl bird fly that side..

          *sakshi flying like a bird in Solilo gifted costume*

          • Crafty Shines says:

            @ hitchu:

            Coconut tree re brother coconut tree re

            aiyo all of u mallu sisters of crafty!!! gather here pliss!!!!! this time we will dance around gujrat ka coconut treeeeeees!!!!!!

            naryeli???? what r those? female nariyal? 😆

            teee heeeeeee

            @ sakshi:
            *there goes cratfy’s coconut from her head, it rolls and falls on hitchu’s toes who was too near by watchin…. he is hopping on one leg nursing coconut-flattened toe in hand*


  3. Smita says:

    In my 5 year stay of Ahmedabad I attended Garba only twice but Garbe ke bahane se bahut awara gardi ki hai…

    I was staying in a PG where 10 PM ka restriction tha. I and my Fren told the land lady that we are going to see some garba and will be back in 1/2 an hr…we both walked into the campus of IIM and were all ooohhs and aahs in it’s library…came back post 11 😀

    Did many more such awargardi’s hehe but yes during Navratri whole of Gujarat wears a look which awesome!!! There is an energy which you CAN NOT miss!!!!

  4. Rohini says:

    i love GARBA!!! i hope they have something like it here where I live.. But wait, I’ve got this stupid exam to take and the husband has refused to let me step out of the house before that! :((

    Koi nai! Main yahaan pe naach loongi… I see a whole lot of dancing going on here.. 🙂

  5. Smitha says:

    Oh Hitchy! I love Garba! The 2 years that I lived in Ahmedabad – I had the nicest time at Garbas!

    We used to have such a wonderful time – though only one of us could dance 🙂 We used to go out and have fun anyways 🙂 And yes, backless chaniya cholis! We had all bought chaniya cholis from Law Market in Ahd – those were some wonderful days with some wonderful friends!!! There were even discounts at restaurants during garba time! It used to be so much fun!!!!

    You brought back all those memories 🙂

  6. Smitha says:

    And what I used to love to watch is the way people danced! They were so so elegant! And they used to make it look so effortless!

    There was one very enthusiastic colleague of mine, who could dance for nuts – but was so enthusiastic that he would join in nevertheless and slowly, as the night progressed, people would start leaving a large space around him – apparently he stamped on several toes and hit a lot of people with his elbows 🙂 But it was all so much fun!

  7. Smitha says:

    ‘The one great thing about Gujarat is the amount of freedom girls enjoy… they can roam the streets alone in the nights… at 2 am or 4 am… any time… !!!!’ – Oh yes! I absolutely loved it!

    And you know what else I loved. In Ahmedabad, in most families, women would get the Sunday off, apparently. So either the men cooked or they ate out! I used to find that so sweet! The only sad thing was that it was difficult getting into any restaurant on Sunday evenings – but it used to be so much fun.. we used to just hang out.. and just have fun.. not worry about safety or anything..

    I am spamming you – coz you brought back so many memories – it was also where I met husband 🙂

    • sakshi says:

      Oye hoi…so that’s the reason for all this garba and gujarat love….

      Dance shaace for Smithu and her dil ka tukda *dragging crafty by her lungi to join*

      Ek mundi mallu, jithe nayan sharaabi
      Une love you love you aakhdi
      dil legaya munda gujrath di…dil legaya….

      • Crafty Shines says:

        aiyaiyo sakshi!!! *crafty secures lungi with belt*

        soooper lou ishhtory is to be the unfoldings smithu!!!!!

        *sakshi playing romantic tune on guitar and crafty accompanies on tambourine*

        jiggy jiggy jing jing

        • Smitha says:

          Crafty and Sakshi – am sure you too will have more interesting ‘lou ishhtory’ to tell – we are 2 boring old people 🙂

          We never even danced – just enjoyed Crafty’s long lost bro wrecking everybody’s feet 🙂

          • sakshi says:

            Smithu when you said lou ishhtory only one song pops up in my bleeding heart and am trying to put garba (not the now vimmu famous garbam) step into it

            Dil ke armaa aanso main behagaye…
            *sakshi twisting left, right and then left picking up the golden thali*

            • hitchwriter says:

              I too owe one navratri night the credit …

              thats when i came to know about hetal’s feelings for me…

              sigh.. picking her up from her house… more importantly dropping her off….


              chup chup ke pyaar ka mazaaa kuch aur hi tha… 😛 😛 😛

              • sakshi says:

                Odi baba your blog has kind of become a confession box…people telling their secrets out but the only difference is that the priest himself is one hell of a nautankey like all of us 😉 (wokay I will take over smitha’s winking)

                • hitchwriter says:


                  me loves that… smi is being a desi girl… !!! no winking vinking… pah…

                  and than pretends to talk that she wears backless…

                  as if i m buying it… he he he….

                  ok so where were we….

                  werent we dropping hetal at her house… and the parking area… huh ?????


              • Crafty Shines says:

                chup chup ke pyaar ka mazaaa kuch aur hi tha…

                aha!!!!!!!!! lou ishtoriiii!!!!!!

                that was so sweet hitchu!!!

                ROFL! smithu has stopped winking at u??!!!!

                *hands hitchu fistful mysterious powder*

                pssst…. just do foooo with this powder near smithu… she will be winking left right n center!!!!

  8. Smitha says:

    Hitchy – I am off to find out if I can find a garba here.. I once went to a garba in the US – but it was so formal! Nobody was going crazy – everybody was dancing properly and I had also grown up 😦 Not so much fun 😦

    Let me see if I can find a garba and a backless chaniya choli anywhere nearby 🙂

  9. Vimmuuu says:

    Have no idea what a garba is !!! but garba-m in malayalam means pregnant ! Does it have to do anything with that? No, huh? then leave it ! I still have no idea what garba is 😀 😀

  10. Just call me A says:

    ‘A’ strutting in all dressed up in backless choli, jhumkas and bangles for a second day of dancing on hitchy blog, this time to garba beat………… 🙂 🙂

    From my experience with dancing garba……it is incomplete without this classis…..what say hitchy 🙂

    It’s been years since I danced the garba…….nostalgic 🙂

  11. sakshi says:

    Wokay my dear dear rocking dancing partners, I will be on duty for the weekend so will be missing this adda and all you guys. Oh the duty well I work only on weekends and take my job as a Wife a bit seriously only on these two days (not that I have much choice).

    So before going let me just dance one more time

    *sakshi all dressed up in borrowed Kimono from Asha Parekh dances to remixed garba number*

    Sayonara Sayonara…Waada (or is it south indian vada??) nibhaongi…Sayonara
    Ithlaathi aur balkhati Monday phir aaongi…Sayonara..

  12. Homecooked says:

    I am in awe of garba dancers! Everyone has such perfectly matched steps :)I miss the garba in our society too….but they used to end at around midnight…not 6:30 like you mentioned! The idea of dancing the night away sounds sooooo good! I thought even Indore was a nice garba hub!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I am in awe too… mostly… but when you cant do… me says pull their legs… lol !!!!!!!!!! 😆

      Indore is a nice garba hub too… but i dont know anyone here… whats the point… I dont dance… and i can hear it at home anyways…

      no festivals are fun without friends…

  13. Rakesh says:

    There are so many things about Garbas that I need a whole post for this…

    Our audit season is around the same time as navratri so I used to work in office till 12 midnight and my wife would bring my clothes (traditional ones) and i’d change in office and leave for garba till 4 am in the morning. Again next day, office started at 9 and went on till 12 midnight. Yet, those 9 days, I never felt stressed…

    And I specially asked my wife to go to garba classes coz. i enjoy dancing like crazy and she didn’t know how. But now, we both make a good dance couple, I think 🙂

    And when in college, dancing everyday with a different girl was so much fun…

    Even when I came to Dubai, first 3 years, I returned to India for navratri. Sadly this year, I won’t be going 😦

    In our town, a large number of girls would elope with their boy friends during Navratri…

    And did you know, the 2 months after Navratri is called the Abortion season? Sad fact but true…

    • hitchwriter says:

      No mention of Sad facts Rakesh…

      Garba’s are fun time… young time… time to have fun… REVEL !! as they say..

      yes never felt stress in those days… they were great fun… !!!!

      dancing with new girls… he he… we would wait to steal the girls from their dancing lines… and take them on loooooooooooooooooong drives… he he he 😉

  14. Thoorika says:

    I spent a lil part of my childhood in Baroda! and I have memories of forming one large circle in garbha dances and dancing in that circle… ! 🙂 We used to go for shopping for chaniya choli and dandiyas!!!! It used to be so much fun !!!!!

  15. umsreflections says:

    Oh Ho !!!! Garba dancer !!!! Garba is super fun – I just love it.

    Even though I’ve only heard of it, till I came to Hyderabad, in the past 7 years, I’ve picked up some little garba to satisfy myself.

    I thoroughly enjoy it and my girls literally freak out on garba nights. Here, in our apartment, we’ve the garba nite every year – and as you said, the maked up ladies and girls and everybody will join in and we have such a great time, together.

    Thanks for the post, it sure has brought pleasant memories. I am waiting for the garba nite, this year, too. 🙂

  16. Ashwathy says:

    wow!!! talk about contagious enthusiasm!!! loved the way u described the entire phenomenon… and ur love for it clearly shows!

    did u still not get videos of it? u were telling me u were searching for them na…

  17. mandira says:

    aah.. navratri is here! well almost.. another few days to go.. as much as i love festivals i hate naratri for one thing- the traffic jams it causes!! i also hate ganesh chaturthi (& others ) for the same reason… anyway, time to don the multi hued dresses and work of “the weilding the danda” skills!

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