The power of silence…


I have learnt the most powerful weapon in an argument with your loved ones is the power of silence… !!


Amazing.. !!


First advantage No heart burns.. !!


Plus you get your wish.. !!


Plus you have another event to note and use in future.. arguments… (Remember last time… !!!)


Really amazing how you can,  just by staying quiet, turn out to be the winner.. !!




I love this song….



107 thoughts on “The power of silence…

  1. meira says:

    I somehow don’t agree. I think an argument should be sorted out. When I argue with someone, it’s mostly over some issue that has been worrying me so much that I can’t talk without raising an argument. Silence, in such cases, infuriates me further. I’d prefer fighting it out and then making up 😀

      • meira says:

        exactly, I’d rather scream and shout and apologize later 🙂
        I do get to pay for the ‘apology dinner’, but its better than sulking and getting no food at all 😀

    • umsreflections says:

      Meira, if I can explain, it goes like this :

      When two ppl keep on arguing, it becomes very heated and in those anger filled moments, ppl tend to tell somethings, which they’ll repent later.

      True we do say things we repent later..

      Instead, if one person maintains silence and allows the other to take out everything, the hard talks are avoided.

      After some time to cool, you can always tell your part of the argument to a more listenable partner.

      Yes, the arguments have to be sorted out – but not by talking together loudly !!!

      but does only one person have to approach after the silence bout is over ?????

            • Tara says:

              If you think of weapons while resolving something its not gonna work in longer run.

              arguments are unavoidable.
              they do need to be sorted
              but as umsreflections said, there is no point in talking when the other person is not in a frame to listen or think about what you are saying.
              So when the arguments get heated, one of the parties keeping their calm helps.

              keeping calm is not equivalent to keeping quiet.

              half the time when one person keep the calm, the other one realizes the point as they calm down.. which doesnt happen easily when both get struck at their points increasing the intensity and decibel level of arguments.

              do i make sense?

              its easier said than done. different things work at different situations and with diff people here as well.

  2. Mystery says:

    a fight at home makes Hitchy a come up with such thoughts.. isnt it?

    HW : Any co-relation to any person dead or alive… is purely co-incidental !!!! 😛 😛 😛

  3. saritha says:

    So true,slient speaks.It is always me who argue at home and hubby is always slient which makes me to argue more,(one sided argument)and irritates me more

    HW – A lot of people say males are generally TEFLON Coated… nothing bothers them much… dunno.. why i cant be like that…

  4. Rohini says:

    Definitely! Silence is always the winner! I have been winning until now with brother and mom and now with the husband! It works better than Vicks ki Goli! 😀

    HW : Aurtein na… badi badmaash hoti hai… 😦

  5. sakshi says:

    Sigh…you fight and keep your silence but go ahead and blog at an unearthly hour dontcha?? Did you know according to the Blog Constitution it is illegal to post any time other than after 9 am, Eastern Standard Time????

    Hmmm this post is a thought provoking one *sakshi sitting and reflecting on the torture tactics she has been practicing for the past 9 years on her permanent ATM Card*

    Well I think we have kind of found out a way to balance this issue. In the initial 6 years, I was the one who would stay calm and let him take it out and once he cooled down we would sit and talk and everything will be back to oky dokey. Now it’s my turn :). I get angry, rant, sit with the laptop (that irritates him more than my Opera screaming prowess). So you see I have another 3 years of immense fun and satisfaction stored for me and then the tables might turn 😦

    But one golden rule we have always followed is that we never go to sleep without resolving the problem…

    PS: did Hetal scream at you for calling her Saif’s Amrita? sheeshhhhhhhhh….I told ya na you should have called her your Deepika!!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      I posted it at 12 noon !!!!

      going by your 6 year rule… I m over due by 2 years… !! I never stay silent… but I am going to… !!!

      I always sort it out immediately coz it doesnt work with me… but for once.. lets experience the power of silence…

  6. sakshi says:

    Boy are you not lucky?? you get to fight and then get pacified with an army of gorgeous gals on your blog….Shucks why is that men don’t do that on my blog *sakshi dreaming of getting comments saying It’s ok baby….from males in the age group of 20-25*

  7. Indian Homemaker says:

    But silence can also mean lots of bubbling, simmering anger! I like it if little problems can be sorted out, though I agree, sometimes meaningless arguments just go on endlessly… with only one goal, to score a point. That is when silence is better 😆

  8. sakshi says:

    Ayyyoo it’s more than half a day since you posted and I can’t find the dancing Crafty?? Pahhh this space is too silent without the song and dance…sobs!!

    Yaad aa rahi hai…teri yaad aarahi hai
    yaad aane se tere jaane se blog suna hai re…
    pehle yena jaana tere baad ye jaana blog ne
    Comment karna mushkil kardega….bin tere song ke….

    *sakshi rubbing her friendship band Vijeyta ishtyle*

    • Crafty Shines says:

      Sakshi!!!!!!! me is here!!!!!!!

      Crafty all senti and in dane mood, sings

      *sakshi bina chain kahan re…
      sakhshi bina chain kahan re…
      first comment nahi, sakshi toh mili….arre dance kar le!!!*

      sakshi… soli said we are to put red shirts for washing, so we are wearing green shirts… lungi is same, coz EOG will not donate any more from his collection! 🙄

      fold it and sulgaofy beedi, we have cute boys to whistle at!!! :mrgreen:

  9. Ashwathy says:

    power of silence eh? learning a lot these days, arent u? 😀

    love that song 🙂 me too!!!!!!!!! i m a fan of shaan. love all the songs in that album of his actually. musu musu haasi, remix of dil kya kare, woh pehli baar, bhool jaa… all of them

  10. Rashmi says:

    I dont think when something is running in ur mind ..u can be silent..atleast i cant…i felt pouring my heart out whenever there is fight..

    BTW song is awesome !!!

  11. Solilo says:

    This is the trick:

    When you are newly married or in a relationship with a hottie/cutie, be silent..ahem..trick them to believe that you are this calm and quiet, sacrificing gal/guy. Once they fall full and final, show your true colors. That is open your mouth and give it then and there. The guy/gal is so madly in love with you that he/she will forgive you.

    —Take this advice at your own risk— 👿

  12. Crafty Shines says:

    so u have stumbled upon the not-so-secret weapon! wait… no stumbled… subjected!

    learn by all means, but women are more chaalak than this hobbes… they come up with alternatives!! 😆 :mrgreen:


    hope the battle of silence ends in more silence…. of kiss n make up!!!

    😀 😀 😀

  13. Parul says:

    I can totally relate to your situation.Because when I am fuming with anger on something, I just let myself go on and on and sometime end up saying things I regret later. So even I should be practising the rule of silence more than often. And try to resilve the issue later when I am more in controlled and balanced state of mind.

    Sorry cannot access the song here at work. Have to wait till this evenign to check it out.

    • hitchwriter says:

      do check out the song… its for this situation… !!

      Silence at heated moments may help… but just keepign quiet is not good… especially with loved ones… I just cannot tolerate… it… !!!

      like i say in my next post…

      Silence Sucks… kiss and make up !!!

  14. Ordinary Guy says:

    classic weapon dude!!!!!!!!

    I always use it to win any situation…….. 😛 with that silence, also add a “pained gullible” face expression………

    you will always win!!!!!!!!!!!

    “yeda banke peda khathe hai”………… 😛 😛 😛

  15. Just call me 'A' says:

    i cannot stay quiet on an agruement…i need to get it all out of my system..else I cannot eat, sleep or talk with that person till we’ve argued our hearts outs. a resolution might not be reached or neither would change their point of view but everything must come out for me…..

    • hitchwriter says:

      exactly my problem.. I cant sleep over it… !! I have to have a heart to heart… tears if required… but it has to go out of the system… and when the other person stops talking I cant take it…

      silence is not my game… but tried my hand at it… and it sucks !! actually..

  16. Sandhya says:

    Very good song, Dhiren. Shaan has got something which makes his song soulful. Did you see him conducting ‘saregamapa’ program? He is a nice person too. Heard this song twice now. Thanks.

    All the best, Dhiren!

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