Dream jobs…


kya yeh sach mein mumkin hai ?????


Just the other day I and Pixie were smsing like crazy… and suddenly she heard on radio and mentioned to me… Bangalore Royal Challengers need a Blogger for their cricket team… !!!!!!!!!!!


I thought its just a contest… but looks like a real job here… !!!!!!!!


Please please please…


visit my application : HERE


PLEASE DO VOTE … and if possible please also take an extra effort also write a reference for me… !!!!!!!


Please also let your suggestions come in if you find my application a bit out of order… the application can be edited till 27th !!!!!!!!! 


and for the next few days kindly bear with me… as I go about canvassing my prospects… :mrgreen:


PLEASE VOTE and refer !!!!!!!


Be a life saver !!!!!


65 thoughts on “Dream jobs…

  1. sakshi says:

    Man you seem to be on a mission to create Domestic Violence at your home?? I am anyway going to put my reference there but just want to know if Hetal will put hers??

    PS: Sounds definitely like a dream job for crazy blog addicted people like…ahem…all of us who comment here…

  2. Vimmuuu says:

    Will vote and also write a reference for you !!! But Im sure you will get this even without it !!! You are the best !!!

    noo, Im not kidding !!! I seriously am not !!!!No , hitchy, its not a joke, you are indeed the best !!! ITS NOT A JOKE !!! IM SERIOUS !! Gaawwd, how do I prove myself !!!

  3. Rakesh says:

    Good luck Dhiren! Will surely vote and write a reference as well…

    Btw, honestly speaking, I find RCB the most boring team in the IPL. Especially can’t stand Rahul Dravid. If you do get the job, criticise him so much that he leaves… 😀

  4. Crafty Shines says:

    application visited, reference posted, vote cast. all the decent good-citizen stuff is done. now, tell me, can we cheat??? :mrgreen:

    u’ll surely get it hitchu! praying as hell, fingers, toes, hands n legs crossed!!!!

    *best of luck wala hugsssssssss*

    😀 😀 😀

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