Silence Sucks…


Take my advise kiss and make up !!!!


here are two songs for today !!!!! cheers guys… !!!!



Love your loved ones… !!!!!! SIMPLE !!!!!!


and here is another one…



Our loved ones always do a lot for us… whether they show it or not in as many gestures or ways…


I am feeling so so so …  LOVED !!!!!!!!


67 thoughts on “Silence Sucks…

  1. hitchwriter says:

    naagin si meri chaal, rakhana dil ka khayaal
    mere deevaanon kaa, ho jaata hai ye haal

    beedaa.. beedaa..
    taraatara taraa turu turu turu turu turu turu turu turu ru

    Soya main, saari rain
    saara jahaan so jata hai

    Baaton hi… baaton mein…
    LEGENDS phir jaag jaate hai… !!!!!!!


  2. Crafty Shines says:

    awesomu! sooperu!!! excellentu!!! *crafty suffering from EOG-itis*

    good advice i say!!!! silence sucks!!! kiss n make up!!! i will agree at any time of day or night!! :mrgreen:
    tee hee!!!!!

    i love that Pankaj Udhaas Song – ahista!!! i used to love seeing that sheepish expression the guy gives to her after ruining that rangoli! 😀
    its a lovely song! 😀

    have a LOVED day and a LOVED WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


  3. umsreflections says:

    How come you are getting enlightened every day ?????

    First, you decide that Silence is golden.

    Then, silence sucks.

    Then, kiss and make up.

    Come on, Hitch !!!! 😆

    But I agree with the final lesson and decision. As usual, songs are fantastic. 🙂

  4. gunmeen says:

    ha..ha…true my mantra is fight and make up immediately…never sleep over your fights….passing on this link to my fiance dhiren

    gussa hai mujhse!!!!!
    I wanna feel loved too….bawwwhhh….

  5. Sandhya says:


    I have seen the movie ‘Jo jeetha…’ and am familiar with the song. The second song is new to me. Quite nice. Is this a movie song or a video?

    I love all the songs of ‘1942 love story’ , beautiful songs. Waiting eagerly to hear the songs, Solilo!

  6. Deeps says:

    my my..the song from JJWS is my all time favourite,Hitchy! I get all teary eyed every time I hear the song!
    The the song from 1942 is classic!the inimitable RD Burman magic 🙂

  7. sakshi says:

    Pahhh when did this post happen?? I love love the JJWS song….sobs!! and yeah the one sols uploaded too…merekho bahuth aansoo…seeing all these numbers *sakshi off to the bathroom to cry and wipe her nose infront of the mirror*

    Glad you made up coz now you will have to tell her about your new job…sigh!!

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