The world beckons…


Admist all the hulla balloo happening in my life about exciting weekends and cricket I have just not mentioned the fact that after a gap of 11 years Indian Davis Cup team has made it back to the World Group.


This is something that we should really be cheering about and I cannot miss this out at any cost. For Indian Tennis fan’s and I am one its really heartening to see something beyond Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes. The new kid on the block was promising since last two years but is not starting to produce the actual results. The last 2-3 months I have been following him closely and mark my words…. He, Somdev Devvarman will achieve more than what Leander achieved in the singles game.


I am not saying he will win an Olympics medal but he surely will better his singles ranking. Paes himself also feels so. This Davis Cup encounter was India’s chance to enter the World Group but first up Leander Paes’ injury ruled him out. After being 2-0 up the doubles were up for grabs however disaster struck and Mahesh Bhupathi got injured and couldn’t complete the match. India were 2-1 down in South Africa and suddenly in the reverse singles Somdev found himself at the deepest end of our worst fears again coming true… 2 sets to love down and a break of serve down in the third set India were set to relive their ghosts and fail to qualify for the world stage.


Here is where champions are made, epics are written and the beauty of fightback is really experienced. How the match ended at 3-6, 6-7(3), 7-6(5), 6-2,6-4 I can only read in the news papers. I don’t know if they were telecasting the matches. But I can only imagine the excitement the adrenalin rush the heroics of Somdev.


Somdev kept saying “I m not losing today, I m not losing today.” He was most gracious in saying and I quote “ I am happy at the way I fought back and won the match. I want to thank the entire team for the way they got behind me and never lost faith in me, I could not have won this match without their vociferous support.”

For years now I haven’t seen any Davis Cup Match but when Leander was at his peak and the few Davis cup matches I have seen its an unbelievable atmosphere especially for the home team where the crowd supports like crazy the team mates rally and shout encouraging shouts… the crowd boos the opposition and makes life almost difficult… !!!! Admist all this Somdev showed the world the Man that he is… the fighter that he is… !!! Having read his feats in the news paper warmed my heart no end…. I feel sad I did not watch this match…. Regardless India is back in the world Group !!!!!! Yuki Bhambri won the last match to make this a 4-1 thumping of South Africa in their own country.


The world now beckons our young tennis guns… !!!



On a passing note India reclaimed no.1 spot in ICC World ODI rankings with South Africa losing their match against Sri – Lanka. However that notwithstanding they have been dealt a severe blow with Yuvraj injuring himself and he has been ruled out for 6 weeks. After Zaheer, Sehwag and now even Yuvraj out… India face an uphill task… !!!


But as they say… champion teams conquer their ghosts… their worst fears… !!!

Team India definitely needs to take a leaf out of Somdev’s book…


“We are not gonna lose this time, we are not gonna lose this time…”



Lastly folks… I have to be a lil more disciplined with my work and will be slow in replying to comments and visiting your blogs. Please to excuse… as I said… back to the (work) world. Now you have a break from me…. for a while… !!!!! Miss me ok…


49 thoughts on “The world beckons…

  1. Aathira says:

    You follow almost all sports which are taken seriously in India. Wrestling too???

    I did not even know the Davis cup is/was going on. *casts eyes down in shame

    I think the culprit should be the newspaper, I never ever find it in a well arranged manner to go back and read it after work, and I can not read all strewn sheets of it 😦

    • Hitchwriter says:

      I dont follow all sports lol mostly cricket n tennis… But whereever an indian or an indian team does well in sports it pleases me no end

    • umsreflections says:

      Somdev, you rock !!!! 😆

      I just couldnt believe this line of yours –

      I have to be a lil more disciplined with my work and will be slow in replying to comments and visiting your blogs. Please to excuse… 🙄

      Come on Hitch – slow in visiting and commenting – are you really going to follow these rules for yourself ?????

  2. Thoorika says:

    Yeah! I am! and thats the closest one I have got till now! 😀 Now I shall go and try to read the post.. which is about cricket!!! again! 😛 😀

  3. Just call me 'A' says: know what…i forgot about coming to your blog the last few days…was so engross in voting for you, writing the reference and chatting up with you online that I forgot I had to give attendance here too 🙂

    • Hitchwriter says:

      I m overwhelmed really A. But thanks to the wonderful bunch of friends i have.. I should make it to the top 9.

      touchwood to the camaraderie we all experience

  4. Just call me 'A' says:

    dekho…i cannot say anything sensible on cricket post ok….even though i wrote all those nice stuff for you ;)…….so i’ll jsut echo your enthusiasm, 🙂 🙂 “We are not gonna lose this time, we are not gonna lose this time…”🙂 🙂

  5. Rashmi says:

    how u manage to write on all sports….May be someone from RC read all these sport post of urs…..and u get extra benefit 🙂

    Like “just call me a” i m not into sports so will just back u on – we will not loose this time 🙂

  6. Pixie says:

    With all these injuries, we just might get to see the new talent playing a good game!
    Looking forward to Saturday’s match now!

    Somdev played some really good tennis as well! 🙂

    Good to see new, young talent getting the accolades and the chance to play for India! 🙂

  7. Rohini says:

    I thought you were not supposed to blog during the day! Did you actually pull your Boss out for a dance? 😛

    Anyway is there any sport that you don’t follow!?

    • Crafty Shines says:

      *crafty arrives, sleepy, mangled hair, crumpled clothes*

      hey pixie! i am done sleeping… i thot i heard my detective / non-sports enthusiast partner Vimmuuu call me…


      *clutching on to vimmuuu*

      aiyo vimmuuu! what is this???!!!!! another sports-post is it????
      che!!!!! why why why????!!!!!

      *crafty points to nearby wall*

      we can go sit there!!! *vimmuuu and crafty are sitting eating roasted channas on wall, throwing them at sports-enthusiasts who come by to comment*

      they also sing loudly…
      neeche phoolon ki dukan…upar gori ka makaan…ah aaah re aa re aa re aa re……

      😆 😆

  8. Ordinary Guy says:

    and yes, I hope we rock this year!!!!!!!!!!

    and also on a unrelated note, we indians have also found water on the moonsurface!!!!!! this week has so far been good!!!! hope, we destroy pak this saturday in the cricket match!!!!

  9. homecooked says:

    Okkkk….sports talk and I am zoned out 🙂 But here’s hoping you get free soon so that we get some masaledaar funny posts from Hitcy. Yeah and all the best for the contest!

  10. Suji! says:

    Saw this post pretty late – ironically on a day when I woke up almost certain that India would have lost to Pak in ICC CT, which was infact what happened! (* Suji puts the little finger INSIDE the left nostril and sings “Shame Shame Puppy Shame” to the Indian team *)

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