Hang on there is a twist in the tale….

It was 7 pm… my boss had just left the office and I was about to leave office when Crafty pinged me…

I told her… wasnt she proud of me how brave a face I kept even though I wanted that second round so much….

Suddenly the mobile rang….

“Is it Dhiren ?”


” Hey I am calling from Bangalore Royal Challengers ….”

I was excited my heart stopping….

After a few minutes I was told I have been selected to fly to Bangalore to participate in the second round…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUYS AND GALS !!!!!!!!!

I am through !!!!!!

Would you believe that !!!!!!!!! after this morning…. !!!!!!!!

When I woke up and saw my name was not there… my heart sunk…. !!!!!!!!!

But am I blessed or what ?????????




I am sure of the latter…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Party is due guys and gals !!!!!!!! I m flying to Banglore on Saturday to meet

ANIL KUMBLE, The Greatest Indian Match winner ever !!!!!!!

I meet him in person… !!!! That’s enough for me I say…. I m just tooo elated to write anything more… I will just post…. Now let some real rock and roll happen… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I m in the second round !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets dance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a snap shot Sol’s sent for me !!!!!!!!!!!!


Told you I am blessed with the best of friends !!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀



165 thoughts on “Hang on there is a twist in the tale….

  1. Solilo says:

    Hitchy! See your friends believe in you. I couldn’t come here when you posted the sad one. By the time I woke up and came here, you had this post up. Talk about coincidence! 😀

    Congratulations and celebrations!
    Congratulations and celebrations!
    Congratulations and celebrations!

    Now Don turned DJ Solilo is here with yellow chaddi John Abraham singing ‘Nach all night’

    • hitchwriter says:

      10 to 5 is contest… they are arranging for flight tickets so i can reach there and back… i still havent got all the details.. he will mail in a day or two… he said… !!!!!!1

      I m waiting… will let you know once I know… !!!!! 🙂

  2. Rakesh says:

    Congratulations Dhiren!!! Now certainly the Party is Due 🙂

    Go Dhiren Go!!! and please click pictures with Kumble for the blog 🙂

    Good luck for the next round!

  3. Smitha says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! See it all worked out!!!!

    I am so so so so happy for you!!! Dance away, Hitchy! It’s totally the time to party 🙂

    And you are going to Bangalore!!!!!! Have LOTS of fun! And go get the JOB! That job has Hitchy written on it- can’t go to anyone else 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Smi !!!!!

      It had to… It had to… !!!!!! I was hoping so much…. !!!!!!!

      Thank god for that call… !!!!!!!!

      I m feeling so much better………. oh I m super excited… !!!! and thanks to all of you !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vimmuuu says:

    I knew this few hours back and so didnt comment on that sulking post ! Im not going to also !!!

    This is toooooooooooooo good a news !!! and now because of the shock this morning, I cant express how happy Iam too.

    Im dedicating my next post you Hitchy ! you rock !!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      vimmmuuu !!!!!!!

      Dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am SOOOOOOOOOOOPER EXCITED… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW lets have the post… !!!!!!

      I was thinking what i ll tell you… that i havent qualified… what about your post……….

      now we needent worry about that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      Banglore…here I come !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Smitha says:

    And Kumble – you get to meet him! Add a hug from me too 🙂 This is too good to be true – I accidently checked my reader – in the middle of trying to figure out what to make for dinner when I saw this post and now, don’t want to leave this post 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      😀 😀 😀

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracles happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It happened today….. I thought it was all over … but… a surprise was in store… !!!!!!!!! smi i had just way too many people wishing good for me… !!!!!!! It had to happen………!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Tara says:

    heeehawww.. now this is how the fun and excitement gets doubled..
    congratulations hitchy.. didn’t i tell you that u need not worry./…

    the excitement is overflowing in the post.. all the best. enjoy the meet n yes beware.. when u pass all the hugs n kisses to someone 😉

  7. kanagu says:


    I am really happy…. you will be selected.. ALL THE BEST!!!!!

    keep rocking 🙂 🙂

    Tell to Anil Bhai.. I am one great fan of him 🙂 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      I will Kanagu….

      I m not worrying about winning… !!!!!!!!

      I already won !!!!!!!!!

      I am celebrating with friends like you all…….. I m a winner !!!!!!!!! will always be… !!!!!!!!

      this is an occassion to enjoy… !!!!! just experience meeting him…… !!!! 😀 😀

  8. Smita says:

    wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! wow!!!

    I won’t say I can’t believe it 🙂 Am so so so happy for you because we all know it means so so much for you 🙂

    Good luck now chak de fatte!!!

  9. suranga says:

    This is totally Jai Ho stuff …..Many congratulations….! (Cant dance as the Net may collapse due to the sheer impact of the weight…) and I hope you win the final.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Thanks Suranga… !!!!!!!

      I’ ll wait for me to meet you some day in our blogger meet over a camp fire… and we shall dance there… !!!!!!! no excuses will be taken there… !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Crafty Shines says:

    ooh mera hitchu chail chabeela main toh naachoongi!!!

    ooh mera hitchu rang rangeela main toh naachoongi!!!!

    dancing shoes pehenke…. thumka laga…

    main leheraaoongi!!!!


    so much dancing at previous post has paid off i say!!!! positivity!!!
    yea partner! way to go! am so so so proud!!!! reallllly! 😀

    u rock!!!!!!!! ((((((hugs))))))

  11. Ashwathy says:

    ALRIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
    u go, hitchy boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we blog samaj luv ya!!!!!!!!!!! woooohooo!!

    i was about to comment on ur previous post when i noticed this one and hurried over!!! am i glad i did!!! so when is the trip? what are the plans???

    am moving to vimmuuu’s blog now… all the partying is there now!! 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      M I grinning or what… and m I dancing or what… here and at vimmmuu’s both… !!!!!!1

      There is going to be one sore 31 year old body waking up tomorrow… !!!!!!!

      Lol I have to be fit by Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 :D:D

    • hitchwriter says:

      Thanks Reema !!!!!!

      come on…. lets leave our serious image and today you have to dance…. !!!!!!!!!!

      how is this one ???

      Jai jai shiv shankar…
      kaanta laage na kankar….
      ke pyala tere naam ka piya….
      main gir jaoongi…
      main mar jaaoonngi…

      Jo tune mujhe thaam na liya…

      Sau Rab di… !!!!!!!!!

      are you joining ???

  12. Destination Infinity says:

    Hey HW – Congrats. We always knew you would make it through… It was surprising to see the other post today evening – anyway all the best for your 2nd round. And remember – It is not ‘If hitch writer would get an oppurtunity to be the blogger for RCB’ but it is ‘If RCB would get an oppurtunity to have hitch writer as their blogger’ Just go and rock bangalore as you are rocking the dance floor here….

    Destination Infinity

    • hitchwriter says:

      DI !!

      Dude …. !!!!!!! I remember all the terrific references you guys put … !!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      It is now destination Bengaluru… dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Its gonna surely rock !!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  13. shilpadesh says:

    Really really really? This is just the most awesome news ever..congrats Hitchy!
    Now just shutup and bounce hitchy bounce!!!!!!!

    You meeting Kumble? Wow I love that guy….thorough gentleman and a very nice guy…I remember one match where his mom was watching him play…it was the last few overs and he was batting and he HAD to score some runs for us to win…and score he did! It was in bangalore’s chinnaswamy stadium! Tell him I said Hi and that I am proud of him!!!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      No they didnt like my application… !!!!!!!

      But the sheer weight of all those widgets installed on all blogs, all retweets, so many wonderful references and votes just got me through !!!!!!!!!!!

      Now in the second round I have to prove my worth !!!!!!!!

      Thanks to all the awesome bunch of friends I have and I am proud of that fact. I get to meet Anil Kumble… !!!!! India’s Greatest Ever Matchwinner… !!!!

      😀 😀 😀

  14. Meira says:

    Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod Oh migod

  15. Deeps says:

    Oh MY GOD!! You did it Hitchy!! no wonder you said aaj mai upar was the song for you…if only I had realized then…
    Congratulations,dear…this is your moment for sure!!Revel all you want in the glory!

    So very proud of you,Hitchy 🙂

  16. saritha says:

    Wow dhiren very happy for,may ur dream come true,for sure u will clear the second round.Wish i was in india,i would have called u.

    Yesterday i felt bad that u didnt clear,but today when i saw the title i thought u cleared it.

    All the besttttttttttttttt

  17. saritha says:

    Wow dhiren very happy for,may ur dream come true,for sure u will clear the second round.Wish i was in india,i would have called u.

    Yesterday i felt bad that u didnt clear,but today when i saw the title i thought u cleared it.

    All the besttttttttttttttt……..

  18. anishthomas says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀 :D, congrats dhiren.I’m so happy for you.finally u got what u deserved..all the best, friend….we are proud of u
    so U r gonna meet kumble…thatz awesome 😀 😀
    go and rock buddy,between i’m a CHENNAI super king fan and supporter 😀 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      Chennai is not in this tournament so you might as well support Bangalore… !!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      I hope I can win and travel with the team… then I can meet so many other cricketers tooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Plus I get my dream come true of going into a dressing room… I have always dreamt of what it might be to be in Indian teams dressing room… !!!!!!!!

      this is as close as you can get… !!!! 😀

  19. oorja says:

    hey.. CONGRATSSSSSS….!!!!!!!

    now your application was not that bad afterall.. huh..? 😉

    oops.. sorry..

    Party party… 😀 😀

    All the best for the second round.. go make us proud..!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    btw what is the second round..? Cricket knowlede testing and PI..?

    • hitchwriter says:

      Lol… one guy was underage… so he was disqualified… (poor him.. feel sad for him)

      but I m not complaining… !!!!

      Second round gotta blog about some topic they will give us…

    • Rashmi says:

      A big big big suupeeeeeeeer big CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      u did it…Its time to celebrate and dance and full masti…so above song is dedicated to you 🙂

      And you are going to meet kumble…wowwww

      BTW what they will do in second round….

      when u have to go for second round….

      • hitchwriter says:

        I just couldnt resist so i called them…

        they assured I will have my travel itineary latest by tomorrow..

        They will give some topic to write about … and lo… the winner will be picked… is what I am understanding so far…

        lets see…

        Meeting Anil Kumble will be the high light though !!!!!!!

        I m gloating like a pig… !!!!!

  20. gunmeen says:

    amazing….wow!!!!! good luck…….I’m sure to catch you in the box furiously working on your laptop when the matches are being telecasted live….WOWIE…..congratulations dhiren!!!!!!

  21. Mystery says:

    Hey thats great news hitchy!!!
    I am really happy for you..
    Will you be meeting Dravid too? oh no he is in champions trophy so he wouldnt be there 😦
    I love Kumble too… Just tell him that there is another BIG fan of his in your blogging world 🙂

  22. sakshi says:

    Jesus H Christ….When did all this happen? Congrats Hitchy….wow you flying off on saturday to meet Kumble and ppl fighting here for his cheeks and huggs??

    All the best to you and hope RCB guys will not take dil pe my Kajra re parody heee…tell them I was drunk while writing it ok??

  23. Nancy says:

    Gosh I had no clue…I came here puzzled by one of the comments left by Meira:-D

    Congrattsss……this is great news, so happy for u!!!!!

    Will go NOW and comment intelligently on ur post at RCB space 🙂

  24. Pal says:

    As always, am the last to comment! Still, CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS, Hitchy Bhaiiiiii!! Proud of you. And Good luck.

    And, don’t forget, you’ve promised me a big pizza treat, for mine was the very first recommendation in your RCB (not RBC ;-)) homepage 🙂

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