Whirlwind… a happy one this…


Dont know where to start so I will start from the beginning…


Pixie told me there was a blogger that the Bangalore IPL team needed and that I should apply and that started the whirlwind time I had over the last fortnight….


I always have been blessed with the best of friends in my life and that belief of mine got further re-assurance as I went about trying to garner votes…. and references… !!!! I feel blessed and am thrilled to know how much you all love me and I cant explain how much it means to me… words arent enough…



okay… so after being first not selected and than being selected…


I finally was to fly to Bangalore.. but as things would have it… things got complicated as yours truly smartly refused to reach a day earlier in Bangalore where they were providing me with a night stay and instead went for own accomodation in Mumbai and fly via mumbai the day of the contest…


soon enough flight to bangalore from Mumbai got cancelled and … phew… i was suddenly worried… but they were good… they arranged for a flight to Goa and then from there to Bangalore…


As luck would have it… my flight from Indore was 2 hours late.. the weather gods in Bombay (or do I call it Mumbai) decided to play havoc… so instead of reaching at 9.20 I reached 11.40… we circled the mumbai airport for about half an hour and saw horrific lightning from our windows in the aircraft and completely understood the delays…


so i dropped the plan of going to my relatives house… coz the flight to Goa was at 5 am… !!!! I instead stuck around the airport lounge near a mobile charging station… I feared if I checked in some hotel and overslept and missed my flight… sigh…


Next day morning our flight left on time and I was trying to find the two girls who were to join me from mumbai… couldnt recognise any… infact one of them looked a lil familiar and I went across and asked her if she was

“Disha.. ??”

She looked up and said… “Sorry ?”

I said, “its ok.. I m sorry i mistook you for someone else..”

She smiled very warmly and said, “No problems at all.”

I smiled and left.. she was very pretty… !!!! sigh… :mrgreen:


neways our flight was supposed to land in Goa at 6… but sigh… Goa had heavy rains… visibility was poor… twice the pilot tried only to go up again from 400 meters… !!! one of them was a really jerky push up and it was evident everyone had their marbles in their mouth… but they all said a silent prayer… the pilot announced that they will try one more time… that visibility is bad… finally at the third attempt we landed at 6.30 and immediately there was a huge applause by all the passengers for the pilot and thats when I realised that actually everyone was nervous… and not just me… !!!!!


and the pilot announced in my 30 years of flying I have had only 3-4 such rare dangerous landings… !!!! 😳 😳

He added,” I am as happy as anyone of you to be on the ground !!”


Boy were we happy !!!!!!!


Next problem… Goa flights take off were being delayed… !!!! Just then my wife called me and told me… seems your on a mission impossible… all sorts of problems happening… I pray to God you reach Bangalore on time…


and lo…


The weather clears… and we take off at 9 and reach Bangalore at 10.45 me thinks… phew… the weather was good and though Bangalore looked flooded for the time we were to land it was sunny… !!!! 😀 😀 😀


Finally I am in Bangalore and off to the stadium…. we 6 people are received with two Innova’s and suddenly you feel oh.. ok… this is something special… !!!! 🙂


as we reached Chinnasamy stadium… the guards opened doors for us and welcomed us as if we were VIP’s !!!!! that special feeling…!!! as we went inside… the chief blogger of RCB Nidhi inquired how was the flight in goa et all and I am bemused… how does she know… and then she told me she follows me on twitter… !!!! Again felt good for everyone to be asking if all was well… !!!!! 😀 😀


Now the only bad thing to happen was after they took my t-shirt size… still they didnt have a my size ka t-shirt and I had to wear a undersized one… thats the only disadvantage of reaching late… 😦 😦 !!! but neways… !!!


We were given a task to write a post on Captaincy of Anil Kumble… 😀 😀

 and given a post of 1700 words which we were to edit and also add our bit to it and finish in 500 words… !!!

 🙄 how do you edit and also add to a perfectly written article… sigh…


Anyways all done and I was pretty satisfied… !!! then we had lunch but I was uninterested and even though they served chicken I only ate rice and daal and a few papad’s… my attention was else where… we were to meet Anil.. !!! all the photographers had gone to a match where they were playing… while we were sitting in the press box blogging like real journalists… !!!! I realised I didnt feel hungry or nervous nothing… I was feeling confident of what I had written… !!!


then we had a quiz as we all waited Anil to come and when the quiz ended they said he was waiting up there and team one went for the interview while we Team-2 were to wait outside… !!!! The team 1’s interview went long.. almost 20 mins.. one of the fan even sang for Anil… !!!!!!


While I stood out there watching from the glass I could see Anil and thats when I realised how big it was… how huge a fan I was of this man… the face looks so familiar… yet… I could hear my heart pounding… I started realising something big…


when we went in there we all shook hands… and sat… one of the judges… Sajal Banerjee was supposed to ask me major questions… while Anil was to ask the photographer and Ray Jennings to ask major questions to the fan… !!!!! I was just simply not able to come to terms at watching Anil… somehow I was just simply gaping… !!!!!! yes I was… and he looks amazingly young… by no stretch of imagination he looks 38 … he infact looks younger than me… and I am 7 years younger to him… and if you know me… you know how much I hate saying this… but he really looked a lot more younger… !!!!!!! seriously !!!!!!


The interview went flat… over in about 6-7 minutes and I knew the moment the questions shifted from me to the photographer that I didnt impress… Anil’s expression told me clearly that he wasn’t impressed… he didnt ask me much and  I somehow knew it was all over… then again while we left we shook hands… in between once I was talking about Anil he said maybe your praising me coz I am sitting here… !!!! sigh…


How would I convince him that even if he were thousands of miles away I would still be praising him… not just him but all Indian team players… 🙂


After the interview was done I was pretty much sure I wasnt going to make it and I got a call from Sujith and you can read the encounter there after over at his post…


I must say this but… I felt as if I knew Pixie for as long as I can remember… there was no hesitation while meeting her or talking to her… or even slapping at her hand to disconnect her call with her friend… !!!! We giggled the time away… !!!!!! Sujith whom I only came to know a few days back seemed a warm person !!!! jovial and funny toooo !!! and it was unfair on pixie’s part to not hug him… !!!!! 😛 😛 😛


It was great fun meeting you guys and you guys never let me feel disappointed for a second that I lost…!!!!!! 😀 😀


After the results were announced we were gifted a ball autographed by Anil… which I was for a minute tempted to gift to Pixie but my greed prevailed… !!! lol :mrgreen:


While the results were announced I somehow didnt feel any anticipation as I somehow knew I wasnt gonna win… I just applauded for the guy who infact was my favourite among the 8 competitors… I infact mentioned to my wife the day earlier and to crafty too… that this guy is good… !!! and so I must say he was deserving too… he had a lovely sense of humour along with cricket while writing which I observed… !!!


As we waited for our cab to leave and while pixie was tickling and troubling me suddenly one of the judges Sajal Banerjee came and told me… hey you were close and you lost by just one point… only thing we thought you lacked was you didnt interact with Anil too much… !!!


I was like its ok… I didnt know I was to speak too much… maybe the cat caught my tongue at the sight of the Champion who has been a huge hero all my life… !!!!!


It was great to know I was so close and that I wasn’t bad… he said, “I loved your style of writing, but we wanted someone who interacts more.. coz if you wouldnt speak to the players how would you get material to blog about… !!”


Sigh for once Hitchy didnt be his hyper self and it cost him…. 😐


The day was a roller coaster… !!! but a great experience and enjoyed every moment almost all the contestants were quite warm and friendly and there was no animosity which was such a lovely thing. I would like to say I was a winner… I loved the whole experience and it was great fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So shall we start dancing friends… coz with you all on my side… I can never ever be a loser… !!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


and heres a pic for you all.




and here is the autographed ball Anil gave me… and hey I took this pic… tell me its nice…





Loads of other pics have been loaded in Facebook and in Royal Challengers Website also there are video’s of the winners being declared on their site. Click here to see them..  I am visible in the second video.. !!!!

120 thoughts on “Whirlwind… a happy one this…

  1. craftyshines says:

    Main crafty hoon….tum hitchu ho…
    jab post karte ho… toh lagta hai…
    ke aaayaaaa mausam……. Dance karne ka!!!

    FIRST!!! :mrgreen:

    Tururururururu ruru ru ru!!!

  2. Crafty Shines says:

    this whirlwind is awesome hitchu!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    It was partner… it surely was…
    and hugs to pixu for telling to about it!!!! and she got rewarded didn’t she! got to meet u and suji!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Yea thanks to pixie.. I came to know about it… or else I wouldnt even know… !!!!! Things people have to do to meet me… :mrgreen:

    sigh! the rain gods were totally creating havoc! Fri at 4 pm i needed a tubelight in my room…. it was pitch dark and then KABOOM….thunder, lightining, winds and rain! 😐

    The lightning and all happened in mumbai only… !!! yet someone was brave enough to withstand it all !!! 😀 😀 😀

    but thankfully u made it! kudos to that pilot who flew u guys to Goa! Aiyo! i wud have like died in my seat if i saw lighting at such close quarters!!! 😯

    😦 u cudn’t see Goa sunrise! but u got two chicks with u and also managed to strike a mini oneliner with another cute one 😛 😛 😛

    Thank god for that experienced pilot… it was one scary experience… suddenly I started thinking if i paid my insurance preimuim this month… !! sigh… i was already thinking hetal is gonna be rich soon !!!!!!!

    ROFL!!! u did not eat chicken??!!!!! yeh mamla toh serious hai boss!!!!!!!!

    Proves I love cricket more than even food !!!!!! lol :mrgreen:

    Suji’s acct of ur meeting was AWESOME! ROFLMAO! 😀 😀 😀 😀 u guys had a good time! touchwood! 😀 poor suji…missed out the hugs from our sweet pixu!

    Gosh, Anil does look striking! 😀 wait till rest of the girl gang arrives here and creates havoc over his snap! tee hee hee! :mrgreen:

    He did write it beautifully didnt he… thats exactly why i didnt try to better it… lol…

    And Anil… hate to say this but he looked younger than me… almost boyish… and he is over 7 years older than me… yet… !!!!! He really looked stunning… !!!! 😀

    hobbes! this trip is surely a triump i tell ya!!! from not being chosen…and u being the brave heart and even putting it up and being happy ((((((((((((((hugs hobbes))))))))))

    ofc hobbes… a guy that has such friends is always cheered up… ! plus I met Anil !!!!!! thats a dream come true in itself… !

    then being chosen!!! that minute must have seemed so so sooper when they called u na?!

    then going on to meet ur childhood hero Anil, and sweetiepie pixu and fun Suji!

    Not child hood hero… adult life hero… hero i selected with my ful senses.. !!

    and the memento! u teased pixu! 🙄 u are lucky she is a sweetheart and did not try emo blackmail on u! 😛 😛 😛 women NEVER lose on emo blackmail :mrgreen:

    I didnt tease her… it was instant… but then I suddenly wanted that ball… !!

    sigh! yeah hitchu! touchwood on our blog samaaj and everyone here who loves u so much!!!

    so glad ur trip was eventful and full of memories hobbes! ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))

    some moments I still have not shared… will share in the post tomorrow hang on :mrgreen:

    AND dance we must!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bloggers ke dance ki umaar ho itni sanam…
    Tere blog pe shuru…. tere blog pe khatam!!!!!!!!!

    DANGANNAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Bloggerva Bloggerva … yeh sach hai piya…
    sab kehte hai mera blog hai dancing ka adda… !!!!

  3. Hitchwriter says:

    This hastily compiled post means i forgot telling u i met world record holder narendra hirwani n chatted half an hour with him in mumbai aurport lounge yesterday morning… More on that tomorrow… 😀

      • Mystery says:

        yes i will! the post was loong and i had a cab to catch so left it mid way and here i am logged on right after the moment i came home…

        the flight thingy was scary.. even bro got stuck up in goa coz of rains and bad weather..

        Close 2nd! thats nice.. and what else u get to meet anil kumble in person.. it would last as a wonderful memory..

        Dont know what else to say 😐
        keep blogging and spreading the smile on our faces 🙂

  4. Prats says:

    Wow what an experience…. I am sure this would have been one of the most memorable journeys of your life. I can totally understand when you say Anil Kumble didn’t looked 38, I had a chance of meeting him last year. And very honestly I found him too humble to be a celebrity….
    All in all what an experience, lucky you have been to have gone through this…

    Ps. Post the pick of the ball too 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      It indeed was… Prats…and welcome to my blog !!!!!

      you met him tooo !!!!!! he is very humble and very quiet too… lol…

      the pic of the ball is already in fb… will try to load… but guess i can do that only from office tomorrow

      😀 😀

      • Prats says:

        Yes I did. The Karnataka Ranji Team practices in my office grounds so met him there..

        The ball is simply awesome….

        I am not on your FB will add you 🙂 Pls accept

  5. suranga says:

    Isnt it amazing ! I am actually 3rd 🙂 (Most of the time I am like 53rd, I guess people are just taking some rest after all that hectic dancing)

    Just want to say, that you are a winner in our eyes, because of the great effort you put in, and the grace with which you have accepted the final decision. Listen to someone double your age ….. there is something to learn from all these experiences, everything happens for the better, and it simply means that you will have still more wonderful cricket opportunities in the near future…. maybe Mumbai Indians ?

    Dream on …

    • hitchwriter says:

      😀 😀 😀

      Yes Suranga !! I am a winner… I m so happy !!! for a change it seems most are tired of dancing… !!

      glad you made it here to tell me this… it simply warms my heart !! 😀 😀 😀

      dreams… will go on… !!!!

  6. Bindu says:

    You lost because you didn’t talk??!!!
    Jokes apart, such things happens to the best of us, but then there is a bright side to every thing that comes along in life. A month back, did you ever imagine you would be sitting with Anil Kumble as his guest?
    So, there you go! For us, you are the winner! Even I’ll read your cricket blogs, but you have to promise it will be once in a while only 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      I was gaping… I was actually shell shocked really….

      but yes… meeting him was a dream come true… talking to him and letting him know my views on captaincy was most most most satisfying… !!!!

      😀 😀 😀

      no i wont torture too much with cricket blogs… I ll be posting them on my cricket blog… lol

  7. Sandhya says:

    So, you had a life-time experience, Dhiren!

    Maybe Anil is not a talking person, too! Sometimes, unless the opposite person responds, we cannot initiate discussions.

    Who knows, you might do better, next time. You have got experience now!

  8. masood says:

    aah….so close!!!!

    i was actually waiting for you to post your victory speech…!!!!

    and had made up my mind to start following RCB even though they were never my favorite team!

    oh well…atleast you got to meet anil kumble face to face!! Guess that makes the whole trip worthwhile…

    I still think you were the perfect guy for the job 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      they werent my favourite team either.. even Anil asked me… you are from indore why are you supporting RCB … my reply was because of you… you are India’s greatest ever matchwinner and blah balh… and he thought i was praising him coz i was sitting in front of him… ! 😐

      he was a tough guy to please !!! 😀 😀 😀

      but I had my share … !!! i loved meeting him !!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 one of my memories for this life… !!!

  9. Swaram says:

    Vo sikandar hi doston kehlaata hai
    Haari baazi ko jeetna jise aata hai
    Niklenge maidan mein jis din hum jhoomke
    Dharti dolegi ye kadam choomke

    Yahan ke hum sikandar
    Chaahein to rakh lein sab ko apni jeb ke andar
    Arre humse bachke rehna mere yaar
    Nahin samjhe hai vo humein to kya jaata hai
    Haari baazi ko jeetna humein aata hai

  10. Swaram says:

    Hitchu, all ok but u met Crafty and Pix who are our tom-n-jerry companions!

    It shud b ME next!!!!!!!! I wanna meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!

    N I won’t scold u too if u slap my hand when I am on call 😛 Sachhi 😉

  11. Swaram says:

    I just admire ur spirit Hitchu! I really do 🙂
    He is the real winner who takes everything so well 🙂

    I so love being ur friend 🙂


  12. Rakesh says:

    Wow, I’m getting so late for home but I still had to read the entire post… Lovely experience Dhiren. Finally, you got something out of blogging 😀

    And how can anybody even think of you as a loser. You’re a winner surely! And that autographed ball is proof.

    Somehow when I read on Sujith’s blog that you offered it to Pixie, for a minute I was shell shocked 😛 he he… Then I realised… ‘naaatak’

    It surely would’ve been a splendid experience but the downside is now you’ll be thinking – What Next???

      • hitchwriter says:

        Yea Rakesh thats what one friend of mine told me… just by blogging you reached an amazing high.. the interview at blog adda and now this… so I must say blogging paid rich dividends…

        I did want to gift it to her on impulse… but naaah… I wanted it badly tooo… !!!!

        Nope no downside to anything…

        next… back to dancing with friends and probably some sensible blogging again… lol 😛 😛

        @ IHM : nodding my head… !! 😀

  13. Swaram says:

    ruk jaanaa naheen too kahee haar ke
    kaanto pe chal ke milenge saaye bahaar ke
    o Hitchu, o Hitchu!

    Yay yay yay! I am so glad u made it sooooooo far Hitchu 🙂

    N am feeling bd again for the infinite time to be out of my hometown 😦 Sigh 😦
    If only 😦

    Magar hum milenge 😀

    Hugs again 🙂

  14. Swaram says:

    Hitchu outside Chinnaswamy stadium, odd-sized jersey, smile on his face, sutta lagaoing, true Hitchwriter ishtyle 😉 😉

    Barbadiyon Ka Shok Manana Fizul Tha
    Barbadiyon Ka Jashan Manata Chala Gaya
    Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Uda

    Jo Mil Gaya Usi Ko Muqaddar Samajh Liya
    Jo Kho Gaya Maein Usko Bhulata Chala Gaya
    Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Uda

    Gham Aur Khushi Mein Farq Na Mehsoos Ho Jahan
    Maein Dil Ko Us Muqaam Pe Laata Chala Gaya
    Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Uda


  15. Solilo says:

    Hitchy, it is okay. You tried your best and that is all that matters. Followed some of your tweets so knew what you were up to.

    See you got a ball signed by Kumble, you met some wonderful people and had a blast. Now this is more fun. BTW where is the proof of your kiss? 😉

    I am sure better things are in store for us. Now with friends like us why should you worry about anything else (see the modesty). Ha..ha..ha..ha..

    Read how you tortured poor Pixer. 😆

    • hitchwriter says:

      Proof of the kiss if i release major controversy… ! you gotta take my word and believe it !!!!

      and better things are definitely in store… and friends of mine are priceles… !!! you dont have to be modest at all !!!!

      I didnt torture pixie… she kept on saying wrong things about sachin and all cricketers… et all.. upar se she came late… and made us find her on the road while she was 2 kms away…

      upar se she tickled me…

  16. Pixie says:

    Soli… they have teased me sooo…. much. sigh…

    Suji – for not giving him a hug! (I should get his wife to read this)
    And Hitchu – for making a mistake about the series…

    Sigh… 😀 😀

    Me thought Kumble was wearing makeup!!! :mrgreen:

    Hitchu will obviously say – no no!! 😀 😀

  17. Saritha says:

    U were so close but didnt make it, its ok.i felt u should have answered something else rather than telling him that you are his fan,u should have told him u love to write and blog.Now jo hogaya so hogaya,i like ur spirit.

    I don’t like kumble cause he didnt select u

    I can never ever be a loser—– so true dhiren with loads of friends and well wishers.

    Feeling sleepy will come back tomorrow 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Kumble is India’s greatest match winner Saritha… you cant help but like him… !!!

      he has given so many moments of joy to all Indian cricket fans…. I will always be his fan… so what if he didnt select me… !!!

      😀 😀

      Goodnight !! 😀

  18. Rohini says:

    first of all…. DROOOOOOL over the pic! He looks great!

    And then, looks like your day was an absolute Bollywood style whirlewind.. pehle flight delays, phir mausam ki berukhi and then wife ki prarthna, hero style entry and then sudden silence in front of the man! 😛

    Absolutely proud of you!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Arrey I was thrilled.. hectic and great… imagine I didnt sleep for 50 hours in a bed… !!!!

      it was first class… !!!!

      i forgot to mention I met Hirwani toooo and chatted for half an hour with him..

  19. Suji! says:

    It was a great idea to start from the begening 😀

    The route you took to reach bangalore and back indore is quite as weird as anything in the world 😯

    You are obvously the winner. That one point is what differentiates you from the topper… but ou were far far ahead of millions in india who had similar passion. Your efforts and cricket passion is commendable!

    Im sure if not now, you sure will get the soon BIG TIME! 🙂

  20. anjugandhi says:

    thank God u corrected yourself by changing Bombay to Mumbai
    nahi to malum nahi kya hota
    if u r not aware it has become a crime to call Bombay as Mumbai

  21. Vimmuuu says:

    Phew ! what a series of events !! Its ok Hitchy boy !!! I am sure there would be more such avenues !! now that you know where you stand (number 2), success isnt that far away 😀

    (oh god, I cant believe, I actually wrote those words 😀 )

    Now that you are back in the blog world in full swing, go ahead and sing this song :

    duniya mein logon ne dil apane phir thame
    aaya hoon lekar main phir kitne hangaame
    zara dekho kaun aa gaya hai
    zamaane pe jo chha gaya hai
    jami jispe sab nigaahen
    khuli kiski khaatir hai baahen
    aaisa dildaar aaya hai kaun
    mujhko pehchaan lo main hoon HITCHY !!!!

    Im glad you could meet sujith before meeting me. Its always nice to try something new or drastic with a guinea pig 😀 😀 😀

    and pixie , why didnt you hug Sujith ??? very bad, chey chey ???

    Btw, hitchy, no katrina anywhere ??? 😉

    • hitchwriter says:

      lol !!! ROFL !!!!! thats fantastic… !!!! main hoon Hitchy !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


      Guinea pig… ?? lol… he seemed a jovial guy !!! 😀 😀

      Katrina… sigh… but lots of other lovley ones… plus none had the air’s of Katrina’s… 😛 😛 😛

  22. Parul says:

    Awesome post Hitchu !!
    And winning or losing apart, you are “the” hero in the blogworld, I am sure you know that !!
    This entire whirlwind must have been a big adventure and learning tour for you !!
    “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

  23. sraboneyghose says:

    Hey, coming 2nd is not bad – congrats! Anyway, you seem to have enjoyed the experience which is the important thing here…Now you will be able to bore everyone for yrs. to come with your RCL tales…I pity your wife 🙂

  24. Smita says:

    It must have been a surreal experience, I mean you have idol worshiped someone for so long and then when he is in front of you!!!

    and u stood 2nd? wow!!! Am sure that the whole experience must have been worth all the pains 🙂

  25. Sunita says:

    Lovely lovely post and I can totally understand going all awestruck, I for one went gobsmack when I saw Hugh Grant at the wax museum in london and just couldn’t stop smiling for an hour almost and imagine if he was real and if he had hugged me ….hmm ..dont know. Anyway, 2nd is great as well … you were so close 🙂 congratulations for that. Great post.

  26. Thoorika says:

    My blog started acting weird and I lost all the blog links 😦 So am catching up late! Nevertheless!!! Its ok .. even if its second position, think about it in other way!!! You got a chance to meet your friends 🙂 You got a chance to meet Anil Kumble 🙂 You got a chance to take pics 🙂 You got a chance to bug your wife and friends with sooper gud experiences 🙂 rite from bad plane experience to cool Kumble’s meet!!!! So Hakuna Matata! Take care

  27. Puneet says:

    Hey Hitchy for us you are the winner the only thing we’ll miss now is that you would have been in Bangalore for more days and even I would have get a chance to see the celeb Hitchy…else I know I will be blessed reading your posts on cricket and cricketers….
    You may say he was deserving but you are the best…….as simple as that

  28. homecooked says:

    Aww Hitchy hugs! Maybe next time. You got to meet Anil Kumble….that should be enough for the time being 🙂 But losing by one point sucks…maybe they could have made you joint bloggers or something. No pics of you with the great man?

    • hitchwriter says:


      Homey … it didnt suck at all !!! I came back grinning and gaping all the way… !!!! absolutely no regrets and loads of fun… !!!!

      No awaiting pics of me taken with him during interview… sigh no sign of them…. there are many more pics in facebook.. you can add me there…

      all others pushed and shoved and got a pic clicked with him… but I kinda didnt… 😦

      now that is one thing I regret….

  29. zinggy_mum says:

    u lived a part of ur dream. other am sure will follow.
    second or first hamare liye hitchy is the best.
    ab to first hand experience mil gaya hai so next time
    u will be more prepared of what they expect. there will be
    lots of such chances in future.
    hamesha haar ke baad hi jeet hoti hai.
    so ab dhinchak dhina dhinchak!

  30. Tara says:

    all that matters is how you take it.. its indeed a great experience and exposure.. and am sure had you been selected, you would hv done a great job..

    the simplicity with which you write you post and it holds the readers to read thru the end is an achievement in itself..

    keep going Dhiren.. Its great here.

  31. Nancy says:

    Glad u had a good time :-D!!!!!!!!!!

    Winning, like everybody above says, is nothing really but the experience is priceless, isnt it 🙂

    And what matters most is tht u r taking it in the right spirit.
    Kudos Hitchwriter!!!!!!!

    • hitchwriter says:

      nope no pic with him… too many people had him gheraoed… and when in our interview we asked they said we will do it a lil later… sigh…

      and pushing is not my cup of tea…

  32. Just call me 'A' says:

    I think you got more than what most cricket fans get……and now you have a lifetime memory to share with your kids, their kids and it will be your fav story to tell in your old age 🙂

    ……and you met Pixie and Suji…how awesome is that…..and we got more details about you ;)…and your errr upturned nose and freckles :). I have freckles too Hitch….they look nice :D.

  33. Ashwathy says:

    sorry for the delay hitchy… cud read htis only now…
    but i knew the entire story in bits and pieces from suji and vims….

    IPL or no IPL, u are always our hero….
    ur name is hitchy, ur name is hitchy 😀 😀 😀 yay!!!!!!!!!!!
    (notice: i STILL havent called u dhiren bhai or dhiren uncle or dhiren mamu or whatever else. isnt that reason enuff to cheer??? 😀 😀 😀 )

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