Just received this video on email from Crafty… and thought I had to share right away… !!



Wonderful expressions… the hesitation, the excitement, the disappointment, the roller coaster of emotions… !!! I simply loved it… !! Do watch it… even if you dont have audio you can just watch it… !!!! 🙂 😀



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67 thoughts on “Signs

  1. sakshi says:

    Wow the short film is so cute….and romantic *sakshi opens all the windows in her home in hope to catch a glimpse of some handsome guy but is disappointed after seeing her neighbour’s cat scowling at her 😦 *

  2. Sandhya says:

    The story of signs is lovely, Dhiren! Enjoyed immensely!

    The header shows you are aiming for the ‘Chief blogger’ post for the next series? Dream about it and you will get it!

    • hitchwriter says:

      @ Prats – I loved it a lot !

      @ Rohini – it was so blah till he saw her… !! 😛

      @ Oorja – 😀 😀 😀

      @ Nids – never mind the comments.. we use it to chat to each other… 😛

  3. Deeps says:

    fabulous video,hitchy!you said was a roller coaster of emotions!
    it reminded me of pushpak…there was so much being conveyed without uttering a word!

  4. Homecooked says:

    What a lovely video!!! They managed to show in 12 minutes what would have been a 3 hour Bollywood movie 🙂 Congrats on being a JKG. I am sure your wife is proud 🙂 Love the header too!

    • Solilo says:

      I was thinking the same, Homecooked. This is our full 3 hrs Hindi movie. 😀

      Thanks for sharing , Hitchy! Congratulations on being certified JKG. Love the song Sakshi dedicated. 🙂

      • hitchwriter says:

        very true… a movie in 12 minutes… !! 😀 😀

        JKG to main ban ke rahoonga… !! 😀

        and the header… Thanks Homey.. !!

        Sol’s made that in Gimp.. finally getting somewhere…

  5. Freya says:


    When she said “I have a secret”, I thought it’s gonna be something dreadful!

    And the guy looks so innocent, totally touched my heart.

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