Please have a dekho


A bit of self promotion cant do a lot of harm :


Guys our Photo blog : Photographs of India


Sky watch Friday post is out.. have look at Hamara Ladakh !!!


26 thoughts on “Please have a dekho

    • hitchwriter says:

      okay lets have more info… fyi.. I post less pics.. the other two contributors on my photo blog do a lot more… but they are Shy guys… sigh.. I have been poking them since ages to interact with commentors but they just wont..

      you let me have details.. !! 🙂

  1. sakshi says:

    I seriously think some of us girls need to get together and start calling you BHAI in every comment we put to stop you posting 2 posts in a few couple of hours 🙄 😯 and then you have great expectations from me to reply to all the comments back in my blog 😦 Just when I think I have blog danced enough and get to my place all tired and ready to post there you go again bheen bajhofying and luring me to dance here as if like I was sridevi in Nagin 😀

    • Mystery says:

      No vimmuuu..
      All the posts in which Hitchy links his photo blog are short only 🙂
      it’s like he wants to Shout at us for not visiting the blog and thus writes short posts..
      hai na Hitchy bhai 😀 😀

        • Mystery says:

          i do visit ur photo blog once in a while but not regularly.. 😐
          Adding it to my reader now so that i can visit if often 🙂

  2. Lively says:

    For some reason known only to you, I’m not able to open the previous posts or comment on the photo blog. Is this some way to ridicule lesser mortals like me? 😕

  3. Aarti says:

    Hi there
    been seeing your name around and finally thot about time i came and said hi… loved the pics.. i used to post on the skywatch friday pic, but not been there much past month.. shd resume~

    Cool blog u got here 🙂

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