My memorable hogging moments !!! :P :P

When I first read this tag on Shilpa’s I felt bad she didnt tag me… 😦 not that I love tags but this tag was about FOOD !!!!!  I thought of taking up the tag anyway… tagging myself.. 🙂 🙂 but before I could get around doing the tag I was officially tagged by Monu… 😀 😀 😀 😀 and I was happy… !! (listening Shilpa ?? :mrgreen: ) infact in my comment on Monu’s post I even wrote just 5 memorable meals are no way enough I need to list more… 😀 😀 😀 but lets see if I can actually list 5… it doesnt seem to be as easy as it sounds….

1.) We used to live in Bharuch as kids alone with my Mom.. and Mom was kinda insecure about us going out so she would encourage all friends to play in our garden… the old Bharuch house we lived in as kids was 10000 sq ft compound and there was enough place to play  pakda-pakdi or Nargol (sattodiyu) or Aais pais or King or Cricket breaking windows galore.. but Mom never had any problems with it.. !!! (God bless you Mom) 😀 😀 😀 as long as we were playing in the compound…. and thanks to so many friends coming home… a lot of them would eat with us… coz as per Mom’s theory we ate well when friends were around… otherwise we would have our tantrums…

I still remember how Mom would make Sookhi Bhel for all of us with onion, coriander and lemon garnishing… or how she would make us eat fruits which we would only eat when friends were around… how she would put a chulla out with coals and we all friends would have a whale of a time lighting it up with kerosene and then fanning the coals to roast Bhutta’s (maize) and bake potatoes in them eventually Mom would also roast Roti’s on them and let me tell you the roti’s made on coals (they are called devta’s in Gujarati) are the sweetest in the world.. !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀  When Mom made rasawala potato subzji, with our gujarati meethi daal and roti’s on coal… they were bliss… !!!!! We three bro’s would gobble so many roti’s sigh… !!!! and some times there would be hungry friends too.. to increase Mom’s load !!!!!

On one instance I remember Mom was acting as Paani Poori wala Bhaiya.. and we 3 bro’s and 5 friends had a competition of eating maximum panipuri’s !!!! yours truly won that day after eating 108 panipoori’s after defeating my friend who ate 107 !!! He threw up… I didnt !!!   :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  😀 😀 😀 😀

Wonder if those days could ever come back… sigh… suddenly I am so much more nostalgic.

2.) We friends made a sudden trip to Gir once.. the trip was decided at 10 in the night and left at 11… in the morning we reached the forest at 6 after a whole night of me doing conductorgiri and another friend driving while 3 others merrily sleeping. We were put up in forest rest house due to some contacts.. but food was a problem.. We had to drive some 50 odd kms to Una for restaurants, one evening we were lazy to go to Una for a proper meal so we went to a few people who who lived in the jungle to asked them if they would make some proper Kathiawadi food.. we were ready to pay…

Some people live inside the core zone of Gir Forest their habitation area is called ‘Nesdo’ which has only thorn walls to protect them from Lions… neways… this guy I forgot his name unfortunately got his wife to make some Bajre ka Rotla’s with Sev Tamatar and Rasawala Potatoes along with Gud (jaggery) and Makkhan with Chaas (Buttermilk, its also called Kutchi beer) and Papad’s which my friend Jay always carries with himself (he is one crazy papad lover) also aided with Onions which I must mention we did not get chopped but broke by our fists and ate away as if there was no tomorrow… among the 5 of us we ate not less than 25 Bajri ka Rotla’s and that is a lot !!!!! they were really big rotla’s and boy… !!!!! the whole meal came free… not only did that guy not take any money… he also let us stay the night in their Nesdo… and the night was terrifying with the sounds of the big cat just around..!!!!!!!! 😉

We tried to pass on as many biscuit packs and chocolates we could to the kids in that dwelling!!!!!! Finally we left Jay’s most precious packet of Papad’s with them!!!!!! As the saying goes.. generosity aint in bank balances or houses.. it lies in the hearts… !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

3.) One such meal I remember was on train, returning from our honeymoon we boarded the Augustkranti from Nizammuddin… the meal started at 7.30 with soup… after my portion I asked if I could have another.. and he said sure… so I had one more… in lunch I had the most wonderful Aloo Mutter with 3 really thick and big paratha’s and 2 from wife’s portion as she is a very poor eater… !!!! I had my part of rice with Raita and half of hers… this was followed by ice cream… I had one and loved the butterscoth flavour of vadilal and asked for another… and I asked if I can have one more… and the attendant said sure again with a smile… !!!!! After that started the indigestion part… as I had already had two huge Chole Bhature’s before boarding the train at 5.30 !!!!! Eventually yours truly walked across the train corridor to try and walk and kinda while away the extra calories… sigh… but it was a wonderful meal !!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Seriously 5 meals is a lil too many it seems… its two days I have been writing this post… the added work doesnt help… lets still think a lil more..

4.) I always have loved my Nani’s cooking… I can vouch that she made the worlds best Mawa, Mohanthaal, Gajar ka halwa and Udadiya… sorry I cant explain that in english… guys do lend me a helping hand… 😀 😀  they are sweets… she would make them with so much care and patience that it would be sooper, we would be roaming around in the kitchen waiting as she would go about her job with Mom assisting her… till day my Mom and even my wife try to emulate that but no one has reached the flavour that she used to make… I remember growing up eating those garnished with almonds !!! Winters were so much more fun then… !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

5.) Have to mention the best days of life were spent eating Samosa’s from Rajasthan sweet market opposite of our school.. no one made samosa’s like that sweet shop.. even today when I go to Bharuch I make it a point to go and eat there… it doesnt sell like the old days but they still make the most lovely samosa’s garnished with Khajur ki chutney and Dahi… !!!! 😛 😛 😛 In those days Rs. 5 a plate was heaven for us… after school those samosa’s were the best… taking  the girls out for samosa’s in groups was our idea of dates back then… !!!!!! Geee…  those were the days… 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Okies these are my favourite 5 apart from that I think I should mention the buffet I had in Grand Maratha, outside the airport which was priced at Rs. 1600 was good too… but apart from it being the most extensive and being most expensive buffet I had nothing much to make it memorable… !!!!! Plus due to some one accompanying me… I couldnt even take a bit of the non-veg being served in that buffet… sigh 😦

63 thoughts on “My memorable hogging moments !!! :P :P

  1. Solilo says:

    Ma ke haath ka khana is always the best. I am hoping one day my daughter says that too. 😛

    Auntie as paanipuri wale bhaiyya. So cute. You know my husband’s school/college friends even now visit my in-laws because my MIL is a good host. She loves to entertain and there is always yum stuff at home. Whenever I read about your mom, I draw parallels with my MIL. Both are sweetus.

    I love Golgappas and we had a Golgappe wale bhaiyya in Jammu where friends and I frequented. I used to get sick sometimes most probably because he never used gloves. 😀 My parents then made a rule that I eat Golgappas only during breaks or vacations.

  2. kanagu says:

    /*yours truly won that day after eating 108 panipoori’s after defeating my friend who ate 107 !!! */

    I faint… bhai.. seriously you are an eater 😀 😀

    and you stayed near GIR forest.. it could have been a great experience 🙂 🙂 great 🙂

    loved this food post 🙂 🙂

  3. Solilo says:

    Train travel and food beings back so many precious moments of my life. As children brother and I looked forward to every single Summer vacation esp. to Kerala.

    As soon as the train moved, I was hungry. I was skinny as a child so the joke in our family was that “if we need some meat on this girl then we should always travel. She gets hungry only in train and plane.” 😆 That is true even now (though I am far from skinny). As soon as flight takes off, I look forward to munch/drink something. Go talli. 😀

  4. shraddha says: are popluar hitch…it might be a slip that you did not get!!

    My pet name is also Monu!!!!

    And yummy food…thank fully we get everything in this middle of no where place that we live….just had few golgappas yesterday…yummy!!!

    Me – ofcourse I am popular… I meant how could she think of food and forget me… !!!!!!!!!!! lol… 😛 😛 and I love pulling her leg !!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 she is a sweetheart nevertheless !!!! 🙂 🙂

    Monu-2 should I call you then !!! he he… just for identification purpose.. lol !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Golgappa’s or Paani Puri’s or Paani Patashe’s aaaaah !!!!!! they are teh worlds best !!!!!! 😀 😀

  5. sakshi says:

    Gosh your post is making me all hungry even though I just had a lunch of Sambar, rice, beans thoran, curd, achaar and papad…BURP!!!

    with a full stomach I can lend you a helping hand to translate Mohantaal for your international readers 🙂 It means the head of the actor Mohanlal 😛

    Gosh you ate half from every meal of Hetal’s in the train? and 108 pani puri? I salute you Mr. food pujari :mrgreen:

    Me – Some people are sadists.. and u are unfortunately just like me mentioning all those food items…..

    just now after reading ur comment I had to get some Chakri’s to eat… and only then I noticed the tea wife left for me boiling before going for her walk had boiled down to charcoal… sigh.. wonder what she will do when she returns.. !!!!!

    Mohanlal is a minor star.. Mohanthaal is a much bigger star… its a sweet which I will google and find out from office and post all links !!!!! just you wait…

    and about your salute to me :mrgreen: he he he… !!!!!! I accept !!!! 😀 😀

  6. Prats says:

    108 Pani Puri….Man I thought my sis was the one who was the champion with 75 Pani Puris..Thats some records…

    Me – Let me tell you Prats… there were bigger champions I encountered in college.. if you know the fruit salads we get on road… during our hostel days 2 guys had a bet along with me.. for fruit salad’s and I managed to drink some 20 odd half glasses (half glasses cost less thats why) where as the winner had gobbled down 48 and the second guy gobbled down 42.. !!!!!!!!!!! and I had to pay for them !!!!!!! coz I lost 😦 😦

  7. Homecooked says:

    OMG! 108 paani puris…and you didnt throw up? You’ve got a cast iron stomach my friend 🙂 And it was pretty smart of your mom to feed you all when friends are there…my mom used to do the same :p Hearing about the sweets your grandmom made is making my mouth water! And the meal in Gir forest sounds fantastic.

    Me – Iron cast ?? lol.. Infact my wife now uses the same technique when my sons friends are around.. its amazing how they all eat everything but when alone all Nakhra’s !!!!!

    though I dont eat too many sweets these days… those were the days when we would gobble all sweets cooked in a day.. the three bro’s would be hovering around the kitchen the whole day.. !!!!! 😀

  8. sraboneyghose says:

    You are a real foodie!

    A mother’s cooking is always the best although I am sure I will break this rule 😦

    Me – I am indeed a foodie.. if you hadnt guess until today !! lol.. !!! 😛 😛

    You may be a bad cook Sraboney.. I m not doubting that.. lol.. but your son will surely never say that !!!!! Such wonderful are sons !!!! :mrgreen:

    • sraboneyghose says:

      Ah, but I don’t have a son – I have a daughter 😦

      But yes, you are right…Sons are their mothers’ little angels (don’t I know that!)…For them, nobody can be better than their mothers so as far as my husband is concerned, I don’t even try…

  9. suranga says:

    I’ve been holding my breath and also my stomach reading all this.

    Long time ago Readers Digest did anatomy articles , which had titles like, ” I am so-and-so’s brain”, or “I am so-and-so’s lungs”…..

    It just occurred to me that if stomachs could blog, then your stomach blog , “I am HW’s stomach” , or say “Dhire(n) Dhire(n) Khao”, would surely be the most dramatic, a bestseller. I just hope there isnt a Shetal Shah lurking around then….

    • hitchwriter says:

      Dhire Dhire khana chahiye…
      kabhi thoda kum bhi khaana chahiye…

      lol.. I know I know… thats wat my wife sings everytime I have a stomach problem !!! lol…

      Shetal Shah… lol… my wife’s name is in that name… 😉

  10. Kunal says:

    I’m literally drooling for more.. and since I’ma Gujarati myself, I’m actually calling my mom this very moment to cook me Bajre ka rotla and Rasewala Alu sabji! Out of this world eh..?
    All this while I thought I eat a lot.. But after I found out u beat your friend after 108 pani poori’s I changed my opinion! Now with the big ‘phanda’ you have 108 would seem like a snack eh?
    It’s a food for thought.. This post goes as a reccomendation to my readers! 🙂


    Me – absolutely out of this world Kunal… nothing matches that pleasure for us.. does it… lol…

    Man like I told Prats above… even I am a tiny fish in this world of some really huge Hoggers !!!!!! lol.. 😀 😀

  11. umsreflections says:

    108 panipuris……My God, Hitch, you can go to any lengths to win a simple contest… 😆 But as I see from other’s tag, maa ka haath ka khana takes the no 1 spot. Its the best in the world.

    Me – Not any lengths… just 108 poori’s !!!!! 😀 😀

    The Gir forest experience was an absolute adventure, hai na ?? Even I’ve seen my husband’s cousin break onion with his fist and eat. Hyderabad’s heat need onions to counter-react with them. This cousin, will easily gobble 3 to 4 big onions per meal. He just bites into them, as though they are apples.

    OMG !!!! I thot all those eating was too much and you had already eaten 2 chole baturas, before boarding the train !!!! 😆 😛 😆 Amazing appetite !!!!!

    Me – onions as apples.. !!!!! lol… someone of my ilk !!!! lol 😆

    Sweets and samosas….of course !!!! A foodie like you will not miss them for anything in the world.

    And very right, these expensive hotel buffets touches the deepest point of your purse, but not the soul. 🙂

    Indeed !!!! 🙂

  12. Mystery says:

    Yummy post i must say..though i don’t know half of the items mentioned in the list 🙂
    Though we make excuses many times ma ke haath ka khana is always the best..
    108 pani pooris 😯 take a bow hitchy.. maximum i ate were 20 or 25..As u said in the reply to one of the comments, the golgappas taste more if he doesn’t use gloves 😀
    Going by the other incidents we now know how much you love food 🙂

    Me – you should then visit us… it would be so many new foods for you eh !!! 🙂 havent u heard the saying ghar ki murghi daal barabar… thats the case.. but once you dont have Mom around.. is when you remember her food !!! 🙂 🙂

    me loving food.. lol.. its always been evident 😀 😀 😀

  13. Indian Homemaker says:

    Bajre ka Rotla’s with Sev Tamatar and Rasawala Potatoes , samosa, mawa, gajar halwa are my kind of food. And I would have been really upset reading this but I just finished an aloo ka paranta with dahi and sugar to be on the safer side. So I enjoyed this tag without being tortured.

    Me – its as such a tag to enjoy not to get tortured.. the wise would go inspired from here and eat away to glory !!!!!!

    So let me continue(and enjoy) reading about how much better rotis taste when cooked on coals, …and let me enjoy this with a hot cup of tea 🙂

  14. mandira says:

    baap re! u are really a foodie.. i dont have food tales.. i have food nightmare to share! lol…so i think i will try and not share them at all

    sookhi bhel i like.. roti and aloo ki sabzi too.. wat i dont understand is tamatar sev… <wem<why wud u want to cook sev!!!! i dont get it man!

    Me – No one cooks the sev… its teh tamatar that is cooked and garnished with sev… in Bharuch we have a hotel that serves Masala Sev… its the most yummiest masaledar subzi there ever can be… !!!!! lol… !!!

    and food nightmares sound fun !!!!! you must share..

  15. Rakesh says:

    Each of the meals had a more interesting story to it. And Pani Poori, I guess moms always make the best pani pooris and I dunno why but everybody seems to have had this competetion at least once 😉 With me, I lost – my brother won by eating 98 pani pooris not at home but at the pani poori walla bhaiya…

    And we’d once eaten bajri ki rotlis made by Rabaris – Thick and yummy…. And yes – chaas on top of it from their own cow’s milk… Awesome. You made my mouth water Dhiren…

    Me – I knew you would most definitely relate to almost all the food items but most of all the Bajra ka Rotla… staple diet of Kutch !!! 😀 😀

    Dude when ever u come to India next… lets plan to meet up… even Bharuch is a lovely place to have Kathiawadi food.. jalsa karishu dost !!!! 😀

  16. Swaram says:

    I am still drooling over all that mentioned in the first one … lunch hr @ that … what if I go on and read the other ones too Yum yum!

    Sookhi bhel, Pani Puri …. wow wow wow! I so want to hv them now 🙂 Ur Mom is a real super-star Hitch! I so want to eat from her hands one day 🙂

    N the food cooked on charcoal – nothing can beat that for sure 🙂

    Me – Anytime you visit Bharuch… you can have a treat !!! though she is almost retired from kitchen with 3 Bahoo’s… !!!! I agree… whether its biryani or roti.. made on charcoal has a different sweetness to it… !!!! 🙂 🙂

  17. Sandhya says:

    One Saappaattu Raman, you are! My brother used to eat a lot like you when he was young – King of eats! I tried to eat 22 paani poori once when I was in school…otherwise I am not a great eater!

    Feast in Gir forest story is great. City people will be a bit calculative in entertaining unknown people. They are great.

    My ammammaa(grandmother) used to make sookhi bhel with onions and another variety was with pickle and coconut oil! I still rememfber the taste! I make only with onion.

    My stomach feels fulllll after reading your food blog!

    Me – Full ?? I thought you would go away hungry after reading all this… lol… !!!!! 😛 😛 😛 Even I dont eat as much these days… but in my err.. i mean child days… I had a voracious appetite to say the least !!!! 😉

    • Sandhya says:

      My elder son was like that….all the time I was cooking for him, everything from home made paani poori to samosaas to banana chips. He used to lie down with a book with snack box by his side. Everything was home made in those days. Second Saturday was school holiday and their friends used to come and stay in our house and eating was going on…24 hours a day!

      Nowadays, I don’t cook much, maybe because there is nobody to eat!

  18. Swaram says:

    The 2nd one ws so touching! Richness for sure lies in the heart! He could have taken so much money but he dint! And here there are people who have a lot but stil would have been greedy for more 😐 Awesome Hitchu!
    N the big cat! Hero he is 😉

  19. Gauri says:

    this is a truly truly wonderful post.. reeks of gujju taste tht i love and miss so much!! i had the famous sev-bateta shaak in junagadh, but unlike your fabulous experience in the nesdo, our trip to Gir reminds me of one of the worst kanthiawadi meals we had.. there was this hotel and there was so much rush, the owner was serving D grade food but we had no other option.. chaas was just white water.. the owner, unlike the very hospitable gujjus, was a chor..

    My nani made the most awesome mohanthal and mathiyas too.. but the most i remember are the piping hot jalebis and malpuas we had at all festivals.. even kansar is a forgotten dish.. i cud have it only at ba’s place.. and ghau na lot no shiro floating in ghee.. O, this post has got me back to amdawad.. 😦

    and a million salutes to your mother.. i can’t imagine someone cooking so much for so many hungry boys today.. those bountiful days are gone!

  20. Nita says:

    I think we Indians have a lot of memories which revolve around food. I generally shy away from tags and I actually feel like doing this one! However, I shall resist. But what I won’t resist is that piece of chocolate that is waiting for me in the fridge? Should I wait for my husband to come back and share it with him so that I enjoy it more? Nah!! 😀 I think I prefer an alone memory!! 😀

  21. sakhi says:

    In the first instance your mom sounds more like i am right now with my kiddo today! 🙂 🙂

    you ate 108 pani-puris!!8O 😯

    you loved train food!!hmmm..

    good hitchy.. this tells us all how much a gujju you are!! A foodie gujju! 😀 😀 [as if there is something like a non-foodie gujju! 😉 ]

  22. SJ says:

    LOL at your train err.. foodventure?! 108 pani puris! Awesome man! I remember my Dad telling us about eating competition in his hostel mess. Boys used to down 40-50 chapathis!! I haven’t heard of some of the sweets you mentioned. Next visit home I will make it a point to down those 😀

  23. Parul says:

    Why is everyone mentioning about gol gappe and making me drool sitting in this non gol gappe wali country? Frist mumbai diva mentioned it and now you, and tht too 108 !! OMG :-)))
    Nice account of delicious meals !!
    your mention of chulha brings me back the memories of my dadi’s house where they would put on chulha in the morning, then garma garam paranthe on it, and then in afternoon we would bhutte and shakarkandi in it. That taste was just awesome !!

  24. Thoorika says:

    OK now its 12 30 in the night and I am hungry after reading this post! By the way, I stumbled upon one Gujarati restaurant out here in Chennai and they offer super delicious shrikand! Needless to say, you were the first person about whom I thought at that time! 😀 Take care!

  25. Deeps says:

    First swaram and now you..both of you are hell bent on making me go all slurp and drool,slurp and drool,right!

    That was such a delicious account,Hitchy! LOL@ Auntie donning the role of panipooriwale bhaiiyya! Those were the days,nahi?
    Panni pooris,Golgappas as it is referred to in Delhi are my favorite. Now I’m craving to have some 😦

    I miss my nani’s cooking too.She used to make some delicious, lipsmacking dishes that noone could match up to.Nanis are always special!

    Your post really made nostalgic!

  26. Meira says:

    108 golgappas :O :O :O
    AWESOME!!! 🙂
    My cousins once had a dosa competition at my place…the bro who won had 17 😀
    My mom was mighty pleased that her dosas were so popular. I could down only 6 !!!

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