unbelievable news.. !! :D :D

My relationship with the news paper was earlier developed by my Mom, who came from a vernacular medium and did her graduation and post graduation in English, as she would make her son read the news paper in order to improve his english… lil did she know that in the years to come she would be screaming her sanity out telling the son to take a bath first and never mind the news paper !!!! I used to read that much more in those days… :mrgreen:


Over the years I have developed a sort of hatred towards the news paper as it would only give bad news or worse… slowly with time I started turning straight to the sports page coz that was the only place the good news was likely to come.. !! Other than that I would look at the Stock market but since the last year and half even that had only grief… 😦


Over the past few years the Indian cricket team gave us a lot to cheer about… 😀 !!! Now that they have faltered… 😦 I was worrying how and where to look… in the paper and then I saw this piece of news on the front page… which is really hard to believe.. !!!!!!!


LAKHIMPUR: In a good news for wildlife enthusiasts concerned over dwindling big cat population in the country, at least 15 tiger cubs have been


sighted in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh, officials said.

Not only that, the survival rate of the cubs has also increased, they said.

“At least 15 tiger cubs have been sighted at various spots of the park,” Shailesh Prasad, field director of the Dudhwa reserve in Kheri district, said.

He said a tigress with three cubs was sighted in Madraicha while Chhota Palia, Chaltua, Kakraha, Puraina and Jhadi Tal areas of the national park and Sadar beat of Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary (KWS) were reported to have tigresses with two cubs respectively.

He also said, “a tigress with one cub was reported to be staying in Trans-Gerua area of KWS.”

“All the cubs were hale and hearty, which indicated a sustained growth of tiger family in Dudhwa despite several odds,” he added.

However, if the arrival of new members in the tiger families has rejuvenated the wildlife lovers, this has also left them seriously concerned as Dudhwa with an area of nearly 1400 sq kms is nearly saturated with tiger population.

The joy this wildlife enthusiast felt is hard to describe… I was & am so crazy about tiger watching that even on my honeymoon I convinced my wife to go to Corbett… (the fact that she is a nature enthusiast too, is a different matter 😉 )


The tiger is fighting hard for survival… this is its own effort to survive its own kin… now its upto us to help the tiger survive from being wiped out !!!!!


I sincerely and deeply wish to God… let us have more of such great news pieces…!!!! We really need more of them… !!!!



p.s. – I m exercising some self control so away from blogs and commenting… but this was just too good to resist !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

37 thoughts on “unbelievable news.. !! :D :D

  1. monikamanchanda says:

    wow this is abs great news…. we need this happening more often


    and is the self control to be blamed for ur not visiting me… me not likes 😦 😀

    on the serious note all the best but why such decision?

  2. umsreflections says:

    Thats grt news, Hitch !!!! And for every nature lover and animal enthusiast, its wonderful news !!! Its time, we take steps to protect the animals in our country !!! 🙂

    Staying away from blogs – how did u cure your BIV ????? Tell me, puhleez !!!!! And I certainly dont like your smiley comments !!!!! 🙂

  3. Puneet says:

    A real good news on wild life after a long time …
    I have been hearing that from some 100000 tigers in india it has been reduced to 1000 in recent times…

  4. Pixie says:

    Super news! 🙂

    Yes, our tigers need to be protected and the numbers are sadly dwindling fast…

    All the very best for trying to stay away from blogs! 😛
    Such self-control has never been one of my virtues!! 😉

    But, it doesn’t seem to be working! so, you keep trying??!!! 🙄
    It’s good I don’t have that much of unwanted will-power!!! 😈


  5. Swaram says:

    Wow! Thatz awesome news! I ws really happy to see the healthy tigers of Tadoba when I visited last time 🙂 This is indeed awesome! Thank God!

    Control in visiting blogs .. nt fair @ all 😦

  6. Vimmuuu says:

    I used to like tiger. But for some reason, these days, I feel they dont taste like how they used to. Probably, I should switch brands now.

    …..wait, this isnt about Tiger biscuits??? Oh damn ! I shouldve read the post before commenting !! Oops 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. Sandhya says:

    This is a happy post, Dhiren! I love animals and news about any animals is a happy news for me.

    So many tiger cubs now? As you have said, it is our (human’s) duty to help them bring up their family. Thanks for giving this good news.

    I was wondering why you are not to be seen posting or commenting for some time now. You are an important person in our blog samaaj and our comment section adhoora ho jaathi hai, bina Dhiren’s comments!

  8. Pallavi says:

    Exactly, what’s with exercising control over blogging/commenting???
    Btw, I’ve never been interested in the newspapers, and these days, even if someone were to offer me a free copy, I would not read it. The news is either bad or worse!

  9. Smitha says:

    This is really good news! So rare to find it in the news these days!

    I still read the news – can’t do without it:( Am addicted I think to news 🙂 I have been out of the blog world – simply because of lack of time! I can’t believe it that I have become so busy suddenly 😦

  10. Nancy says:

    Sheeesh I saw the title & thot maybe the RC needed another blogger and u got the job or something :-/

    Yeah well ok good for the tigers and all tht. Just know tht I dont want to come across one on a dark and stormy night 😮

  11. Parul says:

    yeah that is indeed a good news !! And your sheer joy on reading this news reflects your wildlife enthusiast side.
    BTW: Why this “exercising some self control so away from blogs and commenting” thing? Yeh blogging ka “Karwa chauth” hai kya? 🙂

  12. Aathira says:

    Lovely 🙂 Thats awesome.. I am so glad that newspapers are reporting it. Maybe with this, the people will become more aware that these cubs can be wonderful animals to show their children, and hence they should all voice against poaching!

    PS: I am planning a safari honeymoon too !

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