‘watch what you say – they are hearing !!!!!

I couldnt sleep with this churning in my mind, I wanted to start this post with some choicest abuses and even wanted to title the post as something outrageously foul but the saner me or should I say the cynic in me or the coward in me was fearing. You never know you could be facing a lawsuit or even worse they would threaten me to tender an apology on my blog or else they would spam my blog (their rotten minds could well think of it)… they could even threaten me to beat me up and throw me out of my house if I did not tender an apology and hence I had to use the nicer or should I say the more milder language.

When big celebrities and definitely more powerful people than me like Amitabh’s, Karan Johar’s can immediately bow down and apologise for crimes they didnt commit… alas the common me has no scope to voice his opinion does he ??

When the whole world is busy singing Sachin’s praises at his completing 20 years some lunatic journalist asks a ridiculous question to which Sachin gives a most logical and most simple answer is being dragged into a controversy by some idiot who thinks Mumbai is his property.

The biggest sucker of them all is the media who will now let the idiot have all the lime light in the world by highlighting this over and over again. No matter how disgusted Arnab is with the speaker on his channel he will still invite him and actually provide a platform for them to spit their venom.

Isnt this what is happening, the idiots arent that silly after all, they are using the celebrities for instant fame. Target or malign a celebrity, rake up a controversy, the suckers (read media) will then harp day and night about how and what happened. They will invite the idiots on their channel and give them what they desire the most, VISIBILITY !!

Ideally Sachin should not be responding to this, Sachin is as Maharashtrian as any Maratha man is and incidentally he is also as Indian as any Indian can be, the poor guy is just busy playing his game, but they wont leave him alone, coz he is their ticket to more limelight !!!!! 

Elephants always carry on in their merry way worrying about their own job and never mind the barking dogs. But really some one needs to turn around and give these dogs a real piece of their mind.

How much is too much ??

72 thoughts on “‘watch what you say – they are hearing !!!!!

  1. Suji! says:

    While the whole of India believes that Thackreys (both of them) are useless creeps – terrorists within india in a sense – who try to marathify Maharashtra for their own advantage, in a country like India where freedom of speech is given, no body is allowed to talk against them. Sad state of politics in our country. I only hope they disintegrate into thin air with the blood splashing from within all over them!!!

  2. kochuthresiamma p j says:

    yes. understand it when u say u r reluctant to write what comes to ur mind when dealing with such people. i too was v guarded in my blog. so much for the bloggers courage:-)
    Sachin shud not have been dragged into such a controversy. he was always a politically correct person. guess he didnt realise it is that politcally incorrect to say the Mumbai belonged to India – that’s what irritated BT

    • hitchwriter says:

      You know really when big wits can be made to fall on the knees and no one defends them… we common junta have to remain scared… !! there is no go for us.. !

      you just dont know what irritates them… sigh… 😐

  3. sakhi says:

    “But really some one needs to turn around and give these dogs a real piece of their mind.” i would say rather these dogs should be pooed on by the elephants…

  4. Sunita says:

    After the elections, it has been adequently proved what the marathi manoos think of him and so he is no more a representative of the marathi manoos. This is just cheap publicity gaining stuff. I hope they ignore him big time and move on. A very very cheap shot.

  5. Sandhya says:

    ‘Elephants always carry on in their merry way worrying about their own job and never mind the barking dogs. But really some one needs to turn around and give these dogs a real piece of their mind.’ You are right, Dhiren.

    The Thackereys got a big blow in the elections and they are going to lose their deposits in the next election, Dhiren.

    The army officer’s son, Arnab…has he got the guts to question him ‘properly’ to insult him in front of the camera? If he does, then he is a Bharatheeya. Otherwise let him go to hell alongwith Thackerey.

    • hitchwriter says:

      It pains me how the media lets them come on the show… and the politicians canvas through them… !!

      doesnt the media understand… they probably do but then debates and controversy gives them TRP’s !! for them its necessary evil.. !!

      • Sandhya says:

        Questioning Thackerey ‘properly’ will give ‘MORE’ TRP ratings than helping him to abuse our Sachin, who is sensible enough not to give back to these dirty people.

  6. Indian Homemaker says:

    Well, Ms Mutt and Mr GS did not like the last lines. We are a family of Sachin fans and they say they’d be glad to help him practice by running after every ball he hits and bringing it right back for him.

    Mr GS has also offered to share some prized tennis and Golf balls.

  7. Prats says:

    You know what… We shouldn’t be bothered after this…. If Sachin contests the election against him in any constituency of his choice…. Thackrey wouldn’t even be able to claim his caution money back…..

  8. Homecooked says:

    Its interesting to see how the old man is making a fool of himself by publicly having issues with Sachin! I hope the cricket mad nation supports Sachin’s views wholeheartedly…thats the only way their divisive politics wont work.

  9. Rashmi says:

    its full mistake of media…why they are giving footage to such a comment from bal thakarey….
    in cricket loving nation nobody would be on his side…
    its politeness of sachin that he is not responding back to these foolish ppl

  10. Swaram says:

    Y did they let commandos and other non-Marathi ppl to help them when Mumbai was burning huh?

    Bloody! I think all Marathi ppl hv to turn against these fools and let them know they are all Indians first!

  11. shail says:

    The media wants to cash in on anything and all they have to do is pick something up twist it and go on and on… some others want some limelight at the expense of more famous others!! The media and the publicity hungry together make a real circus! Sraboney has said it!
    You know if someone asked me a question (hello any media person around, here is a nobody wanting to tell you something!), my answer would be, I am a human first, a world (earth) citizen next, then an Indian and then only do I belong to my state. 😛 I am not famous enough, so it is okay none of the Mallus are going to come for my jugular.. Thank God for small mercies.

  12. Purvi says:

    Read this as someone’s status message on facebook-

    “Am disgusted with Raj Thackrey… This menial being should be dealt with firmly and immediately for flaring anti national sentiments… We should make an example out of him, so that no one dares to follow his footsteps.”

    Was planning to write a blog on it… but you already did it…. anyways…i still might come up with my own view on the topic ;D

  13. umsreflections says:

    This is expected of the group, who try to make silly statements and grab the limelight from others.

    Best thing is, Sachin shld ignore these fools and go on with his game !!! He shld not even attempt to answer them.

  14. Nancy says:

    Giving these goons the extra attention is what is the problem. Hopefully ST will hold his calm demeanour & not react……like u said barking dogs will bark and not reacting against the bullshit will show them their place….which is in the trash;-/

  15. Saritha says:

    With this post thackeray camp got more publicity 😉

    There are so many issues in india which has to be tackled rather than sitting on that only marathis should work in maharashtra,sick people and bal thackeray’s one leg is in grave and one leg is in his mumbai doesn’t know what he is doing,its time for him

  16. Deeps says:

    couldn’t have agreed with you more,Hitchy! Actually those idiots dont even deserve to be mentioned in any space,be it blog,TV channels,radio or anywhere.

    This is Sachin’s moment and we should just let him live the proud moment to the hilt and not get affected by those lunatics!

    • Deeps says:

      oye you feel the winners of the 55-er contest have their screws loose??? hmmphh…

      do you have any idea the amount of slogging my aging brain cells had to go through to get those guesses right?? 😈

  17. masood says:

    I saw it all on TV last night and could not stop laughing. Ofcourse out of disgust. What beats me is why do these jokers think Mumbai is not a part of India? Someone show that dimwit the map of India. Isn’t every mumbaikar an Indian? And what the fuck is the problem with that? If a mumbaikar has a problem calling himself an Indian, then we are dealing with a very severe problem here. In our own small ways, we feel patriotic by atleast calling ourselves Indians with pride. And here are a bunch of freaks who think being a mumbaikar is more important that being an Indian.


    All Sachin needs to do is…get on with his job. Hit a swashbuckling century in the second innings of this match. People won’t remember a thing. India worships Sachin. And so does Mumbai. People who follow sena are a fraction compared to people who follow the Little Master.

  18. Minal says:

    Hey Hitchwriter
    Welcome to my blog:-) Always a pleasure to welcome cricket fans:-)
    I read about this yesterday and wanted to blog about it! What Sachin said echoed the sentiments of all – We are Indians first then Mumbaikars!
    Sadly the thackereys don’t understand what it means to be an Indian first. They are still stuck in Maharashtrian Manoos mode! The attitude is only regressive and we can do without it.

    You said it right they just seeking to ride on the fame of others. Negative publicity also helps right? They have nothing worthwhile to be in the news currently, so off they go! Don’t waste ur blogspace on them. Rather continue writing about the GOD – that’s more fruitful:-))

  19. Vimmuuu says:

    You abused him pretty well in this post; yet with no abusive words !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    There has been a lot of deaths in our country; terrorism or natural calamities. Why is it that these kinda people always survive in such situations ???

    Btw, this guy should also be sent a pink chaddi, na ? What say ? Im in !!!

  20. kanagu says:

    Thackreys makes me mad… and I will thrash them for their insane and stupid comments…. Bombay will be part of India any day… if they don’t like that fact they have the freedom to live in some other part of this world…


  21. Parul says:

    You know , your title says it all. When I read about it, I was like.. do these policians have nothing better to do than scan each word some one says and just pick our something to create a hoopla about !!
    And now they are picking on a statement about “Mumbai being a part of India”. I mean, what are they trying to imply with all these? That they have their control on Mumbai and not everyone is welcome there? What disgusts me more is that media is giving so much importance to an issue like this!! I think, for once, media should start ignoring issues like this completely.

  22. Smita says:

    My dear fren we live in a country where everything is judged as a political opportunity by idiots called politicians!!! They speak first and think never!!! They just need an opportunity to score points!!
    Mr. Thackery has one leg in u know where and still wants to rule world! Idiots!

  23. Ranu Chakraborty says:

    Sachin or no Sachin Thackeray or no Thackeray media or no media, the migrant issue is catching up with people. It is not just a media stunt or political issue anymore. People traveling by locals will tell you the shift in attitude of people. Some months back I was told that I am a “second generation migrant”, last week I was told that I should look for jobs in West Bengal.

  24. Meira says:

    Ugly ugly ugly. The politicians even asked a bank to hire only Maharashtrians ! It keeps getting worse and worse. But I wonder, if they came up to me and demanded something so insane, would I have the courage to spit in their faces or will I choose to fear the consequences instead? Will it even matter?

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