The flame still flickers..

I wrote this poem last year on 5th December when it seemed India was very fast starting to cool off and starting to forget 26/11.

Darkness spreads,
moon starts to shine,
twinkling stars are the audience,

breeze brings chills,
the flame flickers,
wax melting,

the flame flickers,
fighting against over powering odds,
weakening as the breeze picks up…

More hands needed,
More cover needed,

We shall be the shields…
We shall be the knights…


One year has since passed but the flame in our hearts still flickers… 


28 thoughts on “The flame still flickers..

  1. Rashmi says:

    26/11/2009 has brought all the memories of this day last year..and its very sad to see..nothing has changed..and the culprit is still alive and living a king size life in jail…

  2. Smitha says:

    That was beautiful, Hitchy..

    I wonder what would be the scenario next year.. would we have another attack that we would remember – just as we seem to forget the ones before 26/11.. I just wish that this is the last such attack on our country..

  3. vimmuuu says:

    You are a poet and

    we didnt even know about it (courtesy Rock on !!!)

    No use hitchy, I consider myself lucky to have escaped all those blasts, thats all !! Our country has a long way to go ! I just hope our children would be able to live a better life than us.

  4. Sandhya says:

    This is a touchy poem. We will be blaming ourselves next year too, but cannot and will not do anything positive…this is us. Worried about our children’s future.

    First step will be…every single person should vote according to his conscience and to a person who has got a tiny bit of conscience.

  5. Ashwathy says:

    really touching hitchy…

    and to think… even today… 1 whole year later… we are just sitting ducks 😐 and the politicians who we seemed to have ousted from power temporarily… are all back in power at different places…
    what really changed since then???

  6. Saritha says:

    Beautifully written dhiren.

    It is sad but the truth is time heals everything and we forgot everything,next year again 26/11 will come,we will talk about the security,what govt has done and finish we will forgot until the next anniversary.

  7. Smita says:

    Touching poem dear!!!

    A year has passed & I wonder if anything has really changed!!! We are still doing what we did!! But yes the whole thing made me cry again!!!

  8. Niveditha says:

    It was something that literally shook our nation and tore us apart in the heart.
    Sadly the situation isn’t improving and I don’t know who is responsible for it. Is it the leaders or us?

  9. Pixie says:

    Beautiful Hitchy.

    We still have a long way to go in terms of apathy, compassion and security.
    We need to stop blaming the govts WE have elected and start taking some responsibility towards our actions and cooperate…

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