11 days to go… !


These days I just blog a hundred posts a day in my mind but still cant conjure one post on my blog !!! So whilst I am battling for my fingers to cut lose on the keyboard in the meanwhile scrabble has caught my fancy ! So whilst I keep beating my opponents in scrabbly I must tell you I am reading you all !!! Maybe not commenting but reading !!!!

Now as you all must be knowing by now…

The Avant Garde Bloggies Awards 2009


have kicked off… 11 days remain for sending in nominations… so come on if you havent sent it your enteries get going right away click on the event name hyperlinked and head for Poonam’s blog and send in your nominations.

Also for a change be generous and dont just go about nominating yourself but also nominate posts that you loved reading !!!! Not only will it be a fitting accolade for the writer but also helps spread the word !!!!!

(pssst.. you can nominate me too… !! I aint gonna blow my own trumpet for a change !! :mrgreen: 😉 )

and dont mind me not commenting these days… I m busy making a list of nominations to send !!!!!! Trust me it will be a looooooong one !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

For your convinience here are the categories :

Post Awards

  • Best Short Story Post
  • Best Off-Beat Post
  • Best Book Review
  • Best Movie Review Post
  • Best Music Review Post
  • Best How-to Post
  • Most Interesting Personal Rant Post
  • Most Humorous Post
  • Best Satirical Post
  • Best Travel Post
  • Best Visual Post (Photos, Cartoons, etc.)
  • Best Culinery Post
  • Best Consumer Rights Post
  • Best Poetry Post
  • Best Tech Post
  • Best Public Interest Post
  • Best Personal Post 

Blog Awards 

  • Most Beautiful Header
  • Most Interesting Sidebar
  • Best About Me Page
  • Best Blog Design
  • Best Professional Blog
  • Most Disciplined Blogger
  • Most Networking Blogger
  • Most Responsive Blogger 

42 thoughts on “11 days to go… !

  1. Pixie says:


    me first!! (since no one has claimed it!! :roll:)

    ALL the best1 May your post win! May the other posts nominated also win (my fave ones wonly! :mrgreen:)

  2. Sahaja says:

    For some reason I cant comment on your latest post!! Duh!!

    Hey ow that u r soo good in nominating, i am asking some advice 😛

    I cant find a cateogry where I can nominate myself…dont you think there should be a category of BEST HAPPY Blog 😉 ? so, here is the challenge for you 😛 which category, if any, can i nominate my blog/post in ur perspective 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      uNFOrtunately I had disabled comments some how !! and I was feeling like.. why aint people commenting !! sigh !!

      there is no such category for a blog but you can put a post in the best off beat post category !!!! 😛 😛

      if there is any such post… you want me to nominate.. let me have the link… with some delicious dish and consider it done !!! 😛

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