First list of my nominations for Avant Garde Bloggies Awards 2009


Geez… selecting Nominations for the awards is a tougher job than it seemed… !! whilst making this I thought would people really read all my nominations and then I thought I would rather break up my nominations and put them at intervals so that all can be actually promoted too…

Please find below my nominations for the following categories

  • Best How-to Post 

1.) 10 lol ways to get traffic to your blog  – By Solilo – The funny Don gives a sneak peek into how bloggers think !!!

2.) the advanced guide to cutting your fingers –  By Ordinary Guy – He shows how not to cut your fingers !!!! super post !

3.) swadisht khana sakshi ke saath – By Sakshi – Read this post to know how interesting can a cooking post be !


  • Best Public Interest Post 

1.) from copy writer to con artist –  By Crafty – Surprise Surprise but a serious post by none other than Crafty !!! Read it to believe how your normal sugar free can be deadly !!!!!


  • Most Beautiful Header

 Indyeah’s header designed by Chirag !!! This was the first time I got interested in headers !!!


  • Best About Me Page 

OG – You must read this… !!!! The funniest it can get !!!! totally Kidilaan !!!!


As of now I reveal these favourites… the rest later so that actually people read it !!!!! Do read these… and if you find them interesting do nominate in the respective categories !!!!!


Send your nominations here. 10 days remain !!!

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