second list of nominations


I hope you guys loved the first list… !! Do read them and if you feel they were good enough please do nominate them !!!

We all blog with great gusto and if we can get more recognition I am sure it would act as a wonderful shot in the arm. I think its the right sort of encouragement we can provide to our co-bloggers who also form a part of our daily lives almost !!!

While I am nominating these few I am sticking my neck out… but guys and more importantly girls :mrgreen: these are just a few that stuck and stayed in mind and only those posts that I read… there are many that were good or many I didnt read… so no offence meant… and none should be taken !!! These are just a few gems that stuck an impression in my mind and I would love if they get an award !!!! simple !!!

So for the second list of nominations first up two LEGENDS that I would love to nominate :

  • Most Disciplined Blogger 

Ugich Konitari of Gappa !!! I simply love her posts and her dedication to blogging !!!!


  • Most Responsive Blogger 

IHM – No one else but just her… in my opinion !!!


There also are a few category for which I have no clue what and whom to nominate, basically categories that dont interest me :

 Best Consumer Rights Post

Best Book Review – I dont read book reviews mostly … so it wouldnt be fair for me to nominate anyone here… !

Best Music Review Post – Help here !!! I don’t know what to nominate ??? I would love to nominate in this category but I dont think I have read anything … please leave links if you feel there are a few deserving ones… I would love to read !!! Go ahead be a show off and show me !!!

Best Tech Post – No clue whatsover !


And before we end this post here is one potential winner in the Satirical category according to me :

  • Best Satirical Post

 Bijli Ya SEX !!  

By Quirky Indian – The king of Satire !!!! – Read this its highly recommended by me !!!


Hurry only 9 days remain : Send in your nominations HERE



14 thoughts on “second list of nominations

  1. suranga says:

    HW, I am glad you think I am disciplined! 🙂 (certain folks may not agree)…

    Didnt even know such blogger categories existed . But thank you so much for the nomination. I think my late Mom would have been as pleased by the category nomenclature as I am by the the nomination …….

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